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morbidthoughts POV Pervert 7 3.5 starsPOV Pervert 7 3.5 starsPOV Pervert 7 3.5 stars
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POV Pervert 7

POV Pervert 7

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  POV
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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LSBReviews's ratings for POV Pervert 7:
Overall Rating 4 stars
POV Pervert 7 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks POV Pervert 7 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks POV Pervert 7 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex POV Pervert 7 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting POV Pervert 7 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras POV Pervert 7 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality POV Pervert 7 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by LSBReviews  on  11/7/2006
POV Pervert #7
Produced 09/06 Jules Jordan Video (
Disc One: 139 minutes
Disc Two: 88 minutes

Directed by: Mike John

Starring Disc One: Lindsey Meadows (Lindsay Meadows), Keeani Lei, Leola Rossi, Candace Von, Tiffany and Mike John.
Starring: Disc Two: Ariel Alexus, Whitney Stevens, Annette Schwarz and Mike John.

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POV Pervert #7 is a two disc set from Jules Jordan Video and is directed by Mike John. But Mike not only directs the film, he also is the lucky dude who has one on one sex with each of the eight girls. Disc one contains five sex scenes, while disc two contains the last three sex scenes plus all of the films special features. All of the footage is filmed from a POV angle, which means most of the footage is of Mike's cock either in a girls mouth, pussy, asshole or between her tits. Mike gets blown and fucks every girl. Annette gives him some serious deep throat. Most of the girls have their tits fucked and all swallow at least some cum (Mike pops two times in a few of the scenes). Keeani, Tiffany, Ariel, Whitney and Annette all have anal sex and suck cock "ass to mouth" (ATM). The girls are all good looking and sexy with nice bodies and natural breasts. Candace and Whitney have extra large boobs. The cast of ladies include two black babes (Candace and Ariel), an Asian girl (Keeani) and five white girls, one of who is from Germany (Annette). Leola is a very cute blonde who laughs a lot and is doing her only boy/girl sex scene. Candace looks awesome in a sexy tight fitting dress. Watch out for Lindsey who is very pretty and might one day be a contract girl for some company. The DVD Special Features include BTS footage, cumshot recap, photo gallery, web access and trailers. *No Condoms were used in this film.

Disc One
Scene One: Lindsey Meadows and Mike John.
Lindsey is a very pretty and sexy brunette with very long straight hair and a large tattoo on the corner of her left shoulder. She's wearing a black or dark purple bra with matching thong panties and heels. Mike briefly plays with her pussy before she gets naked and shakes her ass. Lindsey strokes and sucks on Mike's cock (she swats his cock a couple of times with her hand). She spits and drools on Mike's cock during oral sex. Mike and Lindsey fuck in a few positions on and off of the bed. Lindsey sucks Mike's cock from her pussy a few times during the scene. There's some brief titty fucking. Lindsey is stroking Mike's cock as he shoots his cum on her tongue and chin. Lindsey swallows Mike's cum and she uses her finger to feed herself some of the cum on her chin. She kisses, sucks and strokes his cock. Mike uses his cock to push more cum into her mouth. She briefly sucks and strokes his cock. They shake hands.

Scene Two: Keeani Lei and Mike John
Keeani is a cute Asian girl with long brown hair (she has some pink and orange streaks in the front of her hair). Keeani is wearing a light blue belly shirt, gray shorts and heels. Mike is outdoors with Keeani as he feels her butt and a breast. The scene moves indoors where we see her touching her tits and showing off her pussy before she blows Mike (some deep throat and spitting). She strokes Mike's cock in her hand and sucks on his balls. Keeani undresses before they start fucking missionary. Keeani does some masturbating and she fingers her asshole while getting fucked. Mike fucks Keeani in her pussy in a couple of positions and then her ass in a few positions. She sucks cock "ass to mouth" (ATM). Keeani is on her knees stroking Mike's cock in her mouth before he starts jerking off and cumming into her open mouth. She keeps her mouth wide open and gargles as Mike uses his finger to push a drop of cum on her cheek into her mouth. Keeani swallows. She gives Mike some oral sex and she shakes his hand.

Scene Three: Leola Rossi and Mike John.
Leola (21) is a very cute, sexy and busty golden blonde girl with long hair that curls (the box cover says it's her only boy/girl scene). She's on a bed wearing a tight red belly shirt, denim skirt and white panties. Mike feels a breast over her shirt. She tells Mike her nickname is "giggles", but you probably would have already had guessed it from all the laughing she does. Leola shakes her tits. Mike plays with her pussy (she removes her panties). Leola strokes Mike's cock in her mouth (he makes her stop a couple of times because it feels so good and I guess he didn't want to cum so soon). She slides his cock between her tits before she resumes giving him head. Leola removes her skirt before they fuck in a few positions. Leola sucks cock from her pussy. Mike starts jerking off as he cums on Leola's upper lip, tongue, chin and neck. He uses his fingers to feed Leola cum that she swallows. Mike fucks her pussy missionary for around a minute and a half.

Scene Four: Candace Von and Mike John.
Candace is a very sexy, attractive and naturally extremely busty black babe. She's wearing a tight and very sexy aqua blue dress (maybe sea foam colored) with matching panties and heels Candace and Mike chat a little before she shows off and shakes her ass. Mike pulls her panties to the side to briefly play with her pussy. Candace removes her panties and begins touching herself. Mike caresses one of her breasts. She shakes her tits before letting Mike actually see them (she shakes them again and she licks her nipples). Candace gives Mike head. She licks and sucks on his balls as her hand strokes his cock. Candace strokes his cock using her big tits. She gives Mike more oral sex. They fuck in a couple of positions. Candace sucks Mike's cock from her pussy. Candace is eyeing the camera as she jerks Mike off by her mouth. Mike cums on Candace's tongue, cheek and right shoulder. She sucks on his cock a little longer before swallowing his cum. Mike uses his cock and finger to feed her some of the cum on her cheek and shoulder. She gives Mike more head. They fuck some more in the doggie style position. She sucks cock from her pussy. Mike fucks Candace's tits before jerking off and cumming on her face and chest. Candace asks for some more as she moves in to briefly suck on his cock. Mike feeds her a drop of cum off her face. She again very briefly sucks on his cock. Candace appears to swallow some cum on her tongue. She shakes her tits for Mike and she shakes his hand.

Scene Five: Tiffany and Mike John.
Tiffany is a very pretty and sexy sandy blonde with long hair and a very nice body.that includes large natural tits. She's sitting on a couch wearing a multi colored dress with designs on it, black thong panties, a pink bra and heels.Tiffany removes her dress and bra. Mike feels one of her breasts. She shows us her pussy before she removes her panties. Mike again caresses a breast before playing with her pussy. Tiffany blows Mike and has her tits fucked. Mike fucks Tiffany's pussy in different positions. She sucks cock from her pussy and her tits are fucked again. Mike and Tiffany have anal sex in a couple of positions. Tiffany sucks cock "ass to mouth" (ATM). Tiffany is stroking Mike's cock as he cums into her open mouth and on her lower lip. Tiffany lets us see the cum on her tongue before gargling and swallowing. Mike uses his finger to push the cum on her lower lip into her mouth. Tiffany briefly sucks on his cock and shakes his hand.

Special Features - Special Features are located on disc two.

Disc Two
Scene Six: Ariel Alexus and Mike John.
Ariel (21) is a very cute and sexy black chick with a very nice body and large natural breasts. She's on a bed chatting with Mike while wearing a black dress, no panties and heels. Mike caresses her tits and plays with her pussy. She eyes the camera while sucking on Mike's cock. Mike fucks Ariel's tits. Ariel also sucks on Mike's cock while it slides through her tits. They screw in the missionary and cowgirl positions. Ariel sucks Mike's cock deep from her pussy. They resume fucking cowgirl style. Ariel gets off Mike's cock to catch his cum in her mouth as he holds his cock in his hand. Ariel shows the camera the cum on her tongue before swallowing. She briefly cleans the head of his cock. Mike fucks Ariel's ass doggie style. She sucks his cock "ass to mouth" (ATM). The sex continues with more anal sex, ATM and tit fucking. Mike is fucking Ariel's tits when he grabs his cock and cums into her open mouth (some cum lands on her chest). Ariel swallows.

Scene Seven: Whitney Stevens and Mike John.
Whitney (19) is a cute, sexy and naturally busty brunette with long straight hair. She's wearing a black bra, matching shorts and heels. Mike and Whitney caress her tits as she lies back on a bed. She removes her shorts and spreads open her butt cheeks. Whitney removes her bra before giving Mike a blowjob. They move to the bed so Mike's hand can caress her tits and play with her pussy while she's blowing him (he has her slap his cock a few times with her hand). Mike fucks Whitney's pussy in the missionary position on the bed. She sucks his cock from her pussy (which includes licking and sucking on his balls). They fuck in a couple of more positions with Whitney again performing oral sex on Mike's cock and balls from her pussy. Mike is fucking Whitney's tits. Mike strokes his cock in his hand as he cums into Whitney's open mouth. Whitney briefly brings the cum to her lips before swallowing. Mike fucks Whitney's ass doggie style. Whitney sucks on Mike's cock ATM. He fucks her ass in the missionary position (she does some masturbating). Whitney strokes Mike's cock in her mouth as she performs more ATM. Mike starts jerking off as he cums for a second time into Whitney's open mouth. She sucks on Mike's cock and lets us see the cum in her mouth before swallowing.

Scene Eight: Annette Schwarz and Mike John.
Annette is a pretty and sexy blonde from Germany with long hair and natural breasts. She's on a bed wearing a sexy pink dress and heels (no underwear). Mike briefly plays with her pussy. Annette gets off the bed to blow Mike and spit on his cock (some deep throating). Mike has her stop to slap his cock. Annette resumes blowing and deep throating Mike. She sucks on his balls as her hand strokes his cock. Annette briefly wraps her tits around Mike's cock to stroke it. Mike fucks Annette's pussy in the missionary position and soon moves his cock into her ass and back into her pussy. Annette sits up to suck his cock deep from her ass and pussy. Mike continues fucking Annette's pussy and ass in the missionary position. Annette goes to her knees to stroke Mike's cock in her mouth and deep throat him. Annette is jerking Mike off as he cums on her tongue and chin. She swallows and feeds herself the cum on her chin. Annette gives him more head before they resume fucking in a few positions (vaginal and anal sex). Annette performs ATM and more deep throat. Mike fucks Annette's pussy again on the bed in the missionary position. He jerks off and shoots cum that lands on Annette's right breast. Annette licks up some of the cum.

While, and after, the closing credits roll, we see Mike fucking Annette missionary until he pulls out to pop for a third time as he jerks himself off. Only a drop or two appears to discharge and land on Annette's chest. She sits up to suck on his cock and use her finger to taste his cum that landed on her.

Main Menu - Disc Two
Scene Selection - Choose to play any scene or all three scenes one after the other (Ariel, Whitney and Annette).

Behind The Scenes - Some sex footage and also Mike chatting with some of the girls. Mike chats with Candace as she lathers her body with soap while showering. All eight girls appear during the BTS footage (14:49).

Cumshot Recap - Replays the cumshot(s) from all eight scenes from disc one and disc two in order one after the other (12:52).

Photo Gallery - Still photos of the girls posing alone and during their sex scenes with Mike.

Web Access - Visit Us On The Web At:,,

Trailers - POV Pervert, POV Pervert #2, POV Pervert #3, POV Pervert #4, POV Pervert #5, Elastic Assholes #4, No Cum Dodging #3, Racial Tension, Semen Sippers #4 and Teenage Spermaholics #5.

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