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POV Pervert 11

POV Pervert 11

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  POV
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for POV Pervert 11:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
POV Pervert 11 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks POV Pervert 11 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks POV Pervert 11 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex POV Pervert 11 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting POV Pervert 11 Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras POV Pervert 11 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality POV Pervert 11 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  12/6/2009
Good morning fans, up early, can't sleep! So how to fill the time until Football today, why let's watch Mike John's newest POV title! Sounds good and you have the likes of Avy Scott, Sierra Skye and Evie Delatosso in this so the viewing experience should be quite enjoyable. No real set ups here fans. Mike and the particular young women have a few words, hopefully we get some tease and then it's POV time from cock sucking to fucking, real simple.

Avy Scott:

Up first is a busty beauty who made a triumphant return to the biz this year and big boob fans everywhere rejoiced as Avy Scott's natural, gorgeous and huge tata's were back on our computer and TV screens. Well Mike's got her all to himself for this scene and we don't really get tease here but you can blame Avy for that. She wants to say hello to Mike's dick so she lowers that cute face and starts sucking him off. Well this switches Mike on and he's all ready to fuck, can't blame him so we have more fine head from Avy as Mike works her tits out and leans over to do a little pussy fingering, liked the cream colored panties too. The sound was so good here you could literally here how wet Avy's pussy was as he was fingering her. The sex was real simple fans, there aren't that many positions so it's really if you're into the girl who's the POV focus and Avy's got tons of fans so the footage here as Mike nails her in mish or reverse or cowgirl or doggie works. Lots of boobage and those babies do the dance that big boob fans love. Mike even works a finger in Avy's ass while nailing her doggiestyle, go dude! Titty fuck finish until Mike can no longer hold it and blast off to Avy's waiting mouth, cleanup was instantaneous. I'd say Mike's got this one off on the right foot or right boobs to be more accurate!

Katie St. Ives:

Breaking with the theme a little, usually we're already in the bedroom we get Katie's scene opening up with the young lady outside enjoying the summer air. It's a bright sunny day and we have Katie here in her way to skimpy bluejean shorts and liked her shirt which was also blue but says Peace is the Way and you have the peace symbol and a heart also so she's hip chick as well as fucking hot. Mike has fun chatting and then following along behind as Katie goes walking around the pool area but Mike's horny so they head inside. Katie then begins to lose the clothes so we get the tits out and then it's a tease pull down of the jeans, ass cheeks hello and then the full pull off. Katie's got this cute giggle working too as Mike's talking still but shuts up when Katie starts working a vibrator over her clit. He moves around to the side, next to her face, and Katie begins what hopefully will be a long cock sucking session. The heads a little slower which I enjoy a lot. It's funny to hear Mike struggling sometimes and having the girl slap his cock so he won't nut early-- been there dude! Gotta like it in mish, she uses the vibrator as well as his cock and this combo yields a massive squirt which soaks her pussy lips as well as the sheets under her, nice going Katie! The POV doggie was another winner, seeing that asshole so tempting and Mike sees it too, made him want to pump hard and Katie encourages him to do just that, even some ass slapping. There's one more juicy squirt from Katie before we get Mike's squirt, lol. A quick point for those who like a bush Katie's got a nice patch of hair above her cookie. Pop time and first some head from Katie and then blast off time and it is Katie who does the honors jerking Mike off all over her face, cleanup too. I like this girl, she's fun, has a sexy body and I'll keep an eye out for her in the future.

Evie Delatosso:

The next scene takes us back to the bedroom setting and Evie's here doing a little pussy finger tease as Mike finds her. Evie's been a fave for some time, nothing about this girl I don't like and it all begins with those massive natural titties which are soon out but we also get some fine pussy lip footage here, Evie purring as she's tracing the fingers over those lips. Evie then does my fave thing tease wise with big boobs and that's sucking/ licking them and she does this a few times here which if Mike was fucking her would've sent him over the edge but it's early so he doesn't splooge, lol. Mike again moves around to the side as Evie's diddling her pussy she gets his cock to play with in her mouth, using the free hand to also jerk him off. Mike once again needs the girl to slap Mr. Happy so he won't cum early. Titty fucking, POV head, dirty talk Evie does it all here and looks damn fine doing it. The mish shot here from overhead might've been the best, the tits dancing everywhere, the legs spread wide-- some awesome footage here. The cowgirl pov shot which gave the look of reverse was also a huge winner and I'm digging ass shots a lot lately too so that doggie action kicked ass as well. Good mish finish gets us to the pop and Mike does misfire here a bit blasting off to Evie's eye, next to her nose but there is some spunk that actually hits her mouth-- see this is where the guy needs to turn it over to the girl or just put his cock in her mouth and let it go that way. I could watch Evie Delatosso everyday, this body is so hot and she seems to have a lot of fun with the sex so she's another to keep an eye on, not that you've not already been doing so.

Jessica Bangkok:

The finale opens with Jessica and Mike having fun walking around a porn set house that's been used quite a lot. There's a porn mag open which just happens to have one of Mike's movies featured in it, in the same house Jessica & he are currently occupying. Mike's got the pov shots working nicely as we circle around Jessica, going floor level and there's lots of giggling too from Jessica, lol. Nothing to laugh about, though, once she works those clothes off and we have big natural boobs and her ass on display. Moving to the bedroom we join Jessica already in progress and she's devouring Mike's cock-- the sound here was great which gave off that whole devouring vibe, she needs to slap his cock and for good reason. Definitely the most aggressive head given so far, gagging and she needs to slap his dick a few times so he won't nut early, titty fucking too, not sure if that helped! Jessica then lies down so Mike can slide around to the side, she keeps sucking while he fingers her pussy, readying it for action. Great sex shots as we hit the various positions, there's P2M, boobage, good stuff. Jessica ends up jerking Mike to pop and she has pretty good aim hitting mostly to her open mouth, she gargles the cum before swallowing. Thus endeth disc one, quite good thank, now it's on to #2.

Katie Cummings:

Alright the second disc opens with Katie outside next to the pool. The two have a few words as Mike's camera checks her out, Katie's hot too working the tits out and Mike can't resist a little groping. Katie's got perfect tits, the size, shape an the areola size were just what I'd want. Katie then does the walk around the pool, ass cheek spilling out from her shorts and of course Mike goes for the perve angle looking up! Mike's almost speechless here as he so often is once the girl works her tits out and does a little tease walk. So the duo head inside to the bedroom for a little more conversation and tit dangling! Katie's a pro and does a super hot jeanshort peel down and Mike's the pro here as well with the upclose ass shot, she spreads the cheeks-- if you don't have a hard dick now you never will. Katie then gets to work her magic on his dick, nice eye contact, good use of the hands and even better use of her mouth- all you need for proof here is Mike's breathless utterances, slap my dick!! Sexwise we hit some more way hot overhead mish action, tits dancing everywhere, there's P2M too from Katie. Riding that cock, tits facing out to us was also very very good and what might be the final nail in the coffin sees her being nailed doggiestyle while also spreading that ass open. Katie takes a great open mouth pop, doing most of the jerking herself and it disappears. Hell yeah, disc two off to a fantastic start.

Sierra Skye:

Up next is Sierra who is becoming more well known in the biz and for good reason. She's cute, enjoys sex and hello she possesses two of the best big natural tits you could ever hope to oogle, suck, kiss, fondle-- you get the idea! The scene begins with Sierra lying on a couch, smiling and relaxing, the calm before the storm. Mike enjoys the view and lets us enjoy too with some good close shots. Mike moves around to the side letting Sierra say hello to his dick, the softer style head here was nice, Sierra looking up. Some nice boob caressing and pussy tracing too early on, just warming up folks. Sierra then works those puppies all the way out, some great jiggling and then it's back to the head and Mike has to slow down a bit here as young Sierra nearly brings him to pop with her oral prowess. Mike then has a seat with Sierra doing the kneel down in front of him and she's got so much boobage she can sit each one on his thigh as she sucks him off, now that's some boobs fans!! The mish action was real good and the titties were flying back into her face almost, this girl might get a black eye one day if they hit her just right, lol. They go onto the floor for some good cowgirl action, tits facing out to us, there's P2M too from Sierra and we still have that great picture working that's been there for each scene. Great POV head finish yields a strong facial blast for Sierra, cleanup too. Nice going!

Andy San Dimas:

Hello we open the finale with Andy looking cute in her pink outfit and who's that I hear behind the camera for this one, nope Mike's sitting this one out and Tim von Swine is going to be the lucky fella today. The two enjoy some chat time as he lets the camera drink in this cute young girl. No panties for Andy so we see some early ass and pussy shots. Andy works the top off so we see the nice tits and her fingers were doing some good pussy lip tracing too. Tim's ready for action, hell he always is! Andy going to a doggie pose, ass thrust in his face only furthered the Swinemeisters drive, fingers moving in and finally it's time to free the piglet and Andy engulfs him as we look down the beer belly-- ewww! Lying back we get better head footage and Andy's working it pretty good here, no timid head from this young lady, hell she even grips the balls and works in some saliva love to them. Best sex footage might be when she's riding Tim facing us with those titties, the picture looked great here. The footage with her ass facing out to us was strong too, Tim tracing his thumb over that asshole. Tim saves up a good load, firing directly to Andy's open mouth, cleanup too from this hottie and it's swallowed! Andy is left to finish with the vocal work as Tim's to dick drunk, lol, and she quips about getting her H1N1 shot, you know for the Swine flu, classic!!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was another strong entry in this POV series, even Tim Von Swine got some action with the final scene. Lots of highlights here from first scene to last but I'm partial to Evie's just for the fact she did some awesome self boob play and I missed that in the other scenes-- Avy and Sierra come to mind but Mike delivered the goods here in every other area from showcasing those big tits to their asses and the young ladies did their part too with some fantabulous POV head and their cookies were rocked hard by Mike and Tim too. Extras here included the pops being repeated, a photo gallery and nice over an hours worth of BTS footage so definitely have a look see there. Well worth picking up for POV fans who also have a few faves in this one.

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