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POV Jugg Fuckers 2

POV Jugg Fuckers 2

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Busty , POV
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Jake Blade's ratings for POV Jugg Fuckers 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
POV Jugg Fuckers 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks POV Jugg Fuckers 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks POV Jugg Fuckers 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex POV Jugg Fuckers 2 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting POV Jugg Fuckers 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras POV Jugg Fuckers 2 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality POV Jugg Fuckers 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Jake Blade  on  12/27/2009
POV Jugg Fuckers 2 has a veritable smorgasbord of talent on the castlist, and with it comes an element of variety. Boobs after all come in many shapes and sizes, and like pizza and beer, most varieties are pretty fucking good. So if you like your puppies pumped up and proud, or prefer a juicier and more succulent natural boob, or are of the persuasion that you can never have them big enough, then this could be the type of material you are looking for. Of course you might have to put up with a dose of lotion, some sloppy head, and lots of quality hand action…but you can’t have everything.

Angelica Raven
When you kick things off with a set of 34DD naturals the Prozac gets quickly pushed to the back of the medicine cabinet to be replaced front and centre by the baby oil and Viagra. The gap between Angelica’s front teeth and the natural hang of her rack give her a gaze of unadjusted beauty, a look that has seen many cocks no doubt gravitate her way. When she is done with the early torture of the foreplay, she wraps her lips and tits around the love hammer like she is used to blokes suffering from premature ejaculation once they get emotionally involved. The first cock suffers the loss of control relatively quickly, while the second suffers its inevitable fate with a lube drenching and some nice eye contact.

Avy Scott
Avy has a natural aura of sex appeal about her that is hard to describe. After trying on a couple of bras for Darkko and his trusty sidekick Winston, she gets busy working on the sizeable member of the Big W. It’s a sultry display, with more sucking than tit fucking, but her abilities have Winston balancing on the threshold as she works in a sensual motion. Winston is the type of dude that is trying to put the rest of the male population to shame with his money shots, and after obviously abstaining for a few days and enduring a yoghurt and Serogen diet, Avy’s magic has the power to exorcise a creamy demon through the eye of his cock. It is a huge load and Avy loves every sling of baby batter as it is fired upon her. When Darkko takes his turn the method is a bit more forceful and boob compliant. Its simply quite shocking how sexy this woman is, and if you don’t loosen the belt while watching it could prove unbearable.

Celina Castro
Huge funbags! And a young pretty face that will drive you crazy. The puppies have a natural hang, and she is a juicy girl all over, so what Celina lacks in experience she makes up for with her fun and submissive manner. The bedroom eyes hardly leave the camera as she gently caresses with her lips and breasts, and she even gets a kick out of the frosting finish.

Charley Chase
Pierced nips on a nice natural set just show that size isn’t always the answer, as Charley’s rack is near perfection. The tanned brunette likes to talk it up, but that is not her mouth’s only talent. The girl can deep throat a monster cock like its nothing. This is a sloppy and energetic little segment, with the sucking and spitting and titty fucking all appearing to get Charley in a horned up frenzy. Once she takes the first pop she moves straight on to the second cock and begs for it to claim her. You won’t be kicking Charley out of bed first thing in the morning to get to work on time.

Diamond Foxxx
This braud is definite cougar material and the surgeons best work have left her with a wonderful set of milky white orbs that just scream out to be lotioned. The lips have also been enhanced and why not, no bloke wants his cock slurped and sucked on by a hair lipped, flat chested skinny girl. Diamond has the look and abilities of a porno gem, and when you witness her hand to mouth action it’s easy to see why she has a career. While she toils away with one of her movies playing in the background, the ball sucking and jugg work is exactly what you would expect. You don’t get much emotion out of Diamond courtesy of the injectibles, your cock will definitely have a good time watching her try on a pearly necklace.

Francesca Lé
Francesca is a vixen whose sexual appetite can not be sated. The lotion theatrics and performance of the tease could keep you amused for days, as she has a set of nipples that stick out like bricklayer’s thumbs, and watching them get worked could easily give you an obsession. The tits are amazing, and the suck work on the cock and ballbag, well you won’t find any better. This girl just simply knows how to please. She has Big W blowing a creamy monster after little effort, and after some load play and a clean up she is soon under orders from the director. There is a lot of heavy lube work on the sloppy seconds, and a wider array of positions as Francesca does her thing, but it is all good. The woman is quality, and the release of F for Francesca is further anticipated with gigs like this.

Jessica Moore
There is a lot to like about Jessica. The tanned blonde has that Santa Monica look about her, and the rack is nigh on perfect for tit wanks. They are large with a natural hang. For a start though she has some business to attend to and that is a self application of lotion that will have all those beachside voyeurs in need of a new set of budgie smugglers. But for all her qualities Jessica takes on the look of a genuine princess once the cock probes to the back of her throat and the eye make-up starts to run down her face. Darkko does some fine work with a fist full of her hair and the camera aimed up at her heaving cleave, but he is no match for those tits once they get oiled up. Judging by Jessica’s face and her technique, she has oiled up that delicious rack and drained a few stiff ones in her time, so this is quality.

Katie Cummings
What starts off with an exercise routine turns remarkably quickly into a ball licking seminar thanks to the naturally buxom dirty blonde. As with those normally naturally gifted Katie has some alluring curves. She isn’t shy of the deep throat and as such, the oral work is a moist affair. But its her natural rack that is her best feature, and adorned with a piece of nipple jewellery they are of perfect grain for burying the bone between.

Katie Koxx
Enormous, succulent, juicy and spectacular are all words that come to mind when you get a look at Katie’s chest, and that is before she pulls out the lotion and starts flirting. If you like watching girls fondle their own impressive breasts then this opening sequence is for you. Katie’s boobs are so big that it’s quite easy for the cock to get lost between them, but her mouth can also put it away the inches when given the chance. She rolls out a great little boob-hand-to-mouth repertoire that is rather luscious, so good that the load is blown straight into her mouth with the only evidence of the happy times dribbling from her mouth on to those sweet boobies.

McKenzie Lee
Some might remember this princess for her fine work in a catsuit from Slut Puppies back when Jules Jordan was still operating under the Evil Empire banner, and time has been good to her. The body is more lean and toned than ever, while the cup size looks like it has increased a touch. The Pommie accent isn’t as broad, but this woman is one fine piece of fuck, and her dirty mouth could do with a stiff one inserted to shut her up. There isn’t a lot of tit work, but the hand and mouth technique looks well practiced, so by the time the junket pump goes off there is a big target on her chin and chest. She attacks the second cock with a lot more vigour, using a tonne of lube and more tit rubbing and ball sucking. It turns out to be quite a sloppy affair that is fine stroke material.

Sierra Sky
It’s never a bad time of year for a ripe pair of melons and Sierra Sky has a prizewinning set. But the best thing is she knows how to use them. The look warm, soft and naturally cuddly, and when she wraps them around the shaft of an aroused cock there is no turning back. A smear of oil doesn’t hurt the cause at all, but these Dobermans shouldn’t be handled by inexperienced users, as they are a set of big dogs that can handle a monstrous money shot.

Sophie Dee
With the rack on Sophie Dee pumped up the rig is simply amazing, but she just seems to be a pretty annoying character. Not sure if it’s the giggle, the repetition of her routine, or the fact her accent has changed to the point where you can’t really tell where she is from, but she has even racked up a mixed bag of comments from fanboys who have met her in the ADT forums. But with her body and that new set of tits, all sins are forgiven! It is definitely a much better experience for all concerned when she has the man meat shoved in her mouth, as it shuts her up. But even the monotonous chatter can be tolerable when that fine pair of pneumatics is lubed and operating in a romantic fashion. She has some decent hand action and can put on a good slurp and hand stroke, and Big W is as usual cruising the fine line between show and blow for most of the performance, but when he finally relaxes Sophie jerks off a salty mess all over her juicy puppies. For the encore director’s privileges are once again asserted with Darkko probing to the back of the throat to check on Sophie’s tonsils. The action turns sloppy and the boob work is again spectacular. These new tits really are a plump set of sexual perfection.

Kelly Devine & Mz. Berlin
If you aren’t familiar with Mz. Berlins work then she is one mean bitch. The flame haired red dog has a nasty streak that is very entertaining, and set of tits that could make her a teachers pet. Fans of ass will know Kelly Devine, and if you have ever seen the girl in person her butt is really a phenomenon of lust inducing proportions. She really is quite diminutive, making her ass more impressive than it is on screen. Kelly’s blonde peach fuzz on her sweet cheeks has won her many fans, and for those that are in to close-ups you get a brief sniff of the goodness here. Mz Berlin brings in the rubber dress and baby oil as well as a lunatics attitude to her dominatrix work, and this is both fun and sexually arousing to watch. Mz Berlin takes Kelly on an educational journey on how to please a man and it is a sloppy, forced and tit loaded sequence. Berlin just doesn’t shut up, she could talk underwater, but she has the tits and technique to back up the madness. With Darkko being the meat horse there is more throat probing, but probably the best action is when the girls work in tandem, squeezing each others tits and combining on the pleasure giving as they worship the love hammer. They drain a good load of racing tadpoles out of Darkko with some cum theatrics to finish, but really these two sexy brauds could drain any man for a bucket of baby batter.

Julia Ann
This is kind of like the main event. The covergirl does some self adjusting to Darkko’s signature disco beats, gently caressing that superior body before dropping to her knees to get down to business. She teases Big W amazingly well, to the point where his cock is pulsating before the sweet lips of Julia have even wrapped around it in earnest. Once she gets serious and the hands and boobs come in to play it’s a sensual delight, and as the cock gets close to exploding there are several instances of the man meat being pulled from the sensory overload of her lips and tits. The big man drops a series of paint balls over Julia’s face that do her skills justice.

In Closing
If you are picking up what Jonni Darkko puts down in the form of Sloppy Head, Boob Bangers and Suck It Dry, then this is just more of the good times. Running nearly three and a half bells there are more sexual nuggets than you can point your well calloused cock at, with each scene carrying hot girls doing their best to please. There is a fine selection of both fake and real funbags so you if you have an aversion to either, your needs as a tit man are covered. The ability of Darkko and his sidekick Big W to hold off at the point of no return until a pack of wild horses literally explode from their cock makes a big difference to the POV work, as the girls get off on the love juice, and its good visuals watching the impressive juggs get striped with man stain. If big loads swipe at your ego then it might be time to hit the protein shakes, pop a few saw palmettos and maybe hit up Manny Ramirez for some of his leftover supplements before watching this. As obviously J.D. thinks the creamy flow is the only way to go when can-slamming juggs like this.

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