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Gentleman Jon POV Centerfolds 6 4 starsPOV Centerfolds 6 4 starsPOV Centerfolds 6 4 stars
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POV Centerfolds 6

POV Centerfolds 6

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  POV
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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The D-Man's ratings for POV Centerfolds 6:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
POV Centerfolds 6 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks POV Centerfolds 6 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks POV Centerfolds 6 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex POV Centerfolds 6 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting POV Centerfolds 6 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras POV Centerfolds 6 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality POV Centerfolds 6 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by The D-Man  on  3/17/2008
In POV Centerfolds 6, Mick Blue tapes his erotic frolicking with six gorgeous women, shot from a POV perspective. Half the scenes feature anal sex (the odd numbered scenes), starring such ladies as Maya Hills, Amber Rayne and Maya Gates. The other scenes showcase the sexual talents of Kimberly Franklin, Alexis Love and Jenna Haze. All in all, another great offering from Zero Tolerance.

Scene 1: Maya Hills

To date, I have yet to see a bad sex scene with Maya Hills in it. The Siberian Eskimo starts off the video doing a little tease asking us if we like what see and that she enjoys being watched. ( is a porno). She then blows the camera a kiss or two and asks to fucked in every hole. She crawls over to the camera, rubs the camera guys cock through his pants, unzips him, and starts sucking his cock. While giving the lucky guy a hummer, she takes his willie all the way down and loves stroking the hard organ, then bends over so her partner can finger her pussy, with Maya resuming her talented sword-swallowing. Maya's pussy is the next hole to get invaded, starting with some cowgirl-style boinking, bouncing her lower body up and down like it's made of rubber. Maya lets her man do some pumping in a sideways cowgirl, and looks great even with her body contorted. Ms. Hills dishes out some additional cock-sucking before riding her man in reverse cowgirl. Now seeing how the camera fixated on her ass as it bounced up and down, it's rather fitting (no pun intended) that Maya pulls out a butt-plug and inserts it into her ass, while playing with her pussy. After giving the butt-plug a goodbye lick/kiss, Maya then bends over a small table, and works that big boner into her butthole. The camera seems to start shooting at different angles, and with that white background, it kind of makes it look like that Maya is getting fucked sideways, upside down or even in mid-air. Yet, from whatever angle, Maya skillfully works her partner's cock with her ass, including a rousing bit of reverse-cowgirl anal. The lucky guy's cock pumps in and out of Maya's ass as quickly as Maya's fingers pistoning in and out of her pussy. The bunghole banging begins to wind down with some ass-to-mouth cock sucking, followed by some missionary humping, which results in Maya's mouth acting as a come receptacle. Afterward, the bubbly blonde even thanks her partner for a job well done. Ah, gratefulness goes a long way, doesn't it?

Scene 2: Kimberly Franklin

The next wanton woman to grace the screen is a relative newcomer, a buxom brunette with tattoos and an accent, known as Kimberly Franklin. She gets her tease sequence off to a good start by whipping out those massive mammaries of hers. (But upon closer inspection, the surgery scars are still visable). She does a little pussy playing, and when her partner arrives and sits down, she bends over and sucks his cock. (At this point, I noticed that with her florescent pinkish-red eye-shadow, when she closes her eyes, it sort of looks like she's possessed). Now Ms. Franklin might not be into deep-throating, but in addition to her obvious hand and eye coordination, she also engages in a fair amount of tit-assisted stimulation. With her man fully ready for some humping, Kimberly gets on top, taking only a few inches of cock at first, before leaning back and working her pussy up and down her partners' pole, and repeats the process in reverse cowgirl. Kimberly then goes from sitting to her hands and knees, with her ass in the air, while the lucky stud barrels into her from behind. (As a side note though, despite fingering her butthole, it doesn't pan out into an anal scene). Even with cock pumping in and out of her pussy, Kimberly finds a way to work the shaft with her hand, and soon enough, Ms. Franklin is bucking hard as the guy just tears her pussy up. The action winds down with a titty-job mixed with some cock-sucking, which ends with Kimberly getting a mouthful of man-goo. For some reason, I was hoping to see to guy come as he pumped those titties, but hey, it's all good here.

Scene 3: Amber Rayne

The third scene begins with a close-up of the lips of a dirty talking woman. Upon pulling the camera back, we see that its the lithe and libidinous sex machine known as Amber Rayne. Her approach to teasing, in addition to her lusty language, includes spitting/drooling onto her pussy, and then turning around to work her fingers in and out of both of her fuck-holes. In fact, while lying on her back, she drives several fingers knuckle deep into her pussy and goes for a forced pussy gape). When a certain stud arrives, Amber promptly gets on her knees and plays some tonsil-hockey, readily and rapidly inhaling her partner's cock, sometimes taking the cock balls-deep into her mouth. Even with some "quacking" (which I know may irritate a few a few porn fans), there's no denying that Amber is a cocksucking champion. The fun then moves from Amber's mouth to her pussy, as she gets fucked lying on her back, and then riding atop her partner. All the while Amber is still talking dirty, in between her cries of pleasure and moans. For those fans familiar with Amber's previous scenes, you know that she's quite an energetic and lusty anal performer, and I'm happy to say, she's no different here. That's right, she transitions from regular cowgirl to cowgirl anal, with that rigid rod blasting in and out of her sphincter so fast that one might expect to see smoke pouring out. As a further visual treat, Amber then squats her accommodating anus on to her partners' peter in a sideways cowgirl anal. Amber looks great, and seems rather proud to show off some gape. Her side-saddle butt-fucking eventually turns into a reverse cowgirl anal, and all this time, Amber has been yelling out all sorts of verbal encouragement. The scene then moves over to a nearby couch, where Amber takes the lucky studs cock deep into her gaping asshole. Ms. Rayne then finishes the gentleman off with some ass-to-mouth that makes him pop in Amber's mouth. Well done, as always, Amber!

Scene 4: Alexis Love

If you want to see a true example of jaw-dropping, dazzling beauty, then you should check out the magnificent allure of the all-natural Alexis Love. The fun starts when the cameraman (who we now know is Mick) comes up to Alexis at poolside, and has a chat with her. (Which is a bit more interactive then the earlier scenes on this DVD). She's wearing a killer outfit, which is a kind of a barely-there schoolgirl outfit turned lingerie, but there's no striptease. Instead, when Alexis is done talking, she drops her knees, rubs the guys cock through his pants, unzips him and pulls out his wang, and begins licking and sucking. Not only does Alexis look great taking a cock between her lovely lips, she has that stroking technique of hers down pat. When Alexis finishes blowing the guy, she bends over, lifts up her skirt, and shows that she's wearing no panties. (What a surprise...). So, Mick is soon happily hammering Alexis in doggie-style, with the camera alternating close-up shots with some further away shots. Ms. Love reclines onto Mick's member for a enlivened cowgirl ride that would make a good substitute for an aerobic workout. There's a brief lull in the action as Alexis goes inside, and with the need to re-ignite her partner's hard-on, works a few fingers in and out of her pussy, before giving Mick a hands free blowjob. After that, Alexis gets her pussy pumped, in missionary and then in spoon, followed by Alexis taking charge with a cowgirl ride, which includes an inspiring show of booty shaking (or quivering). Ms. Love ends her cowgirl ride and goes back to using her mouth and hands to work on the guy's rigid rod, and then goes for a doggie/side-saddle boinking that ends with a jizz blast on her right ass-cheek and lower black. The lovely lass also deserves some extra praise just for asking if her partner can pop again. Now that's the mark of a true star!

Scene 5: Maya Gates

The poon-tang parade continues with Maya Gates stopping by Mick's place for a casting call. As this is a porno, there's going to be a casting couch, but hey, Maya doesn't seem to mind as she changes out her street clothes and into some pink and orange outfit. (Thankfully, viewers will see some other pink soon thereafter). Without much delay, Maya takes Mick's cock deep into her mouth, occasionally using her teeth and sucking her partner's balls. When Maya finishes with her blow-job, she bends over to expose her lower openings, and with some saliva as extra lube, sits her lovely self on top of the guy's cock. After some of the old in-and-out, Maya sticks Mick's cock in her mouth, and after some sucking, puts it back in her pussy for some missionary style pumping. Obviously, Maya is here for a total body workout, which means getting her backdoor boffed, starting with a reverse cowgirl that has her partner energetically spearing the chocolate starfish. Seeing how Ms. Gates is also a anal-queen, she certainly has no problem working her asshole up and down on the turgid tower of power. Maya's brown-eye gets a short reprieve while she sucks on the cock pulled from her ass, (even using her teeth again), yet the sodomy must continue, with a cowgirl ride, no less. Seeing the front of Maya's compact body bouncing is certainly a good thing, but she also looks quite nice when she's taking Mick's cock in her ass on her hands and knees and well as rolled up in as a side-saddle position. Maya's casting call ends with a pop-shot across her belly. With the scene wrapped up, you could say she got the "part" alright...

Scene 6: Jenna Haze

The covergirl (and adult performer extraordinaire) Jenna Haze closes out the DVD. She begins her erotic journey with some tease on a stairwell, a mixture of slow stripping and very watchable body gyrations. Jenna just doesn't limit her tease with physical movements, because she talks a good game of seduction here as well. (In my opinion, though, Amber was just a smidgen dirtier with her verbal motivation. Sorry Jenna). While sitting on the bottom of the stairs, she starts playing with her pussy (which sports a light patch of hair down there), and works her love button her a little while. When she's fully worked up, Jenna is ready to take some dick in her mouth. Here, she shows that she's a cocksucking dynamo, who can do a hands-free blowjob, deep-throating or play a skin flute with consummate skill. The guy backs away, with Jenna following on her hands and knees, and upon reaching the next room, shakes her fine ass at the camera. After standing up to shake her tits at the camera, Ms. Haze sits her pretty pussy down on her partner's cock for a quick cowgirl ride. The bucking bronco gets Jenna going with occasional cries of "oh, fuck", and variations thereof, in addition to her usual dirty banter. Some P2M action shuts off the sexy talk for a few moments, but she resumes her bout of bouncing, eventually turning around to make it a reverse cowgirl ride. (I'd say that seeing Jenna's beautiful behind bouncing back and forth toward the camera should be considered a fantastic moment in porn). There's a quick scene of scenery when Jenna adjourns to a bedroom, but the fun continues with Jenna spreading some more oral cheer. This is followed by Jenna finishing the scene with a bit of missionary-style pussy-pumping, which ends with Jenna jubilant face getting frosted. Simply put, even without any anal in this scene, Jenna delivers with her usual heat.

The DVD:

Considering the fact that this is a POV video, all the technical stuff works out just right. Of course, by the end of DVD, we know that it's been Mick Blue's cock that has been visiting these ladies' various orifices. (By the way, a big shout out to Mick for a superb camera close up of Jenna's derriere from beneath at the start of her scene). When it comes to the extras, we get the usual Cum Shot Loop, Photo Gallery, Strip Tease and the Behind the Scenes segment. Did you know, that according to Maya Hills, she loves rough sex? No way...


I proudly admit to liking POV-style porn flicks in general, and POV Centerfolds 6 in particular. Why? Well, with a cast of Jenna Haze, Alexis Love, Maya Hills, Maya Gates, Amber Rayne and Kimberly Franklin, who wouldn't like it? Some of these ladies have either won awards or have been nominated for awards, and their performances here show why such accolades were deserved. Plus, if you like anal scenes, you will enjoy the fact that half of the scenes have some kind of sodomy. From my standpoint, in creating POV Centerfolds 6, Zero Tolerance has given porn fans another DVD worthy of their time and money.

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