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Pound the Round 2 (Digital Sin)

Pound the Round 2 (Digital Sin)

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Pound the Round 2 (Digital Sin):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Pound the Round 2 (Digital Sin) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Pound the Round 2 (Digital Sin) Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Pound the Round 2 (Digital Sin) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Pound the Round 2 (Digital Sin) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Pound the Round 2 (Digital Sin) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Pound the Round 2 (Digital Sin) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pound the Round 2 (Digital Sin) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  12/16/2009
Good afternoon porn fans time to a POV fix and the focus here seems to be on the booty so get ready for lots of ass footage-- hopefully some good POV head too. Nice looking group of young girls here so let's get right to some highlights. All the ladies will be taking on Mike Adriano who's representing US!

Nikky Thorn:

Alright we open with a nice tight shot on Nikky's body from the front but we're here for the ass so she quickly shifts around and begins shaking that rump. The music is pulsing, creating a good beat as we check out Nikky. How about some soapy suds to get you in the mood, more ass quivering from our girl too so the motors should be nearly gunning now. The music stops then and we're treated to some more good shots of Nikky's body. In a mish shot we get anal beads inserted so enjoy that. Solid bj action then with still more booty shots so it appears we'll get lots of booty love. The sex does indeed emphasize her ass, doggie rocked and those cheeks were quaking. We even get anal here which rocked, doggie anal yields the load sprayed all over those cheeks, rubbed in by the freshly drained cock. A solid start.

Amy Brooke:

Moving on we have a newbie I'm hearing some things about so good to see a scene here. The first shot travels up her legs arriving at her ass which is covered by a dress but it's a tight fitting and the ground shots, you know the perve shot, shows she's sans panties so pussy and ass soon come into view. Even more so when she hikes up the dress and the sun bathes that bottom, spread wide open too by Amy, thanks! Once again the music playing helped set the tone and Amy's gorgeous ass took care of the rest. She's got a cute face too, modest tits and those are each shown off as the tease continues. The music stops and we get a little talking with Amy who keeps a nice smile on her face as that body helps spur our POV dude on. A toy is used on her ass so I'm thinking we might have more anal soon which is great. After the glass toy warmup we get Amy on her knees performing some real good POV head, working that dick as we get the perfect view, front row baby. This girl does a number on this cock, let me tell ya. Lots of spit too on the shaft and balls which she's able to lick while deep throating, not every girl can do that. So Amy spreads that ass for us one more time just as it's time to fuck and guess what, she squats right down, ass facing us and it's anal time, awesome. Lots of superb ass footage here as Amy drives her backside on the dick, we break POV a bit as you see the guy but hey it's a quick shot and we're seeing lots of ass so I'm in a forgiving mood. The whole scene is basically fucking her ass doggiestyle ending with the pop right on that freshly fucked rosebud. Very nice Amy Brooke, I'll be looking for more with you, that's for sure.

Allie Haze:

So far so very good with the ass theme. Lots of terrific booty shots and two for two in anal sex as well, don't think that will continue but I imagine the gorgeous ass views will. The hotties keep cumming and it's a tight shot on Allie's butt, encased in white as her scene opens. A gorgeous face, tan skin and Allie says hello as we zoom back in on that posterior. The peel down was good, shot from ground level so we see that ass slowly come into view, a little plumbers ass crack at first-- but this is the kind you'd love to see. Finally it all comes out and it's another amazingly hot bubble butt. Allie works that tits out too but we're here for that ass so the focus stays strong on this. Our guy has a few words once he gets in there, caressing it a bit as well we have Allie shaking that ass. This is different, we bring a popsicle in as a 'toy' she sucks it briefly before it's used on that ass. First rubbing it over both cheeks and it is cold, duh! I kept wondering if he was gonna try and stick it in her ass, lol. Our guy breaks the POV rule once again but hey it's to bury his face in that ass, lick the popsicle juices off it so one more time I'm willing to forgive. How about some face smothering, hell yeah I'm all for that so watching Allie having a seat for ass licking was way cool. Time then for Allie to have some fun and that cute smiling face looked so good workin Mike's dick, tongue licking the shaft, the eye contact was good and hey what's cold for her is cold for him as the popsicle is brought back in alongside his cock, she sucks both. The sex features some great pussy pounding with multiple P2M sucks from Allie, she is also able to deep throat plus lick the balls at the same time. A great cowgirl is captured too, the ass spreading open perfectly but we're breaking the POV rules again seeing the guys face so not sure how POV purists might take this, I'm digging the scene personally. A doggie finish gets us to the pop which is fired over that ass and wiped in by his cock. So no anal but still another strong scene.

Catalina Taylor:

Alright we have a sista here in the next scene. Catalina is cool working that beautiful ass out right away, doing a slow walk letting those cheeks sway from side to side. Ground shots used too as she lifts those cheeks up a little, letting them drop. More good music is piped in too as we're gazing up at this sexy ass. Catalina is good with some anal probing too so maybe more ass fucking, stay tuned. Liked the sensual licking of the lips too and damn those are some awesome titties she works out. After a good show outside we follow Catalina inside where Mike does a little booty inspecting, I think she passes!! More good titty shots too, I was hoping for Catalina to lick those nipples, they were right there, so ripe and perfect but alas not to be. This young lady has the sensual licking of the lips down pat and we get still more hot ass footage as Mike spreads open her cheeks and pussy. Time then for something differet. She squats onto a cake that has Pound the Round written on it. She lifts up the icing covered ass and shakes it, lol. Ok who wants to get in there and clean that icing off, line starts behind me!!! Ok Mike will have to do and he more than does his job smashing his face in there and gets covered in white icing as Catalina gets her ass cleaned, a little! The past two scenes have broken the POV rules quite a lot but it's for a good reason, face sitting is once again employed and hey if you're gonna break the rules let it be for a good reason! Alright time for cock time and Miss Taylor adds some icing to the mix, coating his cock some before letting her mouth in there to lick it clean. Loved the slow style she uses here and the eye contact was perfect. Our girl doesn't forget the balls and they don't forget to show that ass when given the chance. The previous scenes all did well in showing off the booty during sex be it cowgirl or doggie. This scene maintains that momentum with a little P2M from Catalina too. The ass is once more the target zone for the load, one more super scene in the books.

Brooke Lee Adams:

One final scene here to check out and it begins with Brooke working out on the treadmill. The shot moves nicely up her calves/ thighs arriving at her ass, encase in grey. The tight material hugs the ass perfectly and we move around front too to see Brooke's face and you see she's got big tits as well. The ass starts coming into view as she does the slow peel down revealing a pink thong and plenty of ass cleavage. This entire dvd has been filled with booty cleavage! Brooke then works those natural titties out and hello big sexy boobies, I love ya. More good ground shots here as we enjoy Brooke working out, cute face, titties, ass --- I'm numb at this point but in a good way, just great footage here all around. Brooke joins the face sitting parade giving Mike no chance to breath other than taking in her pussy/ ass aroma. Brooke then does a slow crawl over to fish out Mike's cock and it's right to her mouth with super good eye contact and the style was slower too as she licks the head and engulfs him. Titty fucking made sense here before we work in the ass friendly cowgirl shots with P2M too from Brooke. As you might expect by now we end up with the popshot covering Brooke's ass.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was a big booty luvers dream here. They break the POV rules a lot showing the guys face so I'm taking a half point off for that-- but they break the rules for a very good reason I think. To show Mike face diving into the ass, licking it or having the girl smothering his face, both to me are excellent reasons to show the guy. POV purists might object so that's the reason for the slight deduction, otherwise this was a super hot title. The ass footage is amazing and is spread out nicely during each scene. The extras here are missing a BTS segment but we get a bonus scene with Alexis Texas that isn't POV so Mike can face dive and do the other things we saw in the main title. This is a great title and easily recommended for purchase. The girls were hot, the asses were fantastic and shown off beautifully.

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