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Possessed (Penthouse)

Possessed (Penthouse)

Studio: Penthouse
Category:  Feature film
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astroknight's ratings for Possessed (Penthouse):
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
Possessed (Penthouse) overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks Possessed (Penthouse) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Possessed (Penthouse) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Possessed (Penthouse) Sex rating 1.5 stars
Plot/Acting Possessed (Penthouse) Plot/Acting rating 1/2 star
Extras Possessed (Penthouse) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Possessed (Penthouse) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  8/27/2008

The Little Details

Running Time: 91 min.

Production Date: 9 / 11 / 2007

Director: Bud Lee

Cast: Brooke Banner, Dana DeArmond, Holly West, Nicole Sheridan, Nyomi Marcela, Tristan Kingsley, Nick Manning, Niko, and Steven St. Croix with Nicole Sheridan, Voodoo, and many more in non-sex roles

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: I've been liking a lot of what I've been seeing from Penthouse lately and am looking forward to this one as well.

Initial Reaction: It's quite possibly the worst movie I've seen from Penthouse so far

Who Should Watch It : Anybody only planning on watching Brooke Banner's scenes

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a well made movie that feels even the least bit unique

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done. The audio is clear and well balanced and I didn't notice any background noises. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and also looks very nice. The lighting is often a little on the low side to help with the mood, and the picture also has a softer style to it.

Music: There's a bit of soft music through much of the movie that helps the scenes slightly and never seems to get in the way.

Menus: The main menu blends a still with a little background animation for an okay first impression. The chapter menu nicely lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and the name(s) of the girl(s) in it.

The Feature

When Brooke Banner tries to get it on with a couple in a bar without any clue when to quit, the cops are called and she's sent to Steven St. Croix's Mortimer Institute to get some help. She's not the happiest about being sent to a nuthouse, even if it is an expensive one, but realizes she has a problem that she needs help with. Brooke doesn't quite realize the scale of the problem she's dealing with, as Steven's brainwashing his patients into having sex with each other as well as him.

Scene 1 – Brooke Banner, Nyomi Marcela, and Niko

Brooke tries the direct approach in a club when she sees Nyomi and Niko together by going up and asking them if they want to fuck and encourages them to get it on with each other. She strips down by their table while urging them on and starts playing with her pussy while sitting by Naomi. The action cuts to them getting it on with Brooke sucking Niko while Naomi watches and plays with herself. Naomi comes over to get a closer look while Brooke rides Niko reverse cowgirl style, and even plays with her lightly and kisses Niko as he fucks Brooke. Naomi gets in the middle to eat Brooke while Niko tongues and fucks her from behind before playing with Niko and Brooke as they fuck missionary style. Naomi also takes a cowgirl ride with Brooke watching and coming in to slap her ass before the girls team up to suck and stroke him to a pop that they share between their tits. Finally things cut back to reality.

This is a pretty good scene. The action is a bit slow to build between the girls, but there's a very nice balance between them once they get started. Brooke and Naomi both look great and the camera does a nice job moving around to capture them. There's nothing too special about this scene, but it does make it easily past the average mark.

Scene 2A – Tristan Kingsley and Nick Manning

After giving a restrained Nick a massage to relax him, brunette Tristan releases him, strips down to her panties, and moves around to kiss him and suck his cock. She gives his balls plenty of attention as she strokes him before climbing up to ride him cowgirl style. Tristan turns around for the reverse cowgirl as well as laying back for Nick to pump her missionary style. After sucking him a little more Tristan lets Nick fuck her from behind and finally takes his load on her ass.

This is a weak scene. There's very little chemistry between Tristan and Nick, and he lays there through most of the scene showing almost the same energy he would if he were passed out. The only way you know he's really awake is due to his sneering vocals, and although they're milder than normally it still has the same misogynistic feel as normal. Tristan does a nice job trying to save the scene with plenty of energy and some nice vocals, but it just isn't enough to save the scene here. Even when Nick actually gets up to do some of the work it was hard to get into the scene, and of course having it hacked up and pieced together with the next two scenes didn't help it at all. This scene doesn't even make it close to the average mark.

Scene 2B – Holly West

As Tristan works Nick over, Dr. Steven has big tittied brunette Holly come in and watch them on a monitor. She's immediately turned on, so he leaves her so that she can strip herself down and play with her pussy. After working herself over with her fingers, Holly looks like she might make herself cum.

Although Holly is darn cute and has a very nice body, this scene is all but wasted. It only lasts a few minutes, and those few minutes are chopped up and stuffed here and there amidst the other two scenes. Left whole this might have been a decent scene, but as it is it's nothing more than a filler.

Scene 2C – Dana DeArmond and Steven St. Croix

Brunette Dana also pays a visit to Dr. Steven in yet another room. Once again he's watching the action on the monitors, and this time has both Tristan and Holly up claiming it's time for Dana's therapy. He kisses her from behind while groping her and helping her to strip down and then sits back in a chair so Dana can work him over orally with plenty of throat action and great eyes mixed in. She gets up to ride Steven reverse cowgirl style with each of her holes and even hops off to suck his cock clean to the point of getting the bile flowing. Steven fucks Dana from behind in each of her holes as well as fucking her ass missionary style. Finally Steven pulls out and pops on her stomach.

This had the potential to be a darn hot scene. There's very good chemistry between Dana and Steven, and the touch of intensity between them really helps it to stand out from the other scenes in the movie. It adds a darker aspect to Steven's character for the plot portion of the movie, and also adds to it sexually by mixing things up a little. Unfortunately it's held back by being hacked together with the other two scenes, and that leaves what should have been a really hot scene hanging back as a pretty average scene instead.

Scene 3 – Brooke Banner, Holly West, and Steven St. Croix

After planting a few ideas in Brooke and Holly's heads, Steven takes them out to a bard to watch them get it on. He brings them back and directs them to a couch for them to get it on with each other as he watches, and Brooke quickly takes the lead kissing Holly's mouth and tits before letting Holly reciprocate. Brooke moves down to tongue Holly's twat, and as she tongues and fingers her Steven moves in to start sucking Holly's tits. The girls team up to suck his cock before Brooke breaks away to play with Holly from behind while Holly continues to suck Steven's cock. Holly takes the first fuck reverse cowgirl style before Brooke gets in the middle to eat Holly a little while Steven fucks her from behind. Holly takes another turn in the middle for Steven to fuck her missionary style before Steven spoons Brooke and pops on her stomach.

This is a hot scene. There's very nice chemistry all around as well as a good balance between the girls. It also moves along at a good pace with the girls starting things off very well on their own before Steven joins in. This scene helps to end the movie on a high note sexually.

Possessed is a very forgettable release that feels like it had a lot more potential. The story is very generic and I couldn't help but think that I'd seen this exact same story used at least twice before with the other times being done much better than this. Even the title and tag line of “The things you own end up owning you” doesn't even make much sense and doesn't tie into the movie in any obvious way. The sad thing here is that the movie starts out showing a lot of potential. Yes, you know there's something off with the Mortimer Institute, but the whole evil doctor brainwashing the girls into having sex, watching it happen, and joining in feels more generic than the porno music that's been laughed about for decades. As for the sex, the only reason to really check out Possessed is Brooke Banner. She turns out two hot threesomes with Holly West joining in very well for the closing scene. The other three “scenes” are hacked up and even though they do sometimes show a bit of potential, their being hacked up and smashed back together into one big scene in the middle of the movie all but killed all three of them for me. Possessed might have a couple good scenes from Brooke Banner, but that isn't enough reason to check this one out and comes out as quite possibly being the worst movie I've seen released from Penthouse.

The Extra Stuff

Trailers are included for Stripped Bare, Sheer Desires, Dream Machine, Cougar Club: The Hunt is On, One Night Stand, and Vamps. The photo gallery lasts about four minutes with about five seconds per good looking snapshot. There's also a bonus scene with and accompanying photo gallery and internet information.

Bonus Scene – Brooke Banner and Evan Stone

The bonus scene comes from Missing Persons. After laying out a bit of the plan, Evan helps Brooke up onto a table and then drops down to start licking her pussy. She gets down to suck his cock in return and mixes in a little titty fucking before laying back on a chair for Evan to fuck her missionary style. She has him take a turn laying back so she can ride him reverse cowgirl style before they fuck scissors style. Finally, Brooke drops down to take a good facial finish.

This is a pretty good scene. The action is a bit on the short and soft side, but there is some decent chemistry that develops between Brooke and Evan. The plot works into the scene pretty good as well, and as a bonus scene there's enough here to make me curious about the original movie. There isn't anything overly strong about this scene, but there also isn't anything too bad about it either.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, tease, masturbation, lesbian, voyeurism, anal, and ass to mouth

Raincoat Factor: Medium high

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many Penthouse DVDs can be found online for between about $17 and $25 with several stores offering them for around $20. Rent this one first or aim very low. There's a couple good sex scenes here with Brooke Banner, but the rest of the movie is very generic and not nearly as good. The technical aspects are pretty good and there's a touch of effort put into the extras, but this DVD still falls short due to the movie.

Note to Penthouse: If you're going to credit somebody for a behind the scenes in the movie, please include the featurette on the DVD!

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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