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Portrait, The (Wicked)

Portrait, The (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Zoid's ratings for Portrait, The (Wicked):
Overall Rating 2 stars
Portrait, The (Wicked) overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Portrait, The (Wicked) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Portrait, The (Wicked) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Portrait, The (Wicked) Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Portrait, The (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Portrait, The (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Portrait, The (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Zoid  on  10/19/2004
"Beyond time, beyond obsession, beyond fantasy...he found her." Sounds intriguing. This is a feature film with Stormy, so it's got to be worth checking out. Right?


Runtime: 1 hr. 17 min
Region: all
Audio/Video: Video is excellent. Audio is not.


Story Synopsis

Some loser (Pat Myne) is working in a warehouse which (I think) belongs to an asshole art trader. Pat's job is to pack and unpack crates with different pieces of art. Once upon a time, he finds a box with the beautiful painting, and it puts some spell on him, in a manner of speaking. He starts to have these sexual fantasies, and eventually, becomes more confident man and quits his lousy job.

Nicole Sheridan, Voodoo, Stormy (non-sex)

Stormy who's wearing some sort of antique dress, is watching Nicole and Voodoo having fun. This all is taking place inside a nice chateau/villa. Nicole gives her dude a brief BJ and after that, they settle on the table an do it in cowgirl, spooning position. She stokes Voodoo and he blows in her face. It could have been an okay scene except for a few things. First of all, it's Nicole and Voodoo and that basically says it all. Why do I have to see them in like every fucking movie, ALWAYS together? Enough is enough. Secondly, the sound in this scene is plain annoying. It's a big room and obviously you have some echo, and when people scream, it sounds like crap. The whole setting is also too dark, in my opinion. Score:

Ashley Long, Steven French

Ashley Long is negotiating the price of the painting with the gallery owner, but the price is too steep so she utilizes different, bargaining "approach". Bj, pussy licking, mish, cowgirl, doggie, cumshot in the mouth (not swallowed). All in all, this is probably not such a bad, vanilla scene by Wicked standards. Got to give credit to Ashley for moaning convincingly. Unfortunately, the sex is preceded by a horrible non-sex sequence with rather bad acting on male part. Again, got to give Ashley credit for doing a decent job, but this guy should never open his mouth again. He makes baby Jesus cry. Score:

Jezebelle Bond, Lisa Marie, Mario Rossi

I knew Jezebelle Bond was credited for this movie but when I finished watching, I was like, "Where was she?" Last time I saw her was in some softcore feature, probably from 2001/2002. Oh my god, did she change. Whoah! Well, never mind that. This was rather nice setting with a fountain, but again, it was too damn dark. Jezebelle starts by eating Lisa, then the girls suck on Mario's cock. Then he fucks them in mish and doggie. Jezebelle also uses strap-on on Lisa (doggie). Mario shoots in midair with some cum landing on Lisa Marie's face. There are some pretty pictures in this scene, but the sex was too "staged" and "artificial". Apart from BJ part, you couldn't even see people's faces. Score:

Stormy, Kellemarie

This is as g/g scene with Stormy. Finally! Stormy is wearing... Hell, I don't know WHAT she's wearing. Looks like a white curtain. I think it's supposed to be a frock of some kind, or maybe a shirt from a hospital. Haha, just kidding. Stormy gets eaten for a very short period of time and for the rest of the scene, she mostly works on Kellemarie's pussy. There are no ambient sounds here at all (like real time moans and groans), only music and all things considered, that's actually good. Sadly, Stormy didn't get pleasured here long enough, and, generally, the whole scene lacked heat completely. Score:

Stormy, Pat Myne

The big finale. Again, we have some picturesque setting, a park of some kind with statues and stuff. Stormy is taking a nap on a pedestal, but awakens when Pat touches her face. There is generous amount of foreplay in this scene with some kissing. That is followed by some pussy licking, BJ, sex in mish, RC, spoon and ends with the facial. Kind of a disappointing finale if you ask me. I thought if you have Pat Myne and Stormy, there should be anal sex. No such luck. The scene was again too dark, only this time it was annoyingly dark. Interesting, when the shooting was finished, Stormy collected the cum from her body and ... ate it. Could be seen in BTS. Why the hell wasn't that in the movie? Score:

  • Bonus Scene from Beautiful
  • Behind the scenes
  • Interview with Stormy (very short)
  • Stormy gets plastered clip (very fun; Stormy undergoes pussy molding)
  • Previews
  • Stars slideshows and statistics
  • Picture Galleries (non-interactive)
  • Wicked DVD catalogue

Final Thoughts

I did a quick research on the director, Skye Blue. Never heard of her, but it appears she was performing exclusively in some lesbian-fetish-bondage films in the 90s. If I understood correctly, The Portrait was her directorial debut, at least for Wicked. She's credited for at least 100 other movies as a director (IAFD.COM). Sorry to say but I'm not impressed with this effort; there are just too many things that seem wrong in this movie. Lighting for example. Generally, the movie is dark -- I mean literally. This is a fantasy film without violence, blood or anything like that. Why the heck are the fantasy sequences dark? What's the general idea behind this? Unlike for instance Michael Raven who knows how to play with light and shadow, create highlights and interesting effects, Skye Blue isn't really convincing in that department. Instead of looking moody and mysterious, some sets just look dim. By the way, there are some nice locations in this feature, but they are not being used to full potential. True, on occasion you do get some nice shots, but too infrequently to really make an impression. Another thing worth mentioning is the sound. Again, something isn't right here as well. The music track is of course crystal clear, but the ambience is not. I'm no sound engineer, but it seem as if the sound is over-amplified. Maybe it was something with the acoustics on the set, but suffice to say, sound just wasn't optimal, in my opinion; and quite frankly, I didn't expect that from Wicked.

Okay, so what about sex? Well, the sex is basically on the level of an average Wicked film, meaning that it lacks any heat almost entirely. The cast is good looking as can be expected. I like Stormy a lot, but honestly, I like her more in real life (not that I know her personally or anything), but I mean if you watch "Stormy get plastered", you'll see gorgeous, charming woman with a great sense of humor. In this movie (and a lot of others), you don't really get to see that. In this particular title, there isn't actually that much of Stormy to see. She's only in two scenes. The presence of Nicole and VooDoo in every second porno movie on the market is also starting to work on my nerves. Naturally, 100% condom usage in every scene which of course doesn't really fit into a fantasy themed feature. The packaging, Extras, menus are very nice as I would expect from Wicked, unfortunately, the main feature is slightly disappointing.


A rather unremarkable title. Rent at your own risk, if you're some kind of religious Stormy admirer.

-Zoid (for questions and comments:

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