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Portrait of a Call Girl

Portrait of a Call Girl

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Captain Jack's ratings for Portrait of a Call Girl:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Portrait of a Call Girl overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Portrait of a Call Girl Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Portrait of a Call Girl Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Portrait of a Call Girl Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Portrait of a Call Girl Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Portrait of a Call Girl DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Portrait of a Call Girl A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Captain Jack  on  9/14/2011
Elegant Angel presents a different scenario for them, a full length feature film that stars Jessie Andrews as Elle, a call girl who is trying to find herself. Just from the opening credits with the dark and brooding music, one could tell that this was going to be an emotional and realistic film. Directed by Graham Travis, Jessie is at her best in this one. Her acting is top of the line and she might have a future in mainstream. She conveys innocence, yet a maturity beyond her years, having been a call girl since a young age.

The DVD starts out with Jessie talking to her psychiatrist. She wants to learn about Jessie’s past which the audience does in flashback form. Alec Knight plays Jessie’s boyfriend who likes to take out his frustrations on her face. Seems he beat her up one too many times and Jessie takes off for the big city. Unable to find work, Jessie does what a lot of young women do and that’s go into sex work. She becomes a call girl and that’s when the first sex scene takes place.


Eric John is a nervous client who has a fantasy of cumming on a woman’s face. Jessie will let that happen, but it’ll cost a little more. Eric hands her some more cash and off they go. Jessie is wearing a black dress and slowly takes off Eric’s clothes. She tells Eric to stroke off while she gets undressed. Jessie starts out by sucking on his balls, then gives him a real sloppy blowjob. At one point, she gags herself on his nuts while stroking him quickly as he’s wet with her spit. Jessie uses a couple different stroking techniques on him, driving Eric mad with passion. She finally gets him to spurt a load all over her face and she worships the good as a shot of thanks.


Jessie cleans up and moves on to her next appointment. She waits in the back of a car for her appointment and starts reliving her previous encounter. She starts rubbing one out and we mostly see Jessie’s facial reactions to her finger banging. I think there is nothing sexier than seing a woman cum, so I have no problems with this scene. It doesn’t last long, but we can tell Jessie does a good job.

Jessie tells her doctor that having sex with strangers is like a drug, she just can’t get enough. We witness Jessie’s personal life and it’s a lonely existence…buying herself jewelry, going to afternoon matinees by herself, etc. While watching the movie, Jessie conveys great emotions..smiling without a care in the world, laughing and crying, all within a matter of minutes. She thinks back to her unhappy childhood with arguing parents and a dad who seems to show great interest in his off-spring.


After the movie, Jessie gets a call from a client who wants to roleplay. She arrives at his house and the housekeeper gives her a box with everything she’ll need in it and Jessie gets dressed. She puts on some black, rubber gloves that extend to her biceps along with matching thigh high stockings and black heels. And that’s it. Very nice look. Jessie does some posing then walks through the house to Manuel Ferrara. He’s hard at work on his laptop and pays no attention to the goddess standing before him. Jessie has nothing better to do so she starts rubbing her pussy. That gets Manuel’s attention and he inserts a gag into her mouth and sends her on her way. Jessie walks around the house, not content until she can get that cock. She makes a lot of noise and breaks some glassware, getting Manuel’s ire up. He pushes her down on the couch and spanks her ass before diving into her pussy. He shoves his cock down her throat and, very impressively, Jessie deep throats him. She furiously sucks him off and gives him a sloppy blowjob. She worships his balls and even tosses his salad. Jessie gets boned in cowgirl, doggie and spoon. These two have good chemistry and they were really into each other. Manu explodes all over her face and Jessie does some clean-up. She plays with the cum on her face and strokes out every last drop.


Jessie thinks about her past some more and we get a little more background information on her until we see her with her next customer in a restaurant. She has a short bright blue hairdo and he’s quite a bit older than her. They go back to the hotel and all we see is the guy pounding her in doggie until he jerks off all over her face. Jessie accepts his cum willingly and half the load goes on her tongue as she cleans him up. Jessie uses the shower and her customer leaves her behind.


Jessie walks home and sees a man getting beaten within an inch of his life in an alley. She calls 911 for him and then goes to her next appointment with Mick Blue and Ramon Nomar. She’s on a balcony overlooking the valley when they turn up the music. She starts dancing and the sight of the beautiful Ms. Andrews dancing in front of that scenery is incredible. The boys sandwich here and expose her breasts. Jessie gets in position on her knees in between them and furiously works over their cocks. She gags on them and even stuffs both of them in her mouth at the same time. The boys pound away at her, taking turns in spoon, doggie, mish and reverse cowgirl. This was a fantastic sex scene, made even moreso by the fact that Jessie squirts and takes a DPP from Mick and Roman. They unload on her face and Jessie licks off their cocks.

Jessie is paid a visit by two cops. Seems her stepdad is accusing her of stealing a valuable baseball card, worth something like $150,000! She has it, as he saw in flashbacks earlier, but she denies all to the police. Jessie thinks a lot about her life and where it’s headed. She takes the card and burns it, giving the charred remains back to her stepdad. Looks like she’s about to let go of her past but first, she has another call.


Jessie gets stopped outside a warehouse, where she is blindfolded. She is to walk until she hears “stop”. She walks for a bit until she comes to 6 men dressed in black wearing masks. They surround her for a classic blow bang scenario. Jessie works over the cocks and does some deep throating and gagging. By the time it’s over, her face is covered in her spit. She gets coated with the spunk of 6 guys and she begs for more.

After the gig, one of the guys asks her on a date and Jessie accepts. She seems to have a good time and now it’s time to come clean. She unloads to her best friend about the past and, like Roger Ebert, I won’t give away the ending. LOL. Suffice it to say that the flashbacks earlier in the film weren’t the whole story. Jessie makes amends with the people in her past and seems to be in a good place as the DVD ends.


There are 2 bonus scenes (Jessie and Julia Ann from Teach Me and Jessie and Asa Akira from Party Girls), deleted scenes, outtakes, a few trailers, EA Camera Test, Jessie’s EA Podcast, an interview with Jessie and a 7-minute BTS. Also, there's an 80-minute version of the movie without the sex. All of this is on Disk 2 of the set.


A tour de force by Jessie Andrews. Her acting was superb in this feature from Elegant Angel. Graham Travis did a superb job of directing this feature. In fact, take out the sex scenes and the storyline could stand up in a mainstream movie. But thank God for the sex scenes! Jessie was in every scene and carried the movie with her acting and did a great job with the sex. She was into each of her male co-stars and let them have their way with her. The fact she squirted and did a DPP, not to mention her first blowbang in which she ended up coated in cum, well, what more can I say? The story was complex, yet not complicated; simple, yet layered. This is like an adult film like you have never seen before!

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