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Pornstars Punishment 2

Pornstars Punishment 2

Studio: Brazzers
Category:  Fetish , Straight
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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Sean Renaud's ratings for Pornstars Punishment 2:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Pornstars Punishment 2 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Pornstars Punishment 2 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Pornstars Punishment 2 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Pornstars Punishment 2 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Pornstars Punishment 2 Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Pornstars Punishment 2 DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pornstars Punishment 2 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Sean Renaud  on  1/31/2011

Summary : As usual Brazzers delivers an outstanding product, at least if you like seeing girls roughed around. There is choking, gagging, slapping, anal, ass to mouth and spitting. These girls each and every one get taking to town hardcore. And this isnít the porn for everybody. If youíre squeamish about a woman being treated like garbage and worse you might want to skip this because it is NOT for the faint of heart, itís for the hardcore fans who like watching a girls slapped around and fucked into brutal submission

Expectations: I say this every time and Iíll keep saying it every time that I get a new Brazzerís video to review until they fix it. Itís not a bonus scene if itís part of your opening credits, on every DVD you put out and part of the same series. Please give us something from one of your other series so we can get a glimpse at things we might not have bought, or just admit that this is actually the sixth scene. Personal and repeated rant aside Brazzers only makes two kinds of porn. Good and absolutely incredible. Factor in a cast of Eva Angelina, Jenna Haze, Kelly Divine and Rachel Star and honestly you couldnít fuck this up if you tried.

Scene One: Eva Angelina
Eva Angelina, itís like God woke up one day and decided to see what sex would look like if he gave it long legs and great tits. She has two men absolutely wrapped around her finger to the point that both are about to propose to each other when they find out about each other and from there itís downhill fast for Eva. It starts off with Eva being torn out of her dress and slapped back and forth while they take turns skull fucking her. Try as they might though Evaís not a gagger though so the scene comes off more enthusiastic than rough in the early going. The guys eventually start taking turns spinning her back and forth. For a highlight they put her purse over her head and draw a target around her asshole with lipstick before hitting the bulls eye. The guys have a fairly rare talent amongst porn stars. If you arenít fucking Eva GTFO the screen. Eva for her part does a grand job of both obviously enjoying herself and looking like she canít believe this is happening to her. Gotta love the two cum shots so while one of her boyfriends loads is drying on her face the other is pushing her shit in. You get everything from this girl, anal, ass to mouth, DP, slapped, choked, they tried to gag her. By the end her eyes look like raccoons from the smeared mascara and the poor girl is thrown out on the street with just the cum on her face. If you donít love this scene you bought the wrong movie, and if this is too rough for you might wanna back out cus even with the two on one action here Eva gets off easier than most of the girls.

Scene Two: Jenna Haze
Dear Brazzers, in the future just put together a Happy Holidayís collection. It seems odd watching Jenna singing Christmas Carols in the middle of the year. Jenna is a cute brunette and sheís Scottís house cleaner, though as much as he tries to sell that she was hired for her cleaning skills she wasnít. She was hired because all men love having hot chicks living in our houses. Anyway she leaves the front door unlocked and all the Christmas gifts get stolen and of course she has to pay! Jenna does a good job of looking scared and disgusted as sheís force fed cock until she drools on herself. Then she whimpers how her pussy is too small for that big a cock. Sheís constantly apologizing and offering to do whatever it takes to make things ok and reminding him she has someplace to be and thatís before he decides he wants her ass. When that happens she telling him how wrong it is how itís too big and she canít take it. You get all the expected positions as well as the all but never seen flying reverse cowgirl and more popular pile driver. As usual by about half way through itís clear that Jenna is loving this no matter what she might be saying.

Scene Three: Kelly Divine
Kelly is in the mob, the leader in fact and sheís a cunt. One of her lackeys decides that heís had enough after she spends too much time abusing him. Honestly heís lucky she didnít shoot him like the dumb shit deserved. Silly they know enough about camera work that they could easily have made the shooting MORE realistic but oh well. Kelly must love it rough because she gets destroyed. Just in the first few minutes she gets spanked, slapped, and not the playful slapping you normally see but actually slapped. James forces his fingers down her throat and stretches her mouth every which way before deciding his cock would do a better job which it did. There is no vaginal sex to build up, this is straight to the ass while she keeps trying halfway to fight back and insult his masculinity. Good cum shot but still this is a brutal brutal scene.

Scene Four: Rachel Starr
Rachel Star steals Scotts act when he freezes. . .honestly he over reacts. Itís not her fault that heís a total spas. So itís more like heís taking his bad day out on her and honestly once she catches sight of his cock sheís not that off put by the fact that sheís gonna have to deal with it. Granted itís because the earlier scenes were so rough, and Kellyís was just devastating, this scene is really more enthusiastic than punishing. She even gets her pussy eaten before he fucks her. She doesnít get slapped, barely choked, for some reason itís sexy as hell that she has one shoe on and one off for much of the scene. Considering how gentle her scene was one quality cum shot and the girl looks wrecked.

Scene Five: Mason Moore
Mason doesnít know what appropriate attire is whether itís donít show your tits and donít show your ass and after two gentle warnings (and a boss too stupid to check her before she walks into the room) she gets Jordan fired and he takes it out on her. Mason somehow manages even with all her tatooes that normally would have her looking like the girl whoíll stab you she manages to look terrified as Jordan rips her clothing off and rips into her pussy. No blow job, now pussy licking, just straight to fucking her and choking her with his tie. Sheís constantly apologizing and begging him to stop and not to fuck her so hard and she looks like a frightened kitten. Sheís trying to cover herself up as best she can manage. So itís a rough scene but mostly because Mason really sells it not because itís really that rough, other than Rachel she probably gets lightest scene even when you count in that she gets anal, ass to mouth, ass to pussy and by the end sheís loving the pounding sheís getting.

Heading Out: Half of me wants to tell Brazzers to get the guys to take acting lessons the other half loves how camp this is. The truth is the guys are the core of Brazzers and get a lot of practice and are pretty good at carrying a scene and most of the girls are pretty and great performers. Just like always in Brazzers the skits are half the fun you wonít be fast forwarding to get to the fucking youíll be loving the build up. The actual sex is exactly what they are advertizing, rough sex. This is one of those DVDís that you never let your girlfriend find. . .ever. Itís not in your porn stash, itís in your secret stash where ever that is. Kelly Devine is systematically destroyed in a scene that wouldnít be entirely out of place in the WWE complete with choke slam. So if you donít like it like that stay away.

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