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astroknight Pornstars Like It Big 3 4.5 starsPornstars Like It Big 3 4.5 starsPornstars Like It Big 3 4.5 stars
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Pornstars Like It Big 3

Pornstars Like It Big 3

Studio: Brazzers
Category:  Straight
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Pornstars Like It Big 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Pornstars Like It Big 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Pornstars Like It Big 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Pornstars Like It Big 3 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Pornstars Like It Big 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Pornstars Like It Big 3 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Pornstars Like It Big 3 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pornstars Like It Big 3 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/3/2008
Ok fans time to check out a new Brazzers dvd and this one hold particular interest for me because of a couple girls, one Shyla Stylez is having an incredible year and the other is one of ADT's faves, Adrenalynn-- she's had some good times this year too, I always want more when I see a scene from either of these ladies so you know when you feel that way then they've done their job! So let's hit a few highlights for these hotties as well as the other lovely girls included in the cast.

Shyla Stylez, Krystal Steal, & Phoenix Marie:

Wow, wasting no time we get a three girl scene to open. We meet up with Krystal and Phoenix in the bathroom-- Phoenix is holding a bag of ice cubes over her coochie, she can't take another big cock in there, lol. Out to Shyla who is bitching out her boyfriend on the cell phone, he won't fuck her-- now that's an idiot. Nice thing too, all three girls are naked!! So it appears the ladies are going to go poolside for some rays, we see the skimpy bikini's going on, no they're covering the boobies, lol. Well once they're outside the tops don't stay on long and the three get real cozy at the jacuzzi, bottoms start coming off too so why get dressed in the first place ,lol. Onto a little coochie licking, the boobs get oiled up and the wind blowing through the hair added a nice effect too. It was cool too each girl gets her chance to dine on pussy and to experience that awesome feeling of a hot babe servicing you. Well the ladies are warmed up so now they want to add in some cock!! Turns out to be more than one schlong so the ladies spread out and take each on. Good pairings off too, you get Shyla riding one cock while Phoenix eats out Krystal while in turn Phoenix is having her pussy eaten, all in one shot. Lots of good switching here and the ladies keep the great g/g play going too. We end with Shyla receiving one load in her mouth and Phoenix gets the other rained into hers. A solid start here if I say so.


Alright we're going into the military boys and who is our Drill Sgt. none other than Sgt. Adrenalynn!!! Ok she's channeling the character from Full Metal Jacket and I must say she's way hotter than that dude was, haha. She berates all the recruits as they file into the barracks. Inside she keeps up the tough love sending each out when they don't have the cock necessary for the Pornitary! Well one of the guys has his hair to long and we actually watch Adrenalynn sheer off his locks. Now it's time to see who's got the cock necessary to make Adrenalynn's force, we get down to one and it makes the cut. We also get our sexy drill sgt. in a military style bikini too as she starts putting the recruit through his basic fuck training!! Gotta love the blowjob here, good shots all around and her impressive boobies get released too. Off come her bottoms and it's time to service the Sarge!! Squatting down we get a great ride in reverse, then it's mish but before fucking this lowlife gets to eat her pussy, ok where do I sign up!! They work in some good ass friendly positions such as doggie but then it's on to piledriver and damn that was hot, you even see her asshole tattoo!! They end with a good pop splashing onto her face with cleanup from Adrenalynn, oh yeah I want more and it's coming too!

Mariah Milano:

This scene opens with a black/white shot and you see the red letters REC on the bottom of the screen so this session's being recorded. Mariah is here to help out Jordan Ash who's in big trouble. She gets in close, slaps his face to let him know this is serious business, she walks over to the camera and messes with it so now they're all alone no one's watchin. Going behind Jordan she puts him in cuffs, then she brings in some jumper cables designed to BUZZ him to tell the truth, lol. I think when she hops on top and starts grinding over his cock that helps Jordan see the light. Getting in the tradition kneel down position she helps release that dick and yep turns out it's a big'un. Good side view too as Mariah starts worshipping that tool. Jordan gets out of the cuffs so he can do a little servicing too, down behind Mariah he goes and it's licky licky time to that tush/pussy. Pulling the red shirt up we get boobies too in full view as Jordan starts laying pipe, mish, doggie, and reverse fill the scene until she holds that cock right against her tongue as he blows his load, nice going Mariah and Jordan.

Gina Lynn:

Ok next scene takes us to what appears to be a bustlin porn set. Gina is being visited by a media person and he catches up with her as she's being made up. A few of you might recognize the girl doing Gina's makeup, she was a hot performer in her time. Well seems Gina's being stood up by her male talent so now she's waiting on a new male talent but her question is how big is the cock, she wants big cock in her pussy. The guys lately just haven't been up to her standards so what shall happen here, will we have a scene ,stay tuned! Ahh look who's holding the boom mike, it's Mr. Pete, hehe. Gina is doing a great job of playing Diva today, she just can't get the big cocks, lol. The new guy they want to use isn't big enough but she's going to try and make the best of it until she spots the hard on Pete's sporting as he holds the boom mike. It draws Gina over like the best cock radar does and she's got his cock out pretty soon after shoving him onto the couch. Gina works that schlong over, she's been deprived of big dick for to long and she's going to savor this so long slow sucks, licking the balls, she's in cock heaven. Pete then gets to enjoy Gina riding that hard dick in a few positions until he's ready to blow his load, it's a facial but you don't see to much, Gina gives cleanup after, all smiles I might add!

Savannah Stern:

Sweet, we catch up with this lovely lady as she's arriving at the courts to hit a few balls! The all white outfit was very nice, skirt just short enough when the bend over shot happens you see all ass. The top too is quite skimpy hugging those huge hooters. Savannah like all good athletes does her stretching before competing, here's where we get those perve bend over shots. Another girl shows up, Miss Smith we'll call her and the girls start playing but the Ump is a bit distracted by Savannah's body and he starts blowing calls pissing off Savannah who rushes over to complain. It's here she spots the big bulge and the match is abandoned so she can resolve this tennis complaint, lol. The two head off for a more private discussion of this match but Savannah doesn't want to talk, nope she wants to get a handle on his "racket"! Great on the knees, side view as Savannah gets to engulf his cock, she knows a thing or two about the oral arts as we see here, slapping her face, taking him deep, nice eye contact too. After some early fucking our 'judge' gets in a few licks of his own, helps to clear the mind so he can properly rule on future matches! More fucking then in reverse and doggie until he's ready to blow which he does on that pretty face, cleanup too from Savannah, not sure if this will help her game or not but a few more lessons couldn't hurt!!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this was a fun and varied dvd to watch. You had different set ups and the girls had fun playing their roles especially Adrenalynn as the drill sgt. That was hilarious, then you had Gina as the porn diva, Shyla as the jilted girlfriend, good times. Now for extras here we have a photo gallery, some BTS and yes a bonus scene with big booty mama Alexis Texas! Alexis is another girl that isn't having the best of luck lately with the cocks, she calls her agent to say nope to the scene, she's got the flu, lol. Now she has to get all bad ass when a dude jumps in her pool. She attacks him, hits him with a shovel, kicks him but she also feels his pants and notices he's got a small cock. This dude retreats back to his pad where Jordan Ash says you're a pussy, let me show you how to crash a pool. So off he goes and dives in, Alexis comes to confront him but the results are much different this time. Before going down she takes a bath, nice bubble bath but eventually she confronts Jordan and drags him by his weiner to her bedroom where much fun ensues! Blowjob, ass smothering face plus she jiggles that amazing booty at the same time. Cowgirl and doggie then do much to show off that fantabulous ass ending with the pop right into her mouth, great scene to add on! A purchase option for this would be a great choice I think for the girls you see.

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