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Captain Jack Pornstars Like It Big 10 4.5 starsPornstars Like It Big 10 4.5 starsPornstars Like It Big 10 4.5 stars
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Pornstars Like It Big 10

Pornstars Like It Big 10

Studio: Brazzers
Category:  Straight
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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The D-Man's ratings for Pornstars Like It Big 10:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Pornstars Like It Big 10 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Pornstars Like It Big 10 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Pornstars Like It Big 10 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Pornstars Like It Big 10 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Pornstars Like It Big 10 Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Pornstars Like It Big 10 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pornstars Like It Big 10 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by The D-Man  on  12/18/2010
Now what do we have here? Lets see:

a pornstar witness that finds herself "in bed with the feds"
a TV that lives up to the term "boob tube"
a vacationing fanboy finds something hot in the Great White North
a tale of American history that involves getting some tail
a busty porn chick gets busted out of captivity and
a lovelorn lass contemplates the age-old question of sex vs. love.

Lights, Camera, Action!:

Scene 1: Rachel Roxxx in “Dickness Protection Program”

Rachel Roxx starts off at a photo shoot on the set, showing off her hot body. That is, until FBI agent Keiran Lee shows up. Supposedly, Rachel knows something about some bad guy, and that bad guy is now after her. So, Agent Lee whisks Rachel away for her own safety. Witness protection or not, Rachel is horny, and soon enough, Keiran catches Rachel playing with herself, and surprise, surprise, Rachel takes an interest in the pistol in Keiran's pants. Thus, Rachel soon has her lips around Keiran's cock: licking, sucking, stroking and even getting her hot mouth fucked before resuming her hand and mouth effort. (The part with Rachel hanging her head off the side of the bed so Keiran can face-fuck her from above was a good touch). Ms. Roxx then spreads these wonderful legs of her, so Keiran can slip her the tubesteak she's craving. Keiran pumps Rachel's muffin in missionary, and then administers some licks to both of Rachel's lower holes. The agent then slowly works his wang into Rachel's backdoor, and is soon steadily pumping Rachel's rump. Rachel also takes Keiran's tool in her ass from behind, and at this point, the camera view shows some pussy and anal gaping. Rachel then does some A2M, sucking and pulling on Keiran’s cock as if her life depended on it. Nonetheless, the butt-fucking rolls on with Rachel getting in some ass bouncing thanks to some cowgirl anal and when some anal squat thrusts Rachel takes all of Keiran's pecker in her ass. The sodomizing also includes some doggie-style anal (with Rachel doing a bit of ass wiggling). As a special treat even gets corn-holed with some pile-driver anal. The end arrives with some additional doggie-style anal leading to Keiran coming on Rachel's butt crack, with the stuff dripping down to Rachel’s butthole.

Scene 2: Brooke Banner in “Television Live”

The next opens with Scott Nails having a beer and fixing to spank his monkey while watching his favorite pornstar, Brooke Banner. But Scott plans change when Brooke somehow comes out of the television in red lingerie and fishnets and crawls over to him. Brooke is ready for some fucking, and so, after a short make-out session, Brooke pulls Scott's cock of the dude's pants, and lightly strokes it before giving the thing some lingering licks. In no time at all, Brooke is going to town. Brooke later lies back and let's Scott lick and finger bang her pussy which preps her for the missionary-style fucking that follows. Following a quick second blowjob, Brooke sits on Scott's stick and bounces (and gyrates) in reverse-cowgirl. Scott gives Brooke some hard thrusts, after which Brooke gets to enjoy some regular cowgirl style screwing. Our couple then moves off the couch, and over to the coffee table, with Scott drilling Brooke from behind. (The sideways standing doggie-style fuck isn't chopped liver, either). Brooke then completes the sexual fantasy by jerking Scott off onto her tongue and titties.

Scene 3: Eva Angelina in “Couch Surfing Surprise”

Johnny Sins wants to do some traveling, and he finds a website that tells him about people that offer temporary boarding for travelers. While passing through Canada, he finds such a place, and guess what? Johnny's stopover just happens to be the home of his favorite pornstar, Eva Angelina. Now that's some luck...Anyhow, Eva let's the guy stay, but he has to help out. While watching Johnny, Eva notices the bulge in her guest's pants, and well, it gets her hot. Finally, while Johnny is under the sink, Eva starts groping the guy and soon thereafter, Eva and Johnny are kissing and fondling each other. But the heat really builds when Eva kisses and licks Johnny's hard-on: first through the dude's pants, then through Johnny's underwear, and then Eva gets her mouth and hands on Johnny's unclothed privates. This is no run of the mill blowjob, though, because Eva repeatedly takes Johnny's dick all the down. Impressive, but Eva soon stops and lies back on the countertop, serving up her snatch and bunghole for Johnny to taste. Once Johnny has warmed Eva up, the fun moves to the end of the kitchen, with Johnny plugging Eva via some one-legged standing doggie style and face to face boning. The nearby living room then becomes the loving room as Johnny pumps Eva on a table in missionary. (There’s an interesting view of our couple from the next room, as if the camera was peering around the corner). As benefiting a pornstar, Eva gets her twat slammed with machine-like efficiency. Johnny then hoists Eva up for some supported fucking, followed by some doggie-style tussling. (Keep in mind, that in between positions, Eva is dishing more of her cock-swallowing magic). Immediately thereafter, Eva is bucking up and down, adding in some side to side grinding, in reverse cowgirl. True to form, Eva enjoys some cowgirl style bumping finishes Johnny off by jerking the guy off into her mouth.

Scene 4: Lela Star in “The British Are Cumming”

Now it’s time for a trip back in history. The British are closing in on the famed Patriot, Paul Revere. A Redcoat soldier, Keiran Lee, nearly catches the guy, but Paul’s sexy friend, Lela Star distracts Keiran with her luscious charms. After removing the musket out of Keiran’s hands, Lela gets her hands on Keiran’s other gun, and is soon giving Kieran a handful for a while. But as expected, Lela soon gets her DSLs involved, gobbling Keiran’s cock via a POV blowjob. Keiran takes the opportunity to fuck Lela’s mouth before going for Lela’s pussy. Keiran and Lela end up on the bed, and while Paul is out getting ready to make his famous ride, Lela mounts Keiran’s cock for a very special ride of her own. She squats ups and down wonderfully on Keiran’s pecker, occasionally churning her hips around and round. Our couple tries out a brief bit of standing doggie-style boffing, but Lela is soon giving Keiran another cock liplock, and then lets Mr. Lee bang her boobs. As a show of athleticism, Keiran lifts Lela up and holds her while they bone face to face, but manages to give his arm muscles a brief respite by dishing out a tongue lashing to Lela’s holes. But of course, Keiran just has to get some more loving, and so, Lela is on her hands and knees yet again, with some supported fucking mixed in. The party moves back to the bed in due time, with Lela getting a hard and fast dose of missionary style fucking, then Lela remounts Kieran and rides the lucky guy in cowgirl. (Dang, Lela’s hips are something of a gyroscopic wonder). In turn, Keiran gives Lela some well-deserved rapid-fire pecker positioning, all of which ends with Kieran discharging a one-man fuck fluid fusilade onto Lela’s tongue and tits.

Scene 5: Jenaveve Jolie in “Rescuing a Horny Pornstar”

The lovely Jenaveve has been kidnapped by an evil organization determined to take deprive us of one are most cherished resources…our porn stars. American soldier Scott Nails sneaks into the terrorist lair and gets Jenaveve out of her cell. Jenaveve is, as expected, both grateful and turned-on, and rewards her rescuer with a hand-job that soon turns into a blowjob. (Granted, perhaps the celebration should have waited until after they’ve escaped or taken out the bad guys, but hey, porn doesn’t have to make sense). Jenaveve nibbles on Scott cock here and there at first, adding in a few kisses and slow licks, then she dives in. This motivates Scott to face fuck Ms. Jolie, and afterward, Scott licks and finger-bangs Jenaveve. In time, Jenaveve is leaning against the outside of the cell, while Scott tars into the starlet’s nookie in doggie-style. The pussy probing gets temporarily put on hold with some 69 action, with Jenaveve throwing in some pretty good hand action and even a bit of saliva. But the two of them need more fucking, so Scott boffs Jenaveve via reverse-cowgirl, slamming the hot latina’s pussy hard for a bit, then stopping as if taking a break, followed by Jenaveve riding the G.I.’s dipstick. A fate would have it, Jenaveve gets pushed against the jail cell again for doggie-style boning. Jenaveve later squats on Scott’s meat missile in cowgirl, with the action later being broken up with yet another blowjob. There is some fucking left to be done though, with Scott getting a double-handful of Jenaveve’s chest pillows as he pumps away via a spoon position. After some more doggie-style pumping, Scott fires off his load launcher onto Jenaveve’s face.

Bonus Scene: Faye Reagan in “Great Scott”

Poor Fay is trying to figure out the whole relationship thing. (Good luck with that). In addressing her concerns, she wakes Scott Nails up with a blowjob that features lots of hand on cock action until Scott pops on Faye’s mouth.

But the scene doesn’t end there. Later on, Faye is thinking about her man, and the scene changes to her giving Scott head (to include getting face-fucked as well as licking Mr. Nail’s yam bags) which motivates Scott to play with Faye’s pussy. Scott then bangs Faye’s titties before moving on to Ms. Reagan’s pussy. The poking starts out in scissors/missionary, then moves to Faye getting prodded on her hands and knees. Faye then takes charges by mounting Scott’s wang and riding it via reverse-cowgirl, sideways cowgirl and regular cowgirl. The scene winds down with Faye on her back again, with one leg pushed back (not bad), and with a bit of choking play.

The DVD:

To begin, the camera was solid throughout the video, and I sure didn't mind the POV shots of Lela's blowjob, or the wonderful sight of Rachel's drool-inducing ass. The jail cell setting establsihed just the right tone for Jenaveve's scene. The people at Brazzers provided also a nice bunch of extras such as a Photo Gallery, a Cumshot Recap segment and a bunch of trailers. As luck would have it, I've seen each of the trailers at least once, and about half of the videos previewed in the trailers.

The Verdict:

It’s seeing things like Rachel Roxx getting butt-banged, and witnessing the oral and pole riding talents of Eva and Lela (especially Eva’s deep-throating prowess) that totally won me over. Nonetheless, seeing Jenaveve fresh from her hiatus is a very good thing, and my first glimpse of Brooke Banner left a very positive impression. Thus, Pornstars Like it Big 10 is definite hit.

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