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Pornographer, The (Extreme)

Pornographer, The (Extreme)

Studio: Extreme Associates
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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VictoriO's ratings for Pornographer, The (Extreme):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Pornographer, The (Extreme) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Pornographer, The (Extreme) Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Pornographer, The (Extreme) Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Pornographer, The (Extreme) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Pornographer, The (Extreme) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Pornographer, The (Extreme) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pornographer, The (Extreme) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by VictoriO  on  2/23/2002

The Pornographer (1998)

Director & Writer: Jane Waters

Producer: Rob Black

Starring: Jasmin St. Claire, Tiffany Mynx, Porsha, Lizzy Borden, Jessica, Elle DeVyne, Erika Lockett, Summer, Eden, Nina Whett, Lady Olivia Outre, Racquel Devine, IROC, T. J Hart, Tom Byron, Luciano (Michael Stefano), Earl Slate, Regan Senter,Van Damage, Chandler, Rob Black, etc...

Special Features: Chapters (10), Trailers, Photo Galleria (Automatic), Girls of Extreme Info & Bonus Scene (Sabrina Johnson)

Category: All Sex, Gonzo, Doc/Fuckumentary

Company: Extreme Associates/Undercover Pictures

-What attracted me to this movie was Tiffany Mynx, Jasmin St. Claire & Porsha. Those 3 in the same film. An Extreme movie. Also, I heard that Jasmin St. Claire does 3 scenes in this film from a website! I love Jasmin St. Claire (who is now a fitness model)! She's so fucking hot! While many people say she can be a bitch, I say she can be a bitch trying to fight me as I have angry anal sex with her any day (VictoriO blows kisses to Jasmin) [LoL]!

-Scene One: How Porn is Shot...

In a secluded area outdoors, a couple of XXX film directors/film-makers & stars (including Tiffany Mynx) gets together to do a scene. I dunno the female's name who's getting fucked, but she's cute. Not hot, though! This is basically a scene showing how porn is shot! This cute female here is getting fucked in her cooch in a few positions, gets her hot ass smacked... some of this scene is shot in sepia brown format. This female gets fucked in a 'fishhook' style, too! This chick gets anal therapy, too.

-Scene Two: In the Extreme Office...

In the offices of Extreme Associates, some female is about to meet Rob Black. He arrives to plan a scene with her & some guy. This all oral scene is boring, to me! This thick female is okay looking, fuckable, but... this shit sucks!

-Scene Three: World Modeling Agency

Rob Black comes to this room where there's a lot of females. Including Porsha, Sabrina Johnson, Chandler, Tiffany Mynx, etc... In this scene, Porsha has terrible hair. Brown with some sort of curls. Almost everyone in this scene does something or gets something done to them. But, I do not like this kind of crap! I won't even give a full description of what goes on here. Next, please...

-Scene Four: Another Day, Another Fuck

Some ugly female gets fucked by 2 guys in a few different positions. One guy wears some sort of cock ring to keep him hard. Next, please...

-Scene Five: Tiffany Mynx & some guy

Tiffany Mynx is so beautiful. The cameraman gets harrassed by Tiffany. She demands him, crawls after him, sucks on him, he wants to go back to work, but they go to another room & he decides to settle for Tiffany. Man, Tiffany Mynx is one of the best of the best! Soon, this guy goes to work on Tiffany's pussy in missionary & standing cowgirl. When she bounces off the dick in cowgirl, her ass really jiggles. She gets buttfucked from behind as she's on her knees & her butt-cheeks are gripped nicely by some hands. The anal is slow & weak, but... the position changes to reverse cowgirl. Guy cums. Good scene. Tiffany Mynx can really burn!

-Scene Six: Dolls/Phone Conversation

This blow-up doll maker tries to make a doll that resembles Jasmin St. Claire. This is bullshit. Rob & Earl has a phone conversation. Anyway...

-Scene Seven: Jasmin St. Claire, The Middle Man & Tom Byron

Jasmin St. Claire is as hot as a pizza! This beautiful bottom gets smacked. She demands this guy (Tom Byron) bend over (ugh) & she spits in his ass. How fucking nasty! My eyes are going blind! She goes down on Tom as he fingers/smacks her ass as some other jerk wanks himself! I love this sexy ass (Jasmin gets fingered in her ass & crudely stretched)! Tom goes straight into her ass in missionary & damn, it is hot! I like the camera angles used here, too! She, soon, slides back on in reverse cowgirl & pilediver. This is so heated! Buttfuck continues from behind. Good A2M here! Tom slides back into her tasty ass! Tom cums on her face. I want to see Jasmin do a cumback in a Jules Jordan movie. That would be a delight!

-Scene Eight: Nina Whett & some film-maker

Rob talks with some guy over the intercom. Some other film-makers talk about making porn & such... Nina Whett appears to do a sex scene with/for another film-maker. Next, please...

-Scene Nine: Jasmin St. Claire & some guy

Jasmin does a nice tease scene. Her butt & pussy gets fingered by some guy. At first, she makes it clear to him that he's not getting laid, but he ends up sliding up her ass from behind. She wants to look, but the guy tells her that she can't. She then gets it in pilediver. Position changes a bit & the sex gets much rougher as she's on the table, guy fucks her harder, chokes her up a bit & covers her mouth. Soon, he cums on her face, she chokes on his dick... and... ugh! Passes out! Aside from that, cool scene!

-Scene Ten: Jasmin St. Claire, Rob Black, some guy & Luciano (Michael Stefano)

Rob Black is funny as fuck in the beginning of this scene. He talks about females & common sense. He & Luciano (Michael Stefano) goes to this boat where they meet this other guy, fucks a blow-up doll & fucks Jasmin St. Claire in all of her holes, she rims a guy, she gets eaten, DPed, etc... Nice scene.

-BONUS SCENE: Sabrina Johnson & some hairy guy.

These 2 have a decent sex session. Sabrina Johnson is a cutie, she does anal, but this scene is boring!

EXTREME TRAILERS: Whack Attack 1 & 2, Luciano's Lucky Ladies, The Cellar, Free at last, House of Whores, Planet of the Gapes, Inheritance & Terror's From the Clit

BOTTOM LINE: This movie is worth seeing just for the 3 scenes with Jasmin St. Claire & Tiffany Mynx. The rest is shit beyond belief! Rent it, dub those 4 scenes, the leave it the hell alone. It was hard for me to review this, too, because most of the females I didn't even know. So, all I have to tell is Jasmin St. Claire sparks, she can put on a good, good show & same goes for Tiffany Mynx! Overall, it bored me to hell! But, those 4 scenes made up for the rest & is the prime reason to see this movie, anyway!

The Film: B-
The DVD: C+

2002, BlacaneseMale productionz

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