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Pornographer, The (Extreme)

Pornographer, The (Extreme)

Studio: Extreme Associates
Category:  Straight
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Diville's ratings for Pornographer, The (Extreme):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Pornographer, The (Extreme) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Pornographer, The (Extreme) Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Pornographer, The (Extreme) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Pornographer, The (Extreme) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Pornographer, The (Extreme) Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Pornographer, The (Extreme) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pornographer, The (Extreme) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Diville  on  2/7/2001
Starring: Jasmin St Claire, Tiffany Mynx, Lizzy Borden, Nina Whett, Courtney, Erika Lockett, Iroc, Jessica Jewel, Olivia Outre, T.J. Hart, Raquel Devine, Elle Devyne, Summer, Tom Byron, Earl Slate, Luciano, Regan Senter, Van Damage

Directed By: Jane Waters

I'm not sure what I expected from Extreme Associates' The Pornographer. I knew there would be a substantial compliment of unadulterated hardcore, and possibly some of the usual bad-boy posturing by Rob Black, but beyond that, I just didn't know. If anything, I figured I'd get a taste of what has made Black's company so controversial. Taken in parts, it's easy to get offended by what's in The Pornographer. Jasmin St. Claire gets choked to death by Earl Slate's dick, Nina Whett has sex with possibly the most unsavory man ever to be involved in the business, and there's some light bondage stuff that didn't do much for me at all. But, here I am about to write a positive review of all this. Kind of strange, huh?

The Pornographer, rather than just being the uncut, misogynistic anthology you'd expect from Black, is actually the result of what happens when a bunch of depraved perverts get together to make a surreal, fucked up sex movie. In the end, it lies somewhere between Joey Silvera's Butt Row movies and MTV's Jackass. It's half made-up silliness and half cinema verite blue movie documentary. For instance, the feature's opening scene has the Extreme Associates crew hiking up a a grassy hill to film a scene they hope to be as pretty as a Vivid movie. Everyone adopts a character based on themselves, but don't go mistaking them for the truth. Black is the director, Tom Byron is the male lead, Lizzie Borden is his sexual partner, Van Damage is the camera man, and Tiffany Mynx plays the role of the loyal script girl awaiting her opportunity to be a star. Other real life personalities move in and out of The Pornographer turning it into some kind of Bizarro World, or porn's alternate universe.

The sex is certainly hardcore. We learn this right away when Byron pauses midway through his anal plowing of Borden to wash his dick with someone's bottled water. Evidently, the natural breasted Borden forgot to pack her enema. I'm not saying that's sexy; but you've got to admit you don't see behind the scenes like that very often. We've seen Byron sodomize legions of women, but we never get to see what goes on in the periphery. To this end, the camera never neglects the corners of the screen. Once, it trains itself on an old PA who is busy picking seeds out of his watermelon, while only a few feet away Byron pounds away on Borden's ass. I never said this was art; I'm just saying it's interesting. Rest assured, there's still plenty coverage of the sex.

The Pornographer is made up of just these kinds of moments. You can look forward to Lizzie Borden being talked through an oral scene with Luciano, Black and company paying a visit to Jim South's agency to hire enough girls for a mini reverse gangbang, and Byron test driving Jasmin St. Claire to determine if she's Extreme Associates material. Offer whatever criticisms you want of St. Claire and I won't argue their validity. Clearly, others would agree with your criticisms as her tenure with Extreme was limited, at best. Still, you'd be mistaken if you didn't admit there is something intriguing about a woman who will do damn near anything in the name of pornography. Personally, I kind of like St. Claire; She's got a hard body and I'm drawn to crazy women, I guess. Besides, she and Byron give each other a workout that's more thorough than any machine at your local health club can offer.

Despite the absence a genuine narrative, The Pornographer offers side stories and tangents. One such subplot sounds like a sitcom description from the last TV Guide published before Armageddon: The night before a video shoot, Slate accidentally chokes Jasmin to death with his cock. The next morning he attempts to pass off an inflatable doll as the real thing. Hilarity ensues with hot anal results.

Of course, you're not going to find that story line in a couples oriented movie, but it's not as violent and extreme as it sounds. It's all very cartoonish, and is no more offensive to a regular porn watcher than Duran Duran trying to kill Jane Fonda with orgasms at the end of Barbarella. What isn't so funny is a side story involving real life "talent agent" Regan Senter who gives a peek inside his dirty operation. Senter is an unattractive, creepy little man whose rap with women is so forced and awkward he makes Ed Powers look like Warren Beatty. What separates him from other agents is that he proves his clients will do hardcore by making them first shoot a private sex tape with himself. It's all very pathetic. Yet, it's interesting to watch him succeed in such a transparent charade only hours after meeting Nina Whett, an attractive enough girl who must endure his company, his feeble groping, his miniscule penis, and a bathroom so dirty even third world prisoners would find it disgusting. Of course, it's not sexy, but like I said, it's all very fascinating to watch. "How can this be," I kept asking myself.

Not everything in The Pornographer is intended to shock or disturb us. In fact, some of it is straight forward porno movie making. Tiffany Mynx attacks Van Damage, for instance, in such a relentless fashion that most of us would be left dehydrated, comatose, and smiling. I keep forgetting how much I like watching her in action. St. Claire is in three of the movie's sex scenes and each one is a true high energy tryst. There are many Jasmin St. Claire fans out there, even if you're not among them. I suspect they'll be very happy with this DVD..

As for the technical merits of The Pornographer, don't spend much time expecting top of the line production values. Many of the scenes are shot outdoors, and as such, are very noisy. There are also some dusty lenses and the usual flaws found in video productions. It's suppose to look like a documentary (which it a way), so it's no surprise when it looks like one. There are some nice extras, though: An great behind the scenes tour of the Extreme Associates office, a lot of previews of other releases, a bonus scene, and a photo gallery.

Chances are you already know if the kind of sex shown in this type of movie is the variety you like watching. Sexual tastes are way too subjective for one person to pass judgement on. Frankly, I liked it. But, what's remarkable about The Pornographer, ironically, is what happens when people aren't fucking. Moments like Black going ape-shit after an office worker loses his dog isn't what you buy porn to watch, but you won't fast forward through it either. The same can be said for watching Jim South glad hand the Extreme crew as Black goes about the task of booking every girl in sight. Or, Luciano going to AIM to get his HIV test. There are many other similar moments throughout the movie which, in addition to the sex, makes The Pornographer fascinating to watch.

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