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Pornochic 9: Sonya & Priscila

Pornochic 9: Sonya & Priscila

Studio: Marc Dorcel
Category:  Foreign
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scipio's ratings for Pornochic 9: Sonya & Priscila:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Pornochic 9: Sonya & Priscila overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Pornochic 9: Sonya & Priscila Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Pornochic 9: Sonya & Priscila Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Pornochic 9: Sonya & Priscila Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Pornochic 9: Sonya & Priscila Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Pornochic 9: Sonya & Priscila DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pornochic 9: Sonya & Priscila A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by scipio  on  1/28/2008
Sonia & Priscila: Pornochic 9

Dir: Herve Bodilis

Making of: Typical stuff. Pretty girls get dressed and made up, male cast members sit around inside a house, crew do crew things, people fuck in the background. The main difference is that the primary language seems to be French with occasional snippets of accented English. There's also some boxcover action and pretty girl shots being photographed in a very long sequence. The focus is mostly on Priscila Sol but later Stacy Silver, Liliane Tiger and a few others have their turns. The BTS/Making Of goes for a solid hour.
Weblinks, Phone Sex ad

Herve Bodilis is a director who was responsible for several of the better instalments of Hustler's Perfect Pink as well as god-knows-what else under their banner. He has also shot a number of European features for various companies. Some of the B-G penetration scenes in this film feature condoms, though they're so unobtrusive I had to go back and look for them in a couple of the scenes. Others don't feature them at all. (Notably Stacy Silver, Jennifer Stone. The feature is presented in 16:9, which will make those of you who have widescreen TVs smile.
By the way, Rita, if you're reading this - once again you did a great job with all the girls' makeup here.

I only know a few of the performers in this DVD by name, and they're not identified that well in the opening credits, with names sometimes overlapping a couple of performers.

Scene 1:
Priscila Sol, Lucy Love, guy.
Anal, Facial.

Priscila Sol and Lucy Love drink a glass of wine each while standing outside on the balcony of an apartment in Rome. Priscila is a gorgeous large-breasted brunette with a tattoo on her lower back and one on her front right shoulder. Lucy has brown hair and is reasonably attractive, but not really my type. As they get cold, they come inside where guy is sitting, in a luxuriously-furnished apartment. What's there to do but have sex? So they do. Priscila kisses and undoes his fly so she can jerk the guy a little, and Lucy goes down on him. Priscila strips out of her dress and the girls blow him together. Soon he's fucking Lucy anally in the spoon position while Priscila sits on a chair watching them and fucking herself with a glass dildo. Standing missionary for Priscila, then doggie, until finally the guy squirts a thin load all over the place, mostly on Priscila.

The room is dimly lit and there's just a bit too much gold/tan/brown/red in the decor of the room and the performers' outfits. There's also way too much visual clutter with marbled walls, golden fleur-de-lys on the couch, rich embroidered curtains, stuff on the table and again even the performers' clothing. Really, the entire mise-en-scène of the scene is too busy and elements look overly similar to one another to allow the viewer to really focus on and enjoy the scene. Score one for those minimalist SoCal mansion-houses, eh?

The sex was also really lacking here. Though well shot technically, it had no heat, and there was little to no interaction between the girls. The way I see it, if you're going to have two females in a scene together, there should be some real interaction between them, otherwise you might as well use the same performers and simply have two separate b/g scenes with the two girls.

Scene 2:
Liliane Tiger, guy.
Backseat BJ.

Liliane Tiger and an unnamed guy get into a limo in Cannes, Sonya will be the front-seat passenger for tonight while another guy drives. Liliane is a very pretty blonde who is heavily pierced (navel, tongue, clit, 2 labia) and tattooed (tribal design from left shoulder to shoulder blade, flaming heart on her pubis. Sonya is the pretty redhead on the boxcover. As the car is driven around the city, Liliane and the guy in the back fondle one another for awhile until she begins to suck and jerk him off while we see many cutaways to Sonya watching them in the rear-view mirror.

The car pulls up at a Villa in St Tropez, France, and the four of them get out (the footage here is reversed for some reason). Liliane walks off accompanied by the two guys.

A mini-scene, really. Just a teaser for Scene 4.

Scene 3:
Sonya, Gina B (or Ginger)..
G/G, Strap-On.

After Liliane and her 2 guys walk off, Sonya stops in the hallway annexe and makes out with a gorgeous blonde (I'm not going to stress about badly-matched names). Both girls have large fake bosoms. Soon the blonde is stripped out of her dress, though still wearing her stockings and garter while Sonya licks, kisses and fingers her pussy. The blonde then returns the favour and strips down and eats Sonya out while she stands in the hall. After a cut, out of nowhere, the blonde is wearing a black strap-on dildo and harness, which Sonya sucks on before being bent over a chair and fucked standing doggiestyle. Then they stop.

Gorgeous women, well shot, nice strap-on work, but way, WAY too short, and I'd have liked to see them on a bed or couch or anywhere more comfortable than in a marble corridor.

Scene 4:
Liliane Tiger, 2 guys..
Condoms, Anal, DP, Cumshot on foot, Cumshot on breasts.

Liliane sits on a couch with a guy, while the other acts rather butler-ish and gets them a drink. Liliane gets up and slowly strips off her dress and makes some sexy movements. With a nod from the sitting guy, the butler walks over to Liliane and starts fondling her, she quickly removes his cock from his pants and jacks him as he rubs her clit. She's son sucking him off as the guy in charge stays seated and has a wank watching them. After another gestured instruction, the butler begins fucking Liliane's mouth enthusiastically, then she lies back on a large foot stool and the butler fingers and licks her rigorously before dropping his pants and fucking her missionary. The other guy now joins in and Liliane sucks him off while being pounded. Though the butler quickly switches to fucking her ass. After a cut, Liliane is being fucked by both guys in a cowgirl DP. Out of nowhere, the butler comes on her feet, while couch guy comes on her breasts.

A good scene, though a bit short with a bit of a left-field ending which was disappointing. I'd have also liked to see more positions.

Scene 5:
Priscila Sol, Stacy Silver, 4 guys.
Anal, Cumshots on breasts, Cumshot on pussy/ass, 2 facials.

In Prague, Priscila sits in a bath, looking gorgeous while wet. Some guys rub her skin and drip water on her breasts. Stacy Silver, (another beautiful blonde with a pierced navel and tongue, along with large implants and a distinctive flower tattoo on her right shoulder) seems to be some kind of personal assistant and sorts towels while wearing the kind of white coat that girls working in Pharmacies wear. Stacy then helps Priscila with a towel. Three guys sit around watching as Stacy dries Priscila off, then dresses her in a garter and stockings with a choker. At which point Priscila begins kissing Stacy and undressing her while the guys sit around and stare. Priscila peels one of the guys' cocks out of his pants and gives him a lick, before guiding it into Stacy's pussy from behind. The guy pumps away at Stacy while Priscila fondles her, and soon enough Priscila begins sucking one of the other guys off while another guy gets head from Stacy who is still getting fucked standing doggy. The last guy finally gets involved when Priscila starts sucking him off as well, alternating between blowing two guys.

Stacy gets fucked missionary while Priscila does standing reverse cowgirl using the two other guys' dicks as handles. Stacy's guy changes to anal, Priscila takes it sideways while sucking a cock while Stacy does kneeling anal doggy while also sucking a cock. Priscila jacks one guy off onto her tits while another guy jerks himself onto her tits, sucking him off afterwards. Stacy meanwhile is doing reverse anal cowgirl and sucking off, one, two of the guys while Priscila sucks off one of the others. Hooray for multi-pop guys! The girls take turns sucking off all three of the guys (the other guy's dick still being in Stacy's ass). The guy in Stacy's asshole clearly isn't wearing a condom, as he pulls out of her asshole and comes all over her pussy in one uncut fluid motion, then depositing his cock back inside her butt. Another guy comes in Stacy's face, followed by another, while I guess the last guy couldn't get a second shot out.

I was expecting a lot of unrealised potential in this scene, but instead, it delivered in spades.

Scene 6:
Jennifer Stone, guy.
Anal, Footfuck, Cumshot all over the place.

Somewhere in Paris: Jennifer Stone, (a very pretty blonde who has done a lot of work with Private) and some guy recline on a couch, eating fruit, and watching TV. Jennifer flips through a magazine, bored as the guy is watching soccer. Wearing track pants and a pink hoodie, she walks off into the bedroom and strips off her to, revealing her fantastic natural breasts, and her track pants, leaving her naked. She decides to put on some stockings, lingerie, makeup, and heads back out to interrupt the soccer game by turning the TV off. She does a little dance, the guy comes up and they make out, she releases his cock and jerks him off a bit, and then goes down on him as he removes the rest of his clothing.

He bends her over and they fuck in standing doggie, without condom, then spoon. Anal spoon, a very flattering RAC, and then he ...fucks her feet? till he comes all over her body.

Jennifer really looked at her best here. She looked a little similar to Jennifer Aniston, though prettier in my opinion, even fully clothed. Hmm. I wonder if that's the origin of her name? Jennifer Aniston = Jennifer Stone?

Scene 7:
Angel Dark, Ginger (I think) or Gina B (or both?), 2 guys.
Anal, Cumshot on feet, Facials.

In a "secret villa" in Hungary, a blonde in a red dress drinks a glass of wine with some guy while a second guy films them. Angel Dark (long black hair, large natural breasts, very pretty) and another guy sit on a couch while another girl with long black hair sit on another couch, quickly joined by camera guy. People start kissing, the blonde sucks off a guy, the dark-haired girl takes the camera and everyone else kinds of sits around watching the blowjob. The dark-haired girl starts to feel Angel up and soon it's on for young and old. With three girls and three guys I won't bother trying to list who does what to whom, but there are blowjobs, pussy eating, m/m/f action, cowgirl, doggie, spooning, anal for Angel and the blonde, a facial for the dark-haired girl, a footjob from Angel to get another guy off all over her feet, and the blonde jerked the third guy off in her own face.

Pretty good for an orgy scene, since I usually really don't like them, but I'd have preferred to see three separate quality scenes with the three female performers here. Again, there was foot fetish stuff that came totally out of nowhere.

As with the other Dorcel discs I have reviewed and seen in the past, the lighting and camerawork were excellent. And the girls were overall absolutely beautiful. The location listings before each scene is kind of pointless, as we're not seeing daytime or even night time exterior shots to really show that we're in Paris or Budapest or Prague, so for all we know the entire thing was shot in one building somewhere in Europe. As far as the plot is concerned, there is no plot, so it wouldn't matter in any way aside from I guess, emphasising that it's Europorn.

The chapter stops in this disc are in very odd places. They're thrown around almost randomly in the early parts of the scenes. Pretty much just before the point of penetration, and so skipping all the tease and build up of each scene. They’re also not located at the typical mid-scene moments we're used to (i.e., pre-cumshot) in American and even other European discs (i.e. Private), nor even at the proper beginning of scenes.

As with the last Dorcel/Bodilis DVD I reviewed, two of the abovementioned beautiful girls didn't actually get fucked in this film, including the covergirl who is also one of the performers the bloody DVD is named after. This is the kind of bait-and-switch that really lowers one's opinion of a porn disc. The foot fetish stuff didn't do anything for me, and just kinda came in out of nowhere each time. Bodilis is clearly a talented director, and has the ability to really do some quality work but seems to often make choices that make no sense and work against the main point of the porn he is making.

An uneven effort, however the scenes that were good are standout enough to make this disc worthwhile as a keeper, even taking the poorer scenes and odd pairing choices into account.

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