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Pop That Cherry

Pop That Cherry

Studio: Anarchy
Category:  Barely Legal
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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aybesea's ratings for Pop That Cherry:
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
Pop That Cherry overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks Pop That Cherry Female looks rating 1.5 stars
Male Looks Pop That Cherry Male looks rating 1.5 stars
Sex Pop That Cherry Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Pop That Cherry Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Pop That Cherry DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Pop That Cherry A/V Quality rating 2 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by aybesea  on  4/29/2003


Anarchy is a brand new studio, so I have no feel for their releases. They have announced several titles that sound interesting, but the proof is in the pudding (as they say).

Capsule Review

This is a highly inconsistent movie. At it's best, it is a little above average. At it's worst, it is terrible.


The technicals here leave a lot to be desired. The entire flic has a "produced on the cheap" feel to it. The video is never quite crisp. The audio is never quite clear. Not that they are bad, just not good. This is definitely b-grade production quality.


Dale & Corey Jordan


Behind the scenes, trailers, photo gallery

Target Audience

Barely legal fans

Scene Review

Note: There is no way of positviely ID'ing the girls in this flic. I have done my best to ferret it out, but Anarchy needs to correct this deficiency pronto!

Scene 1 - Kalani

Kalani is a brunette with a fair amount of baby fat. I like my girls long & lean and Kalani falls a little short of that standard. She wears the traditional school girl's white top and plaid skirt. She gives her boyfriend a "tip only" lifeless blowjob, and then he licks her stubbly pussy. Yecch! Then several positions of vag, before he comes in her mouth. She promptly spits it out. This scene had about as much erotic appeal for me as watching the flies circle a garbage can. There is absolutely no heat, and she's not nearly pretty enough to pull it off while being lifeless. Whack Factor: 1

Scene 2 - Jasmine

Jasmine is the girl from the box cover. She is cute, not beautiful, but cute. She wears they same white top and plaid skirt, but her slight build let's her pull it off. Her boyfriend calls her on the phone, and she comes over. She drops to her knees and gives a good blowjob... now this is more like it. He fingers her a bit before bending her over for some vag and some anal. There is some ATM and then he comes on her small tits. This is definitely a better scene. It is at least whackable, even if it is not my favorite scene of the month. Whack Factor: 6

Scene 3 - Jen Padova

Jen lays on a blanket writing in her journal. Her boyfriend shows up, kisses her, and turns her over to lick her pussy. Jen is a non-descript redhead. I mean seriously folks, if I saw her in the mall, I'd never even give her a second glance. I don't personally see myself following this girl's career with any interest. She gives a weak blowjob, and then takes 4 positions of yawning vag. The come shot is to her face... a face completely devoid of any trace of makeup. Perhaps this girl could be made to look pretty, but she needs to learn a little about the effects of grooming on her personal best! Whack Factor: 2

Scene 4 - Cindy Crawford

Now Cindy, on the other hand, is a definite cutie pie! She is a very pretty (and well groomed) blonde with a nice rack. She makes a call to her boyfriend and he appears pronto to finger the shit out of her. She gives a good BJ, and then follows up with alternating vag fucking and PTM. She takes a great blast in her mouth and swallows it down like a good girl. Nice scene! Whack Factor: 8

Scene 5 - Barbie Lane

Barbie is another attractive blonde. She wears a pair of khaki shorts and a pink top. She looks more twenty-something to me than the rest of the girls. She strips down to allow her beau to lick her pussy. Then she returns the favor with a blowjob. Both of these fail to generate any real heat. The fucking is also fairly non-descript and it leads to a decent facial. This scene is nothing to write home about. Whack Factor: 5

In Conclusion

I'm truely disappointed by the utter lack of enthusiasm portrayed in this disc. The direction is terrible and the production values stink as well. A couple of the girls could have been cute with the simple attention to grooming details. I have no problem advising you to give this one a miss! Hopefully, Anarachy will get their shit together before I sample another DVD.

Overall Whack Factor: 4

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