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Pop My Ass

Pop My Ass

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Pop My Ass:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Pop My Ass overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Pop My Ass Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Pop My Ass Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Pop My Ass Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Pop My Ass Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Pop My Ass DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pop My Ass A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  2/24/2005
Here we go with a title that doesn't leave much to the imagination as to what these young ladies want! Two delightful creatures grace the cover and I see another name, Katrina Kraven, whom I really like so I say let's jump right in and see what happens when you do pop an ass.

Destiny St. Claire:

Ok, we start out with a good shot panning up her legs arriving at her ass which both hands are cupping. You then see flashes from her scene, then Destiny is ID. The picture then turns to a vibrant color and we get some close up titty fondling and yes they are real as Destiny lets us know. It is a really nice day out as they are filming too, bright sunlight but it doesn't hamper the scene at all really. Destiny then walks about until she gets close to a big house which offers some shade and we really get a great look at her ass when she bends over. Miss St. Claire also plays some with her pussy and the ground shot looking up as she diddles herself is hot. Destiny then heads inside where she crawls around some letting us oogle her ass some more. She soon has a seat and gets joined by someone and the two start kissing briefly before Destiny unleashes his cock and a nice bj is shot. Good close views here of the bj plus some hot eye contact. Sexwise you are treated to a fast doggie with lots of butt movement and this is followed by her lying down and they pound through mish and the tits were flopping nicely. You then get some anal prep with some fingers then our man slips his dick in from the side, good close insertion shot. Destiny then pulls her legs back and a good mish anal is shot. Miss St. Claire then does some more crawling letting us check her freshly fucked ass out then she pauses on a pillow and a nice doggie anal is lensed. We close with a good pop to her face and chin.

Katrina Kraven:

Up next we start with some awesome footage of Katrina's ass in black and white plus some images from the scene we're about to see. Then the shot changes to color and Katrina is standing at the bottom of some stairs and she's already naked and using her ass in a very sexy fashion which you'll just have to see! Katrina then goes for a walk until she finds Alex Rox sitting on a couch. She crawls the last bit over to him and she starts out sucking his finger like it's his cock. Alex fondles and sucks her modest pair of tits, then he moves down to sample her pussy and ass. This was some really good pussy eating/ fingering by Alex and it wasn't real quick either, this oral lasts a nice long time on Katrina which is rare I think. Next up Katrina gets her turn and this woman is an excellent cock sucker so sit back and do your thing as Katrina does hers!! Sexwise they start with a fast moving mish and her tits were flopping bigtime, then it's on to doggie anal quickly morphing to spoon anal. You see some really nice gaping by Katrina here as well, then it's back to doggie anal this time a good underneath shot is added and folks it just doesn't get much better than when she climbs on in cowgirl anal-- very nice. Katrina continues to excel when they move to reverse cowgirl anal and the ending was soon and a bit of a let down as Alex shot his load to her belly and not to her face. Wow up to that point I was really into the scene, to bad as Katrina is very good playing with cum and then swallowing.

Karlie Montana & Jasmine Byrne:

Ok we get two hotties for this scene and again some nice black and white footage including some snippets from the scene are shown, then the shot changes to color and we have Jasmine on her knees licking Karlie's pussy. We get a nice over the shoulder view as Jasmine licks away but this is quickly over with sadly and we have Jasmine sporting a strap on and slipping it into Karlie doggiestyle. Well this didn't really do much for me, I love g/g but without the toys. I can take toys to a degree but I want some hot erotic g/g kissing, oral before hand and this wasn't the case here. Well back to the action as Jasmine is giving it to Karlie pretty good and you have a nice POV shot looking down on Miss Montana's backside. There is some strap on cleanup by Karlie then the girls are joined by Mac Turner and Jasmine reaches back to stroke him while Karlie continues to suck off Jasmine's plastic cock. Thankfully the toy is soon discarded and Jasmine stays standing only slightly bending over as Mac slides in doggiestyle. Karlie stays close by kissing and sucking on Jasmine's tits. Jasmine then gets to clean her juices from his cock before it's back to fucking. Moving on we get a nice looking mish position that just happens to include some good anal for Jasmine, sadly Karlie has remained only glorified eye candy since Mac joined in. Jasmine gets to taste her ass when Mac brings his cock around, then it's back to mish anal this time giving us a nice floor shot looking right at her ass filled bootie. The scene then gets a nice POV doggie anal shot with Jasmine and she also gets in some licks on Karlie's pussy. Jasmine then goes for a nice ride in reverse cowgirl anal which also sees the return of the strap on as Karlie slides in her pussy, they also dp Jasmine in cowgirl and we close with Mac pulling out and shooting a load to her mouth. Not a bad scene, it was sad that Karlie never tasted cock but at least she remained involved sucking tit or licking pussy.

Smoky Flame:

By now the pattern should be familiar. Some nice black and white tease with the girl along with scene fragments, then we go to full color and more tease. Smoky is dressed in pink as you see and she proudly shows off her bum to us and you'll find it very jiggly. Smoky also plays some with her tits and those two are nicely shakeable. Miss Flame then gets in a good doggie pose and Robert Whaad stands over caressing and fingering her ass. A small purple toy is then inserted into her ass getting it ready and we get some hard slaps to her ass and more caressing to those cheeks. Smoky then gets to clean off that toy which is replaced by some anal beads. Enough toy play fans Smoky moves down and we get a good ole fashioned blowjob, loved the close side shot and the slow way she worked his cock in her mouth. Sexwise you see mish, doggie with the butt plug now back in her ass. We go back to mish to start the anal fucking then a very hot reverse cowgirl anal is shot with A2M. They go back to mish for the finish, the plug back in her ass and there's a pullout and a load fired into her mouth. Smoky lets us see the jizz before swallowing.

Riley Brooks:

Our last scene starts with more fine black and white tease and when it turns to color Riley is looking oh so fuckable as she bends over showing off her tight ass. Alex Rox is back for another round and the two get cozy pretty quick and Alex does some nice ass licking and pussy eating. The sex is started quick also in mish and you even see her picked up and turned around so it's now cowgirl. You are treated to a close view of her bum, some shadows but I like the attempt. Alex proves how strong he is carrying Riley down some stairs while his cock is still in her pussy. They move to a big long couch where the mish fucking resumes in full force. Riley also turns on her side making this a spoon position and then she gets off to get her first taste of cock and this is followed by her climbing on in cowgirl but you couldn't tell if he was in her ass or not here. They move to a barstool where he starts fucking her from behind and I'm pretty sure he's ass fucking Riley here but the shadows got in my way somewhat. Ok it takes awhile but you do see he's in her ass. Riley does some A2M and then it's on to piledriver anal which I really like seeing and we close with a pop straight from her ass. Alex fills her mouth and Riley scrapes in some stray jizz, shows it off and swallows! Not a bad scene, some shadow issues during part of the anal but still this girl is hot.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Ok, this was a pretty solid ass fucking dvd with some hit and miss aspects to it. I loved the menu options when you click on a scene. You get the girl or girls in the scene, who they are fucking and there's a fetish menu sub-option that when clicked upon lets you know the order of positions which some like to know. I was most impressed with Smoky probably followed by Riley and Destiny. I already knew going in Katrina was awesome and she definitely gave the hottest overall effort but those other girls I mentioned really turned in fine efforts. I can't forget Jasmine Byrne either but her scene was the hit and miss one for me. I loved her being ass fucked but I didn't like that Karlie didn't taste cock or share in the jizz. Sure she did some nice g/g stuff but when Mac joined in both girls should have shared his cock. Extra wise you have a photo gallery, some previews, and finally I'd check out the behind the scenes, always fun to see what goes on. A solid rental recommendation and I can see a purchase not being out of the question once you've watched.

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