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POP 2: The Girls of Innocence

POP 2: The Girls of Innocence

Studio: Ninn Worx
Category:  Feature film , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Linus's ratings for POP 2: The Girls of Innocence:
Overall Rating 3 stars
POP 2: The Girls of Innocence overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks POP 2: The Girls of Innocence Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks POP 2: The Girls of Innocence Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex POP 2: The Girls of Innocence Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting POP 2: The Girls of Innocence Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras POP 2: The Girls of Innocence DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality POP 2: The Girls of Innocence A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Linus  on  1/13/2005
POP 2: The Girls of Innocence


Preview Expectations: I'm a fan of Michael Ninn, and Ninn Worx, but I have only seen one of the "Innocence" movies, so I'm looking forward to this one. It appears to be many of the blowjob portions of those movies, and there is a pretty incredible list of starlets in this one too. These compilation discs though often have thier problems, so I'm hopeful but a bit waving the caution flag too.

Initial Thoughts Well it isn't without it's problems, but for the most part this disc has done a very good job piecing these scenes together and making them still look good. The "Innocence" movies all have a very similar feel and look to them, and many use a white out kind of fantasy evoking background lighting to the scenes, and that similarity coupled with some pretty good editing make this disc come together very nicely. I think many oblivious people could probably watch this disc, and believe it is a purpose made disc, and not a compilation. It is basically wall to wall quickie blowjobs, the girls are all mostly in sexy outfits, and there is some occasional short, cute teases. The problems here are not any real faults, but shortcomings. The total runtime for 20 scenes, is just barely 90 minutes, so things go from start to finish quickly, and there is a photo gallery and nothing else in the way of extras, so it could be said it seriously lacks in content, but for what it does offer it does well.

Technical Considerations: This is another area that the disc comes off well as a singular movie instead of from various ones, as the technical aspects are pretty equal throughout, with no glaring weaknesses or brightspots throughout, just solid work. The menus are all motion based, and are nice looking and easy to navigate through, the fonts are good on a larger TV, but people using smaller TVs may not care for the menu text size and fonts.

Condom Usage: None

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1:Taylor Rain

Taylor looks fantastic in her sexy lace lingerie as she walks over to Barrett Blade and goes right to work. She gives her usual deep and wet blowjob and has this sexy animalistic look on her face as she looks at him throughout, the blowjob may be a little tame by TR standards, but it's a nice looking piece. It isn't long before he has to bust his nut on her cute face, and while it's an OK facial, if your a Taylor fan, it's not much of a shot though. Duration: 4:32 mins

Scene 2: Taylor Anne

Taylor is already sucking cock when this one fades in, and she is topless and has on white panties. She gets into it pretty well with a fair amount of energy, and there seems to be some chemistry between them. She alternates eye contact between Barrett and the camera as she sucks in doggy position. He strokes a decent load onto her face and then it gets replayed in a second angle which is a better look as the cum splatters her cheek and drips down to her tits. Duration: 4:40 mins

Scene 3: Danni Woodward

Again no messing around and they go right to the blowjob, and Dannie and her meat pistol's owner are naked as she sucks his cock from her knees. We get a good mix of long and close up shots of Dannie and she gives a nice and somewhat energetic blowjob. He shoots his wad all over her tongue and pastes her chin with cum, and she jerks him off a little and sucks him clean. Duration: 4:55 mins

Scene 4: Aurora Snow

Staying with the instant oral gratification method, Aurora immediately goes to work sucking cock like she has been locked away for a year, she gives a nice energetic blowjob with lots of handjob action, and she has a long single braid in her hair which gets pulled often as she power sucks. Before long though the sperm flies and she gets hit with a decent blast right into her open mouth and on her face. She cleans up with a smile. Duration: 3:45 mins

Scene 5: August

August has some black lingerie on, but is bent over and sucking some dick to open this one, she gets down on her knees and keeps it up, and looks stunning as she works herself up a sweat sucking dick. She does a nice job of altering her pace and using her hands, and before long gets a pretty good load of cum blasted on the side of her face and drips down to her perky tits. Duration 4:55 mins

Scene 6:Cytheria

Smoking hot Cytheria gets to show off her wood working skills with some interracial smoking here. She just puts her pretty head down and sucks and jerks her guy off until he spurts a big load right into her mouth with his dick resting on her lips. She doesn't even bother to take off her dress, but unfortunetely she does push the cum out of her mouth over his cock and down to her now naked breasts. She sure is cute though. Scene duration 3:21 mins

Scene 7:Holly Hollywood

This one borders on the ridiculously short, but Holly is cute as ever and gives a nice sexy blowjob and gets a a wad of sperm shot over her belly while she jerks his cock off and then uses her fingers to clean up the cum on her belly and her mouth to clean up her fingers. Duration: 2:49 mins

Scene 8: Lauren Pheonix

The newly crowned "Female Performer of the Year" looks great and gives a little show in her white and pink hearts outfit before she gets down and spits on a cock and vigorously sucks it dry. Nice intensity from Lauren here showing off her skills. A second guy joins in to cum on her face, and they both give her a good shot of sperm while she jerks thier cocks. Duration: 4:50 mins

Scene 9:Ann Harlow

Ann comes in and gives her guy a sexy little strip as he sits in the chair, she is super petite, but very sexy, and she gets down and gives him a rather shy blowjob, she does a nice job but has this innocent look on her face that fits in perfectly with the original titles this scene came from. He shoots his load all over her body and she cleans up his cock afterwards, could have been a better finish but not a bad scene. Duration: 5:59 mins

Scene 10:Red Heaven

Red looks very sexy, and she comes out and goes right to pulling out her man's cock, and she gives him a short buy sexy looking blowjob until he fires a huge load all over her chest and neck. Duration: 3:15 mins

Scene 11: Teagan

Teagan is already naked, and Tony Tedeschi rubs her body a bit before she bends over and starts to blow him while he fingers her bald beaver. She looks great trying to handle his fat shaft and her lips get a nice stretching as she sucks and strokes him, she goes at a steady pace without much variation, but he blasts her with a very nice facial pumping across her face as she lies there with her mouth open. Duration: 4:17 mins

Scene 12: Loni

Loni is already sucking a hard dick as the scene starts on a bed in again a white out style room, we get some good shots of her working over his dick and she gives a nice deep and sensual blowjob. Again we have another guy show up for the ending, but only the first guy fires a wad of cum on her chin and chest. Duration: 4:15 mins

Scene 13: Gauge

Nude Gauge goes right to work and gives a good energetic deep blowjob with some saliva streams and her usual sexy stares at her partner and the camera, sadly though this one has a horribly off target over the ass cumshot, and it wrecks what could have been a good scene. Duration: 4:42 mins

Scene 14: Faith Lamour

The sexy girl brigade keeps on marching, and Faith gives a bit of an average blowjob, but she looks hot, some of the camera shots block us a bit, but she does take a nice facial across the side of her face. Duration: 3:17 mins

Scene 15: Jassie

I find Jassie to be a really hot girl, she is very petite, but has a great body and this killer face, and she gives a great blowjob as she stares at her guy with great eye contact almost the whole way through, and just makes out with his dick, it's a soft more loving looking blowjob, but it works well, and her telling him to "cum all over her face" at the end is nice, and he does by giving her a decent facial to finish. Duration: 3:54 mins

Scene 16: Kitty

This is another one of those nearly too short to mention scenes, but Kitty is another cute girl, and she does a OK job sucking his dick, but doesn't really seem to be into it, but she does smile a bit as a couple of good jets of cum plaster her cute asian face. Duration: 2:40 mins

Scene 17: Alicia Rhodes

Jesus Louiseus, a new record, 2 minutes, come on. Alicia is one of my favs, and a great dick sucker, but she never gets a chance to really show off here, and before you know it, "Oops, I came on your face" happens, and she gets a facial. Duration: 2:08 mins

Scene 18: Kimberly

She is another nice looking girl, and she is pretty energetic, but this one is a little bit to start and stop for my tastes, she does suck his balls and get throat fucked a bit though, but the facial is average at best.Duration: 5:12 mins

Scene 19: Charmane Star

Man if these scenes had any length to them, they would be some great stuff, as there is a heck of a lot of great looking girls here that just get down and get a dick shoved in thier mouths, but another real quick one as Charmane does some handjob stuff and some light sucking before she gets a very weak cumshot to finish. Duration: 3:37 mins

Scene 20: Haley

I really like Haley, she is quickly rising on my starlet scale, and she looks great here. She gives a soft and warm blowjob with a slow and sexy approach, but again it isn't very long and soon she gets a decent pop to her gorgeous face, does a little post cum head, and then we fade out.Duration: 4:28 mins

Extra Stuff

Photo Gallery: 70 shots or so of the oral and posing from the film.

Other Extras:none

In The End

What is here, I like, it's a bit softer and more passionate and art styled, but I like the editing and flow of the compilation and there is a hell of a lot of great looking ladies. The downside though, is that this is lacking quite a bit in the way of the content. The feature only has a runtime of around 85 minutes, which is only around half of the average gonzo these days, and with nothing for extras but an average photo gallery, and not even trailers, it doesn't stack up well as far as bang for the buck. Raincoaters may not like the extreme shortness of the scenes, and couples don't have a lot use either buy may like the art style and passion of things. It's maybe worth a rent, but only if you think you would like this kind of style and don't mind the scene length, make a purchase decision after that. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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