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Polish Pleasures

Polish Pleasures

Studio: Oh Man
Category:  Gay

Released on: 
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Ryder7's ratings for Polish Pleasures:
Overall Rating 0 stars
Polish Pleasures overall rating 1/2 star
Female Looks Polish Pleasures Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Polish Pleasures Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Polish Pleasures Sex rating 1/2 star
Plot/Acting Polish Pleasures Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Polish Pleasures DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Polish Pleasures A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Ryder7  on  10/13/2005

Someone gave a no talent director the okay to make a gay fuck flick. The result is a bunch of uninspired Polish guys cruising the woods and ruins in search of cock and ass. Poles on poles ensue.

Scene 1:

Starts off with an opening montage of decent looking clean cut guys in various locations either beating off or sucking one another while shots of a man wearing a demon mask pretending to play the violin appears at the end of each segment...oh... his cock hangs out while he plays the violin btw. Why? My guess is, he is some sort of "sex muse." Our two guys pair off in a bombed out looking building and proceed to have passionless mechanical sex which includes some rimming & sucking foreplay. The entire opening montage with the boring sex lasts 18 minutes.
Sex Rating:2/10

Scene 2:

This begins with a guy walking thru the woods. He stops to piss (we never see him pee) then moves on. Another guy is seen walking along and he also stops to piss (which we do see) One of the guys stops and sits on a tree stump to jerk off. The other guy approaches and soon they're leaning against a tree sucking and rimming each other.
Their assholes are nice and shaved, but this was more like "tease rimming" rather than hot and horny asshole slobbering and tongue diving I like to see. After some finger play, one of the boys slips his big dick (easily I might add) up to the hilt in the other's bunghole.
Our fuckee soon jacks off a nice load (though the way this was shot, we cant tell if the other guy is still inside his ass) Our top then blows a load on bottom boys' butt cheeks... and we get another scene of our masked violin player as this segment ends after 15 minutes. Better than scene 1 but still no heat.
Sex Rating: 4/10

Scene 3:

Two guys suck each other off and then one gets fucked in an outdoor scene shot behind some buildings. This scene was terrible! The guy getting fucked was clearly in discomfort, and again I couldn't tell if he came while still being fucked. The top shoots a dribble on the others ass. A 10 minute waste-o-time. Violin man appears once more. Sex Rating 1/10

Scene 4:

This is getting repetitive. 2 more guys square off. One gets sucked, the other gets rimmed. Our top enters bottom boy...who was kinda hot looking in a femme boy way and I would have liked to see him in a room spread eagle on a bed getting royally fucked..but sadly, this flick aint about heat. Scene ends in 10 minutes with both guys standing side by side jerking unexciting.
Sex Rating: 3/10

Scene 5:

What promises to be exciting with its change of scenery, this segment soon devolves into what came before it. We start out on a moving train. Our guy is asleep in his compartment. He's wearing shorts so we can peek at his dick thru the leg hole. Another guy enters and starts jerking him off. This is basically a mutual jerk off scene that ends with each other jerking their own dicks till they cum. In the hands of a creative and competent director, this could have been so much more. Runs for 10 minutes.
Sex Rating: 3/10

Scene 6:

The ending segment winds up back at the rubble strewn building from scene 1. We have 3 guys who take turns sucking and fucking in very standard positions. This goes on for 20 minutes...20 minutes of expressionless sex. The entire flick wraps up with our masked violin guy seemingly cumming hands free..this was about the most semi-exciting visual during this movies' 88 minute run time.

Closing Thoughts

Boring and amateur camera work, guys who didn't say a damn word, coupled with less than robotic sex makes this flick a total non rental. My theory is the guy wearing the demon mask and pretending to play violin was supposed to be some sort of "sex muse"...too bad his magic backfired on me...and didn't work on the guys at all. Instead of him inspiring one helluva fuck flick, it was hell to sit thru.

Extras: 4 uneventful trailers.

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