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Polish Pleasures

Polish Pleasures

Studio: Oh Man
Category:  Gay

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Joe Shaver's ratings for Polish Pleasures:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Polish Pleasures overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Polish Pleasures Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Polish Pleasures Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Polish Pleasures Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Polish Pleasures Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Polish Pleasures DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Polish Pleasures A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  5/1/2005
Did you know that in Poland if you stand on the street or in the woods with your dick hanging out, someone will come along and pick you up? Of course the same would happen to you in America, but instead of being picked up by a young stud for a nice suck and fuck you would find yourself picked up by the police and put in a cell with a potbellied gorilla named Bubba. But if this film is anything to go by it works 99% of the time in Poland.

There is one exception and that’s right at the beginning. Tadek, a square-faced man who looks like Frank on Murphy Brown, doesn’t get any takers so he just jacks off. The last we see of him he’s leaning against a wall with a strand of spooge hanging from his uncut cock. Tadek—like everyone on this DVD has put the clippers to his scalp leaving him with hair that looks like five o’clock shadow. Maybe all the performers are soldiers or maybe the prison look is "in" in Poland this year. Because they are all thin and all have the buzz cut, it is often difficult to tell the performers apart so I may not always have the names right.

The scenes are separated by an elderly violinist wearing a mask but no trousers who sits in a chair fiddling and getting an erection.

The first suck-and-fuck scene takes place in what looks to be a bombed-out stone building. As they find one another, they move in to a kiss. After some mutual sucking, one of the guys gets rimmed. However, it is the guy that did the rimming that gets fucked. Almost everyone in the film gets fucked standing and bent over. Both shoot nice loads.

Henry (I think his name is) is walking in the woods and stops to take a piss. Albert, another Pole is seen in another part of the woods. He too takes a whiz. He has a big cock. He comes upon Henry who—of course—has his cock out. Both move over to a tree. Albert is the first to suck cock, but he soon transfers his attentions to Henry’s ass driving in fingers and tongue. Henry kneels to suck Albert and taste his ass. A close-up shows Albert’s cock entering Henry’s ass. Henry cums while Albert is fucking him and then leans patiently against a tree for Albert to finish and cum.

After a brief fiddling interlude we find Oleh with his cock hanging out (of course). It serves as sufficient invitation for a stud to drop to his knees and go down on it. Oleh then stands, removes his sorts, and bends over for the stud to fuck him. Once again we see the initial entry of the cock into the anus (something I like to see and fuss when I don’t). Oleh shoots. There is a nice close-up of the cocks.

The old "cock hanging out of the pants" routine works again for the following scene where two exceptional hunks meet and go on to better things. There is some nice rimming.

It’s not only the hair on everyone’s head that’s been buzz-cut. Everyone’s pubic hair has undergone a similar fate. Is this done in the Polish military?

By now with each scene repeating the exact pattern only with different (but similar looking) partners, I was getting rather weary of this film. So I was relived that the next scene was a bit different. It took place on a train. A hunk is asleep on one of the seats. His cock—though not exactly hanging out—can be seen through the leg of his shorts. This serves as sufficient lure for another passenger who can’t resist reaching for it. The former sleeper is not the least bit perturbed and starts unbutton the intruder’s pants. Soon both playing with one another’s growing rods. The intruder has a really big one. The former sleeper goes down on it. They jack one another furiously until it’s the intruder’s turn to suck cock. Then the sleeper gives head again. And on it goes. The intruder beats off as they share a kiss. He then squeezes the sleeper’s balls until he too cums.

It’s back among the ruins where the first sexual encounter took place for the final scene. Zygmult and Leopold (perhaps the two handsomest studs in the film) are standing around playing with their exposed cocks. As they stoke themselves, they are observed by a third, the muscular Casmir, who soon joins them. A hot threesome takes place with Leopold fucking both. Zygmult sticks half his hand in his ass to prepare it for Leopold’s assault.

Extras include a photo gallery, a cum shot gallery, and trailers.

After all the films made in Czechoslovakia and Hungary, it’s high time some enterprising filmmaker decided to present the men of Poland. There are handsomer Poles than these. I know. I’ve known a few. So it doesn’t do full justice to Polish guys. Still, it is a welcome undertaking and I hope to see more. With a more varied assortment of guys and scenes that aren’t locked into unbreakable patterning, Polish films could offer a fine alternative.

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