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Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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MLyons's ratings for Polarity:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Polarity overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Polarity Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Polarity Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Polarity Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Polarity Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Polarity DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Polarity A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by MLyons  on  9/28/2005

Mike Lyons Reviews    

David Stanley

Nicole Sheridan, Kimberly Kane, Justine Joli, Eva Angelina, Alexis Malone, Chris Cannon, Voodoo, Randy Spears, Evan Stone, David Stanley (Non-Sex).


All male-female scenes have condoms.

Running Time of Main Feature
1 Hr. 27 Mins.

Female Orgasms

Those who are looking for porn to explore a more serious and accessible human side.

Those looking for extensive, hardcore sex.

This is David Stanley's first movie as a contract director for Wicked.  It has been a while in coming, so let me not keep you any longer.

The movie opens with Rachel (Nicole Sheridan) sitting in a car outside of her house. A jogger (Randy Spears) happens by and asks if she's okay. When she says "yes", he moves on. She goes to his house and admits that she's, in fact, not ok. When a woman comes out of the house and asks who he's talking to, Rachel (Nicole) says she's "nobody".

The first part of the story is told through a mixture of real time events and flashbacks. We first see Rachel in a not so good way--clearly unhappy, but we're not let in on why as of yet. Our first clue comes when the movie flashes back to one week ago. She has found out she's pregnant, and as best I can surmise, her husband isn't too thrilled about it (although his explanation is quite a a bit less than clear). Anyway, after some fairly incomprehensible babbling about feeling a little neglected by Rachel, his manipulations apparently work, and the two of them have a quick fuck.


Scene 1 - Nicole Sheridan & Chris Cannon

I'm not a huge fane of Nicole's unnatural breasts, and her face doesn't do a whole lot for me, but I have to admit she does look pretty damn hot here. It's a very leggy scene, as in we get to see a lot of hers, and I tell ya--that's for me. The video quality and lighting is excellent, and all in all it's just some great looking stuff. Nicole is pretty convincing with her sexual performance as well. After Chris cums on her mouth, he tells her to "get rid of it"--of course referring to the hapless child growing in her belly. 

Whadda guy.

Back in the present, as Rachel (Nicole) cleans herself up in a rather graffiti laden bathroom, she has another flashback to 3 days ago, when she found a note from her loving husband telling her that she was now on her own. To add insult to injury, it looks like a hooded robber comes running through her house as well--although I'm not at all sure I'm understanding what's going on.

Back in the present, Rachel is joined by an old high school friend, Amy (Kimberly Kane). After Rachel explains to Amy what's happened, Amy takes her with her to a photographer, Jack (Voodoo) who shoots "fetish stuff". Apparently Amy is some sort of model, but makes a point of saying she only does chicks. That's a real shame, if you ask me, but anyway--Jack (Voodoo) is, not surprisingly, a little weird and it doesn't take long before Rachel is witnessing Jack have a quick fling with another girl, Monique (Alexis Malone).


Scene 2 - Alexis Malone & Voodoo

Alexis looks fantastic as usual, with her orange fishnets and her gorgeous tits poking out from her black bra that's been stretched open across her chest. Yum-fucking-my. The two of them do it in a few positions in front of an audience of not only Nicole and Kimberly, but also a couple of other goth-lookin' female onlookers. Voodoo finally cums on Alexis' unbelievable tits.

After doing his business with Alexis, Voodoo manages to convince Rachel to hang out with him and talk.

Yes. It all sounds a little crazy, but don't blame me. I'm just writing down what I'm seein' on the screen here.

ANYway, they apparently talk and drink beer all night and in the morning, he carries her back to a... bedroom? of some kind while we listen to an excerpt from Clair De Lune--a brilliant piece of music, composed by Debussy, that seems to totally overshadow whatever story it is that David Stanley is trying to tell here.



Scene 3 - Eva Angelina, Evan Stone & Voodoo

Voodoo takes some pictures while Evan Stone (complete with horrible German accent) is blown by a totally sluttified Eva Angelina--decked out in a fantastic array of fishnets, wrist bands, glitter eye-shadow, and studded leather accessories that, all together, scream "sex pot!" in a way that speaks directly to my inner pervert. Yum-fucking-my again, I must say. Eva gets good and fucked, and this is a pretty hot scene--albeit way too damn brief. ::GROAN:: It ends with a fantastic looking dual facial, but ARRRRGGH--the whole encounter just rockets by, and needed a good 5 or 10 minutes more. So far the best sex scene in the movie is also the shortest. What a waste of Eva Angelina's talents, and her outfit to boot.

Back in Jack's (Voodoo's) creepy bedroom, he manages to seduce Nicole with some "yadda yadda" about feelings and sex. To tell you the truth--I don't honestly know.


Scene 4 - Nicole Sheridan & Voodoo

Ahhh--man! Bring Eva back! Nicole and Voodoo have a itty-bitty little encounter that's sweet and gentle and all that. She does do all the work by jacking him off to orgasm with her hand, but after Eva, I totally didn't care about this scene.

Rachel (Nicole) decides she wants to move in with Jack (Voodoo), and when he doesn't respond favorably, she huffs out, encountering Tiffany (Justine) and Amy (Kimberly) on the way.

Back in the graffiti bathroom, a random married guy propositions Rachel and she goes off about commitment and love. She comes back to Jack and tries talking to him some more. He turns on ... whatever charm he's got and before you know it, Amy and Tiffany join them and start groping at Rachel. She gives them a little speech on morality and then Jack pretty well kicks her out.

Rachel goes home and the jogger that expressed his concern for her earlier (Randy Spears) comes up to her and says he wants to help. Meanwhile, Rachel's apparently given Jack (Voodoo) something to think about, as he can't even get it up to play with Tiffany and Amy. ::shaking head::  Does he REALIZE the opportunity he's missing out on?!  So, of course, the girls will have to take care of themselves.


Scene 5 - Kimberly Kane & Justine Joli

A fair amount of box-licking and even some light spanking characterize this scene. Justine is a gorgeous favorite of mine--most notably from Andrew Blake fame, who has apparently crossed over into the porn mainstream--but only as a girl-girl performer. ::wistful sigh::  Kimberly also looks great, but as anyone who reads my reviews knows, unless there's something special about it, girl-girl is generally not my thing. This scene is nice for its female eye-candy, but does little else for me. Your mileage may vary.

Rachel (Nicole) in the meantime has apparently come to some realization and achieved a peace of mind. She seduces the jogger (Randy Spears). After some long-winded, awkward-ass monologueing, we finally get to the final sex scene of the movie.


Scene 6 - Nicole Sheridan & Randy Spears

This is an ok scene--although it does have some food elements to it. Food is something I've never found particularly sexy, so I'm sure I'm a bit biased in that regard. There's also some weird foot-condom play as well. Anyway, Nicole looks good. Randy looks good. The lighting looks good. Randy cums on her toes. There's really nothing to complain about, except that the whole time I was wondering whatever happened to Eva "McSlut" Angelina from Scene 3. Oh well.

The movie ends with a sort of final confrontation between Frank the husband, Jack the photographer, and Randy the jogger. Wisely perhaps, Rachel decides on a life of independence. And so endeth the movie.  ::shrug::



Behind the scenes of Polarity: 22 Mins. It's an ok behind the scenes, as these things go. Wicked usually does a better job than this. A lot of it is characterized by the girls dancing during their photo shoots. Eh.
Bonus Sex Scene with Nicole Sheridan & Voodoo from What's a Girl Gotta Do?: 15 Mins
Interview with director David Stanley: 3 Mins.
Trailers: The Collector, One Man's Obsession, Secrets of the Velvet Ring, Road Trixxx, Shameless, Wicked Sex Party #7
Trailer for Polarity
Photo Gallery
Star Galleries

If you've gotten through the whole review, you know that I was frustrated by a few things. Chief among them was the fact that my favorite sex scene of the movie was also one of the shortest. Eva Angelina looks supremely fuckable, and make no mistake, she does get good and fucked, I just wish that another few minutes could have been dedicated to her wonderful sexual performance. Even as it was though, it was still worth watching the movie for, and my favorite scene of the bunch. 

That all said, I should really comment on the movie as a whole and the ambition with which David Stanley approaches pornography. This is an unusual feature, and I can't say that it's not a good fit with Wicked's dynamic sensibilities. I like what Stanley is attempting to do, and I appreciate his willingness to explore more real-life issues in a pornographic context. It's exactly where I'd like to see more porn go, and this kind of story line is uniquely suited to meld sex with narrative. In that respect, this movie is a big success. The sex fits the story, and in most cases, is even performed with the characterization in mind. That alone is worthy of high praise in my book.

On the other hand, I have to wonder if this is really the kind of thing I'm interested in seeing when I sit down to watch a porn movie. It's tricky business, this melding story with sex thing. For semi-intelligent porn viewers like myself, I wonder if my desire to be turned on can really coexist peacefully with my interest in something more substantial than mindless scream-gagging fuck-fests. I'm still not sure. I'll tell you this much, though:  Wicked, and their new contract director David Stanley are trying. And for that, I can only offer them both my optimistic support and my jaded skepticism. They're trying to climb a mountain that only a very few porn producers have managed to scale. Polarity isn't the most successful attempt I've seen made to accomplish this goal, but it's certainly not the least successful either.

Keep 'em coming, David Stanley. I'll be watching.

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