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Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
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RubyRed's ratings for Polarity:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Polarity overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Polarity Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Polarity Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Polarity Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Polarity Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Polarity DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Polarity A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by RubyRed  on  9/20/2005
"A Gay Man's Take on Straight Porn"

Well, I enjoyed David Stanley's Good Things, so I decided to give his latest movie a chance. Is it a move towards a better David Stanley?

The Movie: Before I get to the review, let me just tell you the plot. Nicole Sheridan is the lead in this little tale, and she also got the cover. Her character is going through a little bit of hell when the movie starts. She finds out she's pregnant, her husband leaves her, and then she gets robbed. Now she is just looking for a man to protect her.

Here are some of the pros and cons of Polarity:

Sex-This has to be one of David Stanley's hottest movies. The sex is well filmed, and he throws in some nice elements such as candle wax to spice things up. You also get to see Nicole Sheridan working with someone other than her husband in this movie. She has a scene with Chris Canoon, and then Randy Spears towards the end.

Style and Pacing- The movie is very well filmed, with Stanley injecting a nice bit of style into the production. The flashbacks are very well handled, and the movie looks great. It also moves pretty well, and runs a good 90 minutes. I guess he's moving away from his shorter work here.

Acting- This is both a pro and a con. Let's talk about the pro first. The acting, when working, is really good. Nicole Sheridan, Voodoo, and the rest of the cast do great work here. The scene with Nicole Sheridan and David Stanley is perfectly done.

The Women- All of the women are very beautiful, and most of the them are natural, or have very good looking boob jobs. There are no over sized melon boobies here. Just normal looking girls body wise.

Acting- When the cast is on, they are really on, but when the cast is off, they are WAY off. There are a few scenes that just get silly because the actors are overacting. Luckily this is a limited con.

Spark- The movie is lacking any real spark. The ending is great, and there are some decent scenes, but it sometimes feels a bit dull. It is a move in the right direction, but it is missing a lot of the energy that Stanley had put in some of his earlier work.

Evan Stone- Why was he doing his German shtick? It was so off that it just drew me out of the movie. He should have been told to tone it down, or not speak.

The Men- The guys in this movie are guys you have probably seen at least a thousand times this year. While Randy Spears looks good, and Voodoo is a cutie, I just wish that Stanley had used some other male talent. I want to see someone other than the same five guys over and over again.

Tech Stuff: Strong picture and the sound is good, although a little fuzzy at times. Still, top notch production.

Extras: An interview with David Stanley and a Behind the Scenes video. Not packed, but anyone who wants to see some solo masturbation scenes should check out the behind the scenes video. After or during each interview the girls can be seen masturbating. Not packed, but still good.

OverAll: This movie isn't amazing, and it probably won't win any awards, but fans of Nicole Sheridan or David Stanley should check it out. It's one of Stanley's stronger films, and a move in the right direction. If you can find it under $30.00 I'd say, check it out. I'm looking forward to see more of Stanley's stuff from Wicked. He seems to be doing pretty good over there.

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