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evgriff Please Play Hard with Me 4.5 starsPlease Play Hard with Me 4.5 starsPlease Play Hard with Me 4.5 stars
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Please Play Hard with Me

Please Play Hard with Me

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  All Sex , Straight
Starring: , , ,
Released on: 
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MLyons's ratings for Please Play Hard with Me:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Please Play Hard with Me overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Please Play Hard with Me Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Please Play Hard with Me Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Please Play Hard with Me Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Please Play Hard with Me Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Please Play Hard with Me DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Please Play Hard with Me A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by MLyons  on  9/12/2002

Cast: Katie Morgan, Chenin Blanc, Summer Storm, Harlee, Jessica, Tia Son, Tyce Brune, Cheyne Collins, Lee Stone, Johnny Slovak, (Pat Myne--not listed in credits).


Hello porn fans.  This will be my first review, so I hope you'll forgive any lack of style, or unintentional breaches of etiquette that I might commit.  This should be a different experience--trying to write a review while watching an adult video--but I'm up for the challenge.  I figure with all the reviews I've read on ADT, I probably owe at least one review of my own...  Please email me if you have constructive suggestions or comments.


Ever since Elegant Angel announced that they were shaking it up a bit over there--getting rid of a few series', and starting a fresh with a slightly new outlook, I've been vaguely interested in seeing the product of that transformation.  The first DVD I saw which I would consider part of the "new" Elegant Angel's catalogue was Mason's Dirty Trixxx.  I liked it a lot (despite it's somewhat controversial status on the forum as of late), and it was really right up my alley.  Rough and dominant, but mutual, and I'll take that over a Max movie or a Gag Factor any day.  Anyway, that movie single handedly raised my interest level from "vague" to "intense", and I immediately picked up Big Bottom Sadie, which I liked even better.  In fact, I'd say it's the best adult feature (as sex goes) this humble reviewer has seen, and thanks be to Patrick Collins and Jenna Haze for it!  Anyway, in keeping with my current interest in Elegant Angel's doings, I picked up Please... Play Hard With Me.  Although I'm sure it probably won't equal Mason's Dirty Trixxx's ....uhh... intensity.... shall we say, it DOES have Katie Morgan in it, and her mere presence alone is enough to tempt me into renting a DVD, besides with a name like Play Hard With Me, it's bound to have some dirty talking and ass spanking--and I wouldn't complain if it did...



Mmmm...  Katie Morgan.  Katie is a young, petite, blonde sex fiend with a propensity for cuteness.  Just the way I like 'em.  I suppose others have described her as trying to make up for her "lack of sexuality" by screaming "fuck me harder" louder than the next girl...but I for one don't see a problem there.  :)  I'm paraphrasing.... badly, of course.  In any case, I don't see any lack of sexuality here.  We are introduced to Katie while she is sitting on the couch.  She claims she just got out of jail and she's still horny because there weren't enough guys there to satisfy her needs.  She wonders if anyone there would like to frisk her and promptly turns around bends over and shows us her small tight ass.  She's wearing a two piece pink little ditty that shows off her tiny figure very nicely.  It's not long before Pat Myne (curious... he wasn't in the opening credits) volunteers for the job.  After rubbing Katie's ass and pussy a little, Katie tells him he's doing it wrong and is all too ready to show him the right way.  She swaps positions with him, and doesn't seem to do the job any better as she quickly finds his hard cock.  He sits on the couch and she starts sucking him.  Seconds later it seems, everyone's clothes are completely off (what a waist of a perfectly sexy outfit) and Pat is licking Katie's beautiful shaved pussy.  After a rousing oral session, Pat moves in for the main event and starts to fuck Katie missionary on the couch.  Katie has one of those enigmatic, photogenic faces that can be at once both cute and intensely fuckable.  That coupled with her tight little body just makes her the cat's meow in my book.  She enthusiastically takes Pat's cock as he fucks her, squeezes her breasts and puts a hand around her neck in mock choking.  She briefly takes his cock into her mouth before she straddles him for some RCG action. We are treated to another cocksucking interlude before we move on to one of my favorite positions--good old doggy style.  She looks back at him with her best "fuck me" eyes as she encourages him to fuck her harder.  Finally she puts her head down into the crook of the couch as she really gets nicely pounded.  She looks like she might have cum here, but you never can be sure.  It's nice to see, nonetheless.  Finally Pat positions himself in front of Katie, still on all fours on the couch and jerks off on to her face.  She gives us a great cum covered smile to close out a great scene.  Katie and Pat seem to have a rapport and really looked like they enjoy each other, and that's always a plus in any scene.



Now, if memory serves, Chenin has been around for a while, but I couldn't tell you where because I've never followed her career with interest.  She's a fairly hot blonde with larger than average breasts and a quite a bit better than average body.  There's certainly something about her that I find very sexy.  We start out in the bathroom where Chenin is getting ready as she talks to the guys behind the camera.  She confides to us that she will be participating in a DP, and then the bathroom scene abruptly cuts to a short tease sequence where Chenin shows us her hot knee high boots, her skimpy striped bikini and her unfortunate choker necklace.  She is looking quite fuckable here though, and soon enough two guys enter the picture and they all start talking for a bit.  There is a pretext of plot to this vignette, but... it's really not important.  What is important is that Chenin starts getting rubbed and groped as the guys start to get down to business.  One of them starts to eat her out as the other enjoys her breasts.  Another abrupt cut and we are off to the races as Chenin is suddenly being fucked doggy style while she sucks the second guy's cock as he lays in front of her.  She is still in her bikini, and that is a big bonus for me, since I like any scene where the sexy outfit doesn't come off in the first three seconds.  There's just something about a girl getting fucked while she's partially clothed...  There's some nice spanking and dirty talk by both girl and guy here, and before long she's getting fucked in the ass.  Chenin does a little A2M and then the guy's switch places.  She then moves into a reverse cowgirl position briefly as she continues to take the ass pounding.  Finally, true to her word, Chenin does indeed take a DP while on all fours.  Some nice dirty talk here, as the guy in her ass gets ready to pull out and come on Chenin's face.  He does just that at her behest while the guy underneath her is still fucking her in her pussy.  The second guy would like to come as well, and Chenin rides him until she finally dismounts and places her face in front of his dick as he gives her a fairly small load on her tongue and lips.  I have to say--a fairly hot and enthusiastic scene, and I might have to start paying retroactive attention to miss Blanc.  After Chenin bids us "fucking perverts" a fond adieu, we move on to the next scene.



The camera pans up from a high heel shoe to the face of a very pretty blonde who introduces herself as Harlee.  She asks if we "perverts" would like to see her play with herself, and I quickly raise my hand.  She produces a pink vibrator, lays back on the bed and starts delivering on her promise.  After asking if our dicks are out and hard, and whether we'd like to see her get fucked by Lee Stone, lo and behold Lee Stone appears.  I wish the tease sequence had lasted longer--it looked like we might have been heading for a female orgasm there, but no joy.  In any case, Lee rudely interrupts our heroine and starts eating her out.  She returns the favor by sucking his dick.  Harlee is a very pretty girl with a shaved pussy, and it isn't long before Lee is fucking her missionary.  He pins her legs back a little and they both seem to be enjoying themselves.  He turns her over and starts fucking her doggy style while giving her a few slaps on the ass for good measure.  He even pulls her hair.  Unfortunately Harlee has a tattoo on the ever-popular lower back region (why... WHY do they do that!?), but I can overlook it.  She gets flipped over for some RCG, which gives us a great view of her shaved slit.  Harlee looks fantastic here as she really takes a nice pussy pounding.  She swivels around for some traditional cowgirl and rides him--with a little more spanking and hair pulling on the menu.  She finally gets off and starts sucking him while he's on his back.  We cut back to missionary, and he fucks her until he comes--which he deposits on her very pretty face.  It's a small load, but this is a hot scene with a hot girl.



Jessica, this time a bit of a dirty blonde, lays back on the couch as she introduces herself and welcomes us "too [her] pussy".  This... odd intro then leads us to the formula tease sequence where she shows off her gorgeous body and a pink sexy outfit.  Jessica is not only quite sexy here, but as far as I can tell, is all natural and completely devoid of tattoos, which is a nice change for this flick so far.  After this nice little exhibition, the music continues to play as we see a sped up pantomime of a pizza guy coming in to deliver a pizza, and Jessica convincing him to stay by pulling down his pants and giving him a blowjob.  She is extremely convincing, as her outfit clings tightly around her now exposed private parts while she gives him spirited head.  He then returns the favor by giving her some oral action, and then  starts pumping her missionary on the couch with her sexy two-piece still on.  Jessica is very hot here and finally takes it like a dog with a lot of energy--doing some P2M.  I love her arched back and shaved pussy here--she just looks great.  Eventually this lucky fellow (I believe it's Cheyne Collins) gets to fuck Jessica in the ass, and she looks gorgeous while he does it.  She does A2M a couple times with wild abandon before she gets on top and takes it in the ass RCG.  She finally rides him until he canna' take anymore and then gets down on her knees in front of him and ushers him to come in her mouth.  Without pause, he successfully does this to end an extremely hot scene.  I know I've seen Jessica before somewhere, but now I guess I better find out where...



Like Jessica, Summer storm welcomes us to her pussy.  Summer is, again, blonde.  Not that there's anything wrong with that!  She wears a pair of glasses in a short tease sequence in a tight, pink, little two-piece number to start us off.  And, again with the tattoos, and again on the lower back area.  <sigh>  Despite her unfortunate body paint, however, Summer is not bad to look at.  And when the obligatory guy shows up (I believe it's Tyce Brune, but don't hold me to that),she sheds the glasses and gives him a nice and enthusiastic blowjob.  She then mounts him for some RCG action accompanied by the occasional friendly exchange about what a whore she is.  They switch positions so he can fuck her doggy style, then switch again so she's laying on this mysterious outdoor couch while he fucks her missionary.  Summer actually seems to cum here, but, being a man, I hesitate to commit myself to that conclusion.  It's nice to see, regardless.  Finally, they switch back to RCG and he finally gets her down in front of him and holds her hair while he comes in her mouth.  She plays with his dick a bit with her mouth, then claims she's going too swallow his load, right before she promptly spits it out--not that I blame her of course, but there was a bit of false advertising there...  All in all a decent scene, but unfortunately for me, she has less of a Beauty to Tat ratio than the other girls in the flick so far, and I found her body paint somewhat distracting.



Tia is an Asian woman with a nice body, but an only average face.  We start the scene with her sitting on Lee Stone's face while a man behind the camera insists on holding a lengthy conversation with her.  Apparently Tia has been absent from the industry for a while, and she is back now--and a bit nervous to boot.  I plead ignorance--and indifference for that matter as Tia is not my type.  That's about all I got out of the conversation.  Man Behind Camera finally quiets down and Lee starts after her pussy in earnest.  They move through a couple positions rather quickly until finally she's getting fucked doggy on the bed and encouraging him to "give her every inch".  They then switch to missionary.  Tia is enthusiastic enough, even if at times it seems a little forced.  In any case the squeak this bed is emitting is not the most erotic thing I've ever heard either.  After a few more position changes (mostly repeats), Lee finally finishes himself off onto her tits as she clearly avoids a facial.  In my eyes, this is by far the weakest scene in the movie, but I don't usually go for Asian ladies anyway, and Tia didn't seem like she wanted to be there.


I have to say... I think I'm going to need to start paying regular attention to what Elegant Angel is producing these days.  The name of video implies "harder" than average sex, and that's exactly what it delivers, even if it's not any "rougher" than average.  I was not disappointed, as right off the top we start off with one of my current favorites, Katie Morgan, doing what she does best.  The Jessica scene is also a stand out, with a beautiful girl who really seems to enjoy herself.  With the possible exceptions of the last two scenes, this is a good solid all sex video and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see some pretty good looking women taking it with enthusiasm.


The DVD I got seemed to have some authoring problems... When I selected "play movie" from the title menu, it only played the movie's intro then threw you back to the menu.  Maybe it was my player.  Who knows, but to get to the actual scenes I had to go through the chapters.  The video quality was good, and the audio quality was porn audio--voices out of one channel, and music out of the other, although the actual scenes did not have music playing under them (thankfully).


The extras included a pretty cool "Tribute to Buttwoman" sequence that basically traced the history of Buttwoman from Tianna through Tiffany Minx, Charlene Aspen, and finally Bella Donna in 10 minutes or less.  It's basically a little puff piece with snippets from the various Buttwoman movies and an interview with Patrick Collins--hosted by someone I don't recognize.  There's also a nice selection of trailers--some very short, some a decent length.  The obligatory website plug is here, as well as both hard and soft versions of "behind the scenes pix" which generally do nothing for me.  Twisted pix were also included but I've seen enough of these to know that I'm not interested.  Finally there are  some pictures of the Elegant Angel Booth at CES 2002.

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