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Please 4

Please 4

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Please 4:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Please 4 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Please 4 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Please 4 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Please 4 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Please 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Please 4 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Please 4 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  5/9/2002

Running Time: 138 min.

Production Date: 8 / 18 / 1999

Director: Joey Silvera

Cast: Annie, Carmen, Jeanie Rivers, Laura Angel, Lucy, Nikki, Super Baby, Erik Everhard, Frank Gun, Leslie Taylor, Nacho Vidal, Oliver Sanchez, and Joey Silvera

Initial Expectations: Joey Silvera’s Please! series has become one of my favorite gonzo series. I always look forward to watching them and have high expectations.

Initial Reaction: It’s more great gonzo from Joey!

Who Should Watch It : Anybody looking for ball draining, juice inducing gonzo sex

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants a plot with their porn

Audio /Video Quality: Please 4 is the only movie I know of shot in SuperdaddypimpVision. What does this mean? Well, from the start it seems pretty obvious that there’s going to be fun. The video has a simple feel to it, and feels like your typical gonzo feature. It has some of the shakes that most people expect out of gonzo porn, but the picture is very clear and the shadows don’t interfere much. There’s also a few flashes of remnants that are noticeable but don’t interfere too much. The audio is much the same way. Many of the setup shots that are hard to hear, but once the action starts, you can every slurp, lick, and thrust just fine. Then again, maybe that was just my basset hound sitting too close to me, well, not for the thrusting, but you know what I mean.

Music: None

Menus: The main menu is nicely done with a little bit of animation. The chapter menu is well done, as one has come to expect from Evil Angel. Each scene nicely identifies the lady in the scene and has several points you can jump to. If you want to take things further, you can use Evil Angel’s fetish menu to jump to a specific action.

The Feature: Joey Silvera’s Please series works around one main point: hot sex and people wanting it. He occasionally goes with a theme, but normally it’s just about long sex scenes with very little setup. The only connecting link in each scene is there’s normally a dog in the vicinity of the scene or one of the participants in the scene wears a dog collar. Normally this sort of thing would get a little old for me, but so far Joey has managed to keep it moving along and kept it interesting.

Super Baby, a very cute blonde with a tight body and nice little tits and who’s otherwise known as Michaela, starts things off teasing Joey a bit as she walks around, and then opens the horizontal zippers on her shirt to show off her nice hard nubs. She strips down and rides a saddle a bit as Nacho Vidal and Frank Gun share a watermelon. The scene seems inspired by the teenage watermelon roasts, where you get a group of people together, throw a watermelon in the fire until it explodes, and then head out in the woods to get a piece. Nacho offers Michaela a slice of watermelon teasingly on the end of the knife, and when Frank sees that she’s really interested rather than just feeling a need to dub up and down on a saddle while naked, he comes over with the rest of the watermelon and rubs a bit on her back before licking up the juices. Being a good friend, Frank warms Michaela’s pussy up for Nacho while she strokes Nacho’s cock, and waits to go head around for a little attention for himself until Nacho’s fucking her. Frank gets his reward, however, but getting to fuck each of Michaela’s holes when he finally gets his turn. Nacho gets his turn in Michaela’s ass as she sits in Frank’s lap kissing him, and then goes back to her pussy as she rides him in preparation for the inevitable double penetration. Michaela puts some nice energy into the double penetration, and really comes off as a trooper when Frank starts pulling his cock all the way out of her ass and ramming it back in as she rocks up and down on Nacho’s cock. She appears to be into it very well, and gives a tired smile as they take a short break before going down for a quick ass to mouth with Frank. Unlike most scenes, which normally end with the girl being taken away on a torrent of spooge, Michaela goes back to fucking just one of the guys at a time for a few more minutes before Frank decorates her face. It’s a very hot scene and a great one to start things off with outside of one small detail. Nacho never pops. He looks ready, but then the scene ends abruptly before Michaela can even get a start at showing how she can blow cum bubbles shaped like all the letters of the alphabet. Outside of the abrupt ending, this is one of those scenes that has pretty much everything, including both nasty sex and people who look like they’re having fun doing it rather than collecting a check.

Lucy, a nice looking blonde, shows off her great ass to Nacho outside before they’re magically transported, albeit without any music such as Magic Carpet Ride, back to the hotel room where Lucy’s very close friend, at least in a porno sense, Nikki is waiting. The girls head into the next room where Nikki attacks Lucy’s tits, kisses her aggressively, and puts a collar on Lucy as Nacho watches from the bed. Nikki, somehow coming off as the dominant of the two, pulls out a dildo on a face harness and warms up Lucy’s pussy a bit. Nacho senses the girls using fake cocks, and remembering he has a real one they could probably use, comes over to help. Nacho helps Nikki put her strap-on on, so both girls can suck some cock before they get in a cock to tail fuck line with Nikki both giving and receiving. Lucy sucks a bit more of each cock before letting Nikki guide Nacho into her ass. Nikki also gets her turn having her ass fucked, and takes Nacho in several position including a midair fuck as Nacho and Lucy hold her in the air. Once again, things don’t end with the anal. Nacho goes back to fuck Lucy’s pussy a bit more, and then tit-fucks Lucy until he gives her a nice helping of creamy moisturizer on her chest. It’s another hot scene that has great chemistry. It’s nice to see both girls are into each other, as well as Nacho, and Joey does a great job behind the camera of keeping things nicely visible as well as moving well.

Laura Angel, looking extremely hot in a pair of overalls, pays a visit to Frank Gun and Leslie Taylor, who are hanging around in a scummy little bar. She gets their attention by flogging the table in front of Frank and then starts stripping out of her overalls, revealing a pair of fishnet stockings. Frank plays the gentleman, no doubt trying to beat out Leslie in gettin’ some, and helps her get her overalls past her shoes. She gives Frank a few lashes, which gets Leslie to drop his pants in anticipation. She goes back and forth between their bare asses, giving each more than a few good slaps while having a big smile on her face, before sucking and stroking their cocks. Unfortunately for Frank after trying to start out with a good deed, he apparently loses the coin toss as Leslie gets the tail in both holes while he gets the head. Frank gets his turn next, fucking Laura’s pussy as Leslie takes a break in the next room and then fucking her ass while she sucks Leslie’s cock. Mastering all the twists and surprises of an episode of 90210, Laura gets DP’ed by the guys after getting worked over a bit more, and appears to love every minute of it. Laura rips her stockings apart and climbs onto Frank’s cock, looking back at Leslie with a look that seems to beg him to thrust his cock into her ass and completely fill her up. As soon as he does, she seems to reach almost a perfect place of satisfaction. It’s one of those shots that makes the entire scene. You can tell that Laura is right where she wants to be, and it makes the entire scene a great success. After the second double penetration, she takes both guys on her face, and takes the customary pop in the eye as if it’s as natural as blinking or breathing. Then again, as a European female in porn, it probably is. It’s another hot scene throughout the entire thing. Unlike many scenes where the DP seems like it’s there to justify the scene as being hot or nasty, here it feels natural.

Carmen, a raven haired girl with a very European look to her, starts out the next scene showing off her great body in a boxing ring. Oliver Sanchez and Erik Everhard notice her while driving by, and luckily don’t run into anybody or anything. The guys head into the ring to be teased a little, and then tie Carmen’s hands to the ropes so Erik can give her a sponge bath. As soon as her hands are let loose, Carmen goes after both guys with some nice intensity, first taking them both on orally and then letting them fuck her. They work around nicely, keeping some of the standard positions like cowgirl, but also adding in some nice things such as a standing fuck. Carmen nicely balances herself between taking on one and both of the guys, and nicely leads up to Oliver fucking her ass from behind both by himself and as she rides Eric cowgirl style for a double penetration. The guys finish things up by flying their jizz around her face like a bird and letting it sting like a bee as it lands around her eyes and the rest of her face.

Jeanie Rivers, a cute small breasted blonde, and Annie, a new starlet with a pierced tongue, have some fun getting made up in the next scene as Erik Everhard watches. They head in to brush their teeth, and are followed by Erik who starts licking Jeanie’s ass and kissing his way down to her shoes, which gets Annie to join in right away. Erik switches off nicely and works on Annie also, with Jeanie taking care of Annie’s tits. It’s a fun and nice way to start the action off in the scene, and is really set off by Jeanie’s laughing smile and bright eyes. Of course, Erik gets his knob polished by the two ladies, with Annie leading much of the action, as they suck him slowly and purposefully with plenty of good eye contact. Jeanie keeps the group feeling going by licking Annie’s tits as she sucks Erik, and is rewarded by getting her pussy licked a little more while Annie spanks Erik with his belt. She then puts the belt around his neck and leads him into the neck room as Annie rides him on his back. Annie gets the first turn riding Erik’s cock as well, letting him fuck her as she rides him reverse cowgirl while Jeanie helps out by holding a vibe on her clit, spanking her, licking her ass, sucking Erik’s cock during fuck breaks, rubbing his asshole, and sucking his balls as he fucks Annie. Jeanie’s rewarded with a nice little rimming before Erik fucks her from behind and missionary style, and then lets Annie rest her head on her leg as Erik goes back to fucking Annie. In a kind of odd twist, Jeanie puts some lip gloss on both her and Annie while Erik fucks Annie before they stroke Erik’s cock and play with his nipples to get him to blow his load, which he does onto his stomach with a fairly small pop. It’s a pretty hot scene for the most part, but Annie seems like she’s bored when she isn’t getting fucked, which brings it down just a little. Jeanie, however, does a great job even though there’s a few times when she seems like she’s a little uncertain about what she’s doing or acting like she’s being led. There’s just as many times when she looks like she’s having a great time and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Lucy and Nikki show up for an encore after the end of the feature is announced, as Joey Silvera finally moves in front of the camera. Rather than coming off as cheesy or anything bad, it comes off as a fun tag at the end of the feature. Lucy and Nikki team up on Joey, with one sucking his cock and the other playing up above (which you rarely see). They both get down to enjoy Joey’s joy juice and a big smile from Joey. There’s also a few minutes of outtakes from the feature from the final scene between Jeanie, Annie, and Erik that gives a nice little bit of extra attention to Jeanie and her vibe. It’s a nice addition to the end of the movie that lets it wind down slowly, which many people might need.

Joey Silvera delivers once again with Please! 4, which just might be the most consistently good gonzo series I’ve seen so far. The sex varies a little, but also keeps a nice intensity without needing to use guys who look like they get off on manhandling the women. Things are nicely balanced here, with the women being in control just as much as the guys, which makes for a nice change compared to many scenes. The women are anything but harmless little vixens here. They have power and you better obey them. Thankfully Joey left out music, so we don’t have to hear anything like I Am Woman Hear Me Roar as Erik Everhard is being led from room to room by a belt around his neck or while Laura Angel is giving Leslie Taylor and Frank Gun a bare-assed flogging. Although this might sound a little rough to some, it’s not really handled that way. It’s clear that everybody in the scene is really into it, so you never have that uncertainty about whether a person really wants to be there doing those things or not. As usual, it’s something that helps set Joey Silvera apart from many other adult film directors, and prove him to be one of the best out there. Once again, the only problem I can think of is the long wait until Please! 5 hits DVD.

Extras: As usual, Joey Silvera hasn’t provided too much for extras, which is about the only downside to his DVDs. The photo gallery contains about forty very clear looking snapshots that are blown up to near full screen size. There’s also a scene by scene cast listing, as well as filmographies for Carmen, Jeanie Rivers, Laura Angel, Lucy, Super Baby, and Nikki. Of course, the ever present web site information is here also.

Themes: Straight, tease, group, anal, spanking, DP, ass to mouth, lesbian, toys, B&D sponge baths, rimming (female > female and male > female), and masturbation

Raincoat Factor: Very high bordering on extreme

Overall: Currently, Please! 4 can be found online for between $20 and $30 with most stores offering it for around $25. As with all the other Joey Silvera features, I’ve seen, the sex is all hot, and there’s also a couple fun setups for it as well. The audio quality varies a bit, but the picture stays crystal clear throughout the feature. Unfortunately, there isn’t much for extras.

Note to Evil Angel / Joey Silvera: As usual, this is a great feature. I just wish there were a few more extras, such as extra footage.

Special Thanks: To Five Star DVD. The screener I originally received was defective, and they replaced it for me without any hassle or questions. It’s just another small thing that makes me think of them as one of the best Adult stores on the internet.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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