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Plantin' Seed 2

Plantin' Seed 2

Studio: Treasure Island Media
Category:  Gay
Directed by:

Released on: 
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Plantin' Seed 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Plantin' Seed 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Plantin' Seed 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Plantin' Seed 2 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Plantin' Seed 2 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Plantin' Seed 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Plantin' Seed 2 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Plantin' Seed 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  7/4/2005
This is one the finest fucking films I’ve seen from Treasure Island Media. I loved PLANTIN’ SEED #1 and this one—if anything—is better. If you don’t know, the participants in Treasure Island films fuck bareback and have an insatiable taste for cum. To them, STD simply stands for “Suck That Dick”.

The film opens with two guys in the kitchen. They ain’t about to bake a cake. They are about to suck a cock. Kevin Slater, wearing only an open blue shirt, eats out young Stephan’s ass though his jockstrap. Stephan turns around to suck Kevin’s stiff pole. “Damn that thing’s big!” he says in wonder. Stephan can’t get it all in his mouth, but it fits quite nicely—minus a condom—up his ass. It looks like a college jock being fucked by his coach. Kevin pulls out only to shoot his load, and then shoves the cum-covered cock back in Stephan’s hole. When the fuck is over, Stephan cleans his ass with a cookie and takes a bite of the cookie. He adds his own cum to the remaining part of the cookie and eats that, too.

Dawson, Treasure Island’s slut pig in residence, is having his ass eaten out by rugged Bo Knight as big daddy Jacob Scott looks on. Bo wastes no time in lubing up his cock and putting it into Dawson’s eager ass. Jacob fills Dawson’s other end. Before the scene is over Dawson is double-fucked by both. They cum in Dawson’s ass, but Bo uses his fingers to pull the cum from Dawson’s hole. He catches the creamy substance in a champagne glass and feeds it to him.

The next scene is—to me—the film’s highlight: “Jerek Gangbang.” Jerek is a slender stud with a lightly haired chest that I find incredibly sexy. He’s appeared in films from Falcon, Centaur, All Worlds, Chi Chi’s Channel 1 Releasing, and Catalina. He’s also a veteran of Raging Stallion’s fisters. (Jerek welcomes all and sundry up his ass. I wish he lived next door.) His “bangers” are big-dicked Kevin Slater, huge-cocked Jesse O’Toole, Fyerfli with a Prince Albert in his cock, and Steve Palmer. A performer called Atom was also listed for the scene but I only see him at one point standing in the back of the room staring in stupefied wonder at the goings-on. Things begin with Jerek sucking and sitting on Kevin’s ample cock. At one point during the ride, Fyerfli comes over and ejaculates on the base of Kevin’s cock. He uses the cum to further lubricate Kevin’s cock (as if it needed any with Jerek) and the now cum-covered cock keeps fucking. Jerek reaches back to wipe some cum off and see how it tastes. He must like it as he does so again. Jesse now inserts his hefty manrammer before Kevin goes back for sloppy seconds —or rather, thirds. Fyerfly’s pierced number will also make an entry. Fyerfli cums, pulls out, and goes back in. Jesse now has another go. He too pulls out, cums, and reinserts his cock. When all have finished, Jerek shoves fingers up his swollen and pouting to capture their juices and transfer them to his mouth. WHAT A SCENE ! WOOSH !

Chuck DiRocco and Nick Piston are up next (in more ways than one). Both are tattooed with mustaches and goatees. They are sort of clones except for the fact that Nick has more hair. They start by sucking sweaty armpits. Chuck moves on down to suck Nick’s dick and ass. Chuck fucks Nick. It’s not a bad scene at all, but it suffers from having to follow Jerek’s mind-blowing gangbang.

In the scene that follows, Chuck remains, Dawson returns, and both are joined by Mike Nichols. Nichols is another well-known mainstream performer. Falcon, Catalina, Centaur, All Worlds, and Studio 2000 have all made use of his talents. Dawson—of course—is the glad recipient of his and Chuck’s turgid cocks. Dawson vainly attempts to capture some of Chuck’s spunk as the later jacks off.

It’s time now for another gangbang. This time it’s Dawson’s. His “bangers” are Jake Ryan, Carl Barnes, Jerry Sterns an Afro-American, Terry Paul with a shaved cock, and daddy Spike Morrison. Dawson’s cock remains rock hard as each guy in turn plows his ass. When Jerry slips him the long black bone, Jake cums in Dawson’s open mouth. Some of these studs lost their load up Dawson’s crack. Fingers milk it out into a champagne glass as was done in scene two. Dawson swallows it all down. And believe me, there’s a lot to swallow!

But it’s not over yet! We end as we began with another hot twosome. This time it’s Jason Summers and Johnny Farrell. Both are young, Johnny is very cute. His ass and hole are shaved as smooth as a baby’s. Jason can hardly wait to sink his cock into it. Not even the cameraman can control himself during their encounter. He reaches up twice to fondle Jason’s balls as the thick dick slides into Johnny. When Jason cums, he’s buried deep in Johnny ass, but Johnny forces out the cum, nearly turning his hole inside out as he does. It’s a huge load, Johnny catches most in his hand and eats it. Still hungry, Johnny beats off and eats his own spunk. He even gets down to lick some of Jason’s off the floor. The last thing we see is Johnny grinning like the Cheshire Cat, cum dripping from his chin.

Extras include: an internal cum compilation, an external cum compilation, a slideshow, a preview of the disappointing Meat Rack, and—for those who want still more—a bonus scene called “Dawson’s Tent”. In this the insatiable Dawson sucks a big uncut cock belonging to Ethan Sexxtin and takes the monster up his shit-chute. They graciously thank one another for the experience. Dawson is also fucked here by an unidentified stud.

Put quite simply this DVD is a must have. I’ll need to watch Plantin’ Seed #1 again to make certain, but I’m fairly sure this is Treasure Island’s best film to date. Fans will go ape. It is also the one I would recommend for the first-timer as the director’s cut contains a second DVD providing a further sampling of the studio’s unique products. This is one I plan on watching again and again. But let’s hope for the performer’s sakes that nothing crops up from this plantin’.

DISC 2: FOLSOM UNDERGROUND. This Disc contains two documentaries of the 2004 Folsom and Dore celebrations. These celebrate the Autumnal Equinox in San Francisco. Guys stroll around nude, suck cock (when the cops are not present) and paddle butts while hordes of onlookers gaze at the goings-on and take pictures. Folsom is the biggest celebration and Treasure Island set up a booth there. This documentary runs 30 minutes. The first image we get is of a man and two snakes. One is a boa constrictor around his neck and the other is his own cock hanging between his legs. At the booth, Damon Dogg and Jesse O’Toole, T. I. regulars, sign autographs. Dawson and new star Ethan Sexxin are also in attendance. The once who gets the most attention, however, is the Human Urinal who wears a sign stating the same and the encouragement “use me”. Not surprisingly, people do. Dawson will also drink some piss from the tap. And—of course—Damon Dogg does his cum-eating act. What I find most interesting are the onlookers whose reactions to these bizarre happenings run the gamut.

Dore is a smaller celebration and much less interesting. The documentary on it runs 20 minutes. A guy is in the stocks being whipped. Guys with big cocks stroll around naked and proud of their endowments. Damon eats their cum.

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