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Planet Max 16

Planet Max 16

Studio: Max World
Category:  All Sex , Anal

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loz cumquest's ratings for Planet Max 16:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Planet Max 16 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Planet Max 16 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Planet Max 16 Mael looks rating 1/2 star
Sex Planet Max 16 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Planet Max 16 Plot/Acting rating 1/2 star
Extras Planet Max 16 DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Planet Max 16 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by loz cumquest  on  3/5/2005
For those who don’t know, despite the various ongoing DVD series all Max Hardcore titles are pretty much the same: uber dirty old man Max degrades and abuses young teenage girls made to look even younger than they are with their outfits, with some of the hardest sex you’re likely to see – we’re talking sex so hard that even a lot of regular pornography viewers find the guy offensive. Max’s films come in 2 versions, the USA releases which are cut, and the fully uncensored European versions. This review is for the European version of Planet Max 16.

SCENE 1: JADE MARCELLA & CLOE ADAMS I’ll be honest – despite the teeny outfits neither Jade nor Cloey are my idea of attractive girls, but once again the sheer strength of the sex on offer redeems this scene. Jade and Cloey call at Max’s holiday home, and Max comes to the door and proceeds to piss in Jade’s mouth on his front doorstep. The action then shifts to a balcony overlooking Cannes, where Jade lies on a table while Max sodomises her and Cloey dildo’s her. Cloey then moves onto vaginally fisting Jade before Max pees in her mouth. Max then inserts a speculum into Jades vagina and continues to sodomise her, at one point doing ass to mouth from Jade to Cloey, then pissing in Cloey’s mouth for her to spit it back into Jade’s vagina. Cloey gets on the table too, and Max does ass to mouth from Cloey’s ass to Jades mouth, with Cloey doing some great ass gapes. The scene ends with a great shot, with Max perched above a chair, sodomising Cloey from behind, while Jade’s face is just underneath Cloey’s ass, allowing Max to urinate both on Jades face and up Cloey's ass, before cuming on both. Cloey then farts out the cum for a rousing finale before max washes everyone off with yet more piss!
Girls looks – 3 out of 5
Sex – 5 out of 5

SCENE 2: ALICIA Only a solo scene, but Alicia is much more pretty. Max starts off with the standard ass fucking, but its in the blowjobs that Alicia really excels, as she takes Max’s cock all the way down her throat for some noisy action, eventually sticking it so far down her throat that she gags on it and pukes all over his cock. More sodomy, ass to mouth, piss down throat, and puking on cock continues. At one point while sodomising her in doggy style Max reaches around and pulls her mouth wide open by sticking two fingers either side of her teeth and pulling her skin into a rictus grin. After making her mop up her puke Max then fucks her in the vagina while she pisses herself, following by some more deep throat action then a facial cumshot as Alicia pulls her mouth wide open in that rictus grin again, before Max pisses in her mouth to end the scene.
4 out of 5

SCENE 3: CATALINA & SUMMERLUV Max saves the best to last, with both Catalina and Summerluv being strokable cuties, and this action being THE most extreme Max Hardcore scene I have ever seen (and this from a one-time member of The scene starts where other would end – Summerluv on her knees, while Max and Catalina stand either side of her and simultaneously piss in her mouth. Fantastic! Catalina then fists Summerluv while getting sodomised by Max. Some deep throating leads to Summerluv puking all over herself next, then Catalina aids her by sticking her fist down Summerluv’s throat and inducing vomit while Max pisses in her mouth. Catalina then stands over Summerluv, sticks her hands in her own throat and pukes all over Summerluvs face while Max continues to piss on her – a few minutes in and Summerluv is already a mess. Both girls continue to induce some more vomit, before Max flips Summerluv on her back and starts ass fucking her while she is still covered in puke. Next Max sodomises Catalina while Summerluv stick a dildo in her cunt, at the same time Catalina sticks her hand down her throat and pukes on herself. The two cocksockets then take turns deepthroating Max and puking on his cock, with Summerluv adding a jawclamp into her mouth. Max and Catalina then simultaneously piss into Summerluv’s clamped-open mouth, before the deep-throating puke contest begins again. Following some ass to mouth action from Catalina’s ass to Summerluv’s mouth Summerluv ends up with a huge thick string of mucous/snot/spuke/spiut, and she and Catalina share and swap the disgusting mess, smearing it over each other. Next Catalina lies on her back with her ass in the air and pisses into her own mouth, before Max gives her an anal piledriver, pausing only to give ass to mouth to the waiting Summerluv. Swapping positions, its then Summerluv’s turn for the anal piledriver, while Catalina fists her at the same time – by now Summerluv is in obvious distress and close to tears. Max then sodomises Catalina while she sticks her hand in Summerluv’s mouth to make her puke some more, and rubs the puke over her face. For the finale Max cums in Summerluv’s clamped-open mouth while Catalina simultaneously pukes in her mouth – this is an absolutely insane ending to an insane scene.
5 out of 5

CONCLUSION: The presence of a large watermark throughout on the bottom right hand side of the screen is a little annoying, but the film also has the technical plus of displaying 2 camera shots during certain sequences, as an extra small box appears with a different angle of the action. Only 3 scenes – and I didn’t find the girls in the first scene attractive, but this is still a startling release. The Catalina and Summerluv scene is the most extreme Max Hardcore I’ve ever seen, and will either leave you stunned or sickened depending on your tastes (I’m afraid Max Hardcore corrupted me years ago). If you can take porn of this strength, this is hard to beat.

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