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Pirates (DVD)

Pirates (DVD)

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  Couples , Feature film , High Definition
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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CinemaHunter's ratings for Pirates (DVD):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Pirates (DVD) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Pirates (DVD) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Pirates (DVD) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Pirates (DVD) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Pirates (DVD) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Pirates (DVD) DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pirates (DVD) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by CinemaHunter  on  5/4/2007


Well, everybody knows about this movie, everybody has read something about the ďhypeĒ of the 2005 season. But thatís not only a hype. I read about Pirates on Internet: the cast (I didnít know the most of the cast in that moment), the big-big-budget, the plot, the special effectsÖ and I couldnít wait to see the movie. I was expecting something good, but what I found was terrific: an incredible-funny-hot-stunning-interesting-memorable-well-made big budget movie.

-----Director: Joone

-----Running time: 128 minutes

-----Production date: 4 / 14 / 2005 - 6 / 7 / 2005

-----Studio: Digital Playground (with Adam and Eve)

-----Cast: Austin Moore, Carmen Luvana, Devon, Janine, Jenaveve Jolie, Jesse Jane, Teagan, Evan Stone, Kris Slater, Scott Nails, Steven St. Croix, and Tommy Gunn (and many more people in non-sex roles)

Who should watch it Anyone who like action-adventure movies, comedy, and well-made adult movies with a good plot.

Who should avoid it Anyone who want nastier sex, anal, no-plot, or fans of gonzo movies.



Pirate hunters Captain Edward Reynolds (Evan Stone) and his first commandant Jules (Jesse Jane) must help Isabella (Carmen Luvana) to rescue her husband, who has been kidnapped by the evil pirate Victor Stagnelly in order to find an ancient treasure.

The Sex Scenes

The first scene involves Carmen Luvana and Kris Slater. Well, this scene is definitely in the soft-side. Itís a tame sex scene. In the movie, the two characters are just married, and Joone want to show us ďlove-sexĒ and not a nasty sex. Itís not a bad idea, but while youíre watching it you feel it has some fail. During the sex thereís no chemistry between them (but they have it with kisses and caresses); you canít feel neither the lust nor the love between them, and in addition the lightning was a little dark for me. However, if you really like Carmen Luvana you would enjoy it. She looks great here!!! As Astroknight said in his review ďthis is a decent scene, but with a little effort it could have been much betterĒ.

The second scene involves Jesse Jane and Scott Nails. This is a short introductory scene of Jesse. Although itís a short scene you can find more than in the previous scene. Thereís good chemistry between them. Jesse isnít afraid to get a little intense and she does a great work sucking (thereíre some moments when you think she canít get more and sheís gonna choke) and fucking too, although thereís only two positions. A little bit of doggy and reverse cowgirl style would have improved the scene. Ah! Good facial too, short but good. A good scene, you can see a little bit of the personality of Jesseís character.

The third scene involves Devon, Teagan, and Evan Stone. This is a good scene, but a little dark in the illumination too. Devon is being banged while Teagan helps with her hands and mouth. However, I would have enjoyed reverse cowgirl style again, I like to see the body of the girl while the actor is working. With a little more light, showing the girlsí bodies better and a little more of nastiness (the characters are supposed to be whores) it would have been a better scene.

The fourth scene involves Jesse Jane and Steven St. Croix. Thatís a good although short scene. It has lack of position changes but the ones that appears are well made. Jesse eats Steven. Incredible oral (how Jesse can do that???) and good fucking. Thereís no anal, but itís hard sex. Jesse does a great work, sheís a fuckiní machine. It could have been better but itís a good scene. Nevertheless, the best of Jesse Jane was yet to come.

The fifth scene involves Carmen Luvana and Jenaveve Jolie. This is a very good scene. They both had a great chemistry and you can see theyíre having a good time. The faces of Carmen and Jenaveve show the lust that was lacking in the past minutes of the movie, and the sex is really great, a very good lesbian scene, one of the best scenes of the movie.

The sixth scene involves Austyn Moore and Evan Stone. This is an average scene. Thereís a good though tame blowjob but just two positions. Again, the dark lightning donít let me see clearly Austynís body, but now is due to the script. Ok, not good not bad.

The seventh scene involves Janine and Tommy Gunn. Well, itís a hot scene. A not bad blowjob, and hard feeling (not hard sex). Again, only two positions, but the chemistry between them is great. Thereís some tame pirate violence that fits well with the scene. It could have been better. Tommy is not one of my favourites and well, Janine is hot, but she does her best in the lesbian scenes. Her best was yet to come.

The eighth scene involves Carmen Luvana and Jesse Jane. This is one of the best scenes of the movie, maybe the best. It starts great, kissing and slapping, spitting and licking, neither tame nor too much nasty. And the following is even better. The sex is great, they both are excited and moaning. A lot of movement and positions and hard (but not gonzo) sex. Anal and vaginal sex and really good catfight through all the scene. They both look great, although you donít like enhanced breasts (as in my case) you will enjoy their bodies here. Definitely a really hot scene that you will want to see again and again.

The ninth scene involves, again, Carmen Luvana and Kris Slater. It looks like they (or at least she) have learnt something about how to fuck if you compared it with the first scene. And thatís great for two reasons: first, she, actually, had learnt a lot with this adventure (so itís good to see it in the screen, thatís a sign of well-made screenplay even in the sex scenes), and second, itís good because the scene is really better. They do it better and Joone (the director) too. They have a harder sex than in the first scene and the two positions are well-made (at last reverse cowgirl!!!). Not great, but a good scene.

The tenth and last scene involves Janine and Jesse Jane. Again, we have another great lesbian scene. Itís a good scene. Janine is doing what she does best and Jesse is grateful for it. Thereís a little bit of kinkiness (the double game with the candles) and good chemistry, but, although itís a good scene, I prefer the one with Carmen.



Joone does a great work here. Itís not easy to direct action movies and even more harder if you need to add effects later to see the final result. Thatís the one and only work Iíve seen by Joone, and I want to see what heís able to do with the second part of Pirates.


Well, Itís obvious that the production is one of the greatest in the adult industry. The sets, the costumes, the make-up, the hair-dressingÖ and all the cinema stuff: a lot of cameras, good lightning, incredible sound. Furthermore the music, the extras (actors that just appear), the special effects, the settingÖ all great. Perfect production.

Acting and screenplay

Well, I became really impressed in this aspect. This was the first feature movie in my collection, so all the acting I had seen before Pirates was stupid things like ďIím the plumber, I think I must fill up your back pipeĒÖ I really liked Evan Stone (now, he is one of my favourites) he does a great work acting here and lead the cast very well. Janine does a very good acting work too, and Steven St. Croix as well. As I said before Tommy Gunn is not one of my favourites and Iím not sure how to qualify his work acting here. Slater and Luvana was average in this aspect here. Jesse was a great discovery. This is not her best acting work, but itís not bad. (I donít know what is it, but Jesse has something that catch you and donít let you go. I usually donít like enhanced breasted girls neither lips enhancing, but sheís one of my favourites).
I really like the screenplay. A good story well developed. It really keeps my attention through all the movie. It has great quotes and itís very funny. Evan has the best quotes in the film, and does a great work, -you can find his quotes in many websites-. (I really like when the pirates shout ďFuck the SpaniardĒ while Jenaveve and Carmen are fucking. Well, itís not a great quote by itself, the movie has many better quotes, but I liked because Iím from Spain. lol.) Great screenplay over all, and a great screenplay make a great movie.


Well, you can find everything hereÖ average scenes, a little disappointing scenes and really good ones. My favourites: Jesse Jane-Carmen and Jenaveve Jolie-Carmen.

What I liked The plot, the screenplay, the production values, the direction, some of the acting, special effects, and the lesbian action.

What I disliked Too soft and tame sex in some of the scenes. The use of condoms (in the 18th century they didnít have condoms).

The best scene/s of the movie The ones with the priest, the ďmirageĒ scene in the churchÖ I donít have a favourite scene. Oh! All the scenes with the great quotes of Evan. And sex scenesÖ I said it above.


As I said before, this was the first feature movie in my collection. Before watching it, I thought that all porno was gonzo or stupid storylines to connect the sex. Now I have a huge collection of features (I donít like gonzo at all) and all is thanks to Pirates. It makes me want to look for more features (I love Wicked Pictures ones) and show me a new world of cinema. Good movies, with really good plot and screenplays and good acting too. Pirates was the first almost a year ago and now I have more than 60 features in my collection.
Pirates is a great adult movie (and I mean adult movie, not just porn). A great actual movie with good sex and incredible performers. If you like cinema and you like sex and you donít mind to see it well mixed, this is your movie. Enjoy it.

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