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Pirates (DVD)

Pirates (DVD)

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  Couples , Feature film , High Definition
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astroknight's ratings for Pirates (DVD):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Pirates (DVD) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Pirates (DVD) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Pirates (DVD) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Pirates (DVD) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Pirates (DVD) Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Pirates (DVD) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pirates (DVD) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  3/14/2006

The Little Details

Running Time: 128 min.

Production Date: 4 / 14 / 2005 - 6 / 7 / 2005

Director: Joone

Cast: Austyn Moore, Carmen Luvana, Devon, Janine, Jenaveve Jolie, Jesse Jane, Teagan, Evan Stone, Kris Slater, Scott Nails, Steven St. Croix, and Tommy Gunn in nonsex roles and Austin Kinkaid, Charmane Star, Danika Sandberg, Jolie Harris, Kelli Tyler, Kitty, Lexi Lamour, Maisie, Malorie Christian, Mistress Erzsebet, Red Siren, Trina Michaels, Aaron G., Brian Surewood, Cameron Lee, Captain Dagger, Dave Dimonico, David H., Dirk Snee, Doc, Durmel Deleon, Frank Bukkwyd, Halla Valentine, Harry Bali, Ivan, James Richard, Joe Hopkins, Joseph T. Creep, Joshua, Julian, Keyser Soze, Little Don, Mando M., Nhan, Nicodemus Grimm. Pyro, Rambliní Rob, Roach, Sir Nick Satanas, Ted Shred, Tino, Trevor, and William Q. in non-sex roles

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Pirates has the rep of being one of the best features ever made. Iím really looking forward to seeing if it lives up to the hype!

Initial Reaction: It has a few faults sexually, but is still one heck of an impressive adult movie.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting an adult movie

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants a bit of anal

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are very impressive. The audio is clear and very well balanced, and not just among the cast. The video is also very well done. It has a touch of grain, and thereís several areas that look like they might have some shadows added afterwards that comes off a bit cheap. The shadows that feel added are easily the biggest problem with the video, and even thatís not much of a problem.

Music: The music is fantastic. Itís very well balanced throughout the movie and has a very mainstream feel to it. Iím not sure there was a single moment in the movie where I thought of the music as ďporno musicĒ.

Menus: The main menu has some okay animation leading into the boxcover. Itís fairly simple, but looks so dang good that I really canít complain about it. Thereís also some very nice animation leading into the chapter menu, but the menu itself is held back by the cheap and generic feeling I always get from a clip of the scene and a chapter number.

The Feature

When they sail from Spain after being married, Carmen Luvana and Kris Slater donít expect their ship to be intercepted by bloodthirsty pirate Tommy Gunn and his right hand gal Janine. Sheís thrown overboard and left for dead, but rescued by fairly clueless pirate hunter Evan Stone and his extremely loyal right hand gal Jesse. Together they set out to rescue Kris and take down Tommy come hell or high water.

Scene 1 - Carmen Luvana and Kris Slater

Kris and Carmen consummate their marriage for their first time as their ship sails across the sea. Kris licks her pussy before letting Carmen work on his cock with her mouth and bit fat titties. They start their fucking with a little doggie before getting in a bit of spooning. Finally, Kris pulls out and pops on Carmenís pussy before they kiss a little more.

This is an okay scene. Itís on the softer side, but at the same time that works very well for the characters and is helped out by some very nice chemistry between Carmen and Kris. Itís bigger problem is that it feels a bit rushed with the oral being very short and no position changes being shown. This is a decent scene, but with a little effort it could have been much better.

Scene 2 - Jesse Jane and Scott Nails

Jesse starts things out lying back off a bed sucking Scottís cock as he licks her pussy. She lets him sit back on the bed while sucking him, and even lets him pin her arms back a little. Scott rewards her with some tonguing for her bald beaver before fucking her missionary style. Jesse also bounces on his cock cowgirl style before taking a pretty good facial finish.

This is a nicely hot scene. Thereís great chemistry between Jesse and Scott, and they arenít afraid to get a little intense. They never get over the top intense, but neither of them look like they want to be cute or like theyíre worried about hurting each other. Once again there arenít any position changes, but thereís still plenty of heat to keep the scene going. This is a hot scene that nicely picks things up for the movie sexually.

Scene 3 - Devon, Teagan, and Evan Stone

The girls lead a fairly clueless Evan into the brothel and get him a bit of grog before sharing a kiss with each other and taking him to the bedroom. The girls don pirate hats when Evan tells them that he dreams of being a great pirate hunter before Devon sits on his face and the girls team up on his cock orally. Devon moves up to ride Evan reverse cowgirl style as Teagan plays with her pussy a little and gives her tits a few sucks. Evan takes Devon doggie style next before letting her lie back and take it missionary style with Teagan choking her a little and diddling herself while watching. Finally, the girls let Evan stroke himself off between their faces.

This is a pretty darn hot scene. Both Devon and Teagan look fantastic, and both Evan and Devon really seem to get into each other. Teagan comes off as the weak spot in the scene, as she never really gets involved with it. Yes, she sucks Devonís tits a little and diddles herself, but so freaking what? Theyíre supposed to be whores! This is another pretty good scene that once again could have been better with a little more effort.

Scene 4 - Jesse Jane and Steven St. Croix

In the bar, Jesse goes right to fucking Steven cowgirl style on the floor of the bar. She backs off to energetically suck Stevenís cock, and doesnít hesitate to take him into her throat repeatedly. Steven fucks Jesse doggie style before she sucks him again and climbs up to ride him reverse cowgirl style. Jesse lies back on the floor for a little missionary work before Steven pops from her pussy all the way up to her face.

Jesse turns out another great scene here. She and Steven have great chemistry together, and Jesse really turns out an energetic fuck. At Stevenís age I really hope Digital Playground had a doctor on set in case Jesse killed him! This is a darn hot scene and the only thing that holds it back is the lack of position changes.

Scene 5 - Carmen Luvana and Jenaveve Jolie

After capturing Carmen, Jenaveve decides to give the gathered pirates a show with her. After verbally putting her down, Jenaveve sucks Carmenís tits and licks her pussy as the guys hold her back in a chair. Carmen quickly admits how good it feels and shares a playful and lustful kiss with Jenaveve when she comes up. She lets Jenaveve go back down on her before bending over for Jenaveve and letting her finger her pussy while pulling her hair. Carmen takes control and fingers Jenaveve back as she lies back on the floor and gets on all fours for her. They mix in plenty of finger sucking and kissing as well as a little ass eating. Finally, the girls grind their pussies together before looking completely spent and satisfied.

This is one heck of a great scene. I love how it started out with a dark feeling before the girls got into it. Thereís great chemistry between the girls as well as some fantastic intensity. The girls have great fire in their eyes and leave no doubt as to whether or not theyíre into each other. This is a fantastic scene, and easily one of the best in the movie.

Scene 6 - Austyn Moore and Evan Stone

Austyn comes to the rescue, but demands that Evan satisfy her sexually. He plays with her pussy while sucking her tits before moving his mouth down to her muff. Austyn sucks his cock in return before letting him fuck her missionary style. Evan licks her pussy from behind before fucking it, and finishes things up giving her an impressive facial and letting her suck up whatís left.

This is a hot scene. Austyn looks cute as can be and adds some decent humor to the scene. She comes off as a great match with Evan, and although the chemistry isnít the best here even that works towards the overall movie. I do like how they mix in a little oral between positions, as it helps to cover the lack of position changes. This is a pretty hot scene.

Scene 7 - Janine and Tommy Gunn

After putting a knife to Tommyís throat, Janine has him lick and finger her pussy as she strips off a few lays of clothing. She reciprocates with some knob gobbling before impaling her pussy on Tommyís cock cowgirl style. She lets him spank her ass and even slides a finger into it while riding him before letting Tommy take her from behind. Finally, Janine gets down and takes Tommyís penis potion all over her face.

This is another hot scene. Thereís plenty of intensity between Janine and Tommy, and even though itís a vaginal only scene thereís a darkness to it that fits the characters. Iím not a huge fan of tattoos, but Janineís really looked right here and helped with both her character and the sex. Sadly, the scene was held back a bit by the lack of position changes and being overly short, but thereís still plenty of heat here. This is a hot scene that felt like it had the potential to be even better.

Scene 8 - Carmen Luvana and Jesse Jane

After telling Jesse about her earlier lesbian experience, Carmen asks to feel that same feeling again. They kiss and slap each other while holding each other tight, and even spit on each other a bit. They finger each other hard and devour each other orally, with Jesse starting it out and Carmen following it up with her own turn. Carmen even fingers both of Jesseís holes after she rolled over before letting Jesse grind against her. Finally, the girls finish things up with a nasty look while appearing to be done with each other.

This is one hell of a hot scene! Itís rough and energetic, and shows both Carmen and Jesse at their best. Itís great to see Jesse take it in the ass, and they both seem to know just what the other wants. This scene is every bit as good as Carmenís scene with Jenaveve, and I think it could have lasted ten times longer without getting old. This is a great scene!

Scene 9 - Carmen Luvana and Kris Slater

After confessing her infidelities to Kris, Carmen finds out that it turns him on and they get it on again. They kiss briefly before Carmen rides him in both cowgirls. She hops off and gives Kris plenty of cocksucking before taking a small pop in her mouth.

This is a pretty hot scene. I love how Carmen is more energetic and intense here, although the scene seemed way too short. The pop shot was also disappointing, as were the lack of positions. Thereís a lot to dislike about this scene, but Carmenís energy and chemistry with Kris help it to still be a hot scene.

Scene 10 - Janine and Jesse Jane

After chatting about her future, Jesse and Janine share a soft kiss. Jesse moves down to suck Janineís tit, with Janine pulling her head in for some hard loving. Janine throws her back to lick her pussy before they take turns giving each other some hard fingering. After fingering both of Jesseís holes, Janine fucks her pussy with a lit candle. She even adds a second candle to Jesseís ass. Jesse gives her a little candle action in return before the scene comes to an abrupt end.

This is a pretty hot final scene. The girls have great chemistry together and I love the intensity of the scene. My only real complaints with this scene are that first, it came to a very abrupt end feeling like there was still plenty more to go, and second, it seemed way too short. Janine is one of the best known women in porn of the last decade and Jesse has made more than a name for herself with Digital Playground. To cut this scene so short just seems wrong, and although I really enjoyed what there was of it, the scene didnít come close to satisfying me. This is a pretty hot scene that needed to last much longer.

Pirates is a very impressive adult movie. I put the emphasis on the ďmovieĒ in that statement because unlike so many other adult features, you can feel Joone and the cast striving to have as much of a mainstream feel to the movie as possible. Thereís characters that have depth and growth as well as a plot that develops over the movie rather than just existing as a framework for the sex scenes. Yes, thereís plenty of sex scenes, and they have very nice chemistry as well as fitting into the movie very well. Much of the credit for these things working goes to the cast, with Jesse Jane, Janine, and Carmen Luvana really standing out sexually and Evan Stone and especially Tommy Gunn really standing out for their non-sex performances. Thereís no denying that a heck of a lot of care went into Pirates.

All that isnít to say that this is a perfect adult feature. You can feel Pirates striving for greatness, and Iím sure I could live a very long time off what it cost to make. That said, it often comes up slightly short. Thereís a lot of animation and a fair amount of green screen action, but some of the animation comes off a bit too cartoonish. The ships were easily the worst offender, as they never seemed to rock in the water and at times barely even looked to be in the water. The sex also came up a little short, mostly due to rarely showing position changes and occasionally feeling on the short side. Stretching Pirates out with another twenty minutes of sex to two and a half hours, or even better taking it up to three hours, would have really helped things out.

Although it has a few minor problems, I canít help but recommend Pirates. It goes a long way to showing how much potential adult features can have, and I even have a smile on my face as I write this due to the care it shows. Although the sex could have been better if tweaked a little, Joone shows that he knows enough to let the performers take charge of the sex and working with what they give him. The cast does a great job working with a well done script that has much the same feel as many of the pirate movies of old. Pirates is easily one of the best adult features to come along in a long time, and Iíd be surprised if it isnít used as one of the movies that future features are compared to for a very long time.

The Extra Stuff

The first DVD contains contact information and an audio commentary with Joone, Janine, Jesse Jane, Tommy Gunn, and Carmen Luvana. The group talks about a wide range of things in the commentary, from things related to the movie to how they got into the business. Of course thereís plenty of talk about sex and the cast as well, and nobody ever seems overly dominant in it. Joone does a nice job talking about some of why he did certain things as well as things that he changed. He leads the commentary very well, but thereís an echo to his altered voice that makes some of it hard to listen to. Digital Playground has had many great commentaries, and this is another to add to the list.

The second DVD is completely devoted to extras. Trailers are included for Pirates as well as fifteen of Digital Playgroundís other releases, including a couple of their series, as well as five of Adam & Eveís. The photo gallery can be watched etiher as a slide show lasting about five and three quarter minutes with about seven seconds per very nice looking full screen or snapshot photo or manually. Bios are included for Jesse Jane, Teagan, Devon, Janine, Carmen Luvana, and Joone, each of which includes a photo and plenty of information about the person. Unfortunately, it doesnít give you a menu to let you go directly to the person who interests you. Thereís also several behind the scenes featurettes.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts almost twenty minutes. The cast is nicely identified as they take the behind the scenes screen. They talk about why they like the movie and their character, as well as having plenty of fun. You get to see some of the makeup process as well as the cast preparing for and shooting their scenes. Of course thereís a bit of the stars chatting with each other as well as the camera. Itís a really nice behind the scenes featurette, and my only real complaint is that it didnít last longer. Itís also very nice to see that Digital Playground was able to put together a very fun behind the scenes featurette without seeing how many fart noises they could put into it. This is a very nicely done behind the scenes featurette that shows a lot of the personality of the cast and crew as well as the magnitude of the production.

The blooper Reel lasts about six and a half minutes and is presented in anamorphic widescreen. You get plenty of forgotten lines, flubbed lines, and things going wrong. Thereís even sexual bloopers and a little fun on the set, which one would expect with both Steven St. Croix and Evan Stone in the same movie. Itís a nicely done and amusing blooper reel, and one of the best blooper reels Iíve seen in a while.

Inspirations to Pirates lasts about three minutes in the full screen ratio. It was made during the production of Island Fever 3 and became the inspiration for Pirates. Evan Stone plays pirate with the help of Eric Masterson and Robby D. Itís a fun little segment, as one would expect with Evan, Eric, and Robby, and makes a nice little extra here.

Behind the FX lasts about two minutes and is presented in anamorphic widescreen. This featurette shows the development of the CG animation, some of the blue screen work, and how certain things were taken out in post production. Itís a pretty cool featurette, and shows plenty of special effects shots rather than just concentrating on one or two shots and seeing how much they can show of it.

The audition video lasts about three and a half minutes and is presented in the full screen ratio. You get to see Brian Surewood, Harry Bali, Frank Bukkwyd, and many others reading for the non-sex roles. Thereís a few amusing moments, but for the most part I couldnít help but wonder how bad some of the people who didnít make the cut were.

If that isnít enough, thereís a third DVD which contains Pirates in high definition video as well as the behind the scenes featurette in HD.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, titty fucking, group, lesbian, and anal (toy)

Raincoat Factor: Medium

Condom Usage: Between Kris Slater and Carmen Luvana; Janine and Tommy Gunn

The Bottom Line:

Currently, Pirates can be found online for between about $30 and $57 with most stores offering it in the $35 range. This oneís worth the money. The movie has a few minor faults, but is very well done as an adult movie rather than just a fuck flick. The technical aspects show some nice care, as do the extras. This is a very impressive DVD.

Note to Digital Playground & Adam & Eve: Thank you for doing an adult feature right.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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