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YogaGrrl Pirate Video Deluxe: Hell, Whores and High Heels 4.5 starsPirate Video Deluxe: Hell, Whores and High Heels 4.5 starsPirate Video Deluxe: Hell, Whores and High Heels 4.5 stars
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Pirate Video Deluxe: Hell, Whores and High Heels

Pirate Video Deluxe: Hell, Whores and High Heels

Studio: Private
Category:  All Sex , Fetish , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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astroknight's ratings for Pirate Video Deluxe: Hell, Whores and High Heels:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Pirate Video Deluxe: Hell, Whores and High Heels overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Pirate Video Deluxe: Hell, Whores and High Heels Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Pirate Video Deluxe: Hell, Whores and High Heels Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Pirate Video Deluxe: Hell, Whores and High Heels Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Pirate Video Deluxe: Hell, Whores and High Heels Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Pirate Video Deluxe: Hell, Whores and High Heels DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Pirate Video Deluxe: Hell, Whores and High Heels A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  11/10/2001

Running Time: 85 min. (cover states 100 min. which might be pretty close to the total DVD length)

Production Date: Sept. 2000

Director: Tanya Hyde

Cast: Monique Covet, Layla, Georgette, Anita Black, Nataly Dune, Lora, Violet Storm, Robert Rosenberg, Kevin Long, and Tony DeSergio

Initial Expectations: I’ve only seen Fetish Therapy and Hells Belles

from Private’s Pirate line, but both were very good giving me high expectations once again.

Initial Reaction: I’m in awe!

Who Should Watch It : Fans of fetish sex and anybody looking for something really different

Who Should Avoid It: Vivid fanatics.

Audio /Video Quality: The audio has a range of feels, all of which appear to be on purpose. Some is very clear, and some echoes quite a bit. The entire movie has a very different feel, which makes me think the audio ranges are on purpose. The video has just as large a range. Sometimes it’s very clear, and others it has a strong film-like grain. On the plus side, it’s always widescreen, which is excellent. Unfortunately it’s not

Music: The music has a techno - dance feel to it that fits the scene extremely well. It’s loud, but it still fits very well.

False Advertising / Disc Problems: The cover lists extras, but when I chose the extras menu from the main menu on my DVD-ROM, it just took me right back to the same menu. I could get to the trailers by advancing through the chapters, but that’s it.

Menus: Private’s menu style is very unique, and nicely combines the chapter menu with the main menu.

The Feature: Forget what the cover to Hell, Whores, and High Heels says boys and girls. Tanya Hyde has put together a series of vignettes that are unconnected with the exception of the subject: fetish sex. Each section has its own title and doesn’t have anything to do with any other scene here.

Harlots From Hell starts things out with a male and female latex devils, the female being Violet Storm, who’s highly pierced and playing pool. They play a little before Violet drops down to start sucking the guy off. In the middle of her work, they’re interrupted by Lora, who’s dressed as an angel and makes her way to the bathroom to play with herself with a large black jelly dildo. Violet follows her up and masturbates while listening to her before kidnaping her away to have her way with her while she’s strapped into a sex machine. The male devil returns to make it a three way with Violet probing Lora from behind, before they work through several more positions. The girls finish things off by sharing the guy’s decent pop, which goes on their faces and tits. It’s a very hot scene to start things out with that has a distinct style that might warn some people off immediately.

The Sub, The Dom, and the Sodomized starts off with Nataly Dune on all fours in a cage. She takes care of two guys in trenchcoats that come along, starting inside the box and moving outside where both of her holes are taken care of. Next, dominatrix Georgette is escorted into the room in a carriage led by a ponyboy, where Layla Jade takes care of her driver. Layla gets her ass taken care of before being strapped to a rack and having her pussy eaten. Meanwhile, Georgette takes care of one guy while another fucks her ass from behind. The dom and sub switch places, with Georgette getting strapped in upside down for an inverted 69. The three girls line up to have both their holes fucked reverse cowgirl, as well as one lucky girl getting DPed. They finish things out with a nice string of facials. It’s another extremely hot scene.

The Pervert, The Penis, and His Puppets has a guy as a puppet master, pulling the strings for puppets Anita Dark and Monique Covet to make them act very naughty. The girls take care of each other naturally in a 69 before the girls take turns riding a strap on reverse cowgirl style. The puppet master joins in next, bringing along blonde Nataly Dune as Anita and Monique sit by and masturbate. After putting both of Nataly’s holes to good use, the puppet master turns his attention to his puppets, who team up to give him a great blowjob as well as taking turns fucking him, and Monique putting both of her holes to good use. The three girls team up to take his pop in their mouths. Not surprisingly, this is another extremely hot scene.

Nataly Dune starts out Medical Madness dressed in a latex nurses costume showing off her obvious implants, and brings her patient back from near death as she masturbates. His cock rises to attention, which she immediately gives a little tender loving care using her mouth, pussy, and ass. Next, Monique Covet, also in latex and with implants, wheels in a patient dressed in latex who’s wearing a gas mask. She makes him watch as she works herself over with a pink dildo and then comes over to suck him off. They switch around so she can brace herself against the wheelchair as he fucks each of her holes. Once again, the scene shifts, this time with Monique and Georgette, who’s now using a large toy, as a doctor, who used to be in latex fucking Monique, walks around behind them. The girls go back and forth, and nurse Nataly and another doctor and nurse join in, making it hard to keep track of who’s who in the scene. It’s kind of like watching a porno done MTV style while on a major sugar rush. The scene is finished with a pop on Georgette’s pussy dripping down into Nataly’s mouth as well her going up to lick it off, and Monique and another girl sharing a pop, sucking a little out at the end. It’s an extremely hot scene and one that might put some people in the hospital just watching it.

Finally, Interrogation Time takes place in a maximum security prison of the future with warden Monique Covet, guards Anita Dark and Violet Storm, and a prisoner Tony deSergio strapped in a swing. Monique starts things off sucking and slapping his cock, as well as playing with her pierced pussy, which Violet also helps with. Apparently, Violet is very good at her job, as Anita has to take over the cocksucking duties so Violet can eat Monique’s pussy more. It’s not all fun and games for Tony, or maybe it is, since Monique starts fucking him in the ass with a long shaft as well as spanking it while Violet takes her turn sucking his cock. Violet also breaks out her dildo spear from the first scene to fuck Tony in the butt while Monique licks his ass. The three girls bring out several more toys, this time keeping them for themselves rather than using them on Tony. Tony is pretty well ignored until Monique feels the need for a real cock and gets her pussy fucked. The other girls are pretty content with a rubber cock and a harness, and take care of each other until the pop shot, where the girls pile on each other to receive the pop shot.

Although I had some idea what to expect from Hell, Whores, and High Heels form the Medical Madness scene in Latex Sex, it didn’t fully prepare me for the entire feature. This is a good thing, as it’s an amazing feature. It’s extremely original and creative, while keeping the sex very hot and fast paced. The camera work is a little reminiscent of the Dark Brothers, and adds to the mood very well. There isn’t any plot to the feature, but with sex like this, who needs it?

Extras: Trailers are included for Rubber Kiss, My First Time, XXX #8, Do It, The House of Love, and Hell, Whores, and High Heels.

Themes: Straight, fetishwear, masturbation, toys, lesbian, group, rimming (male > female), anal, B&D, DP, and male anal stimulation

Raincoat Factor: Extreme

Overall: Currently, Hell, Whores, and High Heels can be found online for between $17 (on sale) and $27 with most stores offering it for around $25. Although I couldn’t find any extras, the movie alone is worth the cover price. It’s extremely original and extremely hot. It might not be for everybody, so if you’re unsure you might want to rent it first. For fans of fetish sex, buy it right away!

Note to Private: It’s great to see you releasing adult films in widescreen, but please take it all the way and release them in anamorphic widescreen. Those who have widescreen TVs will be very grateful. Also, please check your quality control a little better. Not being able to get to the extras menu does not make a good impression on the customer. I hope you fix this problem and handle it as well as your competition who replaced all of the defective copies of Rocco’s Initiations 3 with the only cost to the customer being the shipping to send the defective copy back. If I would have seen extras like there normally are on your Pirate Video DeLuxe line, this would have easily gotten a 5 rating overall.

Special thanks to YogaGrrl for identifying many of the stars that I was unable to. You can check out her excellent review of this title here.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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