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Pirate 12: Hells Belles

Pirate 12: Hells Belles

Studio: Private
Category:  Feature film , Foreign , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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scipio's ratings for Pirate 12: Hells Belles:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Pirate 12: Hells Belles overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Pirate 12: Hells Belles Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Pirate 12: Hells Belles Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Pirate 12: Hells Belles Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Pirate 12: Hells Belles Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Pirate 12: Hells Belles DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pirate 12: Hells Belles A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by scipio  on  2/6/2002
Dir: Frank Thring

Cast: Silvia Saint, Laura Angel, Kate More, Fovea, TJ Hart, Silvia Silent, Janet, Hakan, George, Mike Foster, Frank Gun, Kevin Long, Bobby T, Robert.

Trailer, Cast Bios: Listing all private products (female) cast members had been in when this DVD was released. Photobook: A number of high-quality stills in "step" form. Film Notes: A couple of pages of press-release-style text. Previews for: Dangerous Things 2, Madness 1, Erica, Solid Gold, Double Penetrations.

Language options: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian. Subtitle options: Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Portugese, Polish.

Private's Pirate/Pirate Video DeLux lines are fetish-themed hardcore, though it varies from title to title how "fetish"-y they are. This one is quite low on the Fetish-O-Meter, mostly just PVC outfits that manage to not be intrusive.

Hells Belles is broken up into three "stories" that feature 2, 2 and 3 scenes.

These terms crop up a lot, so:
RC= Reverse Cowgirl
RAC= Reverse Anal Cowgirl

STORY 1: Torrid Traveller

Scene 1: Silvia Saint, Laura Angel, a guy.
The dvd starts off with footage of Laura Angel walking through the streets of a city, wearing tight white pants and a tight pink shirt, intercut with Silvia Saint giving a guy a BJ while half-dressed in some nice Lingere and PVC gloves. Laura walks into the room and slowly strips off for the camera's benefit, while Silvia continues. When she's finished stripping, Laura joins in, and they give him a brief double BJ. Silvia moves to RC while Laura puts on that PVC jacket with the Sergeant Stripes that Frank Thring uses all the time, and watches while playing with herself with a riding crop.

Laura does missionary, then Silvia does doggie anal while giving Laura head, Laura does RAC, then the guy comes on Silvia's mouth. Silvia then drops the come onto Laura's mouth (actually her neck), they kiss. scene fades. Very Hot.

Scene 2: Laura Angel, Kate More, a guy.
Laura and Kate meet up outside a mansion somewhere, hug and greet, then go inside. Instantly they're engaged in sex. They both have PVC corsets on, with their hair pulled back tight. The guy wears a PVC mask that makes him look like an extremely lucky Mexican Wrestler. The girls give him head, then the mask is off and Laura gives the guy head while he gives Kate head and fingers her. There's a bit of a sheen of sweat on everyone here, so I assume it was quite warm when they were shooting. Laura helps the guy give Kate head, then he screws Laura Missionary while Kate sits on Laura's face.

Kate does RC, and after a while Laura starts giving them both oral while they screw in RC. Laura Does spoon anal, while Kate licks and plays with them. Kate goes to RAC, then the guy comes on both of their faces in a Private Cumshut DeLuxe moment. Very Hot

STORY 2: The Rich are all Perverts

Scene 3: TJ Hart (Blonde), Foeva (Redhead) , Frank Gun, another guy.
Shot in black and white, with some frames skipped, TJ walks around outdoors as other people walk around, the scene moves indoors, and colour and a regular framerate are restored. TJ sits on a chair while a guy with glasses and Foeva attend to her. TJ wears a long black dress, while foeva wears a combination of black and red PVC. TJ changes from her dress to some of Private's fetish wardrobe, a metal-cupped bra-top thing and leather panties with metal on them. TJ has large American store-bought breasts.

They lick one another's nipples which becomes Foeva licking various bits of PVC and leather clothing of TJs, then give the guy a double BJ. He screws Foeva mish while she makes silly faces. Frank Gun then shows up, crawling on the floor with a riding crop in his hand. He Licks TJ's boots while she rubs his latex underpants. He licks her ass. She gives him a BJ.

Cut back to Foeva who is in the spoon position, it turns out they're in the same room and TJ does RC. A bit of slo-mo is used, but it's not distracting. Foeva changes to Anal in her spoon position and TJ changes to doggy followed by anal doggy. Foeva gets DPed while TJ fingers herself. Foeva continues to get DPed. TJ gets DPed next, the guys having a vigourous time of it. The guys each come on one of the girls' faces, and then the girls kiss and look at the Camera. Fade to black. Reasonably warm action, but after the 2 previous scenes, TJ and Foeva just aren't as wonderful to look at as Laura, Silvia and Kate, which hurts the scene.

Picture quality was not as good in this one, especially during the darker footage like the DPs.

Scene 4: Laura Angel, Foeva, Mike Foster, Kevin Long.
Laura is dressed head-to-toe in PVC, including the dominatrix hat she wears on the boxcover. She fondles a guy (who is naked except for a "robin"-style mask with a riding crop and her hand. Foeva kneels and holds a black double-ended dildo in her mouth. Laura then pokes at her with the riding crop, then with the dildo. Foeva then gives the guy a BJ and Laura joins in. Foeva bends over and the guy screws her from behind. Another guy comes down the stairs, has a look at the screwing couple and chats with Laura, who then goes down on him.

Foeva does RAC, Laura sits on her guy's face and manually stimulates him, Foeva does doggy, Laura does RAC, Foeva takes a facial, as does Laura, who contimues to suck and make it memorable for over a minute. Again, reasonably warm, because of Laura's work.

The picture quality is again not brilliant, there's also just too much red saturation in this scene, especially when the camera focuses on Foeva (redhead with red lipstick and blush wearing red PVC. Could also have used some more lighting.

STORY 3: Boss the Boss

Scene 5: Silvia Silent, George or Robert.
Silvia is an attractive dark-blonde haired woman who polishes her nails, leaves the room. A guy walks in, sits down and starts wanking to a hardcore porn mag featuring our Silvia (Not a Private mag, surprisingly). She walks back in with a cup of tea, sees him and immediate becomes horny. The guy realises he's caught and gets embarassed, but she wants to look at the magazone with him. They show a still fo STeve Drake getting a BJ from Silvia, which she points to, then demonstrates on our guy. He bends her over and licks and fingers her, and after a few minutes, screws her. He then jerks off into her hand and comes.. which she picks up and puts on her mouth. Very short!

Picture quality seems a bit better than the last two scenes, though it could be because it's better lit, and so it's less noticable. This is also true of the next two scenes.

Scene 6: Janet, George AND Robert.
Janet is a nice looking brunette with a small tattoo on her shoulder. She wears red silk gloves and red stockings with open-cut knee-high black boots, with a collar that has chains hanging off it. She gives her man a BJ and he moves her back onto the bed and starts the missionary action, followed by doggy. Another guy enters, fully clothed. She immediate blows him while continuing to do doggy. She then does spoon while sucking the other guy. This is followed by RAC while sucking the second guy. The inevitable DP does NOT happen, confusing the viewing public. Instead we cut to both guys coming on her face. Decent scene.

Scene 7: Silvia Silent, George AND Robert
Silvia Silent wears a blue PVC teddy-leotard thing with see-through PVC over her breasts (if you've seen the front cover of Pirate's "Deviation" DVD, it's that piece of clothing.) with thigh-high zebra-striped boots which a naked guy licks, before moving to her butt. She straps a ball gag onto his mouth (as seen in Pulp Fiction) and rides him. I guess it's not just Iggy Pop that wants to be your dog.

The guy that screwed her in scene 5 shows up and looks confused, she points to the ground and smiles, then both guys are naked on the floor licking and sucking at Silvia's feet, legs and other body parts. She gets DPed briefly, followed by RAC, the PVC-teddy-thing finally comes off, revealing large implanted breasts. She fondles and wanks them, and they both come in her face.

Again very short. It was going great, then ended too quickly. Silvia looks very nice but I wanted to see a lot more of her.

Overall, this is a bit of an uneven DVD, though the first two scenes make this still a favorite DVD for me. I'm quite a fan of Silvia Saint, Laura Angel and Kate More. I'll be looking up more of Silvia Silent after watching this again. The middle scenes largely depend on how much of a fan the viewer is of TJ Hart and Foeva, and I'm admittedly not taken with either of them.

The sex and performer looks in the first two scenes are higher than elsewhere in the disc, so I have lowered the overall score on those two points. Still the first two scenes push the DVD up to an overall 4 for me.


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