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Pirate 11: Deviation

Pirate 11: Deviation

Studio: Private
Category:  Anal , Fetish , Foreign , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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scipio's ratings for Pirate 11: Deviation:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Pirate 11: Deviation overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Pirate 11: Deviation Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Pirate 11: Deviation Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Pirate 11: Deviation Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Pirate 11: Deviation Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Pirate 11: Deviation DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pirate 11: Deviation A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by scipio  on  5/25/2005
Dir: Frank Thring Cast: Mina, Laura Black, T.J.Hart, Dru Berrymore, Judytha Bella, David Perry, Frank Gunn, Nick Lang, Frank Thring

Production Report: 5:45 of "ain't it great?" with a couple of amusing bits.
Cast Bios: Listing all Private products the female cast members had been in when this DVD was released.
Photobook: A number of high-quality stills in "step" form.
Production Notes: A couple of pages of press-release-style text.
Previews: Deviation, Blonds on Fire, Network, Madness 2, The Academy, XXX9.
DVD-Rom content: A DVD catalogue.

Language options: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian. Subtitle options: Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Portugese, Polish.

Private's Pirate/Pirate Video DeLux lines are fetish-themed hardcore, though it varies from title to title how "fetish"-y they are. This one is quite low on the Fetish-O-Meter, mostly just PVC outfits that manage to not be intrusive. All scenes contain condoms.

STORY 1: The Filthy Rich

Scene 1 - Secret Garden:

Mina, Frank Gunn, David Perry, Nick Lang.

Mina is an older but still attractive looking blonde with large fake breasts and heavy makeup. She is wearing a short pink PVC dress.

Mina sits poolside with the male cast while Frank Thring serves drinks, he spills some on her legs and gets ordered away by Mina. One of the lads licks the spilled champagne off her leg which is the cue for her to start sucking on Frank and David while Nick licks her legs. Ok, time for the action report: Doggie w/alternating blowjobs by the other 2 guys, 2 of them alternate positions. Spoon with BJ while Frank fucks her high heel (which just looks painful). Spooning becomes anal and Mina fingers herself, doggie anal w/alternating BJs again, double BJ (with penii touching and being rubbed together). Cowgirl DP while Mina wanks then sucks the 3rd man. Triple facial to end the scene which pretty well covers Mina's face


The three guys became pretty much interchangable as from one cut to another all 3 would be in different holes with no transition. The condoms were pretty transparent and unobtrusive. Typical Thring fare overall. A decently good scene from Mr.Thring. 7.5/10

Thring (the butler) gives us some exposition about some previous owners of the house, who's depravity we see in..

Scene 2 - The Filthy Rich:

T.J.Hart, Laura Black, Frank Gunn, guy in PVC mask.

Laura smokes and pouts on the staircase while wearing a PVC dress, giving her best snarls which just manage to make her look ugly. T.J. Crawls across the floor in stockings & suspenders and a bra, then proceeds to blow Frank.

Laura continues to look disdainful and walks across to her man in the rubber mask. Frank gives T.J. some oral. Laura blows the masked man. Frank gives T.J. some standing doggy on the stairs, and PVCman does the same to Laura at the bottom of the staircase. Frank/T.J. with missionary anal/vaginal. Laura/PVCman do some anal doggy. T.J. masturbates on a chair while watching the men cowgirl DP Laura, then the guys take it in turns to come on Laura's face, who then cumswaps into T.J.'s mouth, they then tongue fight while looking at the camera.


The condoms were a bit more obvious in this scene. Started off a bit average but improved over time. Again this is typical Thring fare, though not as good as the last scene. The im lighting didn't help either. 6/10

STORY 2: Intruders (Though it's called "Bulgar's Surprise" on the DVD Menu)

Scene 3:

Judytha Bella, Frank Gunn, David Perry.

Starts with an over the shoulder shot of two guys arguing over a map. A second later we we see Frank Gunn and Dave Perry going up some stairs looking for all the world like a romantic couple. They get upstairs to see Judytha Bella in a silver fetish outfit with a riding crop. Immediately the sex begins.

Judyth's hair seems similar to Nigel Tufnel's hair in Spinal Tap, and so serves to make her look quite unattractive to me. Her body is fine, and her face is probably quite decent as well, but I m afraid I just can't get past the hair. Hopefully it's a bad wig just used for porn and she didn't have to live with that on her head!

Anyway, people were having sex. Judytha sucks Frank while David gives her head and fingers her. N3ext Frank gives her head and finbgers her arsehole while she sucks on David, which quickly becomes Frank screwing her missionary while she gives Dave head. Next is doggy anal from Dave while she sucks Frank. Spoon anal from Frank while she sicks on Dave. This is followed by RAC DP, than RC DP. Cut to the double facial finish and she continues to suck on both guys afterwards..


A bit of a paint-by numbers scene. Perhaps it's because I was put off by the way Judyth's hair looked. Again the scene was a bit dark. Not something I'd go out of my way to watch. 4/10

Scene 4: Burglar's Surprise: (probably - see end notes) Dru Berrymore, Mina, Frank Gun, David Perry.

Next Morning..

Dru and Mina dressed in fetish gear wake up Frank and Davis who are naked except for dog collars. Dru is a harsh-looking blonde, with a bad Debbie Harry kind of hairdo. Dru wears blue PVC calk-high boots and that black PVC "sergeant's jacket" that keeps turning up in Thring's films. Mina has red thigh-high PVC boots and a red-and-black PVC top.

Dru makes David lick her boots while Mina makes Frank do the same to hers. It quickly becomes a 4-way sex scene, the girls lay on their backs while sucking off the guys while Mina's screws Dru with her high heel (mm ..hygenic!), it quickly becomes standard oral sex x2, Dru gets screwed doggy while Mina gets screwed in the spoon position. Both girls do RC onm the guys sitting on the couch, Dru is totally shaved. Next Dru gets spooned while Mina goes doggy anal. Cut to both girls on the floor in front of the fireplace recieving missionary from the guys. Mina takes a CG DP while Dru plays with herself. Finally the girls lay down with their faces together and the guys come on them both while the girls kiss and swordfight with their tongues...


I'm not a fan of Dru's at all and she looks particularly harsh here, so if you are a fan of hers you can add a point or so to the score. Theres nothing really wrong with this scene, it ticks all the boxes, yet I found it uninspired. 6/10

STORY 3: Corruption

Scene 5: Corruption:

Mina, Frank Gunn.

Mina walks around outside through a park/garden in a dark purple PVC dress that shows her breasts through a transparent section, with matching PVC gloves. She meets up with Frank and they go over to a picnic table outside a castle where Frank fondles her and begins to lick and suck ger toes. He then goes on to suck and lick her pussy and eventually her arsehole while Mina lays back on the picnic table and (pretends to) moan with desire. Frank fingers her, one finger in each hole while he gives her head. Next she kneels on the table, and gives Frank some head while he stands.

Next up we have them in the spoon position on the table which eventually becomes doggy (without a cut) and back to spoon, only this time, it's anal. There was even a brief moment of eye contact. Finally, we cut to a very weak popshot to Mina's mouth. Did Frank make them shoot the whole movie in 2 days or something?


Really though, that wooden picnic table doesn't look like the most comfortable thing to have sex on. Average scene. 5/10

Scene 6: Corruption Surprised

Mina, Laura Black, Dru Berrymore, T.J. Hart, David Perry, Frank Gunn, Frank Thring.

Shot of a castle exterior. Mina, wearing a nice black PVC long dress greets Frank Gunn at the door, then leads him into a room where the ubiquitous Frank Thring orgy scene is already underway. Laura Black (an attractive girl with dark hair) and Dru are blowing David on the couch, then Dru moves to lick his balls. Laura is wearing an orange PVC 2-piece while Dru wears an outfit in Blue PVC which is hard to see properly. Dru also has white PVC boots on but they're not apparent until later.

Mina sits on Gunn's lap fondling him, until she starts blowing him, Dru eats Laura while Davis screws her from behind. This goes on for awhile until Dru eventually joins Mina blowing Frank. Meanwhile Davis performs cunnilingus on Laura and fingers her pussy and asshole. Next thing we know, Davis is screwing Laura in the anal spoon position and the scene cuts to the castle exterior again.

The next shot is our hostess Mina, greeting T.J. Hart, who is an attractive blonde wearing a short silver dress, who is unfortunately with Frank Thring, who is a 60ish geneltman in a white tux. We cut back and forth between David screwing Dru doggy anal and Thring with T.J. several times which kills wood dead. They shake hands with Frank Gunn, then T.J. kneels and blows Gunn. Next Dru crawls across the floor and licks Thring's shoes, then toes, then gets toe-fucked by him. T.J. is now topless, then naked, all the while blowing Gunn, but unfortunately Thring has killed all interest in this scene for me.

More toe-fucking, then Thring rubs money all over Dru's pussy and licks the money, then licks Dru. Gunn screws T.J. standing doggy, and I realise that Laura Black was only in this scene for about 30 seconds of blowjob and has not been seen since. Gunn's condom pretty much matches T.J.'s silver dress in colour.

Exterior shot of the catle again, and we cut to Laura Black being cowgirl DPed by Gunn and David. I guess that's one way to return to a scene. Next we're treated to Thring smiling, then jerking off into Minas face, then the other two guys jerk off onto Dru's face, who drips the cum into TJ's mouth, who drips it into Laura's mouth. Then thanksfully the scene ends.


This scene suffered from a bad case of "what the fuck's going on?". Even though I don't really like orgy scenes, it could have been enjoyable, but Thring's entrance, and silly activities just killed it for me. I couldn't wait for it to finish. 2/10

Like many earlier Private Productions, the DVD suffers poor identification of performers in it's various credits (different names for the same people, missing others entirely, etc) and even different names for the same vignettes within the DVD. - On further exploration, it seems that Burglar's Surprise/The Secret Garden/Mystery in Spain are the names of the vignettes in Thring's Sins of the Flesh. Checking that title reveals the exact same final credits. It appears in the confusion, the DVD authorers have understandably messed up the scene titles and the cast identification. On a personal level I'm left wondering why I bought this disc in the first place, since the only reason I can think of was completing my Thring Pirate collection back in the day. The short length of nearly all the scenes just doesn't cut it today, either, not for a full-price DVD.


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