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Pink Slip (Vivid)

Pink Slip (Vivid)

Studio: Vivid
Category:  Couples , Feature film , Straight
Directed by:
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utopian_miner's ratings for Pink Slip (Vivid):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Pink Slip (Vivid) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Pink Slip (Vivid) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Pink Slip (Vivid) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Pink Slip (Vivid) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Pink Slip (Vivid) Plot/Acting rating 1 star
Extras Pink Slip (Vivid) DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pink Slip (Vivid) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by utopian_miner  on  11/14/2007
Plot Summary

Bobby (Eric Masterson) and Danny (Trevor Zen) are two unemployed stoners who sit around on their couch all day eating, sleeping, and pipe dreaming. After receiving an eviction notice, they talk about how they used to have a job but were fired for seeing their boss’s wife naked. There’s a quick “flashback” to this “memory” where they remember the wife looking like Bobby’s girlfriend, Marissa (Sunrise Adams). In the “flashback” Sunrise puts on lingerie as the guys watch through an open window. She (apparently) sees them and screams. The guys realize that they need to come up with a way to pay rent. Danny says he could be, “one of those hand men… he could fix things” and we see their vision of this, with TJ Hart as the housewife and Peter Shaft as the plumber. I guess this fantasy puts them both to sleep but they wake up long enough to dismiss the idea. Danny’s next pipe dream is to become a male model/stripper. In his fantasy he dances around like an idiot before getting met backstage by a fan (Lola) for a romp. Back on the couch Bobby calls his rich Uncle Sam (Mark Davis) to ask for money. Sam and his wife (Cherokee) have company (Ashley Long), which causes the stoners to imagine the three-way they are having. The “next plan” is to wait for his uncle to call, so the guys flip on the TV to catch some “hot lesbian action” and we cut to a scene with Sunrise Adams and Lezley Zen. The guys doze off again and wake up to decide that Bobby will just go over and talk to their former boss (Vic Alpine). Once again the guys imagine what this would be like and they envision the boss’s wife is rather unattractive (Sharon Kane dressed as a frumpy old lady). Bobby then says to the boss, “Are you familiar with the term ‘Let’s make a deal?’” and laughs. The movie then cuts to a scene with Sunrise and Eric in a freight elevator. I presume this is another dream because the movie ends with the guys still on the couch and Marissa nagging/laughing at their laziness.

You can watch it high or completely sober and I doubt it will make much sense either way.

Scene 1 (14 min) TJ Hart w/ Peter Shaft

Action – They kiss, undress, some tit sucking, and more kissing. She quickly kisses her way down his body to his cock. She does some teasing before delivering a decent BJ. There’s some tit fucking before she returns to the BJ with more enthusiasm. They kiss some more and he goes down on her. She’s on the counter and delivers some decent dirty talk while he gives her head, rims her, and she possibly cums (has a sexy smile/laugh). She starts rubbing her own asshole as the scene cuts. She stays on the counter and he fucks her MISH, while she gives more dirty talk. He is a bit short for the counter and isn’t giving her his all. They switch to RCG in a little, noisy chair. He hammers away first, then they mix her riding with the hammering. The scene cuts to him jerking off across her chest. More tit-fucking and they kiss.

Pros – TJ has a good look for the housewife part and she seems to know how to get nasty. She delivers some dirty talk and seems into it.

Cons – Weird casting: this is supposed to be Danny’s fantasy as a plumber, yet he’s not in the scene? Instead, Peter Shaft plays the handyman – which seems an odd choice, as he’s physically smaller than his co-star. Maybe, I’m misinterpreting the fantasy but isn’t the housewife/handyman thing the exact opposite of this? They could’ve played this up and had her dominate him in a bit of a role reversal but they play it straight. He’s a good looking guy with a nice body but he’s too small. Simply put, she’s just too much woman for him and this scene should’ve been with Trevor.

2.75 out of 5

Scene 2 (13 min) Lola w/ Trevor Zen

Action – Lola pops up from behind the couch and tells Trevor she’ll make him feel better (he’s said he’s lonely). She rubs his body and cock before sitting back on the couch, where he eats her pussy. They kiss and she squats over him for more oral. He strokes and literally beats his meat. There’s a brief 69, more pussy eating, and she straddles/teases his cock. They fuck RCG while he slaps her tits. He turns her over and fucks her MISH. She talks dirty and spreads her legs. She spins around and he fucks her hard in DOGGIE. They finish with Trevor jerking a decent load onto her face.

Pros – Lola looks fucking hot straddling his face, spread eagle, and getting pounded in doggie. Once the music goes down, the heat goes up. Trevor is a good looking guy who doesn’t have to worry about acting when he fucks (though he tries to at the end of the scene for no reason).

Cons – The beginning of the scene features some HORRIBLE music… it’s like a synth anthem for an after school special trip to the planetarium. Also, if she’s the groupie there to make him feel better, it makes no sense that he gives the majority of the oral.

3 out of 5

Scene 3 (12 min) Cherokee & Ashley Long w/ Mark Davis

Action – Scene starts with a nice double BJ, including DT action & lots of spit. Mark lifts Cherokee onto his shoulders and licks her pussy as Ashley keeps blowing him. He inverts her and they 69, with Ashley getting her licks in. He puts her down and face fucks them both. As he face fucks Cherokee, Ashley rims him and sucks his balls. He fucks Cherokee DOGGIE as she eats Ashley. He pulls her hair a bit and sucks the fingers that have been in Ashley. He then fucks Ashley MISH as Cherokee straddles her face. Mark & Cherokee make good eye contact and kiss some. He fucks Ashley harder and then jerks into each of their mouths, after a quick edit. Cherokee shares some with Ashley, then they both spit into Mark’s mouth. The scene closes as they all kiss.

Pros – This is the only scene which actually makes sense in the movie. Even though the women aren’t identified until the credits, the way it plays you can guess that Cherokee is the wife and Ashley the friend. All of the oral is pretty damn hot. When Mark fucks Cherokee in doggie, her ass looks unbelievable. While Mark fucks Ashley, his chemistry with Cherokee is like that of real couple experimenting.

Cons – The cumswap at the end of the scene doesn’t seem to fit. I’m not opposed to seeing something like this but it seemed forced onto the end (I’ve read since that the director favors snowballing). The scene just wasn’t nasty or vocal enough. Also, Mark with a shaved head isn’t looking his best (he actually looks like a friend of mine and that was a touch distracting).

3.5 out of 5

Scene 4 (11 min) Sunrise Adams & Lezley Zen

Action - Sunrise is sitting in the same chair from the brief tease scene earlier while Lezley approaches from behind. There’s a weird stop motion/arty attempt to build up as Lezley approaches. Lezley rubs Sunrise first then Sunrise licks Lezley’s leg slowly. Lezley pets then slaps Sunrise’s pussy and tits. Next, she squats below her and eats her pussy. Lezley whips her hair briefly onto Sunrise’s pussy then straddles her face and grinds. They switch to Lezley sitting, with Sunrise eating pussy and rimming Lezley (who delivers some dirty talk). They kiss and switch positions again. Lezley rubs, slaps, spits on, and eats Sunrise’s pussy, then gets up and walks away.

Pros – Both ladies look great. There ends up being a really interesting energy between them that’s almost grudge-fuck like. It gets fairly intense but doesn’t go as far as I’d like.

Cons – There’s a weird mix to the energy. The scene starts off VERY slow, with the girls almost Playboy, posing style but winds up fairly nasty without a build or reason for the switch. It’s almost like two scenes from two very different movies.

2.75 out of 5

Scene 5 (13 min) Sunrise Adams w/ Eric Masterson

Action – Eric finds Sunrise in a freight elevator. He enters the elevator and slams the door down. They rub and tease each other, building some heat. She gives a VERY brief BJ. He teases her from behind while she begs, “fuck me.” He obliges with some very nice shots of her ass. The doors open to reveal a wide shot (and that Eric has been standing on his toes). There’s some brief RCG and longer CG (which could’ve been shot better, though it looks pretty good). She leans back for some nice but brief footage. He goes down on her then she returns the favor. There’s an edit and she jerks him onto her tits.

Pros – Ridiculously big bolt-ons and all, Sunset looks fucking hot. She’s in black lingerie and from start to finish, she’s just beautiful. She jerks him off onto her tits versus him wanking.

Cons – Stupid complaint but the elevator keeps moving for NO REASON and I guess is supposed to be “arty” (it isn’t… it’s just annoying/distracting). Eric doesn’t seem to enjoy wearing a condom as his wood diminishes through the scene. Also, there’s an obvious edit before the pop, which may been a result of the wood problem. Either way it removes some of the heat of Sunset finishing him off.

3 out of 5


Excluding the actual content, this is a below average DVD for a feature. For starters, one is forced to view or at best scan a several Vivid and sex line ads before getting to the menu (hitting “Menu” or skip will not function). Also, there is another ad tacked onto the end of the feature which you cannot skip. The menu scene is pretty typical except to tab through your options you may need to adjust your TV’s settings to differentiate between the highlighted (dim yellow) and non-highlighted (white) options. Thankfully, selecting scenes is much clearer (as the whole frame around the scene is highlighted, instead of the text). Another odd choice is the chapter spacing. The dialog/set-up scenes are considered full chapters and you can skip over those easily (no complaint there) but the sex scenes have a ridiculous and nearly logic free amount of chapters (some as short as 6 seconds long). I know some of this was done for the “Positions Room” option but it’s a bit out of hand (and this is coming from someone who generally complains that chapters are too spaced). Finally, the multi angle option is basically an insult. There are so infrequent and short that they you may forget that it even was an option. When they do occur, the alternate angle brings little to nothing different to the screen.

Bonuses include the usual plus:

“Positions Room” – self explanatory.

“Vivid Girl Extras” – 5 bonus scenes (Sunrise & Evan Stone from “Skin Trade,” Sunrise & Trent Tesoro from “Telling Tales,” Sunrise and Evan from “Vicious Streak,” Brooke Alexander and Julian from “Implode,” and Ana Nova and Dru Berrymore from “Ticket to Ride”) plus a brief text bio on Sunrise.

“Bonus Room” - 2 galleries (1 of the movie, 1 just Sunrise) and a brief behind the scenes look (about 8 mins). The only things I took out of this were that this movie is a sequel of sorts (to “Ring Me Up”) and Masterson’s wife wrote it (wouldn’t brag about that).


This feels like a pretty sloppy, slapped together attempt at a feature that lucks out with slightly above average sex (for a Vivid feature). The casting per scene is poorly chosen and the continuity with the plot is nearly non-existent (with the exception of the 3rd scene). The acting is embarrassing and the already thin plot doesn’t even string the scenes together. Masterson’s stoner is part Spicoli, part Bill & Ted, and part valley girl while Trevor Zen’s is like a retarded Napoleon Dynamite. For a script that tries to draw humor out of making fun of stoners, it’s a more than a touch ironic (and I do not think intentionally so) that calling this movie half-baked would be an insult to stoners worldwide. The only thing saving this (and all that may matter to some) is solid sex, that’s fairly well shot, being performed by an attractive cast. If only there was an iota of effort put into the other details…

Pros – Attractive cast, decent mix of wide shots and close-ups, good scene lengths, and despite no anal scenes, there’s more heat than the average Vivid feature.

Cons – A few specific (and picky) complaints with decisions/trends in this film:

1) I’m not opposed to condoms appearing in scenes (esp features) but if you are going to use them, I don’t get the “magic condom” appearance. It’s not like we aren’t going to notice that there’s suddenly some latex on the guy’s dick, so why not make putting one on part of the scene? Women (especially pros) can make this look sexier than most imagine.

2) 3 of the 4 scenes involving blow jobs have the chick pulling the dick down and watching it slingshot back up. It would’ve been okay in one scene but 3? Seriously, this looks more painful than fun…

3) Take the damn chick’s panties off already. Almost every scene had the pull ‘em aside approach. Who does this? I can see if you’re doing a I-can’t-even-wait type scene but again this strikes me as a one scene a film type thing.

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