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Pink Panthers

Pink Panthers

Studio: Sex Z Pictures
Category:  All Girl
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Pink Panthers:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Pink Panthers overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Pink Panthers Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Pink Panthers Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Pink Panthers Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Pink Panthers Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Pink Panthers DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pink Panthers A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/14/2008
Ok fans, fresh back from Vegas where a good time was had by plenty it's time to check out some new porn and this title I was lucky enough to pick up while there at the show. Just to be fair I was at this shoot which lasted two days in the summer so it will be interesting to see how everything came out, we did have to leave just as Hillary's scene got going so that sucked but plenty of good pics were taken before we had to jet. Let's hit some highlights from the scenes.

Sammie Rhodes & Jayme Langford:

A good opening shot panning down from the hanging lights arriving as it moves down to two pretty girls on a long couch, Sammie Rhodes is already getting busy kissing on Jayme's bod. The tongue touching while kissing was nice and it doesn't take Sammie long to get that tongue down there at Jayme's pussy and with a good floor angle we get some oral mixed in and a little dirty talk. It's only quick pussy lick but then we get Jayme engulfing those wonderful breasts of Miss Rhodes and I think a lot of us would relish the chance to suck on those mammaries. Sammie goes back in for more pussy eating, putting Jayme in a doggie pose, the floor angle here was particularly good. Being a nasty babe Sammie also works in a little ass licking as well. Miss Rhodes then gets in a doggie pose of her own with Jayme doing some finger banging and then we bring out the toys, it's a big black dildo which gets used on Sammie's cooch before the tables are turned and it's the anal virgin's turn as Jayme's not had anything up that booty, Sammie works in a few fingers at first, then with Jayme in a nice looking piledriver there are anal beads slid in and while taking these up her ass Jayme then works her foot up Sammie's pussy-- guess that is putting your foot in it!! I also liked in the piledriver that Sammie works in a little more pussy eating rather than just doing the toy. Of course the scene wouldn't be complete without Sammie's ass receiving some love and Jayme works in a medium sized glass toy, also pulling some hair- Sammie likes it rough!! Not a bad start, Sammie is always good in g/g scenes so calling her was perhaps the easiest one Hillary made for the casting here.

Bobbi Starr & Annabelle Lee:

Well this was the scene which shows us Fernando-- the onset mascot for the first day, you will see the small alien like creature in a few shots and throughout the wherehouse where this was shot there were a few Fernandos casually sitting there enjoying the show! As this scene opens we get a shot of Fernando oogling the hotties but why is his cigarette already smoked, lol, did we miss the scene somehow. Well as the shot pans out we find this not to be the case thankfully and we have Bobbi kissing Annabelle as the two get acquainted. Good clear picture and the shot moves in and out as the girls are definitely comfy and cozy. The girls have good chemistry with each other and move nicely from kissing each other to working over the tits, even sucking on hands like they were dicks. This scene has more kissing than the previous one did, I definitely liked that. Bobbi was a solid cooch licker, damn Annabelle spreads those legs wide as Bobbi dives in, also using some fingers to widen that kittie. I think when the eyes are rolling back in the head and the girl's quivering that this is probably a genuine orgasm, I could be wrong but Annabelle does both those things after some strong fingering by Bobbi. To return the favor after that beautiful oral we get Annabelle tonguing a little ass and I do love g/g ass eating, the chemisty again is really good between the two girls here. Oh shit, Bobbi sitting on Annabell's face was beautiful. I didn't even mind so much when the toys were worked in this scene, lol, a little something in their asses and then one of those double ended dildos are used with Annabelle working in Bobbi's foot into her mouth for good measure! A really good scene and fans of both girls should check this one out for sure.

Jocelyn Jayden & Leah Wilde:

Ok this next scene opens and the two girls are enjoying playing Barbies on Leah's bed-- ok they seem a little old to be playing this game, I'd think a game of Doctor or more appropriate Nurse would be better suited for their age group, lol. Leah is playing the sweet innocent girl while Jocelyn is very much the aggressor in tone for their Barbie game and throughout the scene as you'll see. Jocelyn drops the barbie and brings out another bag of toys and some lacey lingerie which Leah and Jocelyn put on. Miss Wilde is a novice, not having seen a vibrator before, well Jocelyn will show her how it all works, lol. The girls change, actually you hear Hillary's voice from the heavens telling Jocelyn to tell Leah to get dressed-- how did that slip by the editor, hehe, or perhaps it was intentional. Leah is good playing it modest, 'don't look at my cookie she says'!! Well after letting Leah get dressed it's an order from Jocelyn to lose the clothes and that cookie gets some fingering from Miss Jayden's hands before they're replaced by the barbie they were just playing with-- it's a black barbie so I guess this is Interracial toy banging! From this interesting twist on toy play you get a more traditional toy used to further widen Leah's cookie. The chemistry in this scene is different from the previous one which seemed to flow so naturally, it's a bit more forced here and I felt that as I watched the scene being filmed. Jocelyn has Leah suck on one of the toys before using it on Miss Jayden's pussy. Working up the ladder Leah also sucks on a breast while shoving the toy in. We actually get a little pussy licking too from Leah as she works her tongue around the plastic toy. Just as it got interesting we get Jocelyn wanting to work a toy in Leah's stinkstar-- gee where have we heard that term before, lol. The camera shot is good as Jocelyn works the glass toy in. Overall an ok scene for me, not enough pussy eating and I'm not sure if they even kissed each other- plenty of toy play and if you like a lot of talking then Jocelyn's verbal barbs to her young friend might turn you on more than they did for me. As a bonus-- and I use that term loosely I've got a cameo at the end of this scene playing Leah's father and I have a couple lines expressing my surprise at walking on my little girl doing such naughty things, I'm surprised this cameo didn't wind up on the cutting room floor as my 'acting' chops weren't that good, if AVN had a category for worst non-sex role of 5 seconds or less I'd be a shoe in!!

Sabrina Rose & Ashley Fires:

This next scene opens with the girls already hot'n'heavy at it, Sabrina's sucking on a strapon. Ashley's doing a lot of smack talking too as her girl sucks that fake schlong. The side view was used nicely here. Sabrina then hops on for a ride in both cowgirl and then in reverse, lots of moaning here. There is some pussy eating too worked in as the toys are used, it's been all Sabrina so far licking and taking it. Ashley gets a little taste too when shoving a dildo up Sabrina's ass. To be fair this scene was much longer than what you get here, there were some controversial religious aspects which I gather were to much so this scene was heavily edited down to what you get here, still some fine toy play and limited pussy licking make it at least ok to watch. If you watch the BTS for this title you'll see someone dressed up like Jesus but the name if it had been used for the scene was Jizzus and ADT's own Morbidthoughts makes an appearance in the scene too-- edited out just like Jizzus was, as a sheep but you see him in the BTS as well so keep a keen eye out.

Hillary Scott & Veronica Jett:

This final scene begins with Veronica dropping by looking for Eli Cross or Kylie Ireland. She is here for an audition but it's not Kylie answering the door but Hillary-- once she sees how hot Veronica is it's a no brainer to say she's Kylie and invite Veronica in!! Kylie, oops, I mean Hillary leaves for a bit so Veronica can study over the lines but she thinks Veronica just might be the perfect type for the role. It's funny how Veronia stumbles over the lines, it will have to be her feminine charm that wins this audition not her speaking skills, lol. Well Veronica then spots an adult magazine lying nearby and she can't help but take a look-- this spells trouble for Hillary as Veronica spots an add for the real Kylie Ireland and there's a pic of her in hot action and it's most certainly not the same woman that just let Veronica in-- but she wants the role so what shall she do, stay tuned fans! It was just as Veronica started to say hey this isn't Kylie I'm here with that Hillary reappears taking the magazine from Veronica and pushing ahead with the audition. Hillary wants Veronica in a more submissive position to get into character so off come the clothes, Veronica's hands get strapped to her thighs and the action resumes with both girls nearly naked. That's when Veronica asks if Hillary is Kylie Ireland and with a long purple dildo in hand Hillary's like you should have asked me that like five minutes ago before I tied you down, lol. Pushing Veronica back in the chair Hillary gets down at pussy level and starts thrusting that double ended dildo up Miss Jett's kittie. There is plenty of good dirty talk but that's no surprise coming from the mouth of Hillary and even Veronica too! There is good P2M toy cleaning too along with the filthy talk. It's odd seeing Hillary in red hair since she's back to being blond now, I was just adjusting to her being a redhead, lol. Miss Scott does tickle that cooch with her tongue as well as using the dildo, then it's time for some ass fingering too. Hillary is like I'll make you a star, get you on the boxcovers, win all the awards-- I had to chuckle since it's Hillary who was doing just that last year and even the other night picking up another big AVN award. Veronica is eventually loosened from her bonds and she works in a little choking to Hillary while kissing her face. Miss Scott then assumes the position on the big chair with Veronica slipping behind to start playing with that ass. You get a couple toys used on Miss Scott who takes toys or cocks up her ass as good as any slut working today. I did like the ass licking Hillary does then you have Veronica using a nice sized strapon to fuck Hillary up her poopchute. Of course Veronica wins the role after doing all these nasty things!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was ok but one scene was heavily edited down from what it was supposed to be, I wasn't sure how the scene would be received as it was shot but now we'll never know since Jizzus was edited out. The Ashley/ Jocelyn scene was a bit off for me too, not much kissing or oral so to replace that you get an overabundance of toy usage. The scenes which worked best for sure were Bobbi/ Annabelle- those two just clicked so well and of course Hillary and Veronica to close it out, they also had a good chemistry between them. Sammie in the first scene was strong showing Jayme the ropes in taking toys up her virgin ass. Extra wise you get some BTS-- watch this for the Jizzus shots, Hillary has fun interviewing the girls too. SexZ also offers up various scene jumps- to say oral, anal or dildo play. I'd do this as a rental first, perhaps the toy dominated Jocelyn/ Ashley scene will impress you more than it did for me. I'd like Hillary to do another g/g dvd for sure so let's see if that happens in 2008.

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