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Pinch, The

Pinch, The

Studio: Vivid
Category:  Comedy , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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fu_q's ratings for Pinch, The:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Pinch, The overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Pinch, The Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Pinch, The Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Pinch, The Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Pinch, The Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Pinch, The DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pinch, The A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by fu_q  on  8/5/2009
"The Pinch" is a clever and witty comedy directed by B. Skow that focuses on a man with a small penis (Voodoo) and details what happens when his meddlesome friends (Evan Stone and Tommy Gunn) try to help him out via hypnotism. The plot of the movie is fun, light-hearted, and real, and the sex (all vaginal) is excellent in four of the five scenes and good in the other. Standing out here is the work of contract girl, Meggan Mallone, who is quite the brunette stunner, with notable performances also turned in by the rest of the female cast. The visuals and camerawork are top-notch, and the production values are exquisite. The acting is also spot-on. Further, there is a very nice collection of bonus material presented here. The only real drawback is that there is a website watermark down in the lower right corner of the screen. This, however, really doesn’t take away from the action and is fairly minor. All in all, this is definitely a great choice if you are looking for beautiful women, hot sex, and / or a movie with a solid plot.

The plot revolves around a guy with a tiny penis, played by Voodoo, and his meddling friends, played by Tommy Gunn and Evan Stone. After a golfing accident, Tommy and Evan get a good look at the diminutive nature of Voodoo’s cock (faked, of course) and decide that it is the cause of his apparent sexual issues and inhibitions. Trying to help a guy out, they trick him into going to a hypnotist, played by Nick Manning, who makes him think that his dick is actually quite large. After this, Voodoo becomes a monster of Evan’s and Tommy’s creation and gets into womanizing, as well as ignoring his friends. Fortunately, a “password” was put in place (let’s just say that I now know what an “assy” is) to undo his condition. Before it can be used, however, Voodoo gets into a “big dick contest” and embarrasses himself. All ends up turning out well, though, as Voodoo finds the love of his life—and a perfect fit for him—in the hypnotist’s receptionist, played by Meggan Mallone. All in all, the plot here is very good and quite clever. Evan and Tommy play the “ass-hole friend” roles quite well, and Voodoo is very good in playing his dual-faceted character. There are a lot of fun moments, and the storyline is definitely good at giving meaning to the action—nice work by all involved!

Inserting the Disc / Main Menu
Upon inserting the disc, the typical warning and information screens play, along with various Vivid-based advertisements. These ads can be skipped via the “scene forward” button on one’s remote control. The Main Menu then comes up, and we find a number of options. “Play Feature”—which is where we’ll start, “Scene Selection”—a typical scene selection mechanism, and “Positions Room”—which plays through the chosen type of action from the movie, are all there. Also present are five other choices that will be covered at the end of this review under “Bonus Materials / Other Options”. As always, let’s start off with “Play Feature”.

Opening Credits
After a brief opening segment to setup the plot of the film, the opening credits play over clips from the movie. There are some comical, cartoon effects here, as well.

Scene One (Renae Cruz, Rachel Solari, Tommy Gunn, and Evan Stone)
This scene is a boy-boy-girl-girl endeavor featuring Renae Cruz, Rachel Solari, Tommy Gunn, and Evan Stone in the backroom of a bar / club that has cushioned, brown benches lining the walls. Renae starts out dressed in a denim miniskirt, gray boots, a black shoulder-less top covering her chest and tummy, and pink panties with black crosses as their design. Rachel begins the activities in a black shirt with short sleeves, a denim miniskirt, and a magenta bra and panties set. Physically, Renae is a petite Latina actress with highlighted brown hair, nice-sized enhanced breasts, and a womanhood sporting a piercing and a decent patch of hair above shaven lips. Rachel is a curvier actress having blonde hair with some brown-streaking, a nice-sized enhanced chest, and a womanhood that is fully shaved.

Evan, Tommy, Renae, and Rachel—in the bar before heading to the backroom.

The action in this scene is hot, heavy, and frantic—but in a good way. Both ladies get eaten out by the gentlemen, and there is some fingering that goes on, as well. The women also provide some sexy oral work on Tommy and Evan—both prior to, and during, the actual sex. Included in this blowjob activity is some erotic cock-cleaning of Evan’s member by Rachel after it has been in Renae and also by Renae after it has been inside of Rachel. In her pre-sex b.j. on Evan, Renae also is on the receiving end of some oral pile-driving by Evan—crazy stuff. In terms of the actual penetration (all vaginal), a lot of positions are employed and both actors sample both ladies’ goods. All in all, Rachel ends up doing reverse-cowgirl, side-entry, doggie-style, and missionary-like positions, while Renae is taken in pile-driver, reverse-cowgirl, doggie-style, cowgirl, and missionary-like positions. Evan pops on Renae’s mouth, chin, and chest, and she follows it up with some oral cock clean-off. Rachel does a touch of cum-licking off of Renae’s face as she (Rachel) is being taken in a side-entry position. To essentially end the sex, Tommy cums on Rachel’s mouth, face, and chest, followed by a bit of oral cock clean-off of both men’s cocks by Rachel and some cum-kissing with Renae.

In case it isn’t obvious from the description, this sequence is absolutely smoking! Evan, Tommy, Rachel, and Renae turn out an incredible fuck-fest of intertwined flesh, and the proceedings never get boring. The way the scene ends is also as erotic as it gets. Further, the action is well-captured, and the camera angles that are utilized are very good. This scene is worth checking out.

Scene Two (Sunny Lane and Evan Stone)
This scene involves Sunny Lane, playing the role of Evan’s wife, and Evan Stone in their bedroom on a white bed with a black-leather, cushioned headboard and with pillows baring gray and yellow designs. Sunny starts out wearing a black slip and g-string, both of which appear to have roses imprinted upon them. Physically, she is a petite, curvy, dishwater blonde with perky natural breasts, a womanhood with shaved lips and a cute tuft of hair just above, and a famously-round backside. As always, Sunny looks great.

Evan—faking diarrhea to get out of having sex with Sunny—not only does he have big nuts, but he is nuts!

Action-wise, things are quite hot here. There is some very sloppy (in a good way) oral work by Sunny on Evan’s large cock, which includes some handwork, face-fucking, lots of spit, ball-licking and -sucking, and semi-gagging. There is some 69’ing that goes on, and Evan eats Sunny out. In terms of the actual sex (all vaginal), Evan takes her in reverse-cowgirl, side-entry, cowgirl, “horizontal pile-driver” (like a pile-drive but lying on the bed), reverse pile-driver, pile-driver, doggie-style, belly-down rear-entry, and missionary-like positions. There’s also some between position eating and fingering by Evan on Sunny. The sequence comes to a close with a pop-shot on Sunny’s breasts, chest, and a bit on her tongue, followed by some oral cock clean-off.

This scene has excellent heat and a ridiculous number of unique positions—typical Evan Stone. Sunny looks great—no surprise—and the chemistry between the two is quite good. As with the previous scene, the camerawork is top-notch. All in all, this scene is highly recommended.

Scene Three (Meggan Mallone, Claudia Rossi, and Voodoo)
This scene features a three-way with Meggan Mallone—star of the film and Vivid contract girl, Claudia Rossi—a popular European star, and Voodoo, the male lead of the production. The action here takes place in the living room area of an apartment with a curved, light-brown / yellow leather sofa. Meggan begins things dressed in a white miniskirt with thick black edges and a bright floral-like design, no bra, and pink, ruffly panties. Claudia is wearing a denim miniskirt, a white tank-top, no bra, and white panties with a design around the edges. Physically, Meggan is a slender, barely-legal type with brunette hair, cute natural breasts, and a shaved womanhood. Claudia is a slender brunette with cute natural breasts and a womanhood that is shaved but for a trimmed triangle above the lips. Both women are quite attractive.

Meggan, Claudia, and Voodoo—amazing what a little confidence will do for a guy.

Over the course of the scene, there is some making out that goes on between Voodoo and the two ladies, and both of the girls end up suckling each others’ breasts. Meggan and Claudia also manage to get in some fingering of each other and also some oral work on each other. Voodoo fingers Meggan and also receives excellent blowjob action—both prior to, and during, the actual sex. Included here are a couple of hot double-blowjob sequences (part-POV) and some out-of-the-pussy cleaning / sucking mostly by Meggan (hot!). In terms of the actual penetration, Meggan does cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl, and side-entry positions, while Claudia does cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl, missionary-like, and doggie-style positions. Often while the vaginal sex is going on, the other girl is either masturbating or eating out the girl who is getting it (some of the time)—or the two girls are making out and / or playing with each other. One particularly hot portion of the scene occurs when Meggan administers a handjob on Voodoo while he is fucking Claudia in a missionary-like position. The best part, however, takes place at the end, when Voodoo pulls out of a doggie-style position on Claudia and pops all over her ass-crack. A bit of his load also shoots up onto Meggan’s face and mouth, and he reinserts his cock into Claudia. Meggan rubs the cum on Claudia’s ass, spanks it, and then licks Voodoo’s member and kisses Claudia. Wow!

This scene is insanely hot. Meggan, Claudia, and Voodoo really put forth the effort here, and it is quite good to see how into the action Meggan gets. She is really becoming one of my favorites these days—she also seems to be a bit on the wild side. Again, the camerawork is excellent—which does make a big difference. Just from the finish alone, this is worth watching—never mind how good the rest of it is—and it is good.

Scene Four (Raquelle De Rossi and Nick Manning)
This scene features Raquelle De Rossi, a relative newcomer (at least at the time of the filming), and Nick Manning, who plays the part of the hypnotist. The action here involves Nick taking advantage of Raquelle, a client whom he has hypnotized, and takes place in his office, which is equipped with yellow chairs having gold, angular designs on them. Raquelle is attired in a black business pant-suit (perhaps she is running for office?), a white button-down shirt, brown lacy panties, and a brown lacy bra. Physically, Raquelle is of Latina decent and is curvy, shaved, and has nice-sized enhanced breasts.

Raquelle—finding Nick Manning mesmerizing.

The action involves Nick having Raquelle strip and then bringing her to orgasm with some foot massaging that he does. Nick fingers her noticeably-moist womanhood (largely POV) and also eats her out. Not to be outdone, Raquelle administers oral work (part POV) on Nick that features mild face-fucking, deep-throating, gagging, and handwork. As for the actual sex, a few positions are utilized. These include reverse-cowgirl, doggie-style, and missionary-like. The sex essentially finishes off with Nick ejaculating on Raquelle’s still-open pussy, followed by some hot reinsertion and then some oral cock clean-off.

All in all, this scene is weaker than the other five that are on the disc, but it is still good. The ending is extraordinarily hot, and the camerawork is top-notch. These two things really save it from Nick Manning’s barbarian-like mannerisms and his over-acting, that—at times—are simply too much, even for a comedy. That said, this scene is still solid and worth a watch—especially for the closing.

Scene Five (Meggan Mallone and Voodoo)
This scene involves Meggan Mallone, who is playing Nick Manning’s receptionist, and Voodoo. The setting is a medieval-themed bedroom, and most of the action takes place on a huge wooden bed with gold coverings and pillows. Meggan starts out wearing light-blue- and white-striped panties and a matching tank-top. She looks incredible.

Meggan—Voodoo’s dream cum true.

The activities include some making out and breast-suckling, as well as hot oral work between the pair. Over the course of the scene, Meggan blows Voodoo (part POV), he eats her out and also rims her briefly, and the two have a nice between-position 69’ing session during the actual sex. In addition, there is some finger-work on Meggan (part POV). In terms of the penetration, a number of positions are utilized, including: missionary-like, side-entry, reverse-cowgirl, “horizontal” reverse-cowgirl-like, cowgirl, and doggie-style. The scene ends with a pop-shot on Meggan’s face, mouth, and shoulder, followed by some oral cock clean-off (part POV)—very hot!

This segment of the disc is another major winner. The action is hot, and so are the participants. As with all of the other scenes, the camerawork is fabulous—great angles and the action is well captured. This is another highly recommended sequence.

Bonus Materials / Other Options
The bonus materials are located in the Main Menu. They include a “Behind the Scenes” segment that is a lot of fun and lasts about 25 minutes. There is a “Vivid Girls Extras” option that plays through / gives a choice of five extra, bonus scenes. These include a Sunny Lane and Monique Alexander boy-girl-girl sequence (from “All Dressed Up”), a Savanna Samson boy-girl romp (from “Going Deep”), a Renae Cruz boy-girl segment (from “I Love My Ass”), a Hanna Hilton and Riley Evans boy-girl-girl scene (from “Porn Stars at Home”), and a Meggan Mallone boy-girl boffing (from “Strip Tease”). There is also a text-based biography for Meggan Mallone under this option. All in all, this is an amazing amount of bonus footage, and it is almost like getting another movie for free—nice freebie! Along with all of this, there is a “Movie Gallery” option that plays through “pretty-girl” shots and stills from the shoot. Finally, there is a “Vivid Previews” option—which plays through a number of trailers for other Vivid productions, and a “Vivid Products” option—which plays through a variety of ads. In total, there is a lot of good bonus material here.

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