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Captain Jack Pig Latin 3.5 starsPig Latin 3.5 starsPig Latin 3.5 stars
Christian Dark Pig Latin 4 starsPig Latin 4 starsPig Latin 4 stars
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Pig Latin

Pig Latin

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Compilation
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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wraithlead's ratings for Pig Latin:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Pig Latin overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Pig Latin Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Pig Latin Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Pig Latin Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Pig Latin Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Pig Latin DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pig Latin A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by wraithlead  on  9/20/2009
Pig Latin - Zero Tolerance Films

Starting another movie, a four hour compilation again. This time it's "Pig Latin" from Zero Tolerance. Supposedly all latin ladies, and when I was selecting a movie, I picked this because it had a lot of names I always flag for inspection. Hopefully it goes well. Again, as usual for me, I'm not that picky about audio/video quality, but if it stands out as sucky I'll point it out.

Final Opinion:

Good movie. No scene sucked, and some were scorching hot. There were ten scenes, mostly full length, so the amount of sex was good too. A perfect movie for those wanting to watch couples because nothing was too rough, there were no threesomes, but there was still plenty of heat. The girls I wanted to see all did a good job, but I wish Jenaveve Jolie's scene wasn't 'oral only'. The girls I had never watched before did a good job too, and so I thought it was a strong 3.5/5.


Daisy Marie from "Tic Tac Toes 3"

She's looking sexy as she always does in a black top and skirt with orange accents, makeup and hair making her look that kind of spicy we wanted when we picked up a latina film. As always, since some care, I'll say that this is the pre-inflation Daisy. She does a lot of teasing for the camera, followed by a long walk, and more teasing. Then the camera zooms on her feet as she oils them, and...teases us with them. She gives a cock a footjob, starting way before we know who the cock belongs to. I'm not much of a footjob guy, so that's why this comes off as a little annoying. Finally we get to the blowjob, and I enjoyed it, nice and slow, with just enough spit. She gets on him cowgirl, as he pushes her thong to the side and undoes her skirt as she rides him. The next position is sideways missionary, with her back facing the camera, and her wearing nothing but the beaded belt and collar. RCG, spooning, and cumshot on her feet, then sucking it off her toes end the scene. Pretty good, but if you like footjob scenes, you'll like this a lot more. 2.5

Jordanna from "South American Pie 3"

She's really cute, in a red print bikini, with a nice natural chest, but I can't take my eyes off her thighs enough to appreciate the rest. Long, straight, black hair, and the guy starts going down on her quick. "Don", as his back tattoo identifies him, does a good job licking and rubbing, diving right in between her legs. She sucks him on her knees. He takes her from behind, she rides him cowgirl, he does doggiestyle in a hammock(which looked as hard to pull off as it sounds), then anal RCG, very sexy anal doggiestyle, on the floor this time for better pounding, then pulls out and pops on her mouth and chin. I really enjoyed this scene. 3.5/5

Jenaveve Jolie from "Face Invaders"

She's one of those girls who can do no wrong to me. She looks delicious in a skirt that shows her curvy ass, and a bikini top outside by the pool. She wastes little time before the blowjob. And man, does she make it worth watching. Blowjob, with deepthroating, and some titfucking with multiple camera angles...then facefucking, with her holding her pretty face still while he uses her mouth. some ball sucking while she strokes him in her hand. Not always a fan of blowjob-only scenes, but this one was great as far as those go. She strokes him till he spurts, some in her mouth, some not. I wish the cumshot was a little better, but the scene was still a 'watch' recommendation for me. 3/5

Lorena Sanchez from "Who's Your Daddy? 9"

Lorena's definitely a cutie, red top and denim skirt, but already rubbing herself as the scene starts here. The guy walks up and they start making out hot and heavy. I gotta say, these 'daddy' movies never make sense to me, but who cares if the sex is hot. The two take turns giving each other oral, though she gives more than he does. Her natural, curvy body looks good as we slowly see more through the scene. He's naked almost right away, but she keeps stuff on, and I get turned on by the girls having skirts around their waists for doggiestyle, so it works for me. The camera angles work for me in this scene, and the sex is steamy, but sometimes her moans bordered on overdone. Still a good watch, though. She gets it from behind, then rides him cowgirl and RCG, then a few variations on spooning, all vaginal. Some more variations on doggiestyle, then he cums in her mouth and she swallows. Liked this a lot. 3.5/5

Renae Cruz from "Meet the Fuckers 8"

She walks in, wearing a red top with delicious looking cleavage, and fishnets over white knee-high stockings. She quickly starts removing clothing while talking to and teasing the camera, and let me say, it's working, lol. Next we get a glass dildo, and she starts work herself and moaning for us with good movement between closeups and views that let us see her whole body. There's a POV blowjob with her following on her knees with the cameraman leading her to the couch. then we see non-POV sex, doggiestyle at first. No more review here, because I enjoyed the scene too much to write anything. Once the anal started, all bets were off. Easily a 4/5 for me, maybe higher...A cumshot to/in her mouth finished it. Clean off and playing with his cock just made it better. 4/5

Dee from "Fishnets 5"

I have to admit again, Dee is one of my all-time favorites. Her all-natural beauty makes her a goddess to me, so the only thing i'll probably find wrong with this scene is the start where she puts ON lingerie and fishnets, but I'll forgive her during her sexy striptease in a few moments. Dee looks thicker here than in most of her scenes, and I've seen a lot of them. But here, she just looks more sexy, more curvy, so I don't mind. I won't make this too long, in part because I want to enjoy this scene as a viewer, not a reviewer. But also in part because I don't want a movie review to sound like a cheerleading exercise. But, good lord...the way she looks, the way she moves, the way she takes him in her mouth, riding, sucking, getting fucked from behind or spooning, then taking it up her ass, with her sexy fishnets still sits on him for anal RCG then the scene keeps going. The cumshot on her face, and in her mouth, followed by cleanup ends it, and I'll have to write the rest of the review later. 4.5/5

Rebeca Linares from "Strip Tease Then Fuck 9"

Not sure if there shouldn't be 2 'c' in Rebecca, like I think I've seen in other flicks...But if she's as sexy in this as she's been elsewhere, I don't care. And she is...She's hot, the blow job is hot, the sex on the bed with lots of kissing is hot, so no complaints here. They start off with her on her back, then cowgirl. She works him good, then sucks some more, before he thrusts back in. Next she gets fucked up her ass, rubbing herself, and seeming to enjoy the whole thing. All the anal positions they did, her moaning while she takes it, good stuff...There's more, including her taking a good doggiestyle pounding, anal and vaginal. Her black hair, black heels, and moaning in spanish made the scene so sexy. He cums all over her tongue and face to end this smoking hot scene. 4/5

Laurie Vargas from "Taco Shop 3"

Another good looking woman with all natural curves and breasts. After a few minutes of tease, a guy joins in and they start the foreplay/fingering/oral. There is missionary sex with her on the armrest of a couch, then doggiestyle with her bent over that same armrest. Oral between positions, then they spoon with him inside her for anal. Anal RCG, more oral, a vag cowgirl ride, then she turns around and lets him climb on for doggiestyle anal sex. Her moans and the smile on her face make me think she enjoyed it, and that makes it even hotter. She takes it on her back next, then gets the cum sprayed on her face, chest and open mouth, with clean off. Hot scene. 4/5

Mayara Rodrigues from "Crude Oil 2"

Cute faced, dark blonde haired, with a great butt and sexy curves, Mayara starts the scene off by oiling herself up and teasing the camera. She loses the bikini a little at a time, showing tan lines on her caramel skin. Poeple who like big butts and small chests would love this girl. Soon she's joined by a dude MUCH darker and she starts sucking him off. The first intercourse is when he picks her up for standing missionary. Slow and sexy cowgirl, with lots of grinding. RCG, then hot anal RCG with her laying flat back on him, and a sorta awkward edit job to get to a good sized cumshot on her face and mouth, with the ending edit hurting the hot scene a little. 3.5/5

Luscious Lopez from "Ass Cleavage 8"

This scene starts straight out with the sex, standing missionary again. Then there's standing doggiestyle, a cowgirl ride with a camera angle that really shows how good her butt looks. Next she gets it lying on her back, then her side. Doggiestyle, anal cowgirl, anal on her back, then her side, whil she jiggles her butt(my favorite part of the scene), then on her back again with her knees up near her shoulders. Doggiestyle anal was really hot too, but then a sorta weak cumshot to her tongue and face cooled the scene off a bit again. Still fun, though. 3/5


Bouns Materials

Bonus Scene:

A pretty brunette, natural chest, pink and black lingerie. She takes her clothes off, moves to the couch, and treats us to masturbation, dirty talk and then the guy joins. As with all bonus scenes, you never know what to expect. I was just about to say that solo scenes don't do much for me, unless they're the start of something. They can't be the whole scene or I'm not interested. The guy joins. We get oral both ways, blowjob and pussy eating. Then sex through a few positions, including very good cowgirl, with him in vag while fingering her ass and her massaging his balls. I wish I knew who the girl was, cauase she's familiar, and I did like the scene, but oh well...

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