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Pick-up Girls 3

Pick-up Girls 3

Studio: Bad Seed
Category:  All Sex
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MD James's ratings for Pick-up Girls 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Pick-up Girls 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Pick-up Girls 3 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Pick-up Girls 3 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Pick-up Girls 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Pick-up Girls 3 Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Pick-up Girls 3 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pick-up Girls 3 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by MD James  on  9/10/2006
MD James - A mystery wrapped inside an enigma

Title: Pick-Up Girls 3
Released by: Bad Seed
Reviewed by
MD James

There are two things that basically caught my eye on this video. The first obviously is the picture of Heather Hunt on the cover holding a $50 bill in front of her pussy. The second is the sheer simplicity of the idea.

Okay, here’s the plan: a group of guys will go trolling for hot babes. They’ll trick them into their vehicle. They’ll talk these women into doing a little "movie audition", maybe even show off a bit of their body. They take the women into their "studio", get them to show off a little "camel toe", then one of them will have sex with the women. He’ll get off, she’ll get paid, and then it’s on to the next "audition".

GREAT concept… not very realistic, though, because in most instances if you walk up to a woman right off the street and ask if she’d have sex on camera with a bunch of strange guys watching, your face would be SORE from the number of times it’d get slapped. Plus of course you troll that area long enough and enough women start complaining, then the cops show up and want to know what you’re doing with the camera.

But, hey, this isn’t real world… this is the world of adult entertainment.

Scene 1: Jessica Sexin

We first see Jessica walking in the park as the guys are trolling for babes. She’s a little hesitant to meet three strangers, especially when one of them has a video camera. She’s wearing a short tee shirt and ultra-LOW-riding jeans. They offer her $100 to get in the car with them, and she gladly accepts. Once in the car she shows her boobs for some more money. They play with her boobs as they make their way to their studio. The camera gets hung LOW to catch her crotch and ass as she steps inside.

Once in the studio, Jessica takes her jeans off, then slips a pair of panties on just for the camel-toe effect. They get her to lay down on the bed with just the panties and Tommy Gunn cuts and tears her panties apart. Tommy whips his cock out and she sloppily takes him into her mouth. They both get on the bed for some 69 action. With her panties finally off, she dry-humps him in cowgirl position for a while, then he fucks her in missionary until she cums. Then she gets on top for reverse-cowgirl, then in cowgirl, then he finally jerks off into and around her mouth.

Just then her phone rings... it’s DAD! Mind you, she’s sitting there on the bed with goo on her face, totally naked, and she’s talking like, oh, she just met three guys and they’re just talking. Boy if daddy only knew…

GREAT way to start off this video!

Scene 2: Heather Hunt

The crew is trolling again… this time with Rick Masters, and he’s itching for some camel toe! Rick sees Heather as she’s leaving her house. He gets out and walks up to her. She agrees to go with them to take part in a "camel toe contest" – which she supposedly doesn’t know about. (Riiiiight!) They go to the studio, and she makes it clear she’s all about the cash. She shows her natural breasts for $100, then offers them to touch for an extra $100. She slides off her sweatpants and pulls up her panties to show her pussy. Then he shows "his" for another $100… and then she goes down on him.

Then they move the party inside, where he goes down on her for a bit before she gets naked, and then takes his pants off so she can return the favor. She rides him in reverse-cowgirl, then in spoon position, then doggie, then she dry-humps him in cowgirl position until he blows his load all over his own stomach and she sticks her face in it before fading out.

The lead-in to this scene was really nice, but our "feature" girl really didn’t seem too into it once the sex got going. I like the dry-hump-to-climax bit, though. That beats the extremely overused facial pop.

Scene 3: Chanel Chavez

The crew is trolling again, this time the driver (Tommy) wants the guys to check this girl out with a popcicle in front of a grocery store. She walks up wearing a short belly shirt and jeans, and she’s asked if she doesn’t know what a camel toe is. Obviously she doesn’t. (Don’t worry, she will soon.) They offer her money to show her camel toe and get paid for it, and she agrees. They get to the studio and the camera drops low to try to catch a peek of her crotch.

Once inside, they do a quick greet, then we see her bouncing up and down on the bed wearing noting but baby blue panties. She drenches her crotch with baby oil for the camel toe look, then they cut her panties apart. Then she sucks on Tommy’s cock, then proclaims that if she sucks him really good that he’d better fuck her good too. The panties come off, then he fucks her in missionary position, much to her apparent pleasure. The cameraman even gets to cop a feel of her as Tommy brings her to climax, then goes right at it. She sucks him for a while as the cameraman gets another feel and her hand snakes down to return the favor. Then he goes back to missionary on the floor. Then she gets back on the bed and they do it in doggie-position. Then it’s standing-doggie against the mirror, then it’s standing piledriver on the floor, then back to doggie position until she climaxes again. Then she climbs on top for a dry-hump until they both climax and he shoots his load over his belly. Then she cleans his belly as we fade away.

Now THIS was the best scene in the whole video! Chanel REALLY looked like she was into it, and again it was rare to see a dry-hump-to-climax scene, never mind one where they BOTH have an orgasm. She definitely should have been the feature girl in this video.

Scene 4: Cole Conners

We see Cole as she’s walking down the sidewalk. The crew pulls up alongside her and ask her about a camel toe. Like all the others, she’s clueless. (What? You mean there’s ANOTHER woman who doesn’t know what a camel toe is???) So of course they have to clue her in, and throw in some cash. She’s got a nice body inside a denim outfit. She pulls her top open a little bit to show off her bra, then shows her camel toe as she reaches for Tommy’s crotch. Then they move the party inside.

Once inside, we see her wearing nothing but her powder blue panties. Tommy oils her up as she leans over in doggie position so we can see her camel toe. Then we see her without panties as she dry-humps Tommy in cowgirl position. She pauses so she can give a few sucks in, then gets back on top of him to actually fuck him in cowgirl position, pausing just long enough for her to climax before going back to fucking. They move to doggie position, then reverse-cowgirl, then missionary, and then he blows his load all over her pussy.

Another very good scene, and the pop-over-the-pussy is a classic porn ending, although we usually don’t get the in-your-face gyno view.

Scene 5: Rhiannon Bray

Back on the prowl, the guys decide to put a sign up looking for "lost camel toe" (yeah, that’s really gonna work). That’s when they see Rhiannon just up the street. They ask her if she’s seen the missing camel toe and she recognizes the panties as being hers. They play a little verbal game of "I’ll show you mine if you show me yours" and they throw in some money as well. They do a little introduction, then she pulls up her shirt to show her boobs. Then she shows her camel toe, then her butt, and then the little jeweled ring on her toe.

Once inside, we get a close-up of her pierced pussy before Frank gets a few licks in. He even does a little finger-fucking in her pussy and ass. Then he oils her breasts up, then oils her pussy up and tears it open so he can get a few more licks in. Then it’s her turn to get a few licks in on Frank’s cock. She dry-humps him in cowgirl position before his dick vanishes inside her pussy. Then they go into missionary position where he fucks her with a vengeance. Then they move to doggie position, then a little 69, then spoon, then back to missionary until he pops all over her pussy… although it’s not much of a pop.

Not bad for a scene. Not as good as the two previous scenes, but having only seen Rhiannon previously in Playboy TV’s softcore series "7 Lives Xposed", this reviewer finds it nice to see her in more "Xplicit" settings.

But wait! Don’t roll the credits yet! We have one more!

Bonus Scene: Tyla Wynn

This time the crew isn’t trolling for babes. They FIND Tayla already in their little studio, sitting on the couch. She shows off her body a bit and then cops a feel from the cameraman and then offers to shave her pussy. Her cherry panties and microskirt come off and she shaves her pussy bald with a little help from Sascha. Then they have a little fun with the shaving cream, followed by a little baby oil, then she gets on top of Sascha’s dick and fucks him in cowgirl position. Then he takes her in doggie position and fucks her hard until he’s ready to pop… then he ALMOST blows it inside her mouth until the cameraman tells him not to, so he blows it all over her mouth, then smacks her upside the head and leaves.

I’m sorry, but this scene had no reason to be a part of this video. As a bonus scene as one of the extras, yes. But not as part of the previous five scenes that all had a common theme. This did not fit in at all. Plus Sascha’s aggressive attitude was not welcomed as far as this reviewer is concerned.

There really no end credits to this video. We just see a little legal disclaimer and then a plug for the Free Speech Coalition before we go back to the main menu.

In addition to the "Bonus Scene" IN the video, we also have another in the main menu…

Bonus Scene: Trina Michaels & Ethan Cage (from Anal Cherry Busters)

Trina does a little showing off before Ethan comes in and starts poking and prodding around her shorts. He peels them down so he can work on her pussy and ass. With her shorts pulled down past her ass and with one boob hanging out of the top, she sits down to work on his cock. After both breasts get pulled out from the top and she does a little hands-free sucking, they get to the business at hand. He fucks her in doggie position over the couch. Then they move to anal reverse-cowgirl, anal cowgirl, anal spoon, and then we see him blowing his load all over her ass as she lays there with her face in the sofa and her ass high up.

It wasn’t too bad of a bonus, although it couldn’t compare to some of the exceptional sex scenes in the main video itself.

Rounding out the extras, we have a nearly eight-minute animated photo gallery put to music, four back-to-back trailers for other Bad Seed videos, and a quick plug for Not too bad in terms of extras, although putting a little more work into putting in individual trailers would have really been an improvement.

All-in-all this is a pretty good video from Bad Seed. Or at least with the exception of the "Bonus" scene with Tyla, it’s a pretty good video. The women all look very nice. The guys are okay. The initial concept is good (even if the execution in some scenes was lame) and the sex is smoking HOT. It’s also nice to see these women (with the obvious exception of Tyla) in ordinary street clothes, and not dressed like Trashy Lingerie Streetwalkers. They also should have worked a little more on the aftermath. Jessica’s call from "dad" was the best, and I wish they could have developed a little more for some of the other women.

Still, if you’re into nice hot babes in a more "casual" setting, this is a good video to get. Plus, of course, if you’re big on the whole "camel toe" thing, because if you don’t know what a camel toe is, this video will DEFINATELY set you straight on it!

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