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Pick 'em Young

Pick 'em Young

Studio: Cinderella
Category:  Barely Legal
Directed by:
Starring: , , ,
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Black Panther's ratings for Pick 'em Young:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Pick 'em Young overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Pick 'em Young Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Pick 'em Young Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Pick 'em Young Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Pick 'em Young Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Pick 'em Young DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pick 'em Young A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Black Panther  on  10/30/2007
Running Time: 122 minutes


Cream Works Films


Alana Evans, with an ample assist from her husband Chris Evans.

Sex to story ratio

97 minutes of sex, 25 minutes of story. A great ratio IMO!

Alana Evans (as the pro)

Rick Hawk
Marty Romano as Duro's dad

Extras: 27 minute behind the scenes footage. Footage shows husband Chris "coaching" Alana during several scenes. I'd be lying if I said it didn't ruin the fantasy some. Also shows them arguing/discussing lighting during their short sex scene. Also has Chris asking Marty to perform a bj scene out-of-the-blue. I got the feeling Alana didn't really want to do it, but went along for some reason. Great bonus sex footage though.

First Impressions:

I first heard about this series from Alana herself on her yahoogroup. I've been waiting to see this for a while, and would have viewed it earlier if I'd knew it'd been released on dvd.

The Scenario:

Chris and Alana are fucking, when Chris comes in about a minute. Chris claims he is the man, but Alana says she wants to find younger men with more stamina. To be honest, watching Alana fuck for even a minute was hot too me. Could have did without this silly and lame set-up though. The title and theme speaks for itself IMO. I'm starting to think this husband and wife team are gonna over-direct an otherwise great premise. Alana is looking at guys on the internet and says she wants to finds guys between 18-21. One of the guys was 22, but the rest were within range. The films starts with Alana masturbating while fantasizing about the young guys. I'm loving it already, and my worries are quickly disappearing.

Scene 1.- First guy up is 20 year old Brandon. Brandon is kind of pale-skinned, but looks the part, as do all the other guys. Scene starts with Alana playing with herself while he's off screen. Alana says she is nervous, and it shows. Its a good nervous though because there is a lot of flirting going on. Alana starts touching him and his big dick is rock hard in mere seconds. Alana, wearing only pink boots and nothing else, wastes no time in getting it out and putting it in her mouth. After some hot deep-throating, they move to RCG, Spoon, Doggy, Mish, and RCG. Scene ends with Alana jerking him off on her hands and tits. She opens her mouth for the facial and cum gets all on her face, neck, and hair. Man that shit was hot! Can't wait to see the next one. 20 Minute scene.

Scene 2.- Next up is 21 year old Rick Hawk. Rick has spiked-hair and a pieced eye brow, but actually looks younger than 21. After quite a bit of kissing, touching, and sucking her very pert nipples, she takes out his already hard and very big dick after undressing him. Should be noted that Alana sports her new breast-job here. Alana waists no time in getting his dick out and sucking it. They do it in CG, RCG, and Doggy. She jerks him off with two hands right into her open mouth. She lets it drip back out her mouth. Damn another hot scene! 17 minute scene.

Scene 3.- Next up is 21 year old Duro. Duro is skinny and spanish with a lot of tattoos and wearing some cool glasses. Not gonna lie here, I thought he looked older than 21 and seemed to wink his eyes when he said his age. Dude has a lot of game, and moves and acts like he's fucked a lot of women. After a little kissing, Alana soon has his big dick in his mouth. So far all the guys have been packing above size meat, which is unlike most pro-am porn that I've seen. Duro is soon licking her pussy, and is quite good at it. Soon after they're fucking in RCG, CG, Doggy, Froggy, Spoon, and Anal Mish. He pulls out of pussy Mish and cums all over her face with some getting in her eye. If there is a ringer in the group, Duro was him. Wasn't sure about this scene because I wasn't sure if Alana liked him at first, she even tells not to talk so much at one time, but it turned into yet another hot scene. 17 minute scene.

Scene 4.- Duro's dad, played by porn pro Marty Romano shows up. He's throws Duro out and gets a bj from Alana. Scene barely lasts a minute, which is fitting. Scene did nothing for me and wasn't needed IMO. It borders on forced sex too. Won't use it against them though.

Scene 5.- Chris and Alana meet 22 year old Neo who works at a tattoo shop. Alana goes in for a tattoo, and after asking Chris to leave, ends up making-out with Neo in the shop. She sucks his big dick right there in the shop. They move to a her girlfriend's room. After more dick sucking, they fuck in CG, RCG, Doggy, and Spoon. He jerks off onto her tongue out of nowhere. She spits most of it out. I didn't like this scene quite as much as the other 3, but thought it was a good scene. 20 minute scene.

Last Scene.- Last up is 20 year old Hunter. Hunter is a blond, and probably the best-looking guy of the 5. Alana is all over him and soon has his clothes off and his already hard dick out. We get an extended bj scene with him sucking on her nipples. I think he asked her to slow down because he was about to nut. Who could have blamed him, because that was some bj with plenty of deep-throat. They move to CG, RCG, Doggy, Mish, and Doggy. She jerks him off into her mouth with a good amount shooting into her nose. This was my favorite scene, although all were good. Just liked the flow, chemistry, and variety to it the most. 20 very hot minutes.

Final Thoughts:

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner here! I haven't reviewed a film in a long time, but feel honored to review this film. I am a big believer in pro-am sex, and will champion it any chance I get. Alana Evans looks fucking great, and her attitude is incredilble thought-out, well with the one exception being the Romano scene. All the young guys perform great with no erection problems that I saw. Camerawork could have been better in spots. Wanted to see more of Alana's entire body, but the cameraman/husband Cris just wouldn't give them to me enough. More than enough strokable material here for me though, so I'm not complaining at all. I really really hope this series will continue. Most of the more recent MILF and older woman/younger guy films I've seen have left me limp, but not this one. I keep hearing that these kind of films can't be done successfully, but Alana proves them wrong. GET THIS FILM!

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