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Photographic Mammaries 3

Photographic Mammaries 3

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Busty
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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Linus's ratings for Photographic Mammaries 3:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Photographic Mammaries 3 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Photographic Mammaries 3 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Photographic Mammaries 3 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Photographic Mammaries 3 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Photographic Mammaries 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Photographic Mammaries 3 DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Photographic Mammaries 3 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Linus  on  12/29/2004
Brandon Iron's: Photographic Mammaries Volume 3

Preview Expectations: The expectation meter is pegged on this one. I have reviewed both of the first two volumes in this series, and they stand as two of my favorite breast themed movies ever, so I'm more than anxious to check this one out. I like most of the cast a lot, and damn, Sammie looks as screwable as anyone can get on the cover, so not much more to say on that front.

Initial Thoughts: I'm very pleased with this title, there are some ultra fine breasts to behold here, and a lot more hot passionate and energetic sex. Again there is some great focus put to the breasts, with lots of tease and sex action focused on them, and to me that is really one of the keys that makes this a great series, getting great breasts to look at are useless if we don't get to see them, but here we see a whole lot of sweater meat, but at the same time it isn't taken to the extreme that we see nothing else but breasts, and that can be a fine line sometimes. There were a few things that this volume did not have, mainly the lack of a more than 2 person scene, but some incredible extras, and the great cast make up for that. Great feature.

Technical Considerations: No complaints on the technical side, camera work was especially good. Lighting was a little dark in a few scenes, and there was a touch of grain to a few areas, but generally a very good technical disk. Menus where standard PXP and well done and easy to navigate through and read.

Condom Usage: None

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Sammie Rhodes and Toni Ribas

Sammie poses for some pictures for Brandon, and she plays with her titties for us and smiles for the camera, we get some nice shots of her boobage here. Pretty soon though we cut to her and Toni sitting in a chair in the nude together and caressing each other, before long Toni rubs her pussy and has her take a taste before she blows him. She has a good energetic approach, and gives him lots of eye contact while she sucks his dick and nuts a bit, her face gets stretched out nicely, and we get several good shots of her tits flopping around nicely. Toni kisses her and aggressively fucks her tits with some spit lube from Sammi. He spreads her pussy lips and takes a taste of her sweet honey before sliding in to the hilt and hammering her in missionary on the chair. She does some PTM and hops on for some reverse cowgirl riding, and while her pussy works over his dick, we get some nice footage of Sammie's cans bouncing rapidly. Keeping the energy high they switch to doggy on the chair, and Sammie bends down and we see her tits in full swing from underneath. Her pussy gets worked over in side saddle next, and they have some good chemistry together that really adds to the heat. Toni eats her pussy a little more and Sammie gives him a short footjob with her sexy peds before she hops on for some cowgirl riding and she energitically slams herself down and makes her cleavage makers wobble all around. Toni pins her pussy to the rug as he slams her missionary on the floor before pumping her tits again all the way to a finish. Sammie holds her tits for him, and grabs his cock to milk it dry as the cum flys, he blasts her tits, hits her hair, nearly hits her in the eye, gets a jet or two in her mouth and another on her face, and a few more dribbles on her tits, great popshot. Great job. Duration: 27:02 mins

Scene 2: Tyla Wynn and Sean Michaels

Tyla gives us the tease treatment as she gets her cans photographed by Brandon's camera. Shortly Mr. Smooth himself Sean Michaels comes in and grabs a handfull of Tyla as she lays on the bed in a red bra and black bottoms. He pops her tits out and they each have a couple licks to see how many licks it takes to get to the soft and creamy center of a titty pop. They give up on that idea and after they play around a little and Sean fucks her labia with her panties, she sees what else she can get her tongue on, and wouldn't you know it, Sean's big meat pipe fits the bill perfectly. He pulls it out and she tries to take him to the root, and comes pretty close, some nice slow dick sucking from Tyla does the trick, and soon her pussy gets stretched to the max while she has Sean fuck her in reverse cowgirl, she tastes herself off his cock before he gets a turn at her ass in doggy, Tyla is her usual energetic and willing self here, and does some ATM and has Sean slap her ass. She shows us why she is becoming one of the new queens of anal, and gets her butt plowed in missionary with more ATM, and then there is some nice titfucking with oral action before Sean takes her ass again from behind. She does ATM again, and Sean fucks her throat before he gets her on her knees and blasts her face and tits with splooge. She plays with it and her tits a bit to close. Good chemistry and good scene. Duration: 23:28 mins

Scene 3: Brooke and Ben English

The rolls of film continue to add up as Brooke gets her turn in front of the camera, and she is another smoking hot girl. She holds her tits and gives a smile for the camera, and has one some black lace lingerie that doesn't stay on long before she bats around her boobs again. Ben comes in and gives them a squeeze and a lick before he gives her pussy a playing with, soon though she fishes out his rod from his pants, and starts to suck on it. She has good energy and looks great trying to handle his cock, and after a while she wraps her tits around his dick and gives him a great titjob for a while sliding her great tits up and down his shaft, before she gives him some more sloppy head followed by more titfucking. She bends over and gives us a nice look at her tits while she sucks, and soon hops on for some reverse cowgirl cockriding with another great look at her breasts swaying as she goes. She still has one of her black stockings on as they move to some doggy style pussy pumping, and we get a great underneath look at her titties. Brooke gives some PTM before squat fucking Ben in cowgirl, and she looks so hot slamming up and down his cock with her fine ass. he picks her up and fucks her in standing cowgirl before he drills her pussy in a side saddle while she hangs off the sofa. She smiles at the camera while he nearly fucks her neck while he titfucks her, he jerks off a nice load that splatters all over her face and she runs the cum off her face onto her tits while she gives a sultry look to the camera. Hot. Scene Duration: 27:45 mins

Scene 4: Anna Nikova and Brandon Iron

Anna has some big ole titties, and she poses for the camera and shows us her perfect hangtime on her breasts that hang in just that perfect way that when guys see them it makes us all a little retarded. Brandon comes in to play with her, and flops her beauties around like thier the best toys in all the valley. He uses her leopard skin bra, his hands, and licks them a little before he puts her to work sucking some dick. She gives the camera pretty good eye contact, and works into more of a rythm as she goes, Brandon titfucks her while she holds those monsters together and licks at his dick. After some more positions of titfucking and a little throat pumping, her bottoms finally come off, and Brandon fingers her a bit before fucking her pussy in doggy. She seems a little timid for parts of the scene, and Brandon has to work her into things, but they work up the intensity, and after he licks her feet and puts her in sidesaddle for a while, she does some PTM, and gets hammered a bit more in sidesaddle, they switch to reverse cowgirl, and she leans forward and rides him, and we get a great view of her tits as they sway gently as she rides. She has a cute kind of timid nature, but Brandon turns on the magic and gets her motor running, the eye candy is great. They fuck in Missionary and she sucks his thumb and gets into the sex. Brandon needs both hands to get around one of her boobs, and they look oh so squeezable. Brandon goes down on her a bit and fucks her in doggy and then sideways, and she is good and energetic now, and hops on for some cowgirl sex, a good shot of her pussy being fucked as she pumps herself up and down, and we get more tit footage to drool over, and soon she does some PTM and Brandon blasts a wad of sperm in her mouth, which she proudly displays on her tongue for everyone to see before she swallows it down. Duration: 26:04 mins

Scene 5: Lara Stevens and Steve Holmes

Another stunning girl and another great pair of breasts to damage your eyes looking at. Lara is beautiful and naked as she poses for Brandon and gives us a little sexy dance before we see her outside in a sexy black patterned dress outside where she meets the ultimate Euro pimp in the person of Steve Holmes in his platinum spotted redish suit. They both talk to the cameraman and he (Brandon) takes a chance to squeeze Lara's tits, and they move inside again where Steve puts the moves on her. They don't mess around here, and he pulls out his cock and she goes to work with some energetic sucking. Steve fingers her a while and these two already have some good chemistry going before she even tastes herself off his fingers. He goes down on her and then she returns the favor with some great oral before he slides into her pussy in a side missionary position. They passionately kiss as he fucks her and he soon slides in her ass in the same position. She does some hot ATM and licks his ass before he fucks her pussy again in doggy and then her butt in the same position, he gapes her nicely and sticks his tongue in her opened up asshole before fucking her again, she has a super hot evil grin on her face, and does some more ATM before Steve fucks her tits, he spends some time fondling and licking those beauties before she rides him reverse cowgirl in both holes. She turns around for some cowgirl action, and then Steve fucks her ass with a toy in her pussy, she does more ATM and Steve fucks her tight little ass sideways before fucking her tits again and giving her a great facial which she savors while she sucks his cock some more to finish. Great scene and great girl. Duration: 28:08

Extra Stuff

Behind the Scenes: Around 7 minutes, good interview footage and some post cum reaction by Sammie.

Bonus Scene: A great Missy Monroe Interracial bonus here, god what a lovely girl she is, great breasts too, nice energy and she takes a nice facial to finish, a little gagging oral, and all that good stuff. She is quickly becoming one of the best stars out there. 12:14 mins.

Photo Shoot: Around 7:11 minutes of video from the stills posing taken in the feature with some hardcore posing shots too, good looks. Sammie and Lara are the primary focuses.

More Tease Please: A hot striptease from Sammie Rhodes with some pussy play, just under 11 mins in length.

Cumshot recap: A recap of all the feature's cumshots, they are played all together.

Photo Gallery: About 55 pics on a continuous clip with action and posing shots from the scenes, some good shots. 6:45 mins

Trailers: There is a preview for the excellent "Baker's Dozen 3" and trailers for the following PXP releases. "Dual Invasion", "Anal Romance", "Fashionably Laid", "Defiled in Style".

Anna Lights up:Anna Nikova smoking and sucking Brandon Iron's cock and a little fun play, 2:11 mins but fun.

Website: Platinum X Pictures website info

Director's Bio: An in depth biography on Brandon Iron.

In The End

Great stuff, when you can put Missy Monroe in as an extra, you know you have a good feature. I didn't know if this one could keep up the incredibleness of the series, mainly because I didn't have a lot of experience with the cast, but I'm glad to say it definately can, the girls offered a lot of great eye candy, and for the most part they were really into the sex. The guys were all true industry pros, and they did what you would expect of them well. The attention to the breasts themselves has been honed a little more and is really well done here. Brandon keeps outdoing himself with good extras and this one has the most extra content of the three volumes, and has the same near 140 minute runtime, this one clocking in at 137. Breast fan or not, this one is a wise rental or purchase, and has a lot to offer as a disc. Great job Brandon and PXP, keep up the great work. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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