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Phat Bottom Girls 3 (Evil Angel)

Phat Bottom Girls 3 (Evil Angel)

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo
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Long Noel's ratings for Phat Bottom Girls 3 (Evil Angel):
Overall Rating 5 stars
Phat Bottom Girls 3 (Evil Angel) overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Phat Bottom Girls 3 (Evil Angel) Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Phat Bottom Girls 3 (Evil Angel) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Phat Bottom Girls 3 (Evil Angel) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Phat Bottom Girls 3 (Evil Angel) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Phat Bottom Girls 3 (Evil Angel) DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Phat Bottom Girls 3 (Evil Angel) A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  5/22/2010
***A Special Bonus Long Noel Review***

PHAT BOTTOM GIRLS 3 (Spring, 2010)
THEMES: Ass Obsession, Big Butts, Anal, Rough Sex, Interracial, Facesitting
Starring: Monica Santhiago, Kelly Divine, Charley Chase, Isis Taylor, Nikki Sexx,
Manuel Ferrara, David Perry, Roman Nomar, Steve Holmes, Christian Clay & Carlo Carrera
Director & Producer: Manuel Ferrara

In-House Suggestions (Similarities):
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Buttman’s Anal Divas
Ass Everywhere 2
Big Booty Revenge
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Phat Bottom Girls

Just when I said I was through with porn, I saw the trailer for this movie. I saw Latin Butthole Stretchers, which I had to purchase instantly after watching and reviewing. I bought them both on the same exact day! I bought this movie without watching it first and I bought it the first day of it’s release. So, I just know this movie is gonna be hard as hell and I believe this will be Manuel Ferrara’s best movie (before, I would have given that title to Evil Anal 8, which made it to #12 on my list of The 25 Greatest Adult Videos -- a list which has changed a bit at this point, thanks to Latin Butthole Stretchers, Big Booty Moms 2 and now Phat Bottom Girls 3).

The DVD quality is absolutely no joke, although it’s not a fully loaded one, as most Manuel Ferrara DVDs are. Unfortunately, the movie is split into two parts with Monica Santhiago’s scene being on the second disc as the other four scenes being on the first. The first DVD contains 6 trailers (including trailers for the first two installments for the Phat Bottom Girls series, Evil Anal 10 and Raw 3) while the second DVD contains not only the final scene, but five photo galleries and 157 minutes of BTS footage (mostly dedicated to more body worship, booty shots, interviews and photo shoots). This is the longest BTS footage I’ve seen for a movie after Buttman’s Stretch Class, Furious Fuckers: Final Race and even Pretty Sloppy. Shot in anamorphic widescreen… This is a loaded 2DVD set, but I feel the entire flick could have fit on the first disc with ALL of the extras being put onto the second disc without them being split up, possibly giving more room on the second disc for 2 or 3 more trailers, including the trailer for Raw 2 (which I kinda enjoy peeping out, thanks to Kristina Rose)!

In the same exact sense as old-school flicks like Buttman’s Anal Divas (shot in Brazil and Europe) and even Justin Slayer’s Big Booty Revenge (an ass-obsessed movie starring women of all ethnicities, except Asian women), with a little Buttman’s Big Butt Backdoor Babes 2 mixed in… Manuel Ferrara does a hard-hitting series dedicated to women of all races with big, juicy asses. The kinda asses that belong to women who probably eat a bunch of bread and rice and cakes and pies everyday. Women who eat too much without getting big and fat! How some black men would say it… “Big, Stankin’ Asses”! While the first in the series stars a black beauty named Toni Sweets (sporting a hideous hairstyle for her scene), the series mostly stars some of the most curvaceous White and Latin women, from Europe, Brazil or the States. While I have wanted to see the first in the series a while back (but the interest faded from me), I know this volume will be the best and was probably done with more time and effort. Three Latin women and two White women star in this instant classic. Monica Santhiago, Kelly Divine, Isis Taylor & Charley Chase are already big stars in the industry and very much sought after from porn fans worldwide. And though I consider myself through with porn and will not be watching anymore after this and possibly one more video, I can never hesitate to say that Phat Bottom Girls 3 is The Best Release Of 2010. A rental is a waste of time and money. This movie requires an immediate purchase and is one of the only three adult videos I’ve seen this year requiring an immediate purchase (including Latin Butthole Stretchers and Between The Cheekz 5 -- read my reviews for the latter movies).

For every scene, there is about ten minutes of ass-obsessed, nasty booty antics, which includes switching, walking, jumping, bending over, buns dipping in and out of pools, clothed and naked, so on and on. While I’ve seen ass obsessed tease sequences last as long as 30 minutes in some movies (particularly in movies directed by John Stagliano, Santino Lee, B. Pumper and Justin Slayer), no form of ass obsession is overused in this series and believe there are different forms of ass obsession (some which will never be seen in a Manuel Ferrara video -- particularly, no ass smelling fetishes). There’s also lots of shot of the women’s open, naked, working and vulnerable asses amid blowjobs (which is rare in today’s pornography) and before any actual penetration. Sexually, it’s all about roughness and domination without it being degrading, with the exception of the scene with Monica Santhiago, where the sex was more intimate and passionate instead of it being rough and kinky. The first scene stars Kelly Divine getting fucked bad by David Perry and another dude. The sex is edgy and hard. David Perry’s medium-sized dick looks very thin in comparison to Kelly’s big-ass butt, but he can still manage to manhandle her big ass. The ass obsession is precious and she crawls a lot, even after a dude puts his fingers deep in her rectum, he uses those same fingers to pull her by her hair, which not has ass all in it. Towards the end, he jacks off to her moving, busy ass as she hit’s the showers. Could this have been influenced by a John Leslie movie (based on the fact that John Leslie enjoys voyeurism)? I’ve seen Kelly Divine in a few scenes before, but this is my favorite Kelly Divine scene. Yes, she was awesome in Gapeman 3 (although I’ve read she didn’t like fucking B. Pumper, so she got to do an insanely energetic sex scene with Lexington Steele in another B. Pumper video she starred in, entitled Big Phat Round White Booty) and I know she probably ripped it up in Buttman’s Stretch Class 3. But this is my #1 favorite scene with her.

The final scene stars Monica Santhiago, from Buttman’s Beautiful Brazilian Ass and the first Buttman’s Stretch Class. The ass obsessed tease sequence was the bomb and I wasn’t disappointed at all. Sexually, the scene was passionate instead of rough, like the rest of the movie. There’s also a lot of face sitting. It was not a bad scene at all, but I have to admit I enjoyed her a lot better in Buttman’s Beautiful Brazilian Ass. I may have expected too much from Monica in this video, but her scene wasn’t bad at all. Just not a flawless victory. Did I mention Monica looks as if she’s blowed (high)?! Either that or it was the makeup she was wearing. This was also my first time ever seeing Isis Taylor in action, though she’s been in a lot of movies, especially movies from JSI. We rarely see her in the trailer/opening credits for this movie. But… Isis Taylor is very pretty and reminds me of another Ice LaFox. And her ass is chunky like Chunky Soup with extra potatoes! You can tell she has her share of carbohydrates. She pretty much has as much ass as Flower Tucci (who really needs to watch her weight!) and Isis’s ass is in shape, unlike Flower’s, who has obviously gained some weight over the years. Isis can really move her body and she even dares to hold her cheeks together as Manuel Ferrara eats her asshole out. She makes it obvious she wants it in the ass, consistently reaching back toward her anus, fingering it. Unfortunately, there’s no anal plunging for her. Just ass eating and Manuel even fucks her buttcheeks, but not her rectum. Sexually, the scene was passionate and a bit rough in some areas. Isis Taylor is tight, but she’s no Olivia O’Lovely. She’s no Sophia Castello. She’s no Luscious Lopez. Judging from this scene alone, she doesn’t do too much for me. That may change if I ever saw her in the first Phat Bottom Girls or in one of Mike Adriano’s Pound the Round videos where she takes it in the butt! If I see enough of her, she’ll probably grow on me.

CHARLEY CHASE! CHARLEY CHASE! The opening tease sequence contains literally the kind of ass obsession I dream about. The kind of ass obsession that can make motherfuckers cry. The kind of ass that will cause guaranteed chronic masturbation, which may lead to impotence years later, if captured by the wrong hands! She goes on an elliptical machine, boxing, jump roping, weightlifting and it’s all shown in various angles. I haven’t seen ass obsession this perfect since Latin Butthole Stretchers and even in Angela’s scene, from my favorite adult video of all time, Buttman’s Rolling Cheeks! Similar to the latter scene mixed with Mika Shirley’s scene from the popular Buttman’s Big Butt Backdoor Babes 2. For those who DO masturbate to porn, you’ll want to bust one every 30 seconds of this 10-minute ass-obsessed tease sequence and use the rewind button a whole damn lot! You’ve been warned! That’s not all. There’s bunches of sweat dripping from her sweet Latina buns. She grinds, spreads on the bench press seat… There’s some nasty face sitting as she sits on Manuel’s ass. This girl knows how to move it nastily! She’s extremely vocal and she’s more vocal than Kristina Rose and Bobbi Starr (who I feel overacts sometimes). Manuel is like a fucking machine, fucking the evil out of her. She’s so vocal, someone would assume she’s being abused as they listen in on her. This is the most energetic scene that’s been released in a few months and she just keeps screaming at the top of her damn lungs. She’s gonna need some honey lemon cough drops after this one! There’s also some tit-fucking, but no butt sex, but I can live with that. Charley Chase drives me crazy and we need to see more of her!!! Her scene is an indeed flawless victory!

Kelly Divine teams up with the sexy Nikki Sexx and the ass obsession is wonderful as these chicks sport tights that look like jeans. The tease sequence lasts for around 10 minutes and almost reminded me of the incredible tease sequence with Lauren Phoenix & April Flowers from Ass Worship 5. There are four dudes taking on these two women, switching up and giving out massive pipe laying! The sex is very rough house with lots of power-fucking and sword-fighting. I feel as if I’m watching something from Ass Worship 2 or Ass Worship 5 (I won’t say Ass Titans because although I’ve seen trailers for them and how rough these dudes fuck the women, I haven’t seen any of Raul Cristian’s videos, period). The sex is very rough and fun without it being degrading. Lots of choking, spitting, rough butt drilling for Kelly Divine (no anal for Nikki Sexx at all) and some slapping in the face. These guys do like Ying Yang Twins said and literally “Beat the pussy up!” Or dare I add… Beat The Ass Up! There’s lots of explicit genitalia exposure and Kelly Divine gapes between her big butt like no other! Nikki squirts and pisses at times. DP for Kelly with lots of hair pulling. Kelly Divine twitches when a dick goes up her ass as she did in her previous scene. The four dudes come on Nikki’s face and swap it with Kelly.

Phat Bottom Girls 3 was everything I expected, with the exception of the softness in Monica Santhiago’s scene and no anal fucking for Charley Chase (but that’s cool). Honestly, I didn’t expect much from Isis Taylor’s scene, especially since we barely see her in the trailer. I would say that either her scene or Monica Santhiago’s scene were a filler. Not both of them, though. Of five scenes, there are three flawless victories and that damn Charley Chase drove me nuts. I’ve had enough of writing. This requires an instant purchase and I vehemently advise someone who cannot get hard from Kelly Divine or especially Charley Chase to seek psychiatric supervision or stop watching porn for 12 months, then go back to watching Charley Chase’s incredible self! I am also very happy that amid the tease sequences, the music is on one speaker and action on the other. The music will be overwhelming if hearing the movie from television speakers. No, this movie is not as nasty and obscene as most of the porn we see today (from directors like B. Pumper, Belladonna, Jake Malone and Mike Adriano). In fact, while some of it is rough and hard-edged, some of it is intimate and light (just like Buttman's Anal Divas was, which was released ten years ago) with the ass obsession not being very holey, but instead, excessively cheeky (more about buttcheeks instead of assholes, just as Buttman's Rolling Cheeks was). And even though it’s definitely not as obscene and loaded with nasty and obscene butt-and-anal perversions as something like Evil Anal 8, Buttman’s Oddyssey or even Latin Butthole Stretchers (all released in 2009), Phat Bottom Girls 3 is instantly credited as THE BEST RELEASED OF 2010!

OVERALL RATING: 98.7% - Own it immediately!

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