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Peter North's P.O.V. 6

Peter North's P.O.V. 6

Studio: Northstar Associates
Category:  Gonzo
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Starring: , , , , ,
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Peter North Is My Hero's ratings for Peter North's P.O.V. 6:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Peter North's P.O.V. 6 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Peter North's P.O.V. 6 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Peter North's P.O.V. 6 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Peter North's P.O.V. 6 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Peter North's P.O.V. 6 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Peter North's P.O.V. 6 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Peter North's P.O.V. 6 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Peter North Is My Hero  on  7/6/2005
After a two volume absence from the Peter North's P.O.V. line, all fans of sodomy should be happy to see that butt sex has returned for volume #6.


NorthStar Associates has Hillary thoroughly dolled up, looking very very sweet. I hate to critisize in the second sentence of this chapter review, but I wanted to get one thing that bothered me out of the way. I HATE the pink outfit Ms. Scott is donning. . She leaves 90% of it on through all of the sex acts, which for me is a big sore spot. I want to see this girl get buck naked.....not wearing some cheesey brothel getup.

Moving on to everything else that works very well, Hillary's righteously shameless, practically masachistic-style of cock-slobbing is awesome. The rapid gagging sounds she makes are music to my ears. While on the topic of audio, I love the sound of the bed springs squeeking in every scene in this series; it ads an additional, in-the-action touch.

Hillary's flawless, 100% fat-free buttcheeks are quite a sight as Peter North's dong spikes her anal canal. (BTW: this guy is nearly 50 years old and he's STILL fucking little girls in the ass- I find that way too cool) The supposed Ass to Mouth action looks to be faked as there is a blatant cut between withdrawl and sucking; maybe Hillary has her limits (though I remember seeing her recently on the back cover of some flick, doing a very very nasty Bukkake) I'm not a super-fan of butt sex (except in the case of naturally super-busty women), so I wan't overly impressed with the sodomizing of Ms. Scott. She's clearly a pro at accomodating big dicks in her asshole, so her hyperbolic enthusiasm was a little much for my taste. But I'm sure butt-lovers will be more than placated.

The painting of Hillary's face is more than compliant with the seemingly impossible standards set by Mr. North himself. Excellent sploodge distribution all over her face, along with more than enough squirts directly into her mouth. She says the cum feels good on her face, gurgles the spunk in her mouth and then swallows.

Great work, Hillary and Peter.


Very refreshing to see not one, but two (to use a trite term) Milfesque chicks on this disc. I love a fresh teeny-bopper as much as the next perv, but porno girls in their their late 20's or thirties seem to be a rare commodity.

Though I enjoyed this second chapter just slightly more than the previous one, I feel obligated to note that Mrs. Lange's cock-suckery is no match for Hillary Scott's fierce style. A very tough act to follow no doubt. Still, Sidney looks really, really good with a big dick in her mouth.

Loved the plentiful, yet closely trimmed pubes.

But AGAIN, WTF is with these girls not losing all of their clothes? While the bra is pulled down so we can see most of her enhanced boobs, the boulder holders never come completely off. Perhaps she just had the implants in and the scars would've been distracting?

There's no ass-play in this scene, but the P.O.V. angles of Sidney's relatively small, jiggly butt being flopped by the north pole was enough for me.

I'm guessing you won't be shocked to learn that Peter squirts and drips plenty of DNA onto this MILF's forehead and both eyes.



This is the fourth edition of Peter North's P.O.V. line I've had a chance to see, and as in the previous three volumes, he's located another highly fuckable, five star black chick.

Still, I'm very finnicky when it comes to even beautiful black girls, so this scene didn't interest me as much as the previous two.

Peter is pink and Lady is a very dark woman, so there is an interesting ying and yang, blatant skin color clash here that I haven't seen in the previous interracial segments in this series.

I've seen Peter North do numerous scenes with black women over the past 20 years, and he never fails to give them an extra-thorough glazing. Ms. Armani flinches during the goo process.


Bad things about this girl: least attractive girl on the whole disc; face isn't helped a whole lot by North's crack team of Hair and Makeup people (and that's saying alot as I suspect they may be the best in the biz); tiny boobies with one nipple pierced.

Good things: very, very petite, immaculately hairless pussy; nice butt; beautiful green eyes; hot British accent.

Nothing noteworthy or out of the ordinary concerning the actual fuck session.

Rachel does look considerably prettier from the angle as provided by the nut-busting sequence. Another more than adequate makeup demolition.


HERE WE GO. I picked up volume #6 more for this woman than any of the others. I've seen Vicky in other pornos and she has appealed to me from the get go. She doesn't impress me as being a natural beauty. Her mature (but still HOT) face is very slutty, and her Big Jugs are surgical fakery. Still, highly fuckable women who've been of legal drinking age for 5, 10 years or so are just as desirable to me as newbies.

As I mentioned earlier, Northstar Associates does the best, class-act, bang up job of of making these girls look their very best. Vicky Vette looks better here than in any previous pornos she's done. Healthy pink color; big boobies look perfect; nice waste with cute piercing; face at its very best (Lots of Makeup, but that doesn't matter in Pornoland); incredibly tidy twat (I bet she had labiaplasty); She even looks great in the purple two piece she sports prior to the sex. The woman just begs to be fucked.

There's more than a bit of absurd pre-game talk. Vicki Vette while fingering her vadge: "Oh it's a hungry pussy, it's gonna' swallow it all up." She asssures Peter if her cooch is satisfied, she'll let him fuck her photogenic butthole.

The Vicky's oral sex segment can't contend with Hillary's, but it's damn entertaining. Peter north should try fiming himself titty-fucking busty girls up against a wall or while they're on their back. Vicky bounces her cleavage around his erection for a moment or two.

"Whoops, there it goes" Mrs. Vette coos as she slides onto Mr North's stunt dick. Vicky has the biggest butt of all the white girls on this disc; which is a good thing. She had good news for anal fans "You did an amazing job, so you do get to fuck me in the ass now."

Peter administers some very speedy-paced ass-fuckery to that big heart-shaped butt; which to me looks best while this Mommy is on her hands and knees.

Vicky giglles as Peter arcs a smaller-than usual (but stilll 4X as large as the average hack's pathetic drip) cum deposit mostly on her cheek. Wanted to see her forehead plastered and her eyelashes dripping, but I ask too much.

This is nowhere near as good as Volumes #4 and #5, but Hillary Scott's scene (undoubtedly the best on the disc) should interest her fans who haven't yet seen her in a P.O.V. feature; long as you don't mind seeing her in stupid lingerie. The ass-sex will probably please more than a few fanboys.

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