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Peter North's P.O.V. 5

Peter North's P.O.V. 5

Studio: Northstar Associates
Category:  All Sex , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
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Peter North Is My Hero's ratings for Peter North's P.O.V. 5:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Peter North's P.O.V. 5 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Peter North's P.O.V. 5 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Peter North's P.O.V. 5 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Peter North's P.O.V. 5 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Peter North's P.O.V. 5 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Peter North's P.O.V. 5 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Peter North's P.O.V. 5 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Peter North Is My Hero  on  5/15/2005
I knew this was going to be a fantastic title when I saw stunning covergirl Dani Woodward featured on this DVD's front packaging. The nasty action shots displayed on the rear cover further piqued by curiousity.

I'm a big fan of porn that keeps the male performers as anonymous as possible. No shots of hacks making goofy facial expressions; just an anonymous penis stabbing away at some sexy, beautiful, young female. It all boils down to audience participation.

I'm going to spend the most time describing the winning qualities of the first chapter as the same production values prove true for all the scenes that follow.

Sene 1: Harmony

Harmony, Harmony....flawless Harmony. I first saw this piece of walking viagra in Deep Throat This Vol 23. She was a standout on that disc, and we see much more of her in this flick. She starts off with plenty of lascivious dialogue coupled with the removal of her clothes. Harmony has stunning facial features; sort of like an Austin Powers Fembot. She has large breasts: absolutely perfect in form, (they look like they must feel incredible) and completely natural (YOW!). Her crotch is very tidy and photogenic.

The oral sex segment leaves little or nothing to be desired. Harmony easily deep throats Peter North's beefy dick, never keeping her bright blue eyes off the camera. Plenty of nasty baby talk inbetween the slobbing and slurping. This blowjob scene goes on for just long enough so that by the time she titty-fucks North's member (HELL YEAH!), we know there are greater things to come. Next up is some vigorous face fucking, which then brings us to Harmony sliding our hero's equipment into her 19-year-old box. Things really get stimulating once Harmony bucks and grinds with her back to us. THIS is another reason why P.O.V. movies rule supreme. We get an incredible view of her juicy, tight butt as it bounces on North's 48-year-old cock. Harmony takes a quick break to add a very nice touch to the action: post-fuck head; then it's straight to missionary. Here's another "FUCK YEAH!" praise for P.O.V. angles: an up close and personal view of this beauty's all natural mammaries jiggling as Peter pounds away. Now it's on to doggy-style (is there any angle from which this girl doesn't look fucking amazing????) to the money shot. Not exactly in the monster-sized facial department, but no matter as just enough spoodge gets deposited on Harmony's face and in her mouth. She asks the camera, "did it feel good to cum in my mouth like that? I'm gonna' swallow it."; she does. The chapter ends with her licking more of the semen off of her face and North's rod, and then gulping it.

I find it difficult to believe that porn gets any better than this.

(Just a footnote): if you want to see Harmony take a much, much more thorough facial, check her out in Deep Throat This Vol. 23.

Scene 2: Paula Rey

Paula is a 23-year-old Brazillian girl with brown skin, a trim, little body, and a perfect face. Whoever did this girl's hair for this DVD did a knockout job. As beautiful as Miss Rey may be, I'll admit she just doesn't floor me the way a girl like Harmony does. Paula does alot of trash-talking in Spanish to the camera. Personally, had I directed I would have at least added subtitles; or better yet, I would have had her baby-talk in English. This girl does perform some ultra-enthusiastic gyration; notably, with her bouncy butt to the camera while riding North's pole. When Paula gets on all fours, she does all the work, revving and grinding while Pete just chills. Blessed with a very nice facial at the end, this girl is all smiles.

Scene 3: Dani Woodward

I was quite smitten when I first saw Dani in "Deep Thrroat This Vol. 17". She seems to be made up a tad bit different for this sex flick. Nowhere near as dolled up as she appears on the front cover. This is no matter, as she looks younger and more wholesome without the excess makeup. The P.O.V. angles of this girl truly accentuate her amazing hip to waste ratio. For all the banter about porn planting unreasonable expectations in men regarding women's bodies, I'll agree that Dani's barbie doll hips, slim tummy and waste will indeed not be found on the vast majority of beautiful women out there. While she's on top, facing the camera, Peter's penis keeps slipping out of her super-sleek, shaved box. Dani explains to the camera, "I just can't keep it inside me, you're so big!" Hurray again for P.O.V. cinematography, as when Miss Woodward fucks with her back towards the camera, we're treated to a front row exhibition of her perfect, little butt in motion. I just wish she didn't have that GIANT TATOO on her back. More mind-blowing angles of Dani's buttocks are provided, of course, once she gets on all fours. I love this girl's overacting; it's as if she's getting off on teasing her audience. Her facial (photo on rear cover) is everything and more that Peter North is famous for. I just wish the scene didn't fade to black so quickly.

Scene 4: Rose

I never counted myself among what seems to be the majority of men who lust after asian women. But this chapter on P.O.V. #5 has me eating crow. Smoking-hot, asian-jewel Rose is a wet dream I'd never want to wake up from. Her face is fantastic: it has something to do with her pearly-white teeth, high forehead, and adorable chin. Her body boasts big fake boobies (they look great, so who cares?)and a rightiously voluptuous ass for counterbalance. This woman's voice alone is pornographic. Rose tells the camera, "I think you know what'd look good: your dick in my mouth." She has no idea how right she is. The P.O.V. oral sex is spectacular, with all the eye contact, hands-free technique, titty-fucking/dick slapping, and cajoling that any porn fan would hope for. The first-person view of Rose's meaty butt (as she rides Peter in reverse and while she's banged on all fours) is awe inspiring. Just wish she didn't have those BIG UGLY TATOOS. Funny how Peter North continues to amaze in the facial administration department. Rose is absolutely plastered by seminal fluid, yet she has very little trouble opening her cum-strewn eyelids while giving post cum head (photo on back cover).

She's probably never looked better.

Final Scene: Jemini

Last chapter is a beautiful, young black girl. As in the case of Paula Rey, as lovely as she may be, Jemini doesn't quite move me to the degree that Harmony, Danni, and Rose did. This last chapter really bares my only qualm with this entire DVD. With an amazing body like Jemini's, why the fuck doesn't she get completely buck naked? Throughout her chapter, she's wearing this stupid-looking net top with black stockings. What's she hiding? Once I'm past this porno faux pas, I will note that, like all the other ladies, she has a perfect ass that looks amazing as she's getting fucked reverse on top and on all fours. Jemini gives an A+, justifiably exaggerated performance, with plenty of crying and slutty remarks.

Peter decorates her cute face with plenty of sperm.

Very, very nice.

Peter North's P.O.V. #5 has no butt sex, but that didn't bother me at all, as I am not a big fan of ass-play.

This DVD way exceeded my expectations. It IS the best pornography I've seen to date. I'm dying to see the future volume that will top this disc.

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