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Perverted Older Asians

Perverted Older Asians

Studio: Samurai
Category:  Asian
Starring: , , , ,
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Evil_Rip's ratings for Perverted Older Asians:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Perverted Older Asians overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Perverted Older Asians Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Perverted Older Asians Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Perverted Older Asians Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Perverted Older Asians Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Perverted Older Asians DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Perverted Older Asians A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Evil_Rip  on  11/18/2000

TITLE: Perverted Older Asians
Studio: Samurai
Directed: Tanaka
: Marisu Kamijo, Miho Yuki, Ayane Nakayama, Sanae, Kanae Yoshida,
Male: Joe Ohsima, Meatball, Rocky Ishibashi, Helicopter Man, Kazuchika Oku, Jiro Itsuki
Running Time: ~2:00
Format: Single Sideded
DVD Features: Slide Show, Chapter Selection, Previews

SAMURAI DVD Review: Prologue

Why do I keep buying these DVDs?

They arenít cheap. Yet Here I am owning a whole lot of them.

All purchased in mass quantity with some nice coupons of course.

So what is it? Is the action great? Well that depends. If we compare it to all porn in general, then no. If we only look at this as Japanese-Only, then It is alright. Some of it is good. Some of it isnít.

Is there some type of cultural barrier? Why is it that the girls look like they are in pain? Yet laugh and smile afterwards?

What is it that attracts me to these titles? Why do I want to purchase more of these titles?

Is it because most of the girls are cute and have those cute little butts? Is it because there is more foreplay in these DVDs? Maybe.

First Impression:
Lets see what these older Japanese Ladies can do.

Plot: Well no real plot here. Overall a bunch of people in Tokyo having a good time.

Likes: Most of these are cute girls. They are all natural.

Music: I felt like I was watching an Anime or at least a cheesy Japanese sitcom.


Ayane in the first scene is cleaning the kitchen. Hey the DVD is starting off great, whenís the last time youíve seen a women clean the kitchen? LOL

Anyways. It cuts to a scene in the shower where she gives a mean blowjob. And she finishes the guy off with a real mean and hard hand job. The scene ends with cum on some of her face and sheís giving us the Finger! LOL. Lucky guy.

Next its Ayane with her Husband, Kazuchika. (At least thatís how the plot goes.) I love the way she scatches his nuts as she blows him. Nice.. very nice.. Kazu is lying back enjoying the lovin MsAyane gives him. The sex is nice. Its not the hard pounding sex as youíd see elsewhere. The sex looks like it would be what a regular couple would have. Not to say they arenít vigorous. Ayane looks good for her age. I liked when they interlocked hands as she was riding him, Nyce...

Lets say by the end of the scene Ayane and Kazu are sweating. ;)

Hey in the next scene Ayaneís with two men, none of which are her husband! Itís the Helicopter Man and Joe. (pssssssssst Evil.. why do they call him the helicopter man?† Funny you should ask,† Helicopter man is known for his acrobatic skills during sex. He can rotate and do other tricks that can cause injury or pain to normal people.. so shhhhhhhh and lets see if he does any tricks in this scene okay? ;)
The subtitles going on in the scene are funny. I understand a little Japanese and to me whatís printed on the screen doesnít seem to be what they are saying. Sometimes there are subtitles and they arenít even talking! LOL wow! Mind reading subttiles?
These two studs give Ayane their full attention. These two guys arenít small, their above average in size.

Afterwards Ayane is cleaning the shower hey look sheís going to take a shower.. with her friend Marisu. Needless to say they have some lathery lesbian touching and massaging. Marisu has some large breasts. Wow.

Kanae Yoshidaís scene. I think this was my second favorite scene in the entire DVD. Kanae has some nice large breasts and well She is a little chubby. Yeah I know some of you guys will be put off by her slightly large appearance. So why do I like this scene? She plays the role of the loving wife to Jiro. And Jiro looks like heís having the time of his life withher. She doesnít look self conscious. They both look like they are having a good time. The lighting could have been a little better in this scene as these two romp around in a variety of positions. The do a lot of passionate kissing which I like. It doesnít seem so emotionless like a lot of other porn movies. Hell he even picks her up and does her while standing. Jiroís like one skinny ass guy. He doesnít look muscular at all.
Thereís one thing I really didnít like about this scene, Kanae openís her mouth at one point and Jiro lets a drop of his saliva fall into her mouth. WHAT! What the fuck is that about?

Are there any more scenes? Yes of course! Iíll just let you find out what happens in those on your own.

Overall these were some passionate scenes. And my favorite scene is with Sanae. Those of you who collect BlueBird images off the newsgroups may of scene her. Let me tell you She knows what sheís doing and Rocky is one hella lucky guy. And when you see how the money shot is done Youíll be impressed. =)

Dislikes: The cheesy music. Some scenes had varying quality of lighting. The cultural barrier. I think a lot of you might be put of with the girls sounding like they are crying while having sex. Yet they smile after the cum shot? Yeah it takes some getting use to but Iím certain now that these girls arenít in pain.

Extras: Slide show, not very exciting.

Packaging: Came only with the DVD

Audio Quality: No problems I with it.

Video Quality: Overall very good.

Final Thoughts: If youíre a fan of the Far East, this isnít a bad title to purchase. Sure the women are a bit older, but they know what they are doing. How old do you ask? Anywhere between late 28- Under 40. The guys are mostly in their 20s, with a few exceptions. I enjoyed this DVD. As for the other Samurai DVDs in my collection, Youíll soon know which ones I think are worthy and which ones that should be disposed of. =)

Would I buy another in this series?: I donít think of these as a series. I think of these as movies under the Samurai name so there are a variety of different titles. So I wouldnít mind buying another.

Themes: Asian, BlowJobs, natural breasts, pussy hair, golden streams, female->male Towing, lesbian, anal toys, one chubby girl. Foreplay teasing, Japanese girls complaining, rimming, peeing

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