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Pervert (LFP Video)

Pervert (LFP Video)

Studio: LFP Video
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Pervert (LFP Video):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Pervert (LFP Video) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Pervert (LFP Video) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Pervert (LFP Video) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Pervert (LFP Video) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Pervert (LFP Video) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Pervert (LFP Video) DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pervert (LFP Video) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  11/12/2010
Good afternoon porn fans time to check out a new title from Paul Thomas. It's got an appropriate porn title if there ever was one, Pervert! The message is made pretty clear on the front cover too concerning being a pervert-- you know who you are!! I see a pretty good cast list here too so let's find out just how perverted this group of people can be. Flipping over to the back cover we learn just what gets some of these folks off, now let's see them act these perversions out.

Lily Lebeau & Sarah Shevon in Grudge Fuck:

So we open the show with Lily who I just watched in another title recently and liked her look, not sure if I've seen Sarah before. This scene opens during the night, seemingly a normal night in surburbia. We get Otto Bauer pulling up outside a house and he seems to be sneaking around it and doing the peeping tom shot looking in on Lily in the kitchen. As we read on the backcover Lily likes to be watched and Otto likes to be the perve doing this activity. Th sun goes down as we Lily gets naked and appears to be drawing a bath.

But we leave that scene and for some reason Lily is now dressed and heading into a restaurant where she runs into Derrick Pierce who if we believe the backcover has a gun. It would appear Otto followed her to the club and is checking her out here, Lily gives him a glance that would indicate she knows she's being watched and doesn't mind. Cut to the two together and sharing drinks and conversation. Time to get to a little sex but first Otto goes to relieve himself, Derrick too. Lily being bold heads right in, sits in a stall and is soon sucking rather intently on Derrick's cock. Otto leaves so guess he didn't want to watch after all. The two go back and forth from fucking on the bathroom counter to fucking in the stall. Ok Otto returns just prior to Derrick pulling out and nutting down upon Lily's face.

So now it's back to the house where we have more peeping and this time it's on Lily who takes control of the situation as she's got Sara in the bathroom and she gets Otto involved putting a mask on his face and he's given a tooth brush to scrub the floor while Sara's got a device in her mouth that spreads it fairly wide. Otto removes that and lets Sara get busy stroking his cock with her feet-- ripped black mesh stockings were perfect. Lily comes in and isn't pleased the cleaning she gave out wasn't done. There is humiliation for Sara while Otto can only watch. The mouth spreader is back too in Sara's mouth. Sara then gets some pussy action from Otto's cock then from a strap on with Lily. She's the recepient of some strong throat fucking as is Sara from Otto's cock. There is some anal too for Sara with Lily doing A2OGM. The two dp Miss Shevon too. Lily gets a little dick fucking too which was hot and there's some anal fingering too from Sara. The ladies end up sharing the load which Otto blasts out with joint cleanup from the girls.

Samantha Ryan, Bobbi Starr & Chrissy Hines in Robin Hood:

Ok on to the next scene which opens with a robbery and our theif gets away with a small bit of loot. Moving on we see a jeep pull over, the horn's pressed and we have a john out looking for a good time. Our guy is doing the two for one deal picking up two hot girls, Chrissy and Bobbi. The trio head back to his place and judging by the hoodie he's wearing this guy was our perp in the robbery just prior. Anyway he starts playing with the girls, the touchy feely type I see. Ok it's Eric Swiss, couldn't mistake that voice. He watches for a bit as the girls play, he has Bobbi put black stockings over Chrissy's face giving us the mugger illusion, lol. Bobbi starts to get a little freaked but Eric pulling out a few Benjamins changes her mind real quick. Move to Bobbi riding over Chrissy's face and she is able to lick Bobbi's pussy and we get a pretty good view looking down at her ass and the top of Chrissy's head, still covered in the black stocking.

Weird in mid 69 we go to a completely different location where Eric Swiss is seated with Samantha Ryan who is quite fetching in her business outfit complete with glasses. They chat a bit before the scene changes again and we have Eric and Anthony Rosano freshly returned from a workout when Anthony spots something in Eric's trunk, the mugging kit, lol. Well he's recruited and does a quick job that night which leads to the guys out on the prowl and they find Chrissy and Bobbi again. Well the foursome go back to Eric's place where we get more money showered down on the girls and then some pairing off for more sex, hopefully they don't cut away again but knowing Samantha fucks in this too I know it will happen at some point. Well we get some good dick sucking and a little face diving in a girls ass, that'd be Anthony on Chrissy. Both girls do some fine head here and some generous closeups help tell the story. The girls look pretty good riding cock too, Chrissy in reverse, Bobbi in cowgirl were two such shots. Chrissy delivers another fine shot moving up to ride Anthony's face after some cowgirl pounding. No partner switching or g/g play here once they paired off which was a slight disappoinment but we do get two fine fucks captured here.

Ok back to Eric and Samantha having a spirited discussion but all I can see is Samantha looking so hot and wishing she'd start getting naked! Nothing happens that time but the next time the two sit down in Eric's house it's a much different story. Samantha's wearing a pink shirt opened to show off a sexy black lace bra with matching panties. The kissing starts and off goes the bra'n'thong. Eric's cock comes out of his trousers and we get some riding followed by Samantha doing some very nice cock sucking. Eric goes back to nailing her pussy from behind also teasing her asshole with a finger or two. Samantha's got a nice sweaty body going by the time she hops on for reverse. Hmm no pop shot.

The scene takes us back to the club where Anthony and Samantha are talking and they end up kissing before heading off to the bathroom. The freakiness starts right off with fingering and Samantha riding his face with her pussy. She wants Anthony to treat her like a cheap fucking whore, he obliges. She starts fucking herself with a shoe but again we're taken away back to a house and she's back in her business outfit. A call comes in and it's Eric who wants to have a little more nasty time with Samantha. But he's met by Anthony who gives him a little nudge to stay away. But he doesn't and surprises Samantha in her car that night. She then watches as he goes to do a quick mugging but Eric picks the wrong guy this time, it's Derrick Pierce, who we know carries a gun and it's used on Eric while Samantha's watching and playing with herself. Derrick yells out wrong neighborhood and storms off while Samantha hurriedly raises her window and watches terrified as Eric is about to die and that's the end of the movie.

Final Thoughts:

Well this one was different as you get two scenes essentially broken up into four parts. The second one jumped around a bit to much for me from Samantha being with Eric predominantly and then Anthony for a couple brief stretches. I didn't like that she didn't get a pop in her scene(s). There was some dialogue here too throughout and if you're into that I'm sure that will help your enjoyment or understanding of the film as these characters do offer up motivation for what they are doing. No real extras here so it's the movie which will peak your interest and if you're into role playing or roles which are somewhat humiliating or played to be that way then this movie is one you'll want to take a look at. The cast as I mentioned at the start is a good one. Lily Lebeau is a girl who I'm just starting to get to know. Bobbi Starr, well she's a vet at this point and one I never tire of watching. Good to see Samantha Ryan too playing with some cock, I just wished she'd taken a good pop at some point in the last scene. This isn't the type of porn I normally watch but it's good to try something new every now and then.

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