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Perversion, The (Greyart)

Perversion, The (Greyart)

Studio: Greyart
Category:  All Sex , Fetish
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Perversion, The (Greyart):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Perversion, The (Greyart) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Perversion, The (Greyart) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Perversion, The (Greyart) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Perversion, The (Greyart) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Perversion, The (Greyart) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Perversion, The (Greyart) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Perversion, The (Greyart) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  11/19/2009
Hello fans time to check out a new flick from Sasha Grey's company GreyArt and it's got a super hot cast too. Besides Miss Grey we have Faye Reagan, Evie Delatosso, Nikki Rhodes, Kiera King and Sindee Jennings so a good variety too. I've seen a little from Sasha's new co. and it seems to try and bring a little art into the art of pornography and with Sasha's appreciation of that world and trying to fuse some of that spirit into her porn should be an interesting mix. I must confess to not being as artsy-- is that a bad word, as some of my more learned friends but I do appreciate a beautiful woman and watching these ladies engage in various sexual activities is something I'm very keen on. The scenes open with more of the arty stuff from what the girls wear to how it's shot, the type of picture used, the music-- all these try and paint a picture and I think it will be up to the individual watching as to what this means. So let's hit a few highlighhts.

Sasha Grey & Evie Delatosso:

We open with a very nice pairing and it's clear from watching the intro that it's Sasha in charge and Evie is her pet-- dutifully taking Sasha's bra over to a small chest returning with stockings which weren't placed on Sasha but instead tied around Evie's neck. There was some kissing here and it was nice but could have been more sensual-- but it wasn't fake kissing, these girls liked it. The best part of the scene for me and this occurs twice was Evie eating Sasha's pussy and we get some very good close shots for that portion of the scene, especially the second time she goes down on Miss Grey. For Sasha's part I was a bit frustrated that she doesn't return the favor, I know she's the master and all but with such a gorgeous ass/ pussy in front of her, two big bouncy boobs we don't see a lot of play on Evie's sexy body besides fingering. Overall I thought there were some good points captured mostly on Evie's part. Another mistake I think was not using Sasha's ass more-- I was hoping for some face riding, maybe in a cowgirl position so we see both her ass and Evie's tits. You can only talk about what you saw I suppose and there was some good here but a lot more potential I think.

Kiera King:

We move on and after a quick shot of Sasha leading Nikki Rhodes around by a collar we change to Kiera in some sexy lingerie on a floor. Nearby you have an opened bottle of whiskey I presume which is poured onto the floor with Kiera licking at it-- this while we're being provided with a super nice closeup on Kiera's face. The color is pretty good, her tongue looks so pink as it moves closer to trace around the opened tip-- ala fellatio! You also see a collar around her neck and the strap is soon pulled by Nick Manning, Tommy Gunn's also here. Kiera's face is lifted up so that whiskey can be poured into her mouth giving us a sexy shot of the liquid splashing down her chin. The shots continue to get better as we have oral from Nick on Kiera who in turn shows some love to Tommy's cock. The picture look is different here and it was in the first scene too, not entirely sure what the look is but it doesn't take away from the action, it's just different than I normally see on gonzo productions. The quality is there, though, I want to stress that, it looks good and we see some good action here as the guys trade off fucking her pussy and then letting Kiera work them over with her eager mouth. The boys end up leaving their loads on her tits and Nick can't resist his trademark dropping loads line as he's donating some DNA. Kiera looked hot here and we had some good shots as the trio worked their magic together.

Sindee Jennings & Faye Reagan:

There is another quick tease shot of Sasha in her masquerade mask before we go to a clear shot of Sindee on her knees, hands back gripping onto the pointy end of her heels. The screen was awash in white from her outfit to the floor, only her peach toned skin and dark hair to interrupt the white out. The shot then brings in Faye so we keep adding color, now it's her red hair and her outfit is all black. A nice lean down and she licks the forehead before the two kiss. Foot fans might enjoy watching Sindee take off one of Faye's heels and kiss at her stocking covered feet, it wasn't to long though. Dane Cross then enters so looks like some b/g/g action is going to take place. Sindee will be their little plaything here. Dane's cock is taken out and makes a good fit into Sindee's waiting mouth, Faye there to assist pushing the head back and forth on the shaft. Sindee then stands up so Dane can get a little look see at her perky tits, thus freeing up Faye to attack her mans cock. The music then stops which had been playing leaving the natural sounds the performers had been making all along as the only thing we hear. Good cock sharing by the girls then we get a little face fucking for Sindee while Faye goes down on her pretty friend. Faye looks oh so good eating pussy. It takes awhile but we see Faye's awesome boobies freed but not a lot of play on them-- we do get a nice shot of Sindee on her knees arching up to lick Faye's cookie though. Pretty good drilling then from Dane to his girl in doggie then on to mish where those boobs do dance and here we get some kissing on them by Sindee. Another fine shot then takes us to Faye riding Dane's face with her pussy while Sindee rocks it hard cowgirlstyle. Not the best pop, don't like the girl hovering over as it's jerked upwards, mostly onto Dane's belly, Sindee does slurp it up and cum kiss with Faye but I'm more a fan of the girl taking it right in the mouth or a facial. Still it was a good overall scene, Faye just has a presence on screen and Sindee here wasn't a distraction at all doing some good work on Dane's cock and then a bit on Faye's pussy.

Sasha & Nikki Rhodes:

The last two scenes have shown glimpses of the two and now we get more than that as the shots finally linger on them. The masquerade mask on Sasha was cool, it even had a short snout coming out of it. Both girls are clad in black but thankfully Sasha's ass is bare and we do get some shots of it, don't recall to many in her first scene with Evie. Sasha is once again in charge as we see her leading Nikki along using a leash. The footage had the grainy type feel to it but it wasn't all the way Grindhouse style but was similar. As Nikki lifts the mask off the picture returns to a good clear one as the girls do a nice lean into each other ending with a kiss. Their eye contact was pretty good here as well staring holes into each other, no one else is important as they bask in the beauty before them. Nikki then moves down to have a go at pleasing Sasha's pussy and as the music stops we're left with Sasha's repeated moans ringing out which told me Nikki was doing a good job! Unlike her previous scene we get a little more g/g play from Sasha beyond just fingering. Some nice boob sucking and fans we all know Nikki's got a fantastic set of titties. Moving back to Sasha, though, we get her in a good doggie pose so hello ass and Nikki goes back for seconds using her fingers more this time so I didn't like it quite as much though I'm sure Sasha's pussy enjoyed it immensely. Finally, I was wondering if we'd miss it again but Sasha does indeed go down to lick at Nikki's pussy which has a nice patch of red bush decorating just above the lips! So we end this one on a very good note, Sasha Grey licking pussy and judging by the visual evidence that was one wet cookie by the time she was doing licking and using a few fingers on it. A kiss and we fade out, thanks ladies!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was interesting, not your typical porno at all, not strictly balls to the wall gonzo but then again it's not totally an Art porn flick either. There is a mix of both I suppose with more emphasis on the fucking once the first few minutes of tease are done. Good turns here from Kiera King doing two guys, Faye and Sindee played together nicely as they shared Dane's dick and Sasha has two g/g scenes here. The first with Evie was dominated for me by Miss Delatosso's face working some magic on Sasha's pussy while Miss Grey didn't get a taste of Evie's snatch beyond fingering her-- unless I missed it. The second scene with Nikki had better results in that area as we get Nikki dining first but as we closed the scene Sasha goes down and gets a faceful of pussy and it got nice and wet. Not a lot for extras but you do get a nice 4 1/2 minute clip of Sasha talking about her experience in NY shooting for Steven Soderbergh last year so that is worth a look-- as is the film Girlfriend Experience! So for fans of Sasha who want to see her with some girls this isn't bad, the better of the two scenes was with Nikki as both girls get a faceful of pussy while Evie Delatosso just continues to impress and I'm hoping for another round with those two and this time Sasha playing more with those titties and her pussy, please. Overall, I'd do this as a rental first, it's not your typical porno so if you're curious I'd give it a look.

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