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Studio: Pulse Pictures
Category:  Asian
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Crucifixio Jones's ratings for PervAsian:
Overall Rating 4 stars
PervAsian overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks PervAsian Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks PervAsian Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex PervAsian Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting PervAsian Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras PervAsian DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality PervAsian A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Crucifixio Jones  on  12/21/2005

Xin‘s serves up some fresh take-out you just might wanna keep in...


2005, 3 hours and 23 minutes
Pulse Pictures
Directed by Bryan Xin
Starring Kaiya Lynn, Veronica Lynn, Keeani Lei, Taya Cruz, Nyomi Zen & Lucy Lee

What You Should Know:
The same way a Hispanic person wouldn‘t go to Taco Bell for real mexican food, the same way no company would be boneheaded enough to let a Brit helm a black-themed POV series, when it comes to Asians, you shouldn‘t settle for pale substitutes.

That‘s not to say that only directors of Asian decent should ever direct Asian lines but one must admit that you can feel a certain air of familiarity and authenticity permeating the overall ambience in Bryan Xin‘s latest, PervAsian. With the teddy bears, baby tees with cute catchphrases on them and REAL Asian newbies, it is what you‘d come to expect from a guy who was likely raised on a steady diet of Speed Racer, J-Pop, giant mecha anime, Ko-Girls and Bachelor magazine. PervAsian is Xin‘s adult sentai; he‘s assembled a team of five young girls with considerable skills who all cum together for one common cause -- to get you off.
Scene One: Kaiya Lynn with Sascha

Xin’s hands wander and explore the voracious, vivacious and voluptuous Kaiya while she sleeps (a small beige teddy bear rests by her head), traveling everywhere you would want to go. He teases her body with the teddy, letting it nuzzle her crotch through her cotton panties and circling her nipples until they stiffen. The bear is Innocently placed back, but between her legs. Kaiya gives a sly smirk, implying she may have been awake the entire time and just playing possum. When she awakes she finds Sascha waiting for her. She immediately wrangles his prick out of his trousers and throws her head into his lap. He pulls her white tank top up over her breasts and her denim skirt down over her ass and lets her continue, asking for eye contact. They go from reverse cowgirl to mish and Kaiya is a surprisingly vocal fuck. She’s a wailing banshee throughout, not only saying how “good it feels in there” but demanding Sascha make her cum and slap her ass in cowgirl. She uses her hand on herself in doggie and if what she says is any indicator, this is the position she enjoys best: “Oh, oh my god, all the way in there…yeah, like that! Shit, fuck, just like that…oh my god, oh my god, that feels good in there!” Sensing the blood in the water, so to speak, Sascha goes in for the kill, hoisting her left leg up onto his shoulder and zeroing in with machine-like precision. He pounds her pussy like a well-lubed piston. They revisit cowgirl and mish once more and Kaiya pleads for Sascha to put his cum in her mouth. She leaps up in the nick of time and gathers his load on her lips, licking her lips and sucking her fingers dry.

Scene Two: Veronica Lynn with Reno

Veronica is a naturally seductive, sultry, sexy and sophisticated looking thing whose shirt makes an interesting and empowering statement about sex and race. “No. You love ME long time” it reads. She parts her legs and rubs her pussy through her colorful panties with her french manicured nails before Xin traces her body with a small and thin red pyrex dildo. Lynn gives Reno a gag-heavy, no-hands blowjob, feasting on his uncircumcised crown, long strands of saliva connecting it to her lips as she pulls away. Reno wags his tongue over Veronica‘s clit, making her toss her head back in ecstasy before hoisting her up for a standing sixty-nine. By the time Veronica leans over a nearby table Reno is more than ready to enter her from behind, gripping her tiny and taut butt cheeks with his humungous-by-comparison hands. Lynn‘s nipples are razor sharp points by the time Reno slithers inside her slit spoon and starts railing her pussy mish. Veronica is at her best when she controls the tempo in cowgirl and reverse. There were a few times where Reno looked to be having rigidity issues but not in these positions. Here he is GRANITE. He finishes up with some high-speed mish, dropping dollops of goo all the way up Veronica‘s body until he finally reaches her mouth and leaves the majority of his deposit there on her lips.

Scene Three: Keeani Lei with Brian Surewood & Sascha

Keeani Lei is simply to precocious and adorable not to love. Xin has her work her baby blue cotton t-back panties up between her legs, making a toe that‘d fool a real camel. Xin shows us from every possible angle; the front, from behind and underneath. Keeani turns her thong around backwards, using the thin strip of material to accentuate her pussy cleavage by pulling it up into the split in her fleshy mound. Xin pulls her bra straps down and inspects her barely-legal breasts. Keeani‘s perpetual mischievous grin is cut short when two erections enter the frame. Keeani is extra playful and spunky today, hamming it up for Xin‘s lens as Surewood and Sascha stretch her jaws and brush her teeth with their pricks. Lei fucks Surewood doggie first and then sits on Sascha reverse cowgirl where she squirts as she‘s hammered relentlessly on both ends. Surewood uses Keeani‘s arms for leverage, pulling back on them as he digs her out doggie. Keeani continues to be very vocal and silly, even when she‘s being d.p.’d cowgirl. She giggles when Sascha beats his cock against her face. It‘s evident through her happy-go-lucky attitude and high-pitched squeals that she truly loves her job. Ass-to-mouth hummers all around before Keeani lets the fellas sink their sausage in her sidesaddle while she screams, “Fuck yeah! Fill me up! I LOVE COCK!” Both Sascha and Surewood use their hands to cover her bratty mouth. On her knees she rambles on and on about how much she loves cum before Surewood catches her off-guard and surprises her with a shot of semen to the face. “Thank you. More, more, more!” Sascha obliges with a second parcel of protein and Keeani swallows it all down with a smile.

Scene Four: Taya Cruz with Mark Ashley

Extremely demure and docile in the same vein as Lacey Tom or Heido Ho, the supremely passive Taya Cruz pulls her horizontally striped panties to one side to finger her expose pussy and lowers her pink bra just enough to pinch and tease her nipples. Mark Ashley awaits Taya after her tease sequence and she‘s now wearing a black t-shirt with “got sushi?” emblazoned on the front. Mark‘s “lead singer“ is ready to perform and good thing, too: Taya‘s oral leaves much to be desired. It could be said to be slow, deliberate and methodical but to me, it just looks lazy, unenthusiastic and uninspired. Ashley knows his way around the female anatomy pretty darn well so I can only hope that before this scene is over that he finds the right buttons to push that will bring this lackadaisical creature out of her shell. He begins by rubbing her clit and kissing her body all over and then lies her back to go to work on her gash missionary. Mark slowly feeds Cruz his engorged member before reinserting into her doggie. It seems as though he‘s trying his best (slapping her on the ass, licking her bunghole) to elicit some sort of reaction or response out of Taya other than her just closing her eyes tightly, moaning and taking it. Mark holds her ass in place as he rapidly thrusts upwards into her cowgirl, only giving pause just long enough to let her choke on his cock again -- first with her mouth and then with her pussy in reverse cowgirl. Taya merely holds on and simply endures the ramming both here and in spoon until Mark erupts and showers her torso with spunk.

Scene Five: Nyomi Zen with James Deen, Brian Surewood & Christian

This scene (and all of the extras) are on Disc Two of the set. In this obvious “Game of Death“ homage, Nyomi Zen makes her way up an ominous pagoda, fucking her three nemesis senseless, rather than fighting them like Bruce Lee did in the original. All that‘s missing here is the yellow tracksuit. Her t-shirt says “There‘s Enough of Me To Go Around“ and it is true. I‘d have never imagined that Nyomi could or would muster the moxie for someone to even consider saving a scene of hers for the coup de grace of their movie, let alone gather the gumption to tackle a gauntlet-style initiation scene, fucking three men separately. Zen works herself up with a dildo, alternately plunging it deep in her pussy and rubbing circles around her clit with her free hand. James Deen is the first to confront her so Zen kneels and begins earning her rate. After a wet and sloppy hummer, Deen bends Nyomi over and takes her standing doggie. Zen reaches back to grab Deen by his hips, attempting to pull him in deeper. They move to a bed and James lightly chokes Nyomi in spoon and mish, Zen begging him to slap her tits. James jettisons jizz up onto her face, Zen puts her clothes back on and walks to another room to meet Brian Surewood. She dines on his dipstick before mounting him cowgirl and getting the screws driven to her mish with Surewood‘s hand firmly around her throat. Standing doggie follows and ends with Brian squeezing his spooge out onto Nyomi’s tongue. Hunky, bald-headed Christian is last for Zen (the insert that comes with the DVD incorrectly bills Sascha as being in this scene). After licking his flag pole up to full mast, Zen rides Chris cowgirl and her rock hard eraserhead nipples fight against the fabric of her tight t-shirt in spoon and mish. Christian levels his load across Nyomi’s tongue and chin.


With his third Pulse release, it’s clear that Bryan Xin has finally found his voice as a director. To borrow an analogy, his work with DVSX was good but it was like Michael Jordan in ‘87; great but it still lacked polish, it was raw and unfinished with no real personal signature style. Xin’s Pulse work is MJ in ‘92 and ‘93 -- perfect. Xin has gone from being the acne-ridden kid in the back of the class that had no clue how to talk to girls to suddenly becoming the suave and self-assured style master a few years later. The butterfly has finally emerged from its cocoon. PervAsian offers us a unique mix of one-on-ones, threesomes and finally a foursome of sorts and plenty of bonus material to keep you entertained for HOURS. The wardrobe and locations are like nothing you will see anywhere else and even if you see the same cast somewhere else (Me Luv U Long Time 8), it won’t be like you see them here, it won‘t have the same flavor, the same seasoning that only someone who truly understands them can provide. Xin represented for his entire culture and did them proud.
Bonus Features:
  • Behind the Scenes (29:35, Some reviewer I believe Xin has in his back pocket interviews Bryan again, Sun Chen and Keeani Lei discuss everything from Sailor Moon to Dragonball Z to Princess Mononoke, Kaiya Lynn wets her panties and much more!!!)
  • Cheek Freaks Trailer (2:05, also included at the start of Disc One)
  • Photo Gallery (5:59; self-advancing)
  • Bonus Scene: Kaiya Lynn with Van Damage and Arnold Schwartzenpecker (21:44, all oral scene)
  • Bonus Scene: Lucy Lee with Kurt Lockwood (25:49, coincidentally, the scene has the same concept as Kaiya Lynn‘s opener with the teddy bear. A coincidence because Kaiya and Lucy are the only girls in this movie with fake breasts. According to the disclaimer this scene had the plug pulled prematurely due to a “personal conflict“ between the performers. Unfortunately, none of said conflict is included, only the sex up to that point. Bummer. If it‘s any consolation, Kaiya‘s scene turned out better anyway. It came off as something inspired and special while this Lee/Lockwood pairing smelled like typical gonzo)
Crucifixio Jones

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