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Personal Trainers 4

Personal Trainers 4

Studio: Bel Ami
Category:  Gay
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Personal Trainers 4:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Personal Trainers 4 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Personal Trainers 4 Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Personal Trainers 4 Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex Personal Trainers 4 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Personal Trainers 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Personal Trainers 4 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Personal Trainers 4 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  5/12/2003
Bel Ami certainly believes in making the most of their resources. Not only have they been releasing material they originally decided not to release such as “Out at Last”, they have also been releasing their audition tapes in the 101 Men series which now reaches 12 (these are not yet available on DVD) and also a series called “Personal Trainers” in which guys who passed the jackoff 101 auditions are paired with a Bel Ami “old-timer” to see if they pass muster having sex. It should be noted that a Bel Ami “old-timer is a performer who is in his mid-to-late twenties that fans have seen grow up over the years. In each of the scenes in “Personal Trainers”, the trainee strips naked so we can admire the wonder of nature, he is interviewed, the trainer appears, they suck dick, and the trainee gets fucked.

First up (literally) is Alex Orioli whom the cover describes as “smolderingly handsome.” I most definitely concur. Alex is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful young men I have ever seen. From his wavy dark hair to the tips of his toes, he is the embodiment of male perfection. He is paired with Julian Armanis who is fretting about turning 26. Julian has emerged from twink with big dick to hunk with big dick. The sight of Julian naked is enough to create an erection on Alex and Julian goes down on it. He tells the cameramen that Alex is purring. At one point as Julian is sucking Alex, second cameraman Sebastian Bonnet reaches between Julian’s legs to fondle his dick. When he starts sucking it, the director tells him to stop. (Don’t be a spoilsport, Marty!) Alex now asks if he can suck Julian. With a cautionary “Don’t bite” from Julian, Alex licks and then sucks Julian’s big one. (Aren’t those DVD players great that return to the point you’ve stopped when you start them up again? I had to stop at this point to…. well, it’s none of your business why I stopped.) Having cleaned up and revived, I returned to viewing just as Julian began licking Alex’s pretty pink sphincter. He gives it a veritable tongue bath and Alex is in ecstasy. He next inserts a finger. Time now to fuck. Placing Alex on his side, Julian—all condomed up—enters him sidesaddle. Nothing this big has ever entered Alex’s ass before. The next position is my favorite: missionary. Alex gets on his back raises his legs into the air and Julian’s big cock slides into that incredibly beautiful…(Oh, shit I had to stop the DVD again!) Julian pulls out to shoot his load and then asks, “Do you want to se me cum again?” And lo and behold he does! Alex also shoots a nice one.

The second trainee, Josh Eliot (19) is an adorable blond. That cute thing on the DVD cover is he. Josh is paired with Sebastian Bonnet. It begins with a kiss. Sebastian starts the orals and when Josh does the same to Sebastian he proves to be more adept than his teacher. Sebastian is in heaven. Josh is bright, energetic, and loves sucking dick. A weekend with this kid would be unforgettable! (Any longer would kill you.) Prior to entering him, Sebastian opens him up with a large butt plug. Josh insists he put the condom on Sebastian, and assumes the missionary position. This is another fun and extremely hot scene. Both boys are having a great deal of fun and they show it. Josh sitting on Sebastian's dick and riding it is forever etched in my memory. This kid is incredible! A star is born!

Last up are Steve Bosco and Ivo Falkow who will train together. Steve is 22, Ivo 20. Both are small-town boys who put the “hung” in Hungarian. Both are well built. Steve has short, dark hair and a large cock with a big mushroom head. Ivo is a dark blond and has a gorgeous bottom. Fickle that I am, I have now abandoned both Alex and Josh and have set my sights on Ivo. The boys are paired with Dano Sulik to begin. Dino sucks Steve’s fabulous cock and then Ivo takes over. Dino tries to put an enormous dildo in Ivo’s butt, but gets nowhere. (It’s a bit silly since only someone who has been fisted for years could possible take it.) Steve’s dick is another matter and skewering it in, he starts fucking Ivo. After a time Dano suggests they make a “sandwich”. He inserts his dick into Ivo and has Steve insert his into Dano’s bum. This doesn’t work too well, so Dano just fucks Ivo. They try the sandwich again and this time have better results. Ivo’s cock is completely ignored by both throughout the scene. (What’s wrong with these guys?) Ivo now gets a break as Steve fucks Dano missionary. Dano then sits on it, rides, and shoots. Sebastian now joins them and Dano takes over the camera. Ivo licks Steve’s balls as Sebastian sucks on the bigheaded dick. Ivo then sucks Sebastian who continues to suck Steve. It’s then Sebastian’s turn to fuck Ivo who takes over sucking Steve. Steve soon cums and leaves. Sebastian continues to fuck Ivo. Ivo sits on Sebastian’s dick, and then it’s missionary time. Ivo never gets hard in the scene, but why should he. To everyone in the scene he’s just a hole. To me, he’s a waking dream. Sebastian withdraws and cums. Ivo jacks off with Steve holding him and Sebastian playing with his balls. Ivo has a beautiful cock and I can’t understand why they avoid it. The scene and the film ends with a close-up of Steve’s fabulous dick.

This is the first of the Personal Trainers series I’ve seen. It’s like the All World’s First Time Tryers series but with great looking twinks. With ebullient performers like Josh who just take over, the concept works well. With others, it is somewhat awkward and uneven and rather disappointing when the scene's full potential is not reached.

As the casting director for Bel Ami (and I wish I were!) Alex, Josh, and Steve would have leading roles in their next sexstravaganza. As for Ivo, well, he would become my own “personal trainer”. Ah, to dream!

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