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Personal Trainers 3

Personal Trainers 3

Studio: Bel Ami
Category:  Gay
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Personal Trainers 3:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Personal Trainers 3 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Personal Trainers 3 Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Personal Trainers 3 Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex Personal Trainers 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Personal Trainers 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Personal Trainers 3 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Personal Trainers 3 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  11/13/2004
Bel Ami was on to something when they began filming these Personal Trainer films. Seeing neophyte performers paired with experienced young studs from the Bel Ami stable gives us the added titillation of seeing beautiful boys not just having their first experience in front of a camera, but in many cases their first time ever having sex with another guy.

The first trainee in this one is a pretty muscular lad who has been given the name Alan Connery. (He’s the young hunk on the cover.). He doesn’t look a thing like Sean, and when he is asked to speak some English for the viewers he tells us his name is Martin. (The name he used in his 101 audition.) Why Bel Ami wants to give all of its performers English names is beyond me. I guess they think we Americans are too stupid to remember a name like Martin Cszabo—or whatever. (They’re judging this country by its heterosexual contingent.) But a Martin by any other name is still a handsome young hunk and his admission to being shy only adds to his charms. It is my contention that Sebastian Bonnet (one of the trainers in the other scenes) is among the ten most beautiful males on the planet. Martin/Alan looks as though he could be his brother. Martin (or Adam) starts out with Dano Sulik as his trainer. Ten years or so ago when Bel Ami was just getting underway I thought Dano was one of the cutest pups to ever come out of Czechoslovakia. He’s now lost his sweet looks and naiveté and has become a surly egocentric little shit. He’s guaranteed to get and keep a boner, however, so I guess that’s why they put up with him. The training sessions usually start out with a sucking session and move on to fucking. This scene is no exception. The other trainer, Jeff Daniels, wanted to do some filming so he began the scene holding one of the cameras. When he starts tenting his pants he hands the camera over to Sebastian Bonnet and joins Alan and Dano on the bed. Even though he too has been given a Anglicized name for us dum-dum Americans I will always think of “Jeff” as Lucas Wink, the name he used in films from Triumvirate and Man’s Best. Lucas—or Jeff-could not be described as one of the “pretty” boys, but he is one sexy little stud muffin. Together Dano and Lucas/Jeff invade all of Alan/Martin’s openings. Another Bel Ami star is fucked and born. (You can see Adam Connery in GREEK HOLIDAY, JULIAN, and JUST FOR FUN)

A cute twink that has been christened Billy Andrews is the next inductee. We hear Sebastian giving him instructions to douche three times and then get a lubed butt plug up his ass to loosen him up. You see, this is Billy’s first time with guys. (We don’t witness the douching but we see him sit on the butt plug. We don't see the butt plug removed.) Well, even though Billy has never have sex with a guy before, he tentatively gives head to Dano. His thick lips look sweet on Dano’s always ready cock. Sebastian joins the duo and he and Dano both feed the kid dick. Dano and Sebastian slurp on one another’s rampant cocks while they’re at it. Billy had those three douches and the butt plug for a reason; and that reason—as if you didn’t know—was so he could get a couple of stiff dicks up his ass. Both Dano and Sebastian have a go at that virgin ass. At one point when Billy is lying on his back at the edge of the bed and Sebastian is standing by the bed giving it to him in the missionary position, Dano lifts and holds Sebastian's legs off the floor and drives him into the youth. Sebastian does the same for Dano. Sebastian then holds Billy under the arms while Dano holds him up by the legs and fucks him. And thank god for that butt plug, because they end up double-fucking the kid twice before they’re done. With Billy now lying between them, Sebastian try to get a rise out of Billy who has remained flaccid throughout, but to no avail. At this point Kristof Bogdanovitch, a curly haired beauty who has no trouble whatsoever in getting and maintaining an erection, crawls onto the bed. This gives Billy his opportunity to retreat. (Billy may never have gotten a hard on, but he certainly was a game little trooper who made no sound nor protest when they were both simultaneously sliding dicks into his once-virgin butt.)

Unlike Billy, Kristof has obviously had some experience with man-to-man sex as he goes down on both their equally raging dicks like a starving man. “Go gentle,” he says to Dano when he sees him putting on a condom, which is sort of like asking Attila the Hun for mercy. Unlike the other training sessions this one is heavily edited and we cut to various combinations and positions of these three (including a nice daisy chain suck) before Dano shoots a hell of a load onto Kristof.

Neither Billy nor Kristof seem to have made it into any other of the Bel Ami films. I can understand it somewhat with Billy and the fact that he never got hard—though he certainly gave his all in this one—but Kristof was such an active and exciting performer that I can’t believe he’s never been used again. (He can come star with me anytime!)

The fourth trainee is Mark Aubrey. It was seeing his spread in Freshman that made me get this DVD. After a brief interview stating that this is his first time on camera (It isn’t, he appeared as “Roman”—no doubt his real name—in one of the 101 auditions. It is his first on camera fuck.) he sheds his clothes to reveal that incredible physique. This guy is built! He also has an awesomely beautiful uncut cock. God, but that thing’s huge! He goes off to shower and we watch him soap up that incredible body, that awesome cock, and that fabulous butt. Then he joins Dano Sulik who is already hard and waiting for him on the bed. The second cameraman in this scene is Julian Armanis—another of Bel Ami’s remarkable beauties. Julian is wearing only a very small pair of white briefs. (Are there any homely—or even just average—young guys in Czechoslovakia?) Sebastian instructs Julian in camera technique. (Did you know that photographing a dick from the top makes it look smaller?) Mark says he likes to start with kissing, and so he does. He and Dano move on to sucking dick. Mark has obviously had some experience at this before. Each, with annoying instructions from the cameraman/director Marty Stevens, rim ass. Mark lubes Dano’s hole and inserts a few fingers. Mark then puts a condom on that enormous and very hard cock and shoves it in Dano’s ass. Dano, the usual fucker in this series, now gets a thorough pounding with that big dick. Later, Mark lies on his belly for Dano to top him. After a bit, when he turns over onto his back and Dano’s cock disappears once again into that beautiful ass, the sight of this gorgeous youth being fucked made me lose it. Julian is later urged by Marty to join the boys on the bed. He does get his cock sucked and does some sucking of his own, but Mark doesn’t need any training at this point. (If indeed he ever did.) They lie side by side to jack off. Dano is the first to cum, and it’s another big load. Dano may be a snarky twerp, but he’s sure got spunk. Julian cums next. After Mark pounds his pud to climax, the other two cum again. Julian’s first spending can still be seen glistening on his abdomen. Finally, all are spent—and that includes me. Bel Ami was as obviously impressed with Mark as I was since he has gone on to appear in BAZAAR: OUT AT LAST 4, GREEK HOLIDAY, JUST FOR FUN, and PRETTY BOY.

PERSONAL TRAINERS 3 is standard Bel Ami. Incredible looking young gods having hot sex. Now if director Stevens would just shut up, or if they would at least eliminate the subtitles during the sex.

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