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Gunzo Perfect Specimens 2 (Evil Angel) 4.5 starsPerfect Specimens 2 (Evil Angel) 4.5 starsPerfect Specimens 2 (Evil Angel) 4.5 stars
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Perfect Specimens 2 (Evil Angel)

Perfect Specimens 2 (Evil Angel)

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Perfect Specimens 2 (Evil Angel):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Perfect Specimens 2 (Evil Angel) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Perfect Specimens 2 (Evil Angel) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Perfect Specimens 2 (Evil Angel) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Perfect Specimens 2 (Evil Angel) Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Perfect Specimens 2 (Evil Angel) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Perfect Specimens 2 (Evil Angel) DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Perfect Specimens 2 (Evil Angel) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  12/9/2004
It is always nice when you can go into a dvd knowing there will be plenty to like about it. Jules Jordan has a proven track record of producing top quality porn with hot girls, nice settings, varied costumes, and lots of hard fucking. With all those essential elements covered all you need to do is find out which scene you like best and that is what is really fun with his releases. It can change each time you view the disc unless one of your absolute faves is in it. Jules does put a bit more into the periphery stuff than a lot of directors and I mentioned the costumes, settings, lighting also and that does help set his dvds apart from so many in the gonzo genre. So what does this dvd have in store for us, I'm ready to find out, are you! So let's see what perfect specimens Jules has shot for us today.

Christie Lee:

We start this first scene with a shot of a cake and it's a special cake too as it is celebrating Christie's anal birthday! Check out the giant penis on top of the cake, you could literally lick it and have your cake too! Christie is so excited and why not she is going to do anal on screen for the first time and Jules has spared no expense with the cake and we see Christie decked out in some tight clothes accentuating her curvy ass. We see Miss Lee blow out the candles and we can imagine what her wish was. We see there is a male blow up doll sitting at the table, what is that the doll from the Airplane movies,hehe. Christie has some fun with this guy letting the dude cop a feel to her tits and Jules is there giving us fine shots all around of Christie's hot bod. She has such a sweet and innocent look about her and to know she is about to get as nasty as she wants to be is a great thought. You even see a little cameltoe develop with her shorts and then Jules decides to get in front of the camera to get a better feel for her ASSets! He also samples her perky tits as well as slapping her ass a few times with Christie then pulling her shorts down and slipping a couple of fingers up her poop chute. Miss Lee then drops down for a taste of Jules cock and wearing her birthday hat with pride we watch Christie envelop his schlong with great energy. There is some great slow licking from her and she is sure to lick his balls as well. The close up shots were used nicely here and she even manages to titty fuck his cock between her titties. Christie then squats over Jules face so he can taste her kittie and some bootie as well. Next up we get some toy exploration to her inviting ass and in this case I could tolerate the toy usage as I knew it was for a higher purpose, namely a dick is going in that ass for the first time at least on film. As for sex we start with some vag first and Jules slides in for a nice standing doggie. Christie then goes for a walk with a toy in her ass and there is also some crawling done so her ass shines a bit more before Jules comes back in the scene and she sucks him off some more. Christie then climbs on for nice romp in cowgirl and I'm not normally an ass man but this girls bootie does look quite good hugging his cock here. Jules also does some good hammering to her pussy in missionary and Christie sure seems to be enjoying herself. Ok at 9:30 am, the time I'm writing this Christie finally climbs on a cock when it's up her ass and it's a fine cowgirl anal to lead off and she jumps off quickly for some A2M before it's right back on. This nice cowgirl anal goes on for a nice long time with more A2M from her and moving on they also try anal in doggie-- nice overhead shot here, Jules even tongues her ass, then it's on to piledriver anal which absolutely rocked. There is some good communication between the two both spoken and I imagine intuitively and I really sensed Christie was enjoyin herself and that helps me the viewer to also get off. You also get some great A2M from Christie in this position and then it is on to some spoon anal, more ass tasting for Christie and finally Jules launches his load to her face and Miss Lee does some fine cleanup.

You think that is all for Christie but you'd be wrong, she gets cleaned up a bit and Jules has another surprise for this young lady. Jules then brings in the guys and they wait at the bathroom door for Christie to come out. She does and they all start to get a feel for this hot young girl and you can guess what happens next, a cock circle develops. Christie then goes to town taking on all those cocks and Jules gives great views from all the optimum angles of this girl doing her thing. You see some good double sucking and she manages to gag pretty good on some of those schlongs. She even gets on a small foot stool and lowers her head back for some good hard throat fucking and you see some spit roll back towards her eyes as the men pound into her mouth. This great addition to an already fabulous scene concludes with the men firing their loads right into her open mouth and she keeps all the jizz in until the last load is shot. She shows off the spunk a few times before downing it. If you haven't seen this girl work before this scene would really be a great first scene, Christie was great and Jules did a fine job capturing her spunkiness.

Mary Jane:

Up next we see a hot maid is cleaning and naturally her uniform is too short so her great ass is shown off when she bends over. Mary has a great dark skin tone and Jules does a fine job getting up close to show off her body. We watch Mary go around the room with her duster and she bends over periodically giving us some bootie shots and we then see she's got an admirer who walks over unleashing his big black cock and she goes right after it giving a good blowjob. There is some licking to the balls and she uses plenty of spit to get his cock all nice and lubbed. Mary Jane keeps her uniform on too for this bj but she does lower her top at one point so her pierced titties can come into view and eventually the uniform is gone but that is a good thing so we get to see her smoking ass! You get some more good bj footage then Mary Jane climbs on in cowgirl and damn that bootie was fine. After this lengthy romp in cowgirl they move on to doggie and more good shots of her ass and she does some P2M. Next she turns around to ride in reverse cowgirl and you see a nice ground shot of this action as well as Jules pulling out for a nice full view. Mary Jane gets off for some more P2M sucking then it's back to cowgirl and why not her bootie is definitely worth a second, third, and even a twentieth look! Mary Jane then takes a seat on a chair and her man slides behind to fuck her sitting on it in doggie and you hear Mary declare her desire to taste herself and her man obliges and her energy has been good throughout I must say. Mary ends the scene giving his cock a great suck off and she manages to jerk his load out and does a fine job cleaning up, like a good maid should!!

Sabrine Maui & Chris Taliana:

For this next scene we start with both girls in some tight outfits and we watch as they go for a stroll arms around each other. It seems Sabrina has brought Jules a gift, in the form of Chris Taliana-- quite the nice present wouldn't you say. Jules doesn't touch at the outset letting the girls show off for him. You see plenty of latex, mesh stockings, and yes some fine girl/ girl kissing too! The girls then do some breast sampling to each others perky tits and then it's on to each inviting ass where some good fondling is done and yes some rimming/ fingering too. If the goal of any porn and I think most is, is to make you want to jump in then Jules has done a bang up job to this point as these ladies are really doing it right with their close play with one another. You see Chris bring in some nice sized anal beads and Sabrines bootie easily takes them in and check out the fun way Chris pulls those beads out, one by one. Jules then makes a small request for the girls to rub his legs with their asses with them facing away from him so their booties are right in our focus, great call Jules. Ok it was finally time for Jules to get more hands on in the scene and the girls start out checking the bulge in his shorts and moving those aside they get at his hard dick with a fine shared blowjob developing. The close on shot of both their faces looking into the camera as they sucked his cock was awesome, what man doesn't want two beautiful girls trading his schlong between them, great self control from Jules here by not shooting his load right then. The girls also get a great 69 for some pussy licking and Jules also comes along so some dick suckin can be done and there is some fuckin as well with a POV doggie shot with P2OGM. Jules then comes around for some POV mish action to Sabrine's pussy and Chris gets to do the P2OGM sucking. You also get some hot front on pussy licking from Chris before she is recruited to help spread Sabrine's ass cheeks and both girls get to taste Jule's cock after he fucks Sabrine in doggie with Chris also tonguing her ass and finally Jules slips his dick in Miss Maui's inviting bootie still in this fine doggie position. Chris does some A2OGM a few times and you see a nice gape develop. Next is some hot piledriver anal and Chris hovers over nicely to taste his cock and lick her friends wet pussy. Chris then gets to ride Jules in a nice POV cowgirl meaning she is facing Jules so it appears to be RC and Sabrine does some good dick cleaning here as well as licking her friends pussy while Jules is still fucking it. We close the scene with Sabrine sucking Jules off until he pops in her mouth internally, totally awesome, and she does show the jizz off to authenticate the pop and then we see Sabrine share the load with Chris and they swap the jizz back and forth a couple of times. A very nice scene for these two ladies.

Disc 2:

So ends a very hot first disc of this release and that would be plenty to get you to jerk off more times than one might be able to count but this is Jules and he aims to give you the most fuck for your buck so it's on to a second disc of highlights.

Cali Marie & Cherish-- The Twins:

First off let me say I am aware of the current controversy surrounding these two girls but I will refrain from discussing that further instead focusing my efforts on this scene in particular as Jules had no idea what these girls "possibly" would do in the future so there you go. For this scene we see the two girls walking up the stairs outside and Jules is pretty excited it seems to shoot these two young ladies. The girls are 19 and indeed they are identical twins, nice cute faces with shoulder length blond hair. Both are in skirts here and we see Jules follow them around as they tour this big house. He stresses the point these girls share a lot of things it seems so perhaps they will share one more thing, hehe. The girls aren't shocked to see the porno in the house and it isn't to long unti the two are sharing,lol, Jules cock and I don't think any man would say twins sharing his cock isn't a big time fantasy!! They do some nice simultaneous licking to his cock with their tongues coming close to touching a few times!! This bj was pretty hot to watch but Jules does want to also fuck these ladies and I won't even try to differentiate between the two girls, lol. You see some mish to both girls, there's some spoon, cowgirl with some P2M, then one twin tongues his balls while he is fucking her sister in spoon. Jules then has the girls get in a 69 and he does fuck one anally in doggie and she does A2M and then you do get a slightly incestous moment when one sister does taste some ass from her sister's ass and she does this a couple of times!! Moving on we get a more traditional doggie anal with more sister tasting the others ass, damn that should get a lot of your off several times!! We close with some fine shared cock sucking and Jules shoots a good load to both faces and they do some more sharing with the cleanup.

Keri Sable:

Following that last scene won't be easy, twins!! But Keri is a very hot girl in her own right and Jules captures her at the start walking along outside the second floor of a house. Keri is very hot to see and she's in a black outfit with some shades on. Keri does some stretching and her hands roam over her body and then she moves inside where we can get a much better view of her body. Like I said a great outfit and it's pretty tight on her too so her bootie is highlighted and Keri does some sexy stroking over her covered pussy before unzipping her top to reveal her modest tits and those nipples are already hard! Keri then removes her shades so we can see her pretty eyes and she then procedes to tease us some more with her body. Some awesome butt shots are given and you see a hand come out from a door to get a feel for her bootie and then Jules comes into the room and the two kiss and he shakes her ass some. Jules then whips out the cock but first there is more fun bootie play and he also tongues her ass as well as burying his face in it, nice going dude. Mr. Jordan then dines on Keri's delicacy as well as fingering it and then it is Miss Sable's turn and what a fabulous blowjob with excellent eye contact from her. Loved the views we got here and Keri proves to be a fine cock hungry gal. Jules, so anxious and who can blame him, gets a few fingers into her ass before sliding in there in doggie. Keri then goes for a walk so her cute ass shakes for us and we pick up the action with some cock sucking from her and Jules goes right back to doggie before sitting back with her still on his cock moving to reverse cowgirl. Then you see some serious anal preparation and Keri's bootie gets some lovin when Jules slides right in for some doggie action. Keri also rides anally in cowgirl-- fucking amazing floor shots here, and they move to a bed for some cock sucking and then it's on to spoon anal with some A2M, also mish anal is shot and they close with Keri taking a big load to her mouth and she does some cleanup, another hot scene from Jules.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well to say Jules has done it once again is an understatement!! Every scene had something to offer, Christie Lee's first anal, TWINS, Keri Sable giving up her butt, Sabrine and Chris Taliana's tryst, and Mary Jane proves once again good help is always hard to find!! Evil Angel does a spectacular job with their extras. You have a fetish menu which offers blowjobs, anal, and the cumshots. Movin on there is a special features menu which offers extra footage-- just what your poor cock needs! Also there is a photo gallery, some trailers, a cast list for each scene and an Evil Angel filmography for each girl. You also have a bonus scene with a busty girl named Aidan and damn she is hot and Jules saves her for himself like any good director should, so I urge you to check that out but on a day when you haven't beaten your cock off to many times!! A very high recommendation for this title, well done Jules once again.

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