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Perfect Secretary, The: Training Day

Perfect Secretary, The: Training Day

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Feature film , Fetish
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YogaDame's ratings for Perfect Secretary, The: Training Day:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Perfect Secretary, The: Training Day overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Perfect Secretary, The: Training Day Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Perfect Secretary, The: Training Day Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Perfect Secretary, The: Training Day Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Perfect Secretary, The: Training Day Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Perfect Secretary, The: Training Day DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Perfect Secretary, The: Training Day A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by YogaDame  on  6/18/2010

Welcome to my 100th review! I've been holding out for a movie from my favorite director for the occasion. Without further ado, here's The Perfect Secretary: Training Day.

Cast: Kayden Kross, Mika Tan, Justine Joli, Shyla Styles, Alexis Texas, Claire Adams, Randy Spears, Tom Byron, Tommy Gunn, Marco Banderas, Chris Cannon.

Director: Ernest Greene.

Videographer: Ralph Parfait.

Production dates: ©2009 (taping), ©2010 (DVD).

Length: 146 min.

Extras: An 84-min. behind-the-scenes featurette, a 35-min. bondage instruction segment with Claire Adams and Justine Joli, a 19-min. interview with Kayden Kross, a 17-min. interview with Ernest Greene, a 16-min. bonus scene from The Perfect Secretary (the previous movie directed by Nick Orleans), 8 min. of previews (Kayden's Frisky Business, One Last Ride, Swing Time, The Perfect Secretary), a 5-min. slide show with 65 photos, plus a few more minutes of previews prior to the movie (I fast-forwarded past these with the intention of returning later, but I wasn't able to re-access them from the menu).

Audiovisual quality: The look and sound of this movie are consistently pleasing. My only nitpick is that I dislike the spotlighting effect which subtly grays the corners. It slightly discolors the skin tones whenever there's flesh at the far extremes of the screen. It's noticeable sometimes when the camera is moving, but it's such a minor distraction that it likely won't bother most viewers. I have no other complaints, which is really saying something!

Screenshots: At the time of this writing, a few production stills are available at These accurately depict the look of several actresses in the movie. The company's product overview and internal review, however, contain a number of misstatements. Does it even make sense that a movie with five scenes would have a running time of three and three-quarters hours? I think not.


Scene 1: Kayden Kross and Randy Spears Back from training at Justine Joli's academy, Kayden is ready for her promotion as Randy's new personal secretary. Her latex outfit is approved, but her clumsiness soon earns her a spanking. He nibbles her foot, causing runs in her black stockings. The ensuing action includes fellatio, cunnilingus, and vaginal sex in missionary on the desk and in reverse cowgirl and doggie positions on the couch. Randy withdraws and immediately comes, no masturbatory stimulation required. Kayden appears to have more than one real orgasm, with her face, neck, and chest flushing quite red. Time: 27:17. Rating: 4.5 stars.

Scene 2: Alexis Texas and Tom Byron Student Alexis makes herself at home in instructor Tom's office, soon locating the paddle in the desk drawer. Tom puts it to fine use on her even finer derriere. This is followed by fellatio, cunnilingus, and vaginal sex in missionary on the desk and in cowgirl and doggie on the couch. Tom withdraws and immediately comes, no masturbatory stimulation required. Yup, as you might notice, the flow is quite similar to the first scene. Alexis is such a darling and her chemistry with Tom is so engaging, though, that it's easy to forgive. I hadn't seen Alexis before this movie. I was tickled to discover her and to recommend this scene to my husband (who rarely watches porn). She's his type. Time: 19:30. Rating: 4.5 stars.

Scene 3: Shyla Styles and Tommy Gunn, with Claire Adams Classmate Shyla heads upstairs to teacher Tommy's apartment for lessons in restraint. Claire uses purple rope and wide satin ribbons to accomplish the intricate bondage in this scene. Shyla gives a blowjob but is otherwise largely immobilized on the bed while various things are done to her pussy, tits, and ass. I like the way Claire approaches from the rear while Tommy and Shyla are spooning and presses the length of a vibrator along their conjoined genitals. Time: 28:06. Rating: 4.5 stars.

Scene 4: Mika Tan, Marco Banderas, and Chris Cannon Business partners Marco and Chris decide that Mika needs a break from her classwork. They've brought the keys to her chastity belt and cuffs. Chris removes the vaginal dildo and butt plug after teasing her a bit, and the two men take turns at her head and tail ends. They find a chair somewhere for the double penetration, and both men jerk to a simultaneous climax onto her breasts. Mika's patter during this scene is pretty funny. Time: 18:13. Rating: 4.5 stars.

Scene 5: Kayden Kross and Justine Joli, with Claire Adams Headmistress Justine is overseeing Kayden's training personally, ably assisted by Claire. The ma'ams soon have Kayden secured spread-eagled in the dungeon, where she's attached to the clit suction machine. She's then strapped to the spanking horse for flogging and vaginal stimulation with a stainless steel g-spot dildo. Justine attaches a silicone dildo to Kayden and helps herself to a ride. Justine is my type, especially with her hair cropped short like that. Time: 20:53. Rating: 4.5 stars.

The extras: The extensive behind-the-scenes contains a number of lovely, candid commentaries by the performers. The bonus bondage segment provides excellent instruction concerning rope ties for beginners. Kayden, looking super cute, gives herself an unselfconscious foot massage while answering questions about acting technique, travel and education plans, and experiences in the industry. Ernest's interview discusses the lighthearted spirit of the script, the dynamic between the characters, and the magic of great casting. The bonus scene (featuring the late Haley Paige and Tommy Gunn, with Michelle B and Reno in supporting roles) is not awful, but it is hampered by inane dialog and limited interactions between the performers.

Thumbs up: The rope demo in the extras is the best I've yet seen. Only two basic ties are shown, but they're shown so clearly that there can be no misunderstanding about how they're done. They're both extremely functional, and while they're not elaborate, they're quite pretty. Because the ties wrap simply around the body, bonding part to part, absolutely nothing is needed other than two willing players , a 25-30' length of well conditioned 6mm rope, and a pair of EMT shears for backup safety purposes. When I saw Nina Hartley's Guide to Bondage Sex, one of my few disappointments was Claire's extensive use of sturdy furniture for anchor points. Not everyone is lucky enough to have that. So I really, really liked what was done here.

Thumbs down: The early portions of the movie burlesque the mainstream movie Secretary. The script is crisply humorous and delightfully delivered. It reminds me a little of a jazz piece which has incorporated quotes (snippets of familiar melodies), thus inviting the audience to grin along in recognition. I love that aspect. Unfortunately, although the dialog continues to be good throughout the movie, the dynamic between the main characters isn't sustained. I kept anticipating that we'd circle back to their relationship, yet Randy never returns after the first scene. I wish it had been edited a bit differently, with a few teaser clips at the beginning, and the full enchilada served at the end. Then again, that would place Kayden's more vanilla performance immediately after her kinkiest. While not dissimilar from the flow of the original mainstream movie, that approach has its own problems.

Themes: BDSM, vaginal sex, anal sex, double penetration, masturbation, spanking, rope bondage, cuffs, flogging, chastity belt, nipple clamps, vibrators, dildos, suction, foot fetish, foreplay, undressing, fetishwear, corsets.

Condom use: None.

Juice-o-meter: Medium.

Final analysis: Ernest fondly refers to The Perfect Secretary: Training Day as "kink light." It agree that it's a fun movie, less ambitious than his O masterpieces, but still graced by rollicking sex, intriguing visuals, and an easygoing wit. In addition, the bonus disc is chockfull of entertaining and educational material. So I hope you get the memo and arrange a meeting with this movie soon!

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