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Perfect Pouts

Perfect Pouts

Studio: VCA
Category:  Feature film
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astroknight's ratings for Perfect Pouts:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Perfect Pouts overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Perfect Pouts Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Perfect Pouts Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Perfect Pouts Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Perfect Pouts Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Perfect Pouts DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Perfect Pouts A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  6/6/2003

Running Time: 102 min.

Production Date: 11 / 2002

Director: Jim Holliday

Cast: Chloe Dior, Kelli Passion, Alex Sanders,Shayla LaVeaux, Carolyn Monroe, Ryan Conner, Amythiest Stone, Felecia, Tanya Danielle, Olivia Saint, and Lee Stone in sexual roles and Monica Mayhem and William Margold in non-sex roles

Initial Expectations: Jim Holliday makes some fantastic fuck flicks! Although I have been disappointed a couple times, the disappointments have been few and far between enough that Iím still going in with very high expectations!

Initial Reaction: Itís another great fuck flick from Jim Holliday that should have come packaged with a bottle of lube and box of tissues.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who wants hot fucking with a fun and light plot

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who doesnít want a lot of anal, ass-licking, or lesbian sex

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is very clear and well balanced. The video is very clear, nicely lit, and just all around impressive! Thereís a couple spots where the lighting is off slightly, but even those spots arenít too noticeable.

Music: As usual with Jim Holliday, Reno and the Rumrummers and Jan and Derol and the Steamrollers provide the music, as well as N. Earl Sly and the West Salsa BorderJumpers. Itís your normal Jim Holliday music, which means it has a laid back feel that very few people would connect with porn. Itís nicely balanced with the rest of the audio.

Menus: The menus are nicely done. The main menu is very plain, and doesnít give the best first impression. The chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of the scene and the name of the leading lady from the scene. It also lets you choose where in the scene you want to go.

The Feature: The Golden Dreams Cafť lies on the fringes of Tinseltown (which I donít think is anywhere near Ely, Elko, or even Elk River). At the Golden Dreams Cafť, some of the girls show off their movies as they dream about being actresses. Other girls stop by just to get lucky.

Amythiest Stone starts out this Jim Holliday jaunt sucking off Lee Stone, which makes part of me wonder if this is some kind of Arkansas reunion. Lee tongues her pussy and pucker in return after an aerial sixty-nine. She has Lee fuck her pussy from behind before laying on the table for him to spear her sphincter missionary style. Lee finishes things up giving Amythiest a nice taste of his man gravy. Itís a darn hot scene to start things out with, and Amythiest really turns out the energy to take on Leeís manhood. This girl deserves a lot more attention than sheís currently getting!

Ryan Conner and Olivia Saint check out the latest pilot Ryanís studio was about to put out, Malibu Mechanics. In it, hillbilly mechanic brothers Alex Sanders and Ryan Conners deal with rich bitch Olivia Saint after fixing her car. Alex and Ryan sucks Oliviaís toes before licking her holes. They spread the ass-licking around a little before Olivia and Ryan team up to suck Alexís cock, and I canít help but think that if this makes it qualify as a gay scene with ďbrotherĒ Ryan sucking ďbrotherĒ Alexís cock, then Iíve gotta watch a lot more gay porn! Ryan moves on to eat Oliviaís pussy and ass while getting each of her own holes fucked from behind before Alex fucks Olivia in each of her holes reverse cowgirl style. Finally, Ryan has Alex come on her ass so Olivia can lick it up. Itís another hot scene with great chemistry, but Ryan looks a little bored towards the end of the scene.

Olivia shows her artsy European movie Dogs next, with fellow dogs Chloe Dior, Tanya Danielle, and Carolyn Monroe taking on brunette cat Felecia. The four Ďdogsí start out working on the Ďcatí, and then split up with Olivia and Chloe pairing up and Felecia helping Tanya and Carolyn as they share a double dildo anally as well as Feleciaís tongue. Carolyn and Tanya team up to work on Felecia in return before Felecia moves over to join Olivia and Chloe to finish things up. Itís a hot scene with plenty of excellent asslicking! The editing, although well done, seemed a little off to me. It mixed things up nicely, but I frequently found myself wondering what was happening with the group that wasnít shown. Iím a little torn on this, because at the same time, the editing let you see enough of what was happening in a group that it could build up some nice heat rather than cutting to the other group and ruining the heat.

Next, Felecia initiates Kelli Passion into the sorority of Jimmyís angels. The girls trade twat tastes before breaking out the toys. They work over each otherís cookie before Felecia has Kelli lick her ass and fuck it with a vibe before they finish things with a kiss. Itís a pretty good scene with great chemistry and nice energy, but something seemed just slightly off.

When Shayla LaVeaux meets Amythiest Stone, who I think is looking better and better with every scene I see her in, she insists that Amythiest have a threesome with her and her hubby Alex Sanders. He rims each of the ladies before watching the girls sixty-nine each other and letting them suck his cock. Alex holds off on fucking Amythiest for quite a while, and instead sticks it to each of Shaylaís holes in a couple position while Shayla sucks on Amythiestís toes and licks her gash. He does nail Amythiest in both holes near the end of the scene while Shayla watches them and diddles herself or has Amythiest eating her. Finally, Alex pops between both mouths. Itís a great scene with excellent chemistry and energy! This scene is hotter on its own than some entire movies!

Lee Stone and Olivia Saint team up for the penultimate scene. They nicely exchange oral favors before bumping uglies. Lee gives Oliviaís pussy a little attention before going to work on her ass through several positions. Olivia finishes things out taking a smiling facial with some great eyes. Itís a great scene with excellent energy and chemistry and everything that Iíve come to expect here!

Chloe Dior and Tanya Danielle finish things up outside. They quickly get to the dildo action, and keep the anal action down to rimming each other. Itís a nice little scene to end things, and as usual, thereís nice chemistry and energy.

Perfect Pouts is exactly what Iíve come to expect from Jim Holliday! The setups are fun and entertaining, but if you try to find any substance there you might drive yourself to the mentality that thinks Michael Moore actually makes documentaries. Hollidayís movies are about fucking and fun, and thatís just what you get here! The sex is all darn hot, and even the one scene that seemed a little off was above average. Olivia Saint are Amythiest Stone are both great in each of their scenes, and I think Amythiest should be getting a heck of a lot more attention than she seems to be receiving. I donít know if sheís just getting into her groove or if Jim Holliday is able to bring that much more out of her, but itís a great end product! The lesbian couple scenes seemed a little off, and after I decided to settle my debates about where to rate the sex because of them with a coin toss, the sex got the lower score (sorry Jim, I guess my quarter doesnít like you). Donít let that hold you back, however, since Perfect Pouts is hot porn that you should have plenty of fluids on hand for when you watch.

Extras: As with many of VCAís other DVDs, you have the option of watching the movie in Wall to Wall mode, which eliminates all the fast forward fodder. It also gives you the choice of whether or not you want the multiple angle icon to be displayed when different angles are available. As usual, theyíre also real multiple angles from everything I saw. Bios are included for Shayla LaVeaux, Felecia, Olivia Saint, and Amythiest Stone, each of which includes a little personal information, a few photos, and a link to the starís scene. The photo gallery lasts about two and a third minutes with about seven seconds per full screen photo, each of which has a slightly soft feel. Trailers are included for Jim Hollidayís Floss, Eye Candy Refocused, Perfect Smiles, Sorority Sex Kittens 3, Paradise Hole, Little Town Flirts, Timeless, and Brown Eyed Blondes. Thereís also a behind the scenes featurette, a commentary, and contact and internet information.

The behind the scenes featurette, which is also included on the Aces in the Holes DVD, lasts about twelve and a half minutes and was directed by Wit Maverick. You get to see plenty of the stars interacting behind the scenes, as well as Jim preparing a few of the girls who foolishly show up on the set wearing a bra and panties! You also get to see a little of the scenes being shot, including a small interview with Wit Maverick and a cameo from Henri Pachard. As usual, the featurette covers a couple of Jim Hollidayís features, but itís a nice behind the scenes featurette.

The commentary pairs Jim Holliday with Chloe Dior, one of Jimmyís newer angels, and a couple of mystery guests. Unlike most of Jim Hollidayís commentaries, thereís a lot of dead air here. Chloe really doesnít add a lot to the commentary, but she does mention several times about how sheís getting into the movie. Jim talks quite a bit about the sex in his movies and what you will and wonít see, as well as many of the technical things about making a movie. Itís a bit of a disappointing commentary due to all the dead air, but is still better than many other commentaries out there.

Themes: Straight, rimming (male > female and female > female), group, toe-ing, lesbian, anal, spanking, toys, and masturbation

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: Between Alex Sanders and Ryan Conner, Alex Sanders, Shayla LaVeaux, and Amythiest Stone

Overall: Currently, most VCA DVDs can be found online for between $18 and $25 with most stores offering them for around $20. If youíre a Jim Holliday fan, youíll be more than happy here! The movie is fun and filled to the brim with hot sex. The technical aspects are also very good and thereís some nice extras.

Note to VCA: Youíre putting some very nice effort into your Jim Holliday DVDs, but a little more effort towards the menus would be really nice.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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