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Penetrate Me

Penetrate Me

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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MASAMUNE's ratings for Penetrate Me:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Penetrate Me overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Penetrate Me Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Penetrate Me Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Penetrate Me Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Penetrate Me Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Penetrate Me DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Penetrate Me A/V Quality rating 5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by MASAMUNE  on  7/11/2005
Director: Gary Gazzman
Camera: Ricky Blue
Genre: Gonzo
Release: 5/05
Notes: Widescreen
 act 1:

Anastacia Christ and Claudia Rossi 
Dillon Day

Anal, stockings, Facial    OVERALL SCORE:  3

Scene Highlights: 
In their lingerie, the girls start us off with some pussy munching before they take turns with Dillon's cock. Claudia goes into an energetic bunny bounce in reverse with Ana periodically taking out Dillon's cock to suck up the pussy nectar. Ana takes her turn riding and then the ladies arrange themselves in a 69. Dillon slides his cock back and forth from Claudia's pussy to Ana's mouth. Then Claudia works his meat into her ass and bucks on him in heat. Claudia lies her head down next to Ana's bust and Dillon explodes all over her face and her friend's boobs.         
notes: only Claudia gets analized   

Commentary: This is an outdoors scene and sometimes the girl's flesh gets blasted out by the sunlight. I didn't find much heat to the sex. Normally, both girls are good performers but there was a whole lot of monotony this time. The cumshot was by far the best part- how Claudia lies her face down on Ana's gorgeous melons is a stroke of genius- a visual spectacle. Everything within the frame looks nice and there's two marks to hit, so any spilt cum will still land on target. A good sized cumshot too, with nice viscosity.    

 act 2:

Stacy Silver 
Mick Blue

Anal, stockings, dildo, Bodyshot OVERALL SCORE:  3

Scene Highlights: 
Stacy struts into the room in her see-thru blouse and garter belt with stockings. Mick wastes little time before plunging into her pussy. The camera lingers underneath as the two fuck doggy style. Mick lays her on her back and then devours her pussy before stuffing her with a glass dildo which she pushes out with her cunt muscles. In spoon, Mick pulls his cock out of Stacy's pussy only to replace it in her ass. He shoots his spunk on her pussy lips and some cock-cleaning and kissing takes us away..    

 Like the last scene, this one suffered from repetition and monotony, particularly in the moans. Stacy has an abundance of energy but without variation and gradual changes the scene suffers. She looks great though, as always, and there's some nice visuals here. Nice creamed pussy pie at the end.   

 act 3:

Lucy Anne 

Vaginal, stockings, Bodyshot OVERALL SCORE:  2.25

Scene Highlights: 
Lucy has on leather fetish wear, a body strap ensemble.....and so does the guy. She strokes and sucks Neeo's cock through a fence and then impales herself on his rod. She bucks up and down on him in a frenzy, leaping off to taste her lust on his prick. "Fuck me my darling," she says as she hops back on. Neeo pops on her belly which reaches all the way up to her chin and then Lucy sucks him clean to finish.        
  This could have been a good scene but it was utterly ruined by a bad edit job. The shots switch every few seconds and not only is it distracting, but there's very little continuity to the action, so we have that disorienting effect as well. The scene seemed very rushed as well, and I think the choppy edit job was an attempt to whittle down a whole bunch of great footage into a tinier time constraint. It's a case of being too greedy- can't have it all. But Lucy performs well and I just love this line: "Fuck me my darling..." Romantic and sexy at the same time. 

 act 4:

Sara O' Neal 
Dillon Day, Mick Blue

Anal, DP, Facials OVERALL SCORE:  4

Scene Highlights: 
Sara teases the guys in her naughty black lingerie before she does a dual blowjob. Then the guys spear her on either end, up the mouth and pussy, following this this up by a aerial DP. They bounce her up and down on their pricks, a good amount of length penetrating her over and over. Reverse anal cowgirl comes next and Mick adds his meat into the fray to make a DP again. The guys take turns between her fuckholes in piledriver, eventually doing a piledriver DP. Two facials end the scene 

  This has some hot raunchy action with the aerial DP being the highpoint. The guys really got her bouncing high on their cocks. Sara is the only female performer in this movie to actually utilize facial expressions- there's a lot of vulnerability in her expressions...a mask formed of pure lust and pleasure. The end result is a strong scene, and she was successful when many others fell into the trap of repetition and sameness. Her facial expressions changes it up and adds in a more human element.              

 act 5:

Sintia Stone 

Vaginal, Facial  OVERALL SCORE:  4

Scene Highlights: 
Sintia with her curled locks of gold shows off her bright pink bra and full-coverage panties. Rudy licks her clit-pierced pussy and up the crack of her ass which  leads to some smooth standing doggy. A brief tit fuck comes next followed by some more pussy spearing, this time in spoon. A raunchy cowgirl does her thing on top, the scene culminating in a creamy semen-shot to the face which mostly falls short and splashes Sintia's chest. Kissing takes us out.    
  This scene takes place outside in some kind of courtyard and the lighting is exquisite here. It's filmed great and doesn't have the hectic cut work which plagued some of the earlier scenes. Sintia has a killer body which is shown off well, particularly in the standing doggy style. I love her look- she has light, grayish blue eyes that pierce the soul and Hyperion-like hair that's bleached whitish. Hot stuff here- mainly due to favorable body positioning and great camera angles since the sex could have used a tad more energy. 

 act 6:

McKenzie Lee 
Roxy Jezzel

Lesbian, anal, stockings, double-dong, butt-plug, dildo  OVERALL SCORE:  2.25

Scene Highlights: 
Our ladies are dressed in spring colored lingerie- McKenzie in milky blue and Roxy in pastel pink with matching eyeshadow. A red double dong connects the girls by the cunts, McKenzie laying on her back with Roxy above doing the giddy' up. Roxy spreads her legs so McKenzie can ease a plug up her bum and then add a silver dildo up the cunt. Roxy takes a hard anal dildoing til' she shudders in her throes of passion.
notes: only Roxy gets analized      
  I'm not sure what it was but I couldn't really get into this scene. The girls were attractive and all but something was missing. Chemistry perhaps. It didn't help either that the action was almost exclusively one-sided with Roxy taking the brunt of the pleasure. Not much pussy-eating/fingering here. Of the toy play, the double-dong pussy to pussy action worked best but still left me quite cold.  




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This is a good Gazzman release but I was a bit disappointed because the other two Gazzman titles I reviewed were so much stronger. 


I think I should mention how impressed I was by cameraman Ricky Blue. His shots are truly something special- unique and incomparable to any other porn shooter. The angles he gets are divine- they capture the female form from the most flattering perspective, simultaneously saying something about the action. Blue's artistic eye actually conveys a message, drawing it's own special brand of commentary on the sex. 

All the girls give very energetic performances, yet this isn't good enough here. Because many of the girls didn't infuse enough variation into the performance, they lead us down a plain well-traveled road that we've traversed back and forth a thousand times. I was desperately waiting for a girl to just let loose and forget about the cameras, give in to their wild lust, which would result in an explosive change- dance like nobody's watching my friend. But maybe the pleasure never gets that good. 





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